Alt Left: Lie: Russia Deliberately Targeted a Shopping Mall Full of 1,000 Shoppers with a $90 Missile

In Kremenchug, a Ukrainian mall was attacked by a Russian missile and caught fire. Lie.

Why did Russia waste a $90 million missile just to blow up a stupid shopping mall full of 1,000 customers? Apparently Russia did it just to be evil! Keep in mind that none of those “customers” was a woman or a child, and all of them were healthy, beefy military aged men or soldiers in uniform. I’m kind of thinking that wasn’t a shopping mall full of 1,000 shoppers. Furthermore, an important Ukrainian journalist obliquely stated that the shopping mall was full of soldiers.

We get to put our soldiers anywhere we want to, in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, anywhere, and it doesn’t mean you get to attack them!

Above, a fake photo posted by NATO dogs of “the attack on the mall.” Problem? That’s not a photo of the mall, and the photo is not even from the same area as the mall.

Above, a NATO dog from Portugal, a country of NATO dogs, spreading lies about the attack.

Notice there is no crater in any photo of the mall? That’s because the mall wasn’t hit. And if that mall was hit, it wouldn’t just be on fire, it would be flattened. And there would be a huge crater inside of it.

A NATO dog above posts a picture of a “crater” in the mall. Problem is that that’s no crater from a missile strike.

This is what a crater from a missile strike looks like. From the factory arms depot.

The mall had been closed since March, so obviously no legitimate shoppers were inside. And the parking lot was empty. Tell me how a shopping center with 1,000 people inside has no cars in the parking lot? We are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. Everyone standing around afterwards is either a soldier or a fit, able-bodied young man. Not a woman in sight. I guess women don’t go shopping in Ukraine. How is that even possible?

Mall permanently closed. No car windows blown out. Mall windows intact. No women and children shoppers. Mall full of intact wine bottles! Missile strikes scientifically located to the ammo depots behind the mall.

We now know what happened. Russia hit a factory behind the mall where military vehicles were repaired. There were also three huge ammunition dumps there.

Above, factory and mall.

The factory was only 300 feet away from the mall. The main reason the factory was hit was because Ukrainian vehicles and ammunition was being stored there. It was the detonation of this ammunition that caused the fire in the mall.

Above, there were three missiles.


The missiles hit the factory, not the mall.

Three missile hits, geolocated.

In fact, some of the worst NATO whores of them all, including the despicable Wall Street Journal, have come out and admitted that Russian missiles hit the factory, not the mall.

A video of the missile hitting either the mall or the railway behind the mall. The railway was right next to the mall. This may have been the hit that caused the fire at the mall.

Above, a Ukrainian dog posted a video of a “missile attack on a mall.” It is actually an attack on the railroad, which admittedly is right behind the mall.

I love seeing those missiles blow up Ukrainian stuff! That makes me so happy! I love to see Ukrainian stuff blow up and burn!

The explosion caused a fire to occur at the mall. However, there is no way that mall got hit by a missile. The windows were still intact and a look inside showed items still on shelves. All windows would have been blown out and all of those items destroyed if a missile hit the mall.

As you can see above, the missile hit the factory next to the mall, not the mall itself, which was empty anyway.

Internet sites of the mall say it was permanently closed.

So it looks like an accident that this mall caught fire.

It also looks quite unlikely that 13 innocent civilians died and 20 more were wounded. Some Ukrainian commenters are acting like Ukrainian troops were being housed in the mall. We still don’t know if that is true or not. But Russia did not deliberately strike some mall full of civilians. I would assume that most if not all of the dead and wounded were soldiers from the arms depots in the factories behind the mall.

While we are at it, can we have the names of these people who were killed, whether they were soldiers or not, and if they were workers, where they worked? We also want to know exactly what they were doing at the time of the missile hit.

As you can see, the shopping center was permanently closed in March. There’s no way it could have been full of 1,000 shoppers!
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