Eating Shit, Figuratively and Literally

The notion that sodomy itself somehow uniquely spreads all these different diseases is pretty much bullshit. It only spreads blood-borne diseases and those are very few. This scare documents also list a lot of diseases as being spread by sodomy that are spread by oral-anal contact (basically eating tiny bits of shit). Sodomy does not involve eating shit.

Anyway, for it to spread diseases, the man who is fucking the woman in the ass would have to be eating bits of the woman’s shit in the process. That’s not something that happens.

For all intents and purposes, sodomy does not spread oral-anal diseases. Those are spread by oral-anal contact like licking anuses, which gay men do with a gusto that has to be seen to be believed.

Oral-anal diseases are quite rare in the straight community, so they can engage in oral-anal contact (licking anuses) all they want and nothing happens.

It’s all about the disease pool. Gay men are dealing with an extremely infected pool for these oral-anal diseases so the chance of getting one is high.

Straights are dealing with a pool where these diseases almost don’t exist, so the chances of getting one of these diseases is low.

Oral-anal contact is only dangerous if someone has a disease. You can eat another person’s shit and nothing will happen if the person doesn’t have a disease. You might vomit because it’s so disgusting, but it’s rather harmless. It also does stress your liver because your putting waste back in your system in pure form to be processed right out again.

Obviously you can eat your own shit all you want. Once again, it stresses your liver, and it might make you vomit, but it’s not really harmful, and you cannot get a disease by eating your own shit because you can’t catch a disease that you already have! If your shit has a disease in it, well guess what? You already have that disease! Not that I recommend eating your own shit.

On the other hand, I’ve pretty much been eating shit figuratively my whole life, and I’m healthy as a horse and have none of the typical oral-anal diseases except now and again when I’m feeling particularly dishonest, I open up my mouth, and I’m simply completely full of shit.

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