Alt Left: Controversial Idea: Nature Punishes Those Who Violate Natural Law

Anonymous: I don’t get the Nature part. If a man a acting effeminate is against Nature and nature punishes them for it then why did Nature create them in the first place. I don’t think it is Nature punishing them either but society.

We can’t be objective about these things especially on a deeper philosophical scale. I think everyone should just mind their own business.

Even this whole masculine-feminine thing seems arbitrary. Why is masculine representing everything strong and the feminine everything weak? When without either of them conception would not be possible. So in a way, both need to be strong for a good family.

Women of the Stone Age may also be considered “masculine” by today’s standards because they were stronger, well-built, muscular and athletic.

Are you a heterosexual man? Go ahead and walk around in the world saying there’s no such thing as masculinity an femininity, and you’re going to flaunt the rules and say the Hell with this masculine crap. You see just how far that gets you. Try to be a feminine or effeminate man. You say it’s just fine. So try it and see. Do it for a few years and get back to me. I guarantee you won’t have a fun ride.

It’s against Nature because the only reason effeminate men and masculine women happen in the first place is because something went terribly wrong! Things go terribly wrong in Nature all the time. Nature doesn’t like mistakes and any mistakes that occur get punished by Nature because they go against Natural Law.

The old “society punishes gay people” is an old chestnut. The problem is that we have now found societies that are about as tolerant of gay people as possible, and gay men and lesbians are just as messed up in this places as they are in homophobic places. They also lose 18-20 years off their lifespan just like such folks do in homophobic places.

This got me to thinking that there is something about gay people that is going to cause them to be messed up no matter what. Now I don’t want to believe this because I want them to be just as happy as we are. But I keep getting beaten with the Reality Stick. I’m starting to think that there is just something inherently messed up about them.

Then I realized that wimpy men are typically very unhappy. And if you get them to act more masculine, they get a lot more happy.

Mean, angry, miserable, masculine-acting women (not all of whom are gay – some are just horrendous bitches who haven’t been laid in forever) seem absolutely wretched. And I’ve noticed that when a woman starts acting extremely feminine, it usually means 1. She wants to get fucked right now. 2. She’s a lot happier than when she was not acting so feminine.

So I started thinking that masculinity is the “happy place” for men, and femininity is the “happy place” for women.

Everyone minding their own business is just fine, but there are unanswered questions that demand to be answered whether it pisses off PC types or not. And the purpose of this website is to ask all those questions you are not supposed to ask and to talk about all those things you are not supposed to talk about. And that is what we are going to do no matter how much it pisses off PC fucktards.

Even this whole masculine-feminine thing seems arbitrary.

You’re young, aren’t you? I got some news for you. Stick around this planet for a while, and this time open your eyes and ears instead of shutting them down like you’ve been doing. You will realize that masculinity is a thing, defined in a rather specific way at least in most Western societies and in a lot of other societies too. It’s called the Masculine Principle and it’s one of the universal principles governing the universe or at least our part of it.

If you look around you will notice that femininity is also a “thing” – very similar across most societies. This is because it is something called the Feminine Principleone of the governing principles of the universe.

The Feminine Principle is weaker. The Masculine Principle is stronger.

Some woman wants to be a strong woman, however defined? All the power to her! Good for her! A woman can do anything a man can do in terms of jobs, with a few obvious limitations. Women should reach for the sky! They already hold up half of it.

Look around at the higher mammals, even those dogs and cats running around your house. Notice how the male cats act like human men and the female cats act like human women. There’s a reason for that. Now study elk and elephant seals.

Notice how one alpha elk gets a harem of five elk chicks? Notice how the other four male Beta elk are standing around in the woods jerking off their elk dicks with their hooves?

Notice how that Alpha elephant Seal as fat as Marlon Brando and a pure psychopath as bad as Ted Bundy, has a harem of 50 fat elephant seal chicks and he’s somehow banging all of them? I don’t know how his seal dick doesn’t fall off. Notice offshore towards those offshore rocks called haulouts? See those 49 Beta bachelor male seals hanging out on those rocks with their seal dicks in their flippers because they aren’t getting any seal pussy?

That’s human nature on a smaller scale. When you get rid of enforced marriage, things go back to the jungle. Women form harems with Alphas, most of whom are scumbags on a level of that Alpha elephant seal. Notice how there are now huge numbers of young men getting no sex at all, like 3

I will also tell you right now that if you ever meet a woman who proudly calls herself a “strong woman” to get the Hell away from her as quickly as possible because she’ll be nothing but trouble and she’s capable of being one of the worst, most psycho bitches you’ve ever hooked up with. I think it’s OK to be a strong woman in whatever sense. But once they starting owning that title, they turn into the worst bitches you’ve met.

Yes, there are strengths in the Feminine Principle, but it is more yielding and submissive. You know, just like those female cats in your house that sit back and take it when a tomcat humps them?

We don’t know that Stone Age women were stronger, well-built, muscular, and athletic, but what we have learned of women 12,000 years ago in Mexico is that they were under the rule of a horrible Patriarchy that was utterly brutal. The one skeleton they found had been repeatedly beaten with big sticks and rocks. They are thinking that the men of her tribe were vicious maniacs who beat the Hell out of their women all the time. So compared to the men, it looks like the women were not so strong.

Indeed there are strong, well-built, muscular, and athletic women, but how many of them are like that? And incidentally those are masculine characteristics. If you follow Otto Weininger as I do (Otto Weininger is God) you will realize that all males have both Masculine and Feminine Principles. and it’s the same for women. Everyone is a mixture of the two. Pure masculine men and pure feminine women are probably not very common.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Controversial Idea: Nature Punishes Those Who Violate Natural Law”

  1. Well if mistakes occur in nature and by nature then that means that nature is flawed. But that doesn’t make sense to me. Does that mean that nature doesn’t have free will of its own? Since it recognises these occurrences as flaws then why does it allow them to appear over and over again? Maybe these flaws are nature’s way of containing (depopulating) itself. There are species which commit mass suicides when their numbers get too large. Maybe it’s the same way with homosexuality. One thing is for sure is that nature does seem to favour diversity. Progress only occurs when attributes are evenly spread. Suppose every single human only wanted to be a bodybuilder then we would get nowhere technologically but nature has selected diverse people to have different interests.

    “Indeed there are strong, well-built, muscular, and athletic women, but how many of them are like that? And incidentally those are masculine characteristics. ”

    But why are those necessarily “masculine” characteristics? Just because on an average that males tend to have more of them than females? But doesn’t nature also allows women with similar potential to get muscular, big and strong? If they were strictly masculine traits then there would be no girls with and muscles.

    I like strong women. I don’t like chubby women or the very girly girls. Strong women like Sandahl Bergman in Conan The Barbarian. The warrior female type of spirit. I find that sexy.

    1. My question is that if something goes against Nature then why does Nature allow it to happen over and over again? Why do homosexuals and effeminate men keep being born? Wouldn’t it benefit your idea of Nature more if they just did not exist at all?

      1. Nature allows all sorts of mistakes to happen. Look at all the birth defects. Nature allows things to go wrong in the womb all the time. That’s what causes homosexuality. Nature isn’t perfect. It’s quite flawed.

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