Alt Left: Ukraine War Lies June 27, 2022 Edition

Russia is blocking grain ships from leaving Odessa. In this way they are trying to starve a lot of the world to get what they want. Lie. The truth is that Ukraine has mined the harbor and hence no ships are going in or out. Russia has repeatedly stated that if Ukraine clears the mines, Russia will create a corridor from which to let the grain ships go through. NATO liars are saying that they need to form a navy blockade to get the ships out of the harbor. That’s fake. There’s no need for a naval blockade as Russia is not blocking any ships. More fake BS.

The sanctions against Russia do not cover food. Lie. Maybe so, but they cover a lot of ways to buy the food and get the food to other countries. Many countries in Latin America are facing economic catastrophe because they are no longer allowed to export their crops to Russia due to sanctions.

Russia is trying to starve the world as blackmail. Lie. Many countries in Africa are trying to import Russian food, especially wheat, but sanctions have made it difficult if not impossible. The US is pressuring all African countries to not buy Russian wheat, with consequences if they do.

The world is voting against Russia in the UN. Lie. There have been some votes in the UN against Russia. Many of the countries who voted against Russia said that the US had basically forced them to vote that way by threats. America is a gangster state.

Russia has defaulted on its debt. Lie. More fakery. Apparently the sanctions opposed by the NATO faggots have prevented Russia from paying their debts. Russia has been trying to pay their debts, but the American snakes are refusing to accept Russia’s money. So if you are trying to pay your debts but your creditor won’t accept your cash, you can be forced into a “technical” default. That seems crooked and wrong but everything satanic NATO does is crooked and wrong.

Russian artillery hit a line for water in Lisichansk. Unknown. We are still looking into this one. The lie is that Russia is deliberately targeting civilians anywhere in the Donbass. In the Donbass, 85-90% of the population are Russian-speakers who hate Ukraine and love Russia. Why on Earth would Russia target their own civilian supporters? That makes no sense at all.

On Snake Island, Ukrainian defenders said, “Russian ships, fuck you!” when told to surrender. All 13 of them were then killed. Lie. This fake attack has been denounced forever. There were 90 defenders on Snake Island, and all surrendered without firing a shot. There was no attack, or response to an attack, or dead soldiers. It was all a big fake. Apparently NATO dogs never got the message, and NATO networks continue to insist that the fake attack occurred. NATO citizens have to be the dumbest people on the planet. A Bushman is smarter than your average Canadian tard.

Russia attacked a train station at Kramatorsk, killing 40 people. flag. Lie. This was a very bad false flag conducted by the Ukrainians. First they told everyone to get on trains to leave the city, then they shot a missile at the crowd, killing up to 40 people! Ukraine hates the people of that city, as probably 85-90% of them support Russia and hate Ukraine. Why would Russia kill their own supporters? The Tochka-U missile used is not used by Russia. It was discontinued a couple of years ago and all stocks were destroyed. However, Ukraine has many systems.

Analysis of the trajectory of the missile based on its direction, flight path, and direction of bomblets shows that the missile came from Ukrainian occupied territory. The Russian Army even pointed to the exact force who fired the missile. Everyone in the area said the missile came from the southwest. Everything to the southwest is Ukrainian territory. Of course NATO media continues to lie about this fake to their tard listeners.

Russia fired artillery at Bucha, killing scores of civilians with flechettes embedded in shells. Lie. Problem: Everyone was killed right in Bucha. Russia was occupying Bucha. Russia didn’t shoot at their own city. Any artillery deaths in Bucha were killed by Ukraine. Also only Ukraine uses shells with flechettes.

Bodies in Bucha showed signs of torture. This means Russia tortured people to death. Lie. I would like to see an unbiased witness report on that. Most people were Terror Defense people killed resisting Russia or they were civilians killed by Ukrainian artillery.

In addition, many people were murdered by the SBU. Based on footage and examination of the bodies, these have been proven to be people who cooperated with the Russians, who Ukraine refers to as collaborators. I have not seen evidence that even one civilian was murdered by Russian troops in Bucha. It’s all fake. Were some of these collaborators killed by Ukraine tortured? We have no idea.

Just to show you evil that wicked little Jew Zelensky is, after the Bucha massacre when many “collaborators with Russia” were murdered by the SBU and Azov Battalion, this diabolical little snake went on TV and said, referring to Bucha, “We told you not to collaborate with the Russians. This is what happens when you collaborate. This same dog was also repeating the lies that all of those killed, who all showed signs of cooperating with the Russians, were murdered by Russia!

Why would Russia kill only the very people who helped them? However, this little monster knows exactly what happened – that the SBU and Azov went in there and murdered a lot of people for “collaborating.” So he’s lying through his teeth. First he is saying Russia did it, and then he saying we did it, but they were all collaborators and this is what happens if you collaborate.

Zelensky also repeatedly gives off Nazi signals. True. On Victory Day, the celebration of Russia’s victory over German in WW2, Zelensky, who is Jewish, tweeted a photo of a Ukrainian soldier wearing a Wolfsangel patch used by the Nazi Army. This little snake knew exactly what he was doing. On the day when Russia celebrates their victory over the Nazis, this creepy little Jew tweets a photo of a Ukrainian soldier wearing a Nazi patch! Just to say, “Screw you.”

Apparently Germans never stopped being Nazis or perhaps they are just getting back in the habit again. True. On June 22, which is the anniversary of the Nazis’ launch of the invasion of the USSR called Operation Barbarossa, Germany stated that it was delivering some important weapons to Ukraine. Ukraine also highlighted the date and crowed about the new weapons systems. But the Germans and Ukrainians did this to taunt Russia and celebrate Operation Barbarossa, which both countries still apparently support.

Russia has serious problems with manpower, morale, supplies, leadership, and equipment. Lie. I’ve been studying all of these forever and I’ve never seen any evidence of any of this.

Russia has lost 15-35,000 men in this war. Lie. This is a straight up lie by the NATO dogs. In fact, Russia has lost 3,250 men, or 30-35/day. The separatist armies between them lost 5,250 men and ~15,000 wounded. All together, Russia and its allies have lost 8-9,000 men and 25,000 wounded. This amounts to less than 5% of the force they invaded with.

Russian troops loot washing machines. Lie. The photo of soldiers stealing a washing machine shows a group of Ukrainian soldiers stealing the machine. There’s no evidence of Russian soldiers looting household equipment. However, I am aware of one case where Russians stole some food from a store. However, the store had already been almost completely looted by the townspeople. Most of the looting is being done by Ukrainian civilians. There has also been quite a bit of looting by the Ukrainian Army. Why this is so is not known. Very little is being done by the Russians. The stories of mass Russian looting are just NATO lies.

A journalist was executed by Russian troops. Lie. Sadly, Reporters without Borders concluded this “based on an investigation.” Even Ukrainian reports indicated that he was killed by shrapnel from shelling, apparently Russian shelling. He was in a forest when they were hit by shelling.

Ukraine prosecutes its troops for war crimes. Lie. Many crimes have been discussed during this war and during the eight year war against Russian speakers in Donbass. Only one soldier was arrested and tried for any of these crimes and that was a few years ago. None of the people involved in the documented atrocities committed against captive Russian troops by Ukrainian soldiers have been prosecuted.

Russia bombed an apartment complex in Kiev just to kill a bunch of civilians. Lie. Well, if they did that, they sure wasted a $90 million missile for no reason. Truth is there was a factory that made military vehicles right next to this high rise. Ukrainian forces shot a Buk and S-300 surface to air missiles at Russian cruise missiles.

The Buks missed the cruise missiles and hit their own S-300 missiles instead! One of these hits occurred over an apartment building and ended up damaging the building. Ukraine is completely responsible for the attack. Furthermore, there were no residents in the building. The building had been evacuated months ago and there were no civilians inside. Apparently it was empty.

Putin has a very serious illness and will be dead within two years. Lie. This is just not so. No evidence has been provided for this, and there is much evidence against it.

Putin has stolen every election he won in Russia. Lie. Nope. Apparently in every election, Putin has received by far the largest number of votes. Not to say that Russian elections are completely clean. But look at Putin’s approval numbers. They closely mirror his margins elections.

There is no opposition in Russia, and all of the opposition is under attack. Lie. This is not so. First of all, Putin only won 70% in the last election. That means 30% of Russians voted against him or voted for the opposition. The Communist Party is the largest opposition party, with 18% of the vote. Zhirinovsky’s ultranationalist party got 7%. The pro-Western opposition, who ran 13 families between them, got a total of 5%. This is the “opposition” that the West crows about. Obviously they are extremely unpopular and just about everyone hates them. Bottom line they have no support at all.

Putin imprisons or murders all of the opposition in his country. Lie. Before the war, even the pro-West opposition was on state TV a few times a week on talk shows. They put them on all the time to let them say their ideas while the moderators took them on. So Russians are exposed to the opposition all the time. They just hate them, that’s all. Very few if any of the opposition have been murdered on Putin’s orders. I can think of maybe one or two opposition murders that might have been ordered by Putin.

Putin murders any journalist who writes against him. Lie. I used to read a website by some former CIA dog who was hysterically anti-Russian. He had quotes from Russian opposition intellectuals every single day. The quotes were from opposition TV, radio, newspapers, and journals. There didn’t seem to be a shortage of any of these. Two opposition radio and TV stations were shut down at the start of the war, to the cheers of most Russians.

They just moved to Europe and now post on the Internet from there. It’s true that there have been a lot of journalists murdered under Putin, but many more were murdered under Yeltsin. Murders went down when Putin came in. Most of the murders with the exception of possibly when were caused by common criminals, were related to organized crime, or seemed to have been authored by local authorities. I saw only one that may have had Putin’s hand in it. There have also been a few beatings of journalists that could have been traced back to Putin.

In Russia, you are not allowed to criticize the government or Putin. Lie. If you do, you will be arrested, beaten, imprisoned, or even killed. This is just not so. An interviewer went around Moscow interviewing people about how they felt about the war. A recent survey showed 17% of Russians opposed the war. No one is afraid to answer any anonymous survey in Russia.

Many of the young people openly told the interviewer that they were against the war. Nothing happened to any of them. 8,000 professors signed a petition against the war. Nothing happened to any of these people. The Duma recently outlawed the treasonous pro-West opposition consisting of a couple of TV and radio stations. I read an article about this on a Russian website and half of the commenters, all patriots, said they opposed making these stations illegal. Nothing happened to any of these commenters.

Putin kills those who go against him, especially journalists. Lie. There have been some attacks on prominent critics of Putin and his administration. Most of these people are associated with the pro-Western opposition. I am opposed to all of these attacks. It has not been shown who is behind these attacks in most cases. Some of them appear to have been done by radical Russian patriots. I doubt if the government put them up to it. There has been only one case of a journalist who might have been killed by Putin. The vast majority of even the traitor opposition blathers on all it wants to every single day and nothing happens to them.

The pro-West Opposition is not allowed to rally in Russia. Lie. This is just false. They let them rally all the time. It’s just that nobody goes to their stupid rallies because everyone hates them so much. However, these idiots get a permit for a rally and then they deliberately hold it a few miles away from where it was permitted simply as a provocation. They also go out into traffic and deliberately hold up traffic as a provocation to force cops to arrest them. Then they fight the cops like crazy when they come to arrest them. The lying Western media then reports this as “Russia attacked an opposition rally.”

Putin is a dictator. Lie. How is he a dictator if he only got 70% of the vote and the opposition got 30% last time. He can he be if he allows opposition media to say whatever they want? How can he  be when the pro-West opposition ran 13 candidates against him. How can he be when he has received the most votes in every election? And finally, since when do dictators routinely have 80-85% support. The Russian people do not consider Putin to be a dictator by their standards and they say that they do not want a dictator. To them a dictator means Stalin. Putin’s not Stalin.

Russians are not exposed to the Russian opposition. Lie. As I noted, they won 30% of the vote last time. Since when does the opposition get 30% of the vote in a dictatorship? All of this opposition has radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines, etc. that they publish freely on a regular basis. In addition, Russians can go anywhere they want on the Internet assuming they can read other European languages. Even if they can’t read other languages, there is a large Russian language pro-Western opposition press on the Net accessible to any Russian who wants to read it.

Russians are banned from Twitter. Lie. Well, that’s interesting because I read Russians on Twitter every single day! Incidentally, Russians on Twitter read Western media all the time as they are always commenting on it. It’s just that they don’t believe it, that’s all.

Putin is the richest man in the world. Lie. Truth is no one knows how much he is worth. He gets a modest salary and has some modest possessions. Allegations about his worth claim that almost all of it is hidden. However, they have not presented any evidence that this is so.

The separatists are controlled by Russia. Lie. They never have been from the very start, in fact, Russia opposed them for the longest time. Even now they don’t support them much and the separatist armies are poorly armed and equipped. Russia simply doesn’t give them much stuff. Russia’s attitude is that they are separate countries and they can do what they want.

Russia is stealing grain and iron from Ukraine. Lie. Russia conquered those areas fair and square and the vast majority of people there support Russia and wish to separate from Ukraine. This is self-determination. People ought to be allowed to split off from one country and go join another. Anyway, Ukraine has been arresting, beating, torturing, and murdering Russian speakers in those areas since they day they got in in 2014. They have a right to secede based on that right there.

Russia is paying the farmers for the grain it buys from them. It is also paying all of the other farmers for whatever it buys from them. A lot of farmers are taking their stuff to Russia to sell it over there. Nobody’s ripping off anyone and it’s not Ukraine’s land anymore. They lost moral authority to rule when they started massacring Russians. Bye bye!

Russia sentenced two foreign fighters to death. Lie. These fighters were captured by the separatists. The Donestk separatists have the death penalty and these men were convicted in a court of law. The Lugansk separatists do not have the death penalty. Russia does not have a death penalty.

Russia does not like that the Donetsk people have sentenced these men to death, but there is nothing they do because Donetsk is a separate country and Russia can’t tell them what to do. After the war is over, Donetsk plans to get rid of the death penalty. If they join Russia as they plan to, they will have to get rid of the death penalty. I do not agree with this penalty for those men and I do not agree with Russia that any of these men are mercenaries. For one thing, they are all contract soldiers with the Ukrainian army.

Russian troops raped large numbers of Russian women, girls, and even boys. The husbands were forced to watch and then murdered afterwards. Lie. Apparently all of these stories are made up. The Russian Army is about as likely to rape civilians as the US Army is. Ukraine itself has admitted that there is no evidence for any of these rapes, especially the rapes of children. A Ukrainian official, a woman, has been fired by Ukraine, apparently for making up all of these rape stories which even Ukraine admits are lies. She just bought an $8 million mansion in Switzerland, so I guess lying pays.

Most Russian soldiers are draftees. Lie. Actually, all of the Russian soldiers are contract soldiers who signed up on their own as volunteers. A few conscripts were sent at the start of the war, but when this was publicized, they were immediately pulled out.

Many of most Russian soldiers are reserves as Russia has had severe losses in volunteers. Lie. In fact, Russia has 1.4 million reserves in their army. They are only using 1/3 of their standing army. They have not used any reserves yet.

There is an ongoing cholera epidemic in Mariupol. Lie. This is not so. Not a single case has been reported.

Russia forces Mariupol residents to dig graves in order to get food and water. Lie. Many people work cleaning stuff up, digging graves, or whatnot. They are all paid regular wages. As paid work is hard to come by, many people take these jobs.

Russia looted paintings and artifacts from a museum in Mariupol. Lie. The head of the hospital moved out as much of the painting and artifacts to Russia for safekeeping that she could. However, it had already been used as a base by Ukrainians, so much material was damaged.

If you say Russia is waging a war in Ukraine, you can go to jail or prison. Lie. I read Russian websites every day, and they use the noun war to refer to this conflict all the time. No one has gone to jail yet.

People are being sentenced to long jail terms for reporting on the war or participating in antiwar demonstrations. Lie. A few people have been arrested for “spreading lies about the Russian army” by repeating some of the lies above. A few people have been prosecuted for demonstrating but quite a few have been arrested. Sentences have been light, such as 20 days community service. A reporter who ran onto state TV with a sign saying “Stop the War” received a $300 fine. Obviously this people are only getting very light sentences.

Most Russians agree with arresting people who participate in antiwar demonstrations. Russians aren’t like us. They don’t like our version of democracy. They are perfectly happy to live in a fairly authoritarian state. The leader of this authoritarian state, Putin, has an 83% approval rating. When was the last time an American president had a rating that high? Putin’s is a benevolent authoritarian regime.

There are mass graves in Mariupol. Lie. A reporter went to one of these mass graves and it was just a regular graveyard. Another photo of bodies strewn for burial was of dead Ukrainian soldiers. A number of regular graveyards have been created for the casualties, which are in the thousands.

25,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol. Lie. Actually, the number is 5,000. Residents blame Ukraine for most if not all of the killings, many of which were deliberate assassinations of civilians just walking down the street or standing around.

Russia destroyed Mariupol. Lie. Residents blame Ukraine for 85% of the damage. Russia tried very hard to avoid civilian casualties because those are their civilian supporters. Much of the fighting was done by the Donetsk separatists. The Mariupol civilians are literally their own civilian base. Why would they try to kill them. Russia deliberately did not use air power or artillery in the street fighting because you can too easily hit your own men. Furthermore, 99% of Mariupol residents are pro-Russia even after a huge battle in which 5,000 civilians died. That says something right there.

A medic at Mariupol is a heroine. Lie. Truth is that she is a full blown Nazi, all the way, tattoos and everything. These are their heroines. Nazis!

Russia is attacking its own people in the occupied areas of Donetsk. Lie. Those are their own people. Why would they shoot at their own people. However, Ukraine has engaged in terror bombing of these towns and cities for eight years now. Lately it has picked up and is worse than ever.

They don’t even aim. They just shoot at the cities. There are no military targets in these cities. The NATO MSM has refused to report it except to say that Russians are shooting at themselves and that Ukrainians are shooting at military targets. One time they did shoot at a base. These terror bombardments are meant simply to kill and wound as many civilians as possible. The reasoning is simple.

Ukraine hates those Russian speakers in Donetsk and considers them all traitors and terrorists. So they have no qualms about firing on them and trying to kill and wound as many as possible. Even in the pro-Ukraine areas, when Russia took over a city, Ukraine considered that everyone who stayed and did not flee was a traitor and a collaborator. Hence they bombarded these cities mercilessly and killed and wounded hundreds of civilians.

A mayor, her husband, and her two children were murdered by Russians in a town northwest of Kiev. Lie. Their bodies were found in a shallow grave. Indeed, it is true that their bodies were found in a grave. However, the Russians had left that town four days before. The bodies in the grave had been there no more than one day.

Someone arrested the mayor and her family on March 23, probably the SBU. Twelve days later, her family turned up in this shallow grave. They were probably killed by Ukraine as collaborators because the mayor and her family helped arrange the distribution of humanitarian aid in the town. Why on Earth would Russia murder the mayor’s family who cooperated to help deliver humanitarian aid? It makes no sense at all.

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