Alt Left: The Ghislaine Maxwell Sentence

She got 20 years.

On the other hand, it looks like they really screwed over some women pretty bad. Sarah Ransome was absolutely trafficked for sex. I even have a problem with her though. She was living in an all-expense paid apartment, paid for by Epstein.

Her initial recruitment, which was pretty much seduction in a very sleazy way, looks illegal. She was taken to Pedo Island on a plane and then she was literally raped by Epstein when she was there. Maxwell was totally in on the rape. They wouldn’t let her go when she tried to flee the island. She even tried to swim away in shark-infested waters. They put her on a starvation diet to force her to lose weight.

She then claimed she was “raped” over and over by Epstein so many times she could not count them. Doesn’t she have to fight him or say no or something? If she’s just agreeing but but disagreeing in her mind, I’d say it’s not rape. Saying “no” in your head doesn’t count.

Here’s the part I don’t get. She went back to Pedo Island several more times of her own free will. Why on Earth did she do that? That hardly sounds criminal. If it was so awful, why keep going back? Did they threaten her if she didn’t go? And when she got to the island, supposedly she got “raped” over and over. OK, so did she protest or fight every time? Something about this doesn’t smell right.

However, she was threatened and one time when she tried to get away, they sent a car and grabbed her off the street and threw her in the car. I believe she was being sold to men by Epstein and Maxwell.

I would say that this woman was definitely being trafficked into prostitution then. I agree with that charge.

Ransome was a grown woman at 22 when this all started, so there was no “sexual abuse.” Sexual abuse just means child molestation. You can only sexually abuse little kids. You can’t sexually abuse teenagers or grown adults. You can commit sexual crimes against them, but it’s not abuse. There are other names for it.

Furthermore, all of this treatment totally messed her up psychologically, and I feel terrible for her.

The other case is a woman named Elizabeth Stein. Her case is even more curious. She looks even older than Ransome, so she must have been an adult when she was recruited. Maxwell and Epstein both seduced her into sex the night they met her, so I guess she had sex with both of them? She calls this “rape” but the details are hazy. She says, “They’re hard to say no to.”

Hey baby, that doesn’t count! “Hard to say no to” doesn’t mean “rape.” Sure, it’s not very cool behavior, but it’s hardly criminal.

Anyway, she kept getting “raped” all the time by these two, and then was pimped out to other men. It’s hard to say if she was being trafficked. She kept trying to move away to escape them, but they kept tracking her down and convincing her to get back with them.

She claims they “brainwashed her” into agreeing to get gangbanged on the stated theory that no woman in her right mind would agree to such a thing. I’ve got some news for you, hun. There are women out there who freely agree to such things. I’ve actually met a couple of them. Apparently these gangbangs were “rapes” too. I guess every time she got whored out, it was a “rape.”

They did threaten her that if she talked to anyone, they would kill her. That’s called Criminal Threat and it’s a crime if she can prove it, which might be hard.

I’m wondering exactly what crimes were committed against this poor gal, not that she didn’t get screwed over by these maniacs. She also ended up a mess psychologically. She ended up with Borderline Personality Disorder, though she might have already had it. She also ended up with a weird physical ailment that is psychogenic. All in all, they screwed her up pretty bad. But that’s not illegal last time I checked.

On the other end, I have a lot of sympathy for this woman and I’m sorry these creeps messed her up.

I wouldn’t want a woman to leave me and end up a psychological and physical wreck due to the way I treated her if I treated her terribly. That would be on my conscience forever. On the other hand, if I didn’t act bad and she still ended up a physical or psychological wreck due to being with me, there would not be much I could do, and I would not feel bad.

This has already happened to me, but she was a complete mess when I met her, so I wash my hands of this. For you men out there, women have a habit of doing this – taking completely non-abusive relationships and somehow turning them into “horribly abusive” ones. Don’t get fooled by these gaslighting types. They’re all nuts anyway and most of them have Borderline Personality Disorder or Borderline traits.

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