Planned Shooting, Riots and More

I don’t know. Call me crazy, but there’s been a lot of shootings lately. Is this a coincidence? Well, let’s look at probability. I mean, science can tell us if I’m blabbing some conspiracy theory. Well, I don’t need advanced research, just common sense to tell it’s probably pre-planned stuff.

Who’s pulling the strings of the democratic party and what’s the end game? I mean, they’re pushing more buttons than the rottenest boy imaginable, lol. We got the trans agenda, we got a racial agenda, we got the gun agenda, we got the inflation, we got the reduced food supply, we got proxy war with another major nuclear power, we got the unlivable gas prices. Did I leave out anything?

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3 thoughts on “Planned Shooting, Riots and More”

  1. Don’t forget about the Buffalo shooter with the Azov insignias! The MSM tried to hide that inconvenient fact since it doesn’t want the public to know the nature of their cuddly Nazis, yet I wondered if there was something else behind that…

    How are you dealing with the food and fuel situation in your country?

    What is your assessment about the current situation on the ground in Ukraine? Advances have been quite slow. It seems things are not quite optimal for the Russians but not necessarily good for the Ukrainians or the West for that matter. As things are going, it seems that the Russians will have to hold on for a few months until the USA/EU collapses economically.

    1. The food and fuel situation? I’m not sure. Gas has gotten very expensive, so I’m not buying it so much anymore, which means I am not driving around so much anymore either. Food does not really seem more expensive than it was before. Chicken has gone up but in general, it’s not obvious that everything is more expensive.

      1. The biggest price increases seem to be in processed foods, soft drinks, and juices made from concentrate. Everything that requires some effort to prepare that isn’t meat is still relatively low and may in fact be cheaper if you factor in the generous pay raises that have been handed out by employers due to the ongoing labor shortage.

        There’s a 4lb bag of frozen vegetables (725 calories total) that I’ve been regularly buying for 2.5 years now that goes for $5. It has remained $5 throughout the duration of the Covid pandemic and is still $5 today. I snagged a 5lb bag of white rice (3,000 calories) for $2.50 from Walmart last week (it’s $2.58 now).

        Yellow bananas can be had for around $1.50 for eight of them (840 calories total). Onions are still dirt cheap. A 10lb bag of russet potatoes (4,000 or so calories total) can be purchased for about $5. An 8lb bag of pinto beans (12,800 calories total) is around $6.

        If you maximize your calories/cost ratio (fresh vegetables, beans, potatoes, and rice are your friends), avoid eating out too frequently, and avoid consuming too much meat, you should be fine.

        For the gas situation I just started driving less. Now I use my sketchy DIY ebike and legs to get to places. The e-bike is infinitely more fun than driving my car because you get to experience more of the world in a far more intimate fashion. Tons of interesting locales can be happened upon when you’re going 15mph instead of 45mph.

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