Alt Left: Verdict: There Was No “Bucha Massacre”

SHI: Robert, where do you stand on the massacre at Bucha? This is what Wikipedia says

It says that around 1000 bodies were recovered from the town. Summary executions, civilians shot at point-blank range. Looks like the Russians did a number on the Ukies.

Of course the Russian side of the story is that the Ukies staged a false flag. But I find it difficult to believe that they would kill their own women and children so mercilessly.

Surely Russian troops are capable of mini-genocides like this, just like the troops of any other country are.

Number one, Wikipedia, like everything else in the West, is run by the CIA or the US Deep State or better yet, NATO, NATO intelligence and the NATO Deep State. All of the West is 10

They aren’t capable of mini-genocides like that, especially not in this war. The Russian Army is one of the most professional armies on Earth. They’re about as capable of doing this stuff as the US Army is, and the US army doesn’t do things like this either. See the end of the piece for more.

There were not 1,000 bodies recovered from that town. 1,000 civilians MAY have died in that entire area north of Kiev. In Bucha, a mass grave was found with 76 bodies in it. There is video of townspeople who were burying them and they are saying that they are all territorial defense who were killed fighting the Russians.

An investigation was done of many of the bodies found in Bucha and it found that most of the civilians were killed by flechettes. Flechettes are used in Ukrainian artillery and Ukraine pounded the living crap out of that town and after the Russians left they leveled it, probably for punishing people for sticking around. Ukraine thinks anyone who stays in those towns is a collaborator.

All artillery deaths in Bucha were due to Ukrainian artillery as Russian troops were in town and they didn’t shell their own city. And Russia absolutely does not use ammunition containing flechettes. Only Ukraine does. So many of those killed were killed by Ukrainian artillery by flechettes. 76 were territorial defense who were killed fighting the Russians.

Everyone else was killed in an MI6/SBU psyop on April 2-3, days after the Russians left town. We know that those people were all killed after the Russians left because they were all alive when Russia left. Russia warned the people in the town that they might be targeted and asked them to leave, but only a few took them up on the offer.

There is footage of Boatman and his Azov Battalion entering into the town for a cleanup of saboteurs and collaborators. In one video, we see a soldier asking if it is OK to kill people who are not wearing a blue armband, and the other man says, “Fuck yeah!” Then we hear a man’s voice screaming, “No! No! Please don’t!” followed by a gunshot ringing out and a dog barking. This video is on the Net.

After this operation, dead people appeared strewn along the street in a regular pattern that makes no sense. The media claimed those bodies had been there for weeks but it is obvious that they had been dead no more than a day. Also we have videos of Ukrainian troops pulling those bodies on pulleys and arranging them on the streets. Every one of those bodies was wearing a white armband.

There is video of executions in a cellar. Everyone there is wearing a white armband too. There is also video of people killed in an alley. All wear white armbands. Many of them have Russian MRE meals next to their bodies. Some civilians wore white armbands to show the Russians that they were friendly so they didn’t get shot accidentally.

A lot of these people helped with the distribution of humanitarian aid and medical aid, a huge amount of which was distributed in town. So a white armband showed to the Ukrainians that you were a collaborator. Indeed they brought a dead man to the cemetery when the cameras were on. He had a white armband on. All of the dead with white armbands had been there no more than a day.

Let’s say the Russians killed all of these people. First of all, those bodies have not been there for 3-4 days. Second, why on Earth does Russia only kill people with white armbands and Russian MRE humanitarian aid. Those are the nice people who cooperated with Russian forces. So just before you leave, you murder all the nice people who collaborated with you, wore friendly armbands, took humanitarian aid, and helped distribute the humanitarian aid? Get out of here! No way!

One more thing. Testimony from a Russian journalist who was in the area north of Kiev the whole month said that not one civilian had been harmed the whole time he was there. A Ukrainian reporter who had been in Bucha the whole month said that there had been no killings by the Russians the whole month he was there.

If the Russians are killing people the whole month they were there, why do the bodies on show up after they leave? Why don’t we have any horror stories of murders during the period when the Russians occupied the site. Russians are murdering people like crazy and no one says a word? Get outa here!

Also, people who were in Bucha said that originally the residents were very wary of the Russians but the Russians were friendly, not hurting anyone, and distributing lots of aid, so during the month that the Russians were there, the people gradually opened up to the Russians.

Over time, the residents got more and more friendly with the Russians, with peak friendliness just as they were leaving. Wait. The Russians are murdering people the whole time, but the residents are getting progressively warmer to the Russians with time? Get outa here! No way!

Also, we have footage of the mayor arriving in town on March 31. Residents come out to greet him and say that the Russians were not that bad. One guy said they took him in for questioning but then they let him go. In this footage, there are no dead bodies to be seen anywhere in town and not one person mentions that whole city is strewn with dead bodies.

Keep in mind that according to the narrative, dead bodies are strewn all over the city when the mayor comes back and chats to cheerful residents. He tours the whole town and is smiling and happy. How come he didn’t see all these dead bodies all over the place? How come these happy residents don’t mention that there are dead bodies all over the city? There are dead bodies all over town but no one sees or mentions them and they are all happy and cheerful? The mayor neither sees nor mentions them and he’s all happy and cheery too.

Then we footage over the next couple of days of Azov coming in to “cleanup the city of collaborators.” All of a sudden, all of these dead bodies turn up all over town, all wearing or carrying signs of collaboration with Russia. Also we can hear the Azov people saying to kill all the people not wearing blue armbands, which means they are wearing white armbands.

Then we hear a man screaming for mercy and a gunshot. It all adds up. The Ukrainians massacred all of their own people with white armbands an MRE’s to make an example of them as “collaborators.” At the same time, they do a false flag blaming Russia for the whole thing.

I would like to point out that one of the highest ranking members of the Ukrainian Rada explicitly accused Ukraine and the UK of carrying out this massacre, specifically the Ukrainian SBU spy agency and the MI6 British intelligence agency.

Based on the available evidence, everyone dead in Bucha were either:

  1. Territorial defense killed fighting Russians.
  2. Civilians killed by flechettes which could only have been fired by Ukrainian artillery.
  3. “Collaborators” murdered by the SBU, Azov, and MI6 as a lesson for cooperating with Russia by wearing friendly armbands and taking MRE’s.

Further, the Russian Army is one of the most professional armies on Earth. Do you have any idea of what the punishment is in the Russian army for murdering civilians like that? It’s a very serious offense and they prosecute these cases all the time. Many Russian soldiers have been courtmartialed and imprisoned on these charges in Afghanistan. Someone would have talked.

There would have been leaks from Russian soldiers or Russian journalists about a war crime committed by the Russians. Some of the Russian prisoners would have confessed. We have a huge number of Ukrainian prisoners who have confessed to participating in or witnessing war crimes. We also have many videos that the Ukrainians took of them committing war crimes or admitting to committing them. There has not been one single prosecution of any Ukrainian soldier or militia member for any war crime during this war or during the Donbass War from 1914 – February 23, 2022.

In addition, to all of the above, Putin intervened in the General Staff’s decision to run the war by issuing a directive to all troops that Ukrainian civilians must be preserved at all costs. This was later modified to “preserve all Ukrainian civilian life except where doing so threatens the lives of Russian soldiers.” He did this, he said, because “after the war, we will live with the Ukrainians.”

So he’s laying the groundwork for relatively friendly relations with Ukraine after the war which would not be possible if Russia massacred civilians. In the beginning, the Russian military even said that they were trying not to kill too many UKrainian soldiers. They were even saving the lives of enemy troops. Incredible!

A statement like this is absolutely remarkable! I have been studying modern wars and I cannot remember a commander in chief ever issuing such an extreme directive to preserve enemy civilian life at all costs. It simply doesn’t happen! Almost all armies now all over the world do horrible things when they fight wars. The US, British, French armies are more civilized, but the US leveled Raqqah, Syria with artillery, killing 4-5,000 people. Then we levelled Mosul in Iraq with artillery and bombs (mostly artillery).

Mostly it was not aimed at all. Instead the intent was to level the city and kill everyone in it. 40,000 civilians were killed by the US and the Iraqis in the conquest of Mosul, Iraq. I told American liberal Democrats about this and they said it was justified because those civilians were supporting ISIS. Problem is once you legalize killing enemy civilians, you have to allow it all the time in every war. You have to allow the Russians to massacre Ukrainian civilians because they’re supporting the army. On and on.

I cannot find one single case of a dead person in Bucha who was killed by the Russians. I have studied this case more than most people you will ever meet and my conclusion is there is not one proven murder of a civilian by Russian troops in Bucha during this war. Perhaps there were some cases elsewhere. There does appear to have been a case north of Kharkiv where a Russian soldier was sentenced to life for the murder of a Ukrainian civilian. He confessed, so I am assume he was guilty. These things are done by most armies in wartime. There’s not unusual about a few cases.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Verdict: There Was No “Bucha Massacre””

  1. Further, the Russian Army is one of the most professional armies on Earth.

    I don’t think I could ever make that statement in a bar or social setting. Everyone will gang up against me and force me to retract my statement or else they will beat my ass for defending Putin’s army.

    Whether it’s an American, Romanian, Australian, South Korean, Japanese, Polack or Brit, to all of them Putin is the common enemy.

    Having said that, Russia enjoys a certain goodwill among the Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Muslim Middle-Easterners. All of them are going to be more receptive to you while you defend Putin than anyone in the West.

    But at the end of day, they won’t support the Russian account as passionately as you are. It’s all about PERCEPTION. In the smartphone era, Wikipedia shapes perception in the West, along with CNN, BBC, and other Western media outlets. We don’t live in the Age of Inquiry and Reasoning. We live in the Age of Viral Tweets.

    When Elon Musk says that his company is going to colonize Mars by 2030, everyone accepted it as the Gospel truth. Most people do not factor in the logistical impossibility of such a mission given current technological advancements. Now Musk has moved that date to 2040, even 2045. He doesn’t really mean it. He’s just playing around. Most people are far too stupid too call him out for his bullshit. But whatever Musk says goes viral and is perceived as the truth.

    Remember the recent Cryptocurrency collapse? I had been predicting this meltdown since 2016. People wouldn’t shut up talking about their Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Ethereum and other stuff.

    Many people lost a lot of money. Some have compared the Crypto collapse to the 1929 Wall Street crash. Again it’s a stupid perception – the 1929 crash was much more serious, as it created a worldwide recession. People are like that and you can’t change their perception. Most people enjoy a bit of DRAMA in their lives. They can’t handle the truth. So if they have decided Putin is bad, it has to be true. 🙂

    I am a Wikipedia editor and I understand it’s fraught with lies. But the dominant perception of Wikipedia is that it’s the reservoir of truth. Most people I know will readily use Wikipedia articles to settle their disputes.

    All countries aligned to the West i.e. a vast majority of the world, also believe in these sources.

    They have already decided Putin is a WAR CRIMINAL. A Hague Tribunal is pending but if they were to drag Putin all the way to The Hague, he is GUILTY ON ARRIVAL.

    1. Wait, I thought India was supporting Russia. The number of Indians on Twitter wildly supporting Russia has to be seen to be believed. Apparently it all goes back to the Cold War when the USSR was very good to India.

      1. Not only Indians but also Pakistanis (not Afghanistan), Emiratis, Turks, Qataris, etc. are generally FRIENDLY to Russians. It’s just not a Cold War thing. As these countries live in proximity to Russia, they’ve known them well for a very long time. A lot of Russians are buying up real estate and Emirati residency in Dubai, which is full of South Asians.

        Russians may look like White people but they’re not Westernized. They have a lot of Asian-centric values such as close knit families. A bit of dishonesty and corruption goes a long way in Russia, just like in India and anywhere else around it. No one will judge you for bribing a cop. Also Russia is third-world in some regards. Tap water in Russia is not safe for consumption.

        Unlike Westerners, most Russians do not judge a Muslim hijabi female for covering herself from head to toe. In France, we have right-wing hooligans affiliated to Marine Le Pen pushing to ban the hijab and attack any Muslim female for sporting their traditional garb.
        Even in America, I don’t think an Indian female could wear a sari and walk down a major avenue (unless it was part of some sort of fancy dress competition or New Year’s Party).

        Russians don’t have that kind of aversion towards non-Western customs and traditions. They’re more willing to engage with non-Westerners as EQUALS and will not tell them to accept Russian customs. Russian expats living in Dubai are highly likely to be fluent in Arabic. Unlike English-speakers, they take the effort and time to know the host culture well.

        I think there’s a lot about Russians that endears them to non-Westernized Asian populations. Even though most Asian and Middle East countries are aligned to the West at a macro level, when it comes to diplomatic relations, they do not believe in imposing embargoes and trade sanctions on Russia.

        China and India have been steadily purchasing Russian oil ever since Biden imposed sanctions on Russia, and all NATO countries followed suit. Russian billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich was forced to sell his stake in Chelsea soccer club of England. Russian oligarchs are being denied landing at many European and North American (and Australian) helipads.

        There is a call to boycott Russian owned businesses in the West and even to not hire employees who were born in Russia. This is straight up discrimination. You may hate Putin but why punish normal everyday Russians. Russia has always been a negative brand in the West. But in the last six months, it has become toxic. Western countries have been ditching Russia in droves.

        Here in Asia in countries like China, India, UAE, Indonesia, and other places, it’s business as usual with Russia. Asian countries have all defied Biden and the West, and they are doing everything they can to keep the Russian economy afloat in the face of Western sanctions.

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