Alt Left: The Kremenchuk Shopping Mall Attack

Of course I was shocked when I read about Russian missiles hitting a shopping mall where 1,000 people were shopping. There were two dead and 20 wounded at last count. Why in God’s name would Russia attack a shopping mall? They simply do not attack civilian structures at all, ever. It’s not what they do. They exclusively attack military targets and their missiles are very accurate. It makes no sense to waste a missile at $90 million on a damned shopping mall! Why?

Well, I did some digging. Turns out there were no 1,000 people in the mall. There were probably zero people in the mall. Why? Because that mall has been shut down for a very long time, that’s why! Notice the parking lot. Zero cars in the parking lot. Zero! Zero cars in a shopping mall full 1,000 shoppers! I guess they all took an Uber to the mall? Ever seen a shopping mall with 1,000 people in it and no cars in the parking lot? No such thing, huh?

The parking lot of the shopping mall is full of men, half of them soldiers. The men don’t look like shoppers. They look like officials. So where are all the female shoppers? Nowhere to be seen.

OK, so why would Russia waste $90 million to blow up a shopping center that has been closed forever? No reason, right?

As you can see, the shopping center was permanently closed in March. There’s no way it could have been full of 1,000 shoppers!

If the mall was closed, how could 1,000 people be inside? How did anyone die? Where were the people who died? In the mall? They could not have been.

It has now come out that three ammunition depots next to the mall were hit in addition to a factory that fixed military vehicles only 90 yards away. The explosion at the depot set off a secondary explosion at the mall, setting it on fire. There’s no way a missile hit that mall. The mall still has intact windows. None would have been left. And videos from inside the mall show shelves lined with wine bottles. All of those would have been smashed. The entire mall would have been flattened, not set on fire. That said, I think they should have attacked it at night as people were indeed walking around the area in daytime.

The reports of 20 and many more wounded are interesting. The mall was obviously empty of civilians. It had been closed to shoppers since March. The parking lot was empty. There are no female shoppers in the photos and in fact the only photos immediately afterwards show many soldiers and young men of military age. No one in the photo looked like a “shopper.” However,  a Ukrainian poster with regime connections obliquely stated that the mall had soldiers in it. If indeed there were casualties at the mall, they were all military and military-aged men.

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