Game/PUA: A Bit on the Sigma Male Type or the “Aloof Alpha”

The difference between Alphas and Sigmas to to me is that Alphas are acutely aware of status and hierarchy and a lot of them are dicks. After all the basic male agenda is

  1. Kill, eliminate, defeat, or sideline all the other men.
  2. Fuck all the women*.

*A sexually mature female is basically regarded as a woman in this primitive construct.

That’s the male drive on Earth, and that’s what it is for many higher mammals too. Alphas are dicks! If they see you as a male threat, they will often insult you right to your face to establish dominance over you and eliminate you as a threat. They might do it to men who are not a threat, too. They’re dicks to other men.

In a bar, an Alpha might be looking around at the other men. If he talks to another man, he quickly sizes him up as far as where he is on the hierarchy scale – if he is below, on the level with or above the Alpha. He might be friendly to the lower guy because he’s not a threat. Anyway, his response to those other men is going to be based on wherever they are on that hierarchy scale.

Now the Sigma, he simply doesn’t care. I used to say that when I am in a bar or a club, there are this many people in the club:

  1. All of the attractive women. The unattractive ones are not really in the room.
  2. Me! None of the other men even exist! There could be 20-30 guys in that room, but they’re not even there to me at all. They may as well be invisible. Now, they can talk to me, no problem. But I don’t really size them up as above, on the level, or below me. They’re still sort of not even in the room!

If someone asked me whether I was threatened by those other hot guys in the club, I would look around the room and say, “Competition? What competition? I don’t see any competition.” Then I would laugh. It’s not that I have measured myself and bested all of them, and now I look down on them. It’s more that they are not even there are at all to me!

Even if some guy seems like he is besting me, I will write it off and still say he’s not competition. So I don’t bother with social heirarchies and all of that.

I think I’m hot shit and I don’t know or care if it’s true or not. I think this way because it feels good to feel this way. The Sigma is an egotistical loner. In a way he’s above everyone else, but in another way, he’s not even in the same room or maybe on the same planet with them.

I’ve found that when you get yourself out of the competing with other guys realm, it is so freeing. Competition? What competition? I don’t even know if that’s true. It’s probably not even true. But it’s such a pleasant lie that I’m going to go ahead and think it anyway.

The Sigma has literally dropped out of the game altogether because it doesn’t interest him.

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