Alt Left: The Cultural Left: A Plague on the Left

The Plague of the Cultural Left Freakshow

When Trump came up with the Alt Left moniker to smear the Left and compare them with White Supremacists, what he meant by the Alt Left was simply the normative Cultural Left, or what we in the Alt Left call the Control Left or CNTRL-Left in reference to the keyboard suggestion in the name Alt Left. In fact, the Alt Left was formed in stark opposition to the Control Left and the Cultural Left, which we differentiate from the actual Left.

Unfortunately, here in the US anyway, the Cultural Left has become synonymous with the Left. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I used to be on the Left, but I’m now on the Right” from young White men in the last ten years. You ask around and it turns out that the everything they hate about the Left is in fact the Cultural Left or what we would call the Fake Left.

The term Cultural Left is not a reference to Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory of the Frankfurt School, which is completely ridiculous.

Social Conservatives Make More Sense Than the Cultural Left Freakshow

On all of these matters, cultural conservatives make more sense than cultural liberals. Any time conservatives offer a better position than we do on just about anything, I consider this to be a complete failure of the Left. They’re not supposed to be better on even one important thing.

How the Left Stole the Anti-Science Mantle from the Right

As you will see below, the Right has adopted the views of the Left, while the Left has adopted the views of the Right. That’s appalling right there because our old views were correct and theirs were wrong. Of course.

It is especially disturbing that the Left, which has traditionally relied on science (indeed, Marxism itself is unwaveringly materialistic) has now become the anti-science wing (typically the purview of conservatives) while appallingly, conservatives are now known for a celebration of science, empiricism, reason, and logic, whereas the Left is now the realm of obscurantism, magical thinking, hatred of the empirical method, and a division of truth and facts into “good truths, facts, and science” and “evil truths, facts, and science.” It’s ridiculous.

There’s no such thing as hate truths, hate facts, or hate science, assuming the science is solid. Science cares nothing about morality or right and wrong. We are constantly confronted with uncomfortable truths about ourselves and the world around us. It is not the job of science to run away from the ugly truth towards some magical, feel-good lies.

Conservatives Promote Free Speech, Liberals Support Censorship?

It is equally appalling that the Right, traditionally champions of censorship and opponents of free speech, are now the free speech absolutists, while the Left, traditionally the hard-line free speech crowd, is now the champion of mass censorship, banning, and de-platforming, not to mention firing and career death for those with uncomfortable notions emanating from their free minds.

In the revolutions of the 1960’s, our idea of liberation was never a celebration of Black criminals as saints and heroic figures. Nor was it about emptying the jails and prisons on the basis of, “Hey, let’s try it and see what happens.” On this matter, unfortunately, the conservatives are more right than we are.

But here we are offered two equally insane choices – on the Right, “Lock everyone up for life for spitting on the sidewalk!” and on the Left, “Let’s empty the jails and prisons just for the heck of it!” These are the only two choices one is offered.

The position of the Alt Left would be to say that one is as bad as the other and that the Middle Way (as the Chinese put it) is the best here and on most issues for that matter.

The Cultural Left Are Actually Victorian Prudish Sex-haters!

On the other hand, on cultural issues, it is better to say that the Alt Left is between the Cultural Left Freakshow (this is what we on the Alt Left call the Cultural Left) and what we see as the prigs and prudes of cultural conservatism. It doesn’t help that the Modern Left has itself become culturally conservative, as prudish feminism has now infected that whole sector, and men (but only White men, mind you) are deemed automatically evil for the crime of wanting to have sex with women.

That this is the natural way women think is not at issue. What is at issue is why the distorted values of one sex (and this could apply to men too) should rule society. Instead, the Alt Left feels that sexual mores are best kept away from culture and especially the state into the private sphere.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Cultural Left: A Plague on the Left”

  1. This stuff is replacement theory, yes, replacement theory, combined with divide and conquer (gays etc.). Of course, the end game according to anti-government types and/or white supremacists, is either white genocide and/or human genocide, in general, which leads into a one-world tyrannical government.

    However, moderate cultural left stuff isn’t bad. For instance, no reasonable people long for a return to Jim Crow these days. The whole Civil Rights movement at the start was moderate cultural left.

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