Alt Left: What Is Rape Anyway?

What Is Rape Anyway?

I had an ex who told me that she was “raped” every day by her boyfriend for five years. I’m sorry, but that’s a bunch of crap! She never once said no or fought back against him. She said, “Well, if I did that, he would just go ahead and do it anyway, so there was no point.” Sorry but that ain’t rape. Granted this guy sounds like a huge tool and from what I know of him, he was a real Cluster B monster. I think he was either a sociopath or he had sociopath traits. He also had some prominent narcissistic traits. He was incredibly manipulative.

Also, it seemed like she rather liked these “rapes,” although she would probably hit you if you said that. We got in a huge fight because she said I was “having sexual fantasies about her rapes.” Well, they didn’t seem like rapes to me. It just seemed like really dirty porn-type sex which she seemed to be quite enthusiastic about. At least that’s how I imagined it in my mind.

If I thought of them as actual rapes, it wouldn’t be hot because I don’t find rape fantasies hot.

Not that there’s anything wrong with men fantasizing about raping women. You can fantasize about whatever you want to. I just don’t want you doing it. On the other hand, I might argue that there are many more wholesome sexual fantasies to have than raping women, and you might want to switch to those instead.

Before you go on about how evil it is for men to fantasize about rape, do you have any idea how many women have rape fantasies? You don’t even want to know. I’ve met them, and there are many of them. Not just women but girls. I’ve had 15 year old girls tell me that they had extremely strong rape fantasies, so it’s not just a woman thing. It’s more a female thing.

That’s what I was fantasizing about – a consensual but pretty rough and dirty type of porny sex that she seemed to be having. I wasn’t fantasizing about any rape because in my opinion there wasn’t any rape. How on Earth does your own boyfriend “rape” you every single day for five years? Why don’t you move out? Why don’t you call the cops?

Granted, the guy was a completely scumbag and she referred to him as “The Psycho” but she seemed to still be oddly fond of him, which made no sense at to me. And she liked the dirtiest, rapiest, roughest sex you could possibly imagine, sex that could only be described as “consensual rape.” She had developed a taste for very rapey sex.

This makes sense to me because I’ve seen over and over that women tend to eroticize their abuse. Women get molested? They develop a taste for older men and often become huge sluts.* They get raped and from then on they develop a taste or even demand for rapey sex and this often becomes the only kind of sex that gets them off. And they often because gigantic sluts* too.

But look. It’s not rape if you are not trying to fight him off or resisting and saying no or stop. We men are not mindreaders. If you’re agreeing to sex but not consenting in your mind, sorry, but that’s just not rape.

Rape is the following:

  • Force or the threat of force. Thank you Mom for drilling that into my head!
  • Fraud or impersonation. Hardly ever happens though.
  • Sex via drugging a woman with a rape drug.
  • Sex with a woman who is so intoxicated that she is passing in and out of consciousness. This usually only applies to alcohol. Women can be high on most anything else but it’s not rape. Feminists keep screaming that if a woman has one single drink, it’s illegal to have sex with her, but feminists are loons, and no DA takes a case like that. Stranger rape cases are hard enough without venturing into the minefield of acquaintance rape.

“Coercion” is pretty much bullshit. Everybody “coerces” or tries to coerce everybody into doing everything all the time. So what.

You can certainly argue or debate women into bed. I’ve done it many times. In fact, I’ve earned international awards for such things. That’s how good I am at this. The point is that once you get her into bed, she ought to be ready, happy, and willing. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter so much how you got her there as long as you didn’t violate 1-4 above.

On the other hand, it’s a drag to have to argue or debate women into bed. Sex works so much better when it’s completely free of that BS.

As long as the “coercion” does not involve force or the threat of force, it’s 100% legal.

He’ll fire you from your job if you don’t do it? Not illegal, but you can sue him in court and win if you can prove it.

Do it or I’ll arrest or deport you? Wow, that’s getting pretty bad.

Do it or I won’t love you anymore? LOL not illegal at all.

Sleazy? Sure, all that stuff is sleazy, but seduction at its core is pretty sleazy stuff. It’s basically a con, a trick, a scam. Women just don’t give it up that easily. If they did, I could go get some sex right now, and I sure can’t do that. It’s not like you can go to the Girlfriend Store and buy a date for the night for $10. As long as women make it hard for men to have sex with them (which is part of their programming) men will resort to sleazy ways of seduction.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with being a slut of course, as I’ve had some of the best times of my life with sluts, but let’s face it, some women are simply sluts. Furthermore, I’ve had girlfriends who literally requested or even demanded to be called sluts in bed. These same ones would not take slut as an insult.

We had huge fights and of course I would call her a slut and a whore during the fights because she was being an evil bitch and that’s the least she deserved. But she would always respond that being called a slut or a whore was not an insult, and in fact, it was a compliment. There are more women out there than you think, trust me. I’ve met quite a few of them.

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One thought on “Alt Left: What Is Rape Anyway?”

  1. My definition of RAPE is a controversial one.

    I believe a man commits a rape on a woman whenever she isn’t mentally or physically ready for sex. It could be for any reason. She may be turned off by you physically but more often it is about some underlying medical issues which makes even the thought of sex painful and traumatic. It could be due to a urinary hesitancy condition, chronic constipation, or some kind of gastroenteritis.

    It could be urethritis, which is extremely painful for many women.
    If the woman has sinuses or other respiratory problems, she will have difficulty breathing, which again makes sex very painful.

    Men can have many of these exact issues. I would not have sex when the poor penis is hurting like a motherfucker. It’s usually down to spicy food. A healthy prostrate is God’s gift. Don’t squander it by sleeping with hookers.

    The rules of the game are pretty simple. When a girl isn’t feeling medically fit, the discomfort shows in her eyes. That’s not the right time to express your male sexual intent, especially if she doesn’t know you that well. There’s a reason players need to be good conversationalists. That allows girls to relax and feel comfortable around you. They don’t want to feel rushed into sex.

    It’s always wiser to turn the tables on the dating game. Let her make all the moves. If you’re disciplined enough to shrug her advances, she’d want more of you. It’s an endless game.

    Any man who can respect a girl’s medical comfort is more than half way there in sleeping with her.

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