Sorry, Computer Was in the Shop

That’s why I haven’t been posting all this time.

It’s been ready sine May 28, but I just got it back the other day. Apparently there was some sort of a power surge or hard shutoff possibly while Windows was updating itself. I got most of my data back but I did lose a folder of old uninstalled programs. At first I thought I lost all of my passwords, but then I found them. I never back up my data, but now maybe I need to start doing that.

What about surge protectors? I have a surge protector on there but obviously it didn’t work very well. What about Universal Power Supplies? I used to have one of those too.

Any advice from anyone other than chuck this Windows garbage?

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7 thoughts on “Sorry, Computer Was in the Shop”

  1. I dunno about dealing with power surges during updates. Linux distros and other derivatives don’t force you to do updates like Windows does. I use Debian 10 on a laptop, never had a issue about losing info or getting the hard drive corrupted.

  2. You can also purchase an external HDD or SSD to back up your data with. Cloud storage is another option you can utilize for backup purposes, but cloud data banks are typically owned by big tech corporations like Google and Microsoft, so I personally don’t trust them and hence won’t recommend them to anyone.

    SSDs are faster than their mechanical HDD counterparts but have a worse storage-to-price ratio. HDDs are the opposite: slower, less reliable in the long haul due to them using moving parts, but they’re cheaper than their SSD successors. The price-to-performance gap between the two is much narrower than it was a few years ago, however. I recommend an external SSD because you can grab one for between 90 and 100 dollars + tax.

    Alternatively you can snag an external SSD or HDD adapter housing like this 3.5 inch form factor one here

    and pair it with any spare or cheap hard drives that you may have lying around or can get your hands on. Frugal workaround if you’re tight on cash like me but you have old hardware lying around from past computer builds.

    I recommend getting a UPS and paring it with a solid surge protector. Yours may have failed to protect your laptop because it was either a shoddily-built model or just had a defect. Shit happens. UPS systems are great for when the power goes out because it gives you plenty of time to save your work and shut your system down safely. They also provide some surge protection as well (but typically not as much as a dedicated surge protector does).

    You’re using a laptop so you could feasibly get away with a lower VA model like this one

    since laptops typically don’t draw as much power as desktops do.

  3. It seems that in Colombia they are using a similar strategy to what has been used in other Latin American countries. That’s it, to put a candidate associated to the current Right establishment as a sacrifical lamb with their main bet being a “center” populist candidate that is repeatedly referred by the media as an “political outsider” that is new and not related to the politics, using repeatedly the social media to appear charmful and appealing.

    They also enjoy a sophisticated public relations campaign. Of course, said candidate is actually a candidate from the Right, and they tend to hold fascist mentalities that you can figure out if you look around. Hernandez actually considers Adolf Hitler to be a philosopher that he follows.

    It seems to be working, considering the results from the surveys, but it might be too early to tell yet how things will carry out.

    To me, it seems that his choice is a sign of desperation of the Right more than anything. Hernandez is not as much of an unknown “outsider” compared to other examples.


    “Todos los hombres, ellos te enamoran al principio porque te quieren cojer, luego no quieren salir contigo. Así son todos ellos.”

    This is what I overhead one of the cooks saying today. It seems that this is one of the universal complaints of women in the world. It doesn’t matter what language they say it in, putting it in Google Translate yields almost the same sentence. Of course, they don’t admit how they prioritize seeking men that focus on short-term mating strategies in the first place.

    Young girls start very optimistic around their aims about getting a man that saturates their attractiveness criteria and takes care of their needs. Women start getting increasingly cynical about men as they start getting older and they start to have more and more bad experiences. My hypothesis is that as a ego cognitive defense mechanism, they lump all men in one negative category, instead of considering whenever men differ in their preferred way of pursuing a relationship.

    Doing so would have the unfortunate implication that their preferred male profile would prefer a short-term mating strategy due to having the luxury of being capable of doing so. This is inconvenient because it not only means that their preferred male types are not only unsuitable for them, but it also means that they are at fault because their mate assessing strategies are faulty.

    As a man that used to be a womanizer yourself, you are not ashamed to tell how multiple times you used a variety of seduction tactics to quickly gain sexual access to women. I suppose you could suggest a strategy that could help to avoid being a “victim” of this.

    The human female is unique in that male sexual access to a female requires a extended process where the male displays verbal and behavioral skills that signals his fitness to the female, along with behavior and promises that implies commitment. This is know as “seduction.”

    They seem to focus on the fitness thing above anything else, including alternative methods that can assess on an honest basis the personality and intentions of their suitor. Put between choosing a “boring” monogamous Beta and an exciting Alpha, they will prioritize choosing the Alpha and attempting to tame him even if his psychological profile wouldn’t make this a realistic option.

    The way that I see the problem is that they seek a rollercoaster of positive emotions without actually trying to asses the suitability of their partners on a objective matter.

    Of course, chances are high that this dilemma is due to their cognitive mechanisms sabotaging them similar to how male cognitive mechanisms make them feel that the woman likes them even when she doesn’t. It’s pretty clear that their cognitive defenses are completely useless if not actively harmful.

    What I think might work involves the use of science. What if women who encounter Cluster B men start studying the disorders, attempting to assess symptoms, and watching signs in their behavior that gives off red flags, while ignoring good feelings from the men’s love bombing in favor of rational analysis.

    I suppose that a similar methodology could be applied to find out if a man has a behavioral, personality, and psychological profile that suggests that their seduction techniques are actually a form of investment deception to gain sexual access. Actually, Alphas are simply not interested in monogamy.

    I know that in the end they would just rather act on their “gina tingles.” I love women that are more wary around psychopaths precisely because they are living proof that women are not slaves to charm and can actually screen their men if they bothered to do so.

    I ask this not because I intend to do white knighting but because I have a young autistic female relative. Autistic girls and women seem to be screwed over even more that normal women for some reason. I guess that’s because media tells them misleading notions about gender relations, and society teaches them as little as with sex ed.

    Older females giving younger females advice pretty much consists of trust your instincts and go along with what their body tells is telling you. I guess they do this because they don’t know any better methodology. I think that her mother and grandmother are not as wise as they think when it comes to avoiding being “seduced” by a boy considering how she got screwed over by my brother in the first place.


    What we are seeing today is a form of the history repeating itself. Before the start of WWII, the Anglo-Saxons heavily armed and financed Hitler with the hopes that creating a fascist state that bordered the Soviet Union that would start a war against the USSR, leading to its destruction.

    It might be a coincidence, but there is another similarity. When the war started, Stalin purged a massive amount of higher-ups that knew good war strategy. Not having them meant that the Soviets were badly steamrolled in the beginning. It was not until later on when the Soviets recovered their doctrine that they started gaining the upper hand on the Axis.

    When the conflict in Ukraine started, they had incorrect intel about the Ukrainians not being willing or prepared to fight. They also had a lot of generals who didn’t arrive at their position by merit. The incompetence of the generals with their bad leadership led to higher Russian casualties in the first few days.

    The intel guys and the generals were arrested. Some would rather have them executed. A bit latter on, they changed their tactics, focusing on the Donbass, not extending themselves where they are vulnerable to the rear and focusing on delivering massive artillery barrages to soften up a Ukrainian position before sending infantry and tanks in. It also seems they are finally using proper combined arms now.


    Your assessments about ethnic differences might be viewed controversially by many, but I find them very interesting because some are pretty spot on with what I observe, particularly about Black/African people. In the community where I currently live, you practically have to block a road/street as a protest in order to get something fixed. You also have to be careful because they will steal your stuff if you get careless.

    1. “Men get you to fall in love with them first so they can fuck you, then after they fuck you, they don’t want to go out with you. All men are this way!”

      1. Breaking men and women down racially:

        East Asians are the best on many levels.

        Jews are the smartest.

        Whites historically were awesome but have been mostly destroyed by feminism or more recently wokism.

        White Hispanics a bit better as they are more old fashioned and less ageist.

        Black women are a bunch of freaks with unnatural hair. I’m friendly with an extremely tall intelligent Black woman but she’s breaking the mold. She is better than modern American White women, who’ve fallen the most. Sea urchin, cheetos, boomerang blonde, etc. hair is interesting but not pretty. Kendall Woods and Riley King are good examples on how Blacks should look. Watching their Daughter Swap scene or at least a blacksploitation film with Pam Grier should be mandatory in every inner city school.

        East Asian and Jewish women select more on intelligence.

        Every other type of woman preferentially selects Alphas. English-speaking Whites may be the worst.

        The West has cultural monkeypox.

        Asians are the new ideal.

        The Jews’ biggest flaws are in terms their effects on Gentiles. One of the worst things they did was lead modern feminism.

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