Delphi Murders Update May 4, 2022: A Family Member of a Victim Is a Suspect in the Murders

Sorry I have not been writing much lately, but we haven’t heard much new stuff worth reporting. Warning: Long, runs to 30 pages.

A Few Defenses of Our Group and Our Method

First of all, it is considered basic knowledge among those who follow this case that I have no idea what I am talking about.

First, it is not “I.” These theories are a result of a private group of more than 250 members, which at the moment even includes retired homicide detectives. You read that right. They were so impressed that they actually paid money to join us. Everything I write is a result of the work that my group has done. It’s not down to me at all. It is a result of a collaborative effort of over 250 people. I would also like to ask how many other groups have as many as 250 people all working together to try to solve this crime? I would imagine zero.

Second, it is claimed that I have said I had insider knowledge from Day One. This is not true, although I said many things in the past that I no longer believe. In fact, our main suspect for years turned out to be completely innocent. He’s a terrible person but he’s not a murderer. We have admitted we got it wrong on that, and we are ok with that. Homicide investigations often close in on false suspects.

Furthermore, we now renounce many of the things we have stated in the past. Those were things we used to believe but we no longer believe. We no longer believe these things because we think subsequent information has shown our earlier information to be completely wrong.

In the early days, “inside sources” were simply mostly locals who were close to the investigation. In other words, unverified rumors. We reported only unverified rumors for a long time because that is all we had access to. However, a couple of years into the case, we did obtain information from two police sources who we will not name. We also got data from someone close to a detective on the case.

Starting at the beginning of last year, we were able to cultivate new sources in LE and develop a personal relationship with them. They have given us a tremendous amount of information and have been very helpful.

In addition, we were finally able to obtain official case documents.

We also were able to conduct interviews of two female members of the search party.

As you can see, we reported that the abduction occurred at 2:13 PM on 2/13 and that police were looking for 43 seconds of audiotape, presumably recorded by the killer. About a year later, national media revealed those facts for the first time. But we reported it one full year before national media. So based on that it is clear that we have been publishing correct information about the case that is verified by official sources later on.

Keep in mind also that we are the only Delphi sleuthing group that has actual homicide detectives, working or retired, working closely with us. And they paid to join us. I’m not sure how many others can claim that. That right there implies that maybe people ought to listen to us. So you might want to give us a listen based on that right there. And these officers do not necessarily agree with our take on the case. In fact, they have been quite critical of some of our theories. This is good as these LE professionals are keeping us on our toes and forcing us to do good work.

I assure you that as the details about this crime become known, more and more of what we have said on here will be shown to be true. We were right in the past, and we will be right in the future. You ignore us at your peril.

We have been trashed from here to kingdom come for claiming that we have official case documents. But where do you think the information about 43 seconds of audio and the abduction happening at precisely 2:13 PM came to us? We acquired that directly from a case document that is sitting on the desk next to me right now. That document is signed by the FBI themselves. So you see, it’s now proven that we do have official case documents.

We have been attacked for not noting the role that the Klines played in this case. However, our case documents and the information from our police sources never mentioned either of these men. I’m inclined to believe that therefore they did not play a huge role in the crime, and they certainly were not among the killers. Perhaps police only started looking at these men lately.

We have not been able to contact our police source to see what they have to say about the Klines. However, the absence of news about them for five years implies to me that their role in the case is minimal, and that neither man was involved in the homicide.

I’ve also noticed that our best female sleuths were often older women aged 40-65. Women get a lot more sensible as they age, particularly after age 30, so perhaps a lot of young women are just too unhinged and touchy to do good detective work.

Experience has shown us that sleuths who use logic and have bad intuition skills make terrible sleuths. These are mostly men because men are better in logic and worse in intuition, women being the opposite. Some of our best sleuths have long been women. I finally figured out that it’s due to their intuitive skills.

The “pure logic” type says, “Hey, maybe there was a

Just to give you an example, it’s been painfully obvious since very early in this case that there was a social media connection. Remember what they said early on? “Be careful of what your kids do on social media.” Ever since then, anyone who suggested a social media connection on the case were shouted down in the most belligerent way. Almost all of the shouters were men.

When people asked them why LE officers would say such an odd thing if there was no social media connection, these boneheads came up with one lame excuse after another. These should be called “alternative facts.” In my field of science (I publish in peer-reviewed academic journals) we call these “ad hoc theories.” They’re considered pathetic. In evolutionary biology, this sort of nonsense is called “just-so theories.”

The Latest Charges against Us (Sigh)

They never quit, do they? This one from the toilet/sewer known as LibbyandAbby on Reddit, run by a female sewage plant worker named ATrueLady. There are many an execrable human being on there, and they have been absolutely useless as a source in saying anything intelligent about the case, as just about any theory gets shouted down by ferocious, vicious maniacs with 70 IQ’s. Total waste of time!

Anyway here is the latest. I Know You Are Watching RL, and If This Is True, You Are a Twisted Piece of Shit. Well, I am a twisted POS, that’s not up for debate. Ask anyone who knows me! Especially one of my exes! But the charge is that Julie Melvin sold the photograph from Libby’s funeral of Libby in her casket to me.

Well that’s not true. I have that photo, yes. My group has seen it. I asked my group if I should post it on here, but they shot it down as too offensive. The group makes a lot of the decisions on here, not me. It’s their group.

I have spoken to Julie Melvin on two separate occasions. She is indeed one of the finest local sources for information on this case. And she actually has a brain that works, unlike those subreddit monkeys. I do not recall how I acquired this pic, but I don’t think I got it from Julie. And why would she sell it? And if she sold it, why not keep a copy for herself? They’re not like physical photos, you know.

Of course I did not pay money for that photo. Someone gave it to me. The photo is out there and floating around and has been for some time. Many people have seen it. There’s not much to see. She actually looks rather calm and peaceful in her casket, though it’s sad of course. Have you ever been to an open casket funeral? Did everyone there freak out because they had the eeeeeeevil pleasure of seeing the body? Come on, people.

Here is another:

Presto Magic: He also recently said the dolls rumors and such are false. Acting like he never had them. Yeah I went back to look yesterday and I noticed he acted like the dolls thing wasn’t something he ever stood behind…even though he did

Presto Magic is a sewer rat who paid to join my group but hates me. I can’t block his access, but if anyone know what email or handle he uses on here, I will block any post he tries to make.

For the record, of course I never said that the dolls, etc. rumors are false. None of those rumors about the weird crime scene are false as far as I can tell. Where do people come up with this?

Dudes also a pedo or “hebefile” or whatever the f he calls it-

This crap is just so tiresome. Just for the record, I happen to be a teliophile, like 7

People need to stop using the words “pedophile” and “hebephile” because 9

I have a side practice as a psychological counselor, and one of the areas I specialize in is people who are troubled by thoughts of having sex with children or pubertal individuals. I’m an expert on the subject, and I get clients coming to me from all over the world because I am just that good. So that’s one reason I talk about this BS.

Yes, I talk about it a lot as I am very interested in human sexuality, and I’m also very upset about this insane moral panic and mass hysteria that has overtaken what used to be a rather mundane, so-what, shoulder-shrugging, or even snickering topic.

Sometimes I feel like my planet has been taken over by hysterical morons. It’s like they’re all pod-people. People didn’t have our present attitude towards this all to common behavior when I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s like I’ve been projected into a future full of deranged, psychotic, dangerous assholes, which is the majority of idiot humans in the US right now. Moral panics are asinine.

All moral panics and mass hysterias disgust me, and I will post on all of this mass mentally disordered bullshit anytime I want.

This from a petulant, screeching, moon-mad loon named xanaxarita. It’s not just me who hates this cross, tempestuous harpy. No one likes this noisome, truculent, shrewish bird of prey. This battle axe is a drama queen and a prima donna with permanent PMS.

To my knowledge (I am having a difficult time finding the files in my notes – so don’t believe it until I do) he was sued by naming members of a Delphi family as POI’s. This led to the discovery that ‘Robert Lindsay’ is actually the persona of two individuals. His Blogger account was permanently deleted.

This is scurrilous. This is a lie started by an insane person named Eric Alter. He even produced some fake court documents from a court in Michigan. There was no discovery. There was no lawsuit over naming members of a family in Delphi as POI’s because I never named anyone in town as a POI at that time. There was no lawsuit against me filed by anyone involving anyone connected to this case. In fact, I believe I have never been sued at all even one time in my life! If you want to sue me, first you will have to find me and good luck with that! Many have tried and many have failed that quixotic quest.

I still have a Blogger account last time I checked. It has a warning on it, but you can still go there. As far as whether I am one person or two, I am not sure. Sometimes I think I am one person, and other times I think I am two people. Can someone help me out here and help me figure out who I am?

Yes, his attempts to normalize “childrens sex lives” is insidiously disgusting and dangerous.

I hear this garbage all the time, and I suppose I should address it. I’ve never attempted to “normalize children’s sex lives.” I have some opinions on the subject, but I’ve never really discussed them. I suppose the best answer is “children,” a term that applies to minors under age 13, should not have sex lives other than with themselves or childhood sex play because they have no sex drives. Anything other than that is either illegal or should be broken up by the parents. Childhood should be sexless.

I assume this person is referring to teenage girls age 13-17. Yes, I do attempt to normalize the sex drives and lives of teenage girls. They have strong sex drives and they often have sexual lives, either with themselves or with others. I have no problem with teenagers of either sex having sex lives either with themselves or with peers. And it is indeed normal. Teenagers aren’t little children. People who get outraged by minors having sex are Sex Fascists, prudes, prigs, sexhaters, and neo-Puritans. Which is the vast majority of this country by now.

this wasn’t a botched abortion attempt

A botched abortion attempt (except we don’t think it was botched) remains an unverified rumor. But it comes from the very best local sources.

He’s changed his poi a ton last year and there is no way any of them check all the boxes.

That’s not true either. Since the beginning of last year, we decided that the police had a main suspect, and that person was Mr. X. We have not named a single other main suspect since then. Our latest police source, a retired Delphi police officer, just affirmed this for us again a month or two ago.

He’s a sick dude with a history of dishing out defenses of hebephilia

I really prefer not to discuss this matter because the country is afflicted with mass retardation in the course of a moral panic and mass hysteria about this ridiculous issue. The whole country has been taken over by the Sex Fascists.

However, according to the American Psychiatric Association, hebephilia is not a mental disorder. That is, it is not disordered behavior. Even more than that, the APA stated that it is not even abnormal! That is, hebephilia is completely normal at least as a way of thinking. On the other hand, if you act on these feelings, the APA pointed out that you are breaking the law here in the US and you are a criminal.

If you disagree, take it up with the APA!

RL is a messed up individual that posted all sorts of “inside information” from special “sources.”

We tire of this. It is true that in previous years, we did use language like this, though not precisely those. However, we do in fact in have inside information in the form of testimonies from search party members, official case documents, and LE sources who leak to us. We do consider that inside information, and all of those are sources.

However I think that Robert Lindsay has a bad source, and he is very gullible.

We don’t have a bad source (we have very few anyway), and I’m not gullible at all. Quite the opposite.

He was banned from Webslueths in just one day just a few months after the murders.

Correct, there were rumors involving a sexual angle and a lot of rumors about what sort of injuries the girls suffered. I repeated those rumors. The female who runs the place is an unhinged, waspish hysteroid who is constantly screaming and yelling and flying off the handle. Not only that but the site is worse than useless. So I was banned for discussing some of the rumors about the case, rumors which have now been shown to be true, by the way.

I just assumed no one paid attention to that guy anymore after his “crime scene” photo was proven fake.

Those are not my crime scene photos. Those were developed by a physicist. I happen to think that some of his analysis is correct. I think my graphic arts woman just colored in parts of it. And it hasn’t been proven fake, sorry. It’s blown up straight from the helicopter footage.

RL thinking KAK stumbled upon a burner phone stuck in a tree and finds the murders on video and decides to sell it.

We do not say this anywhere below, nor do we believe this is what happened. We think Abby’s phone was probably recovered by LE. The part about hiding it in a tree is an unverified rumor. KAK selling a snuff film of the murders for Bitcoin is also an unverified rumor, but it’s a strong local rumor, and a number of these have panned out. We don’t know if there is a tape of those murders floating around anywhere or if anyone sold it for money. We just think it is an interesting theory to explore.

His main POI has been PB/ Mr. X since the beginning. But now to fit the narrative he has added in others

Nope! We didn’t have one for a long time, then we got hooked on someone I will call Mr. A. He’s clearly one of the worst human beings out there, and I’d be perfectly happy if he took off permanently. That’s if the Earth would not reject his body being placed in it.

On the other hand, this foul creature did not murder those girls, sorry. Mr. A was our main POI for a couple of years, and then the site was shut down. It was shut down for some intemperate comments I made about feminists, by the way, not about anything else. I hate those women so much it scares me.

At one point we realized that Mr. A was not BG. We never once named Mr. A on even a single occasion although everyone claimed we were fingering him. On the other hand, the guy was making videos where he openly claimed to be BG, so perhaps you can forgive us a bit.

Starting at the beginning of last year, we started to think that the police had a main suspect, Mr. X. That’s what we’ve been reporting ever since. We added in three peripheral suspects who may or may not have known or been in on the murder plot because our police source told us that these three young men were suspects in the crime, that’s why. Not to fit some narrative.

Robert Lindsay just likes to make things up.

We don’t make up anything. I have a BA in Journalism, and I’m a published author, as in, published in books and peer-reviewed academic journals. Journalists are not allowed to make stuff up. If you get caught doing that, it’s as bad as scientific fraud. You just ruined your reputation forever. Remember the reporter for the Washington Post who made up a post about some ghetto Black woman and her travails? Logically, she should never be allowed to work again. That’s how serious it is. Not to mention it’s a breach of ethics, and I take journalistic ethnics seriously.

He paints Kline to be a passive choirboy

I never said he was a good person. He was caught distributing some pretty gross CP, the really bad kind. That’s a pretty serious offense. All I said is that I don’t think he has it in him to kill those girls. The personality is completely wrong. There’s no fit. You have to jam a square peg in a round hole, and it’s never going to fit.

He has also a terrible thing about family of the victims. He deleted it after he was attacked by a handful of female readers.

I’m not aware that I’ve dissed these families on this public site in any way, not that they don’t deserve to be dissed. If you want to hear me dish it out about family members and everyone else under the sun, please feel free to join the private site! There’s nothing wrong with saying negative things about these families, and in fact, that’s often all you can say about them if you’re going to be truthful. The half of them who haven’t been in prison make up for it by going to jail.

That said, I can’t remember saying any particular thing about any particular family member. I think Mike and Becky Patty are pretty upstanding people, and I’ve never said anything about Anna Williams. Someone please tell me this terrible thing I said.

The worst part about him is that I think in the beginning he had some type of source. He knew about the 2:13 time stamp and 43 seconds of video way early on….but then I am assuming whoever was giving him info realized how….*different*…. he is and stopped doing it.

Nope. That information comes from an an official FBI case document that we somehow got our hands on. And our police sources come to me by way of one person to another person to another person to me. None of them talk directly to me. We have 250 members, remember?

even though many times he contradicts himself and says the opposite.

I don’t think I contradict myself on here. I don’t like people who do that.

I mean, his theories keep shifting. It’s like the end of the world cults who keep having to amend their apocalypse date when the apocalypse embarrassingly doesn’t happen.

Our theories do change from time to time. That’s called, you know, changing your mind? Detectives change their minds and theories all the time. Our theories changed because police, case documents, and search party members gave us new information that forced us to change our minds.

Main Part of the Article Starts Here

Below, bold text means verified information in some way or another, in many cases via police sources, search party members, and and official case documents we obtained.

The Klines

In our opinion, the roles of Kegan and Tony Kline are a complete red herring. These guys were not involved. However they may be connected to someone involved or being used as bait to find someone involved.

A CP Snuff Film?

The only argument I have heard that made sense about Kline came from a local, said to be a deep rumor in town. These rumors sometimes turn out pretty good! He said that the murders were videotaped and the video was put out somehow. Kline got a hold of it and was selling on his Dropbox site where he had all the CP. He was selling it for Bitcoin and he made a ton of Bitcoin off of this snuff film. The film would be CP probably due to its nature if the girls were unclothed. If not, it would presumably not be CP.

There are rumors that it can be found on the Dark Web. I’m too scared to go down there because of all the CP, but maybe I need to get over it. The problem is that if one of us finds this movie and watches it, we’ve apparently broken the law right there because it’s illegal to even look at this stuff, I guess because it destroys your eyeballs or something.

I can’t think of one other  thing in the whole world that it is illegal to even look at. The very idea that it can be illegal to look at any damn thing in the universe is quite bizarre, but sex fascists have never made sense. What’s the law called? Illegal looking? Anyway, they ought to make an exception in this case at least for those of us investigating this crime.

There has long been a rumor that the crime was videotaped. I have a search warrant here that says that they are looking for film, cameras, videorecorders, videotapes, etc. They would only be looking for that if it played a role in the crime. The only way it could play a role in the crime is if the rumors about it being captured on tape are real. The rumor is that the video was sent to Abby’s phone after the murders.

An argument is that Abby did not have a phone. This comes from her Mom. She had a phone she was hiding from her Mom. It was a burner phone. There’s a rumor that she stuck it in a tree somehow after they were captured. Anyway it was recovered. Both of these girls were lying to their guardians about all sorts of things.

A female accomplice of the murderer Garrett Kirts said she had seen this video.

After the murders, Kline made a hurried trip to Las Vegas. That’s where he was getting his really bad CP from. Presumably that was his connection for the murder tape too.

Kline is a passive guy and in the tapes, the cops say numerous times that they know he didn’t do it. He mostly never even met any of these girls. He just wanted nudes. He met a 12 year old girl in a park a couple of times, but all he did was talk about the weather. I presume that is still legal as the sex fascists haven’t gotten around to banning it yet.

This is not a man of action. This is a passive man, a voyeur, a guy who likes to watch. A masturbator, in other words. That’s his basic relationship to the sexual world, as a watcher and an onanist. Both are very passive activities. No way on Earth does a guy this passive murder two girls.

I’m not saying he was good person. That’s a matter for you to make on your own. I don’t make moral judgements on here. I’m just saying that there’s no way that Kegan Kline murdered those girls.

Plus the body types, heights, and weights of both father and son are way off, too tall and way too fat. Everyone thinking they are BG is trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

It appears that another man also using the anthonyshots profile may be either the killer or linked to him.

Police Played the Entire Murder Tape for Mr. X

First of all, I can now confirm that police played the entire tape of the crime to Mr. X. This tape is presumably from Libby’s phone. They wanted to know if he could identify the voice on the tape. Apparently they think the voice is his own. This is a rumor but it came to us from someone close to Mr. X who strongly defends him. We asked this person if Mr. X could have committed the murders and he said, “You don’t understand! That’s not like him!” In other words the friend’s opinion is that Mr. X didn’t have it in him to commit these crimes.

The friend also said that the murder tape was played for a number of suspects. We don’t believe that is true. However, apparently it was played for Mr. X. We think the fact that the entire murder tape was played for Mr. X to get him to identify the voice on the tape is quite significant.

2:13, 2-13, 2, 13: “The Killer May Have an Unusual Fascination with Numbers”

Remember when the police said that the killer may be fascinated by numbers? We think this is why.

The abduction occurred at exactly 2:13 PM. The search warrant makes a note of that. Obviously this guy is playing games with numbers. The girls were killed on the date 2-13. Two girls were killed, both about 13 years old. Etc., etc. This also implies that he came from the south side of the bridge after passing them to time it that well. The killer appears to be playing games with numbers. We think he’s just messing with us in a similar way that the Zodiac Killer was. We assume he likes toying with the police, presumably for kicks.

One Girl Definitely Died No More Than Three Hours before Being Found

Our recent information is that the rumor of Abby’s body being still warm at the time of discovery is true. If so, presumably she was not attacked at 2:30 PM the previous day. The body loses temperature at 1.5 degrees/hour. A body is only warm up to about 80 degrees. Below that it starts to feel cold to the touch. Therefore, she died no earlier than 10 hours before she was found (2:30 AM) or possibly even earlier than that.

A drone with thermal imaging flew over the dump site and found nothing. Those girls would have shown up if they were there. In addition, searchers swore they searched the dump site. Obviously the girls were not at the dump site that evening.

Both Girls Were Quite Possibly Removed from the Scene and Returned Later, Probably Early AM the Next Day

So where were they? We don’t know, but clearly they were removed from the scene. And taken where? When the FBI was talking to local landowners, they asked about outbuildings and guns. This implies a gun and an outbuilding were both used in the crime. Now Carter’s “shack” comments start to make a lot more sense. Perhaps they were secreted to a shack for some time.

Evidence That a Gun Was Used in the Crime

Also, a gun was clearly used in the crime because in the search warrant we have that is signed by the FBI, it says they are looking for a gun to do ballistics tests on it. The gun is a Sig Sauer 229 from 1991. Yes, our group has a search warrant issued in the case. That’s an older model that may not even be registered. They would only look for that gun if they had a casing from the crime scene. So a gun was clearly discharged at the scene, but neither girl had a gun wound.

Rumor of a Scalpel Being Used in the Crime

There is a rumor that a scalpel was used in the crime. It was said to be left at the scene. For a while there, there was a photo of this scalpel floating around, supposedly recorded at the crime scene. Apparently the photo is genuine. If the photo is genuine, than a scalpel was absolutely used in the crime. An excellent local source, a 50 year old woman, was posting that crime scene photo for a while. We can’t find that photo at the moment.

One Girl May Have Been Disemboweled to Remove Evidence of a Pregnancy

According to a rumor, this was used to, uh, disembowel one of the girls. We are trying to validate if this occurred right now. If this occurred, presumably this was done in an attempt to remove her uterus to remove the evidence of a pregnancy or perhaps as a message to her about the pregnancy, the former theory being more likely. We don’t know that this organ was removed. The entire disembowelment scenario is unverified rumor, but the sources are three of the best locals.

According to our police sources, determination was made at autopsy that one girl was in the early stages of pregnancy. Normally, you want a uterus to make that determination because in the first couple of months of pregnancy, the walls of the uterus thicken. That’s how you tell. However, they may also have done a blood test on her, and pregnancy shows up on a blood test. In addition, based on the levels revealed in the test, one can determine approximately how far along in the pregnancy the female was.

The Key to the Whole Crime Is: A Girl Was Pregnant

According to our police sources, a girl was pregnant by a 20 year old and was refusing to get an abortion. The man who impregnated the girl is not a suspect in the crime, but some of his friends are.

This girl went to “bonfire parties” popular in the area. There are many teenagers and young adults at these nighttime parties with no adult supervision. They occur in fields. There is a lot of drug and alcohol use at these parties and possibly some sex too. This girl also started going to “drug parties,” apparently where adults were present, as early as age 12. Her cousin was taking her to these parties. The girl’s guardian found out about it and forbade the girl from associating with the cousin.

We do not think this girl going to these drug and alcohol parties where adults were present makes her a bad person, though we are sorry she may have started using so young. But this is also extremely common nowadays. The source for this is the 40 year old woman mentioned below.

Both girls were worldly beyond their years. In order for the pregnancy theory to make sense, certain things would have to be true about these girls, for instance, they would have to be sexually active. Hence it was unfortunately necessary for us to make some personal inquiries about these girls. One of our sources, a 40 year old woman and former nurse with a young son, told us that both girls were sexually active in terms of PIV sex. Therefore, a pregnancy was possible with either of them.

These girls were lying to their guardians about all sorts of things. We get all sorts of crap about talking about this from the sex fascists and the neo-Puritans and sex-haters, but we now have it from two separate police sources that a girl was pregnant, and  in fact, this is the key to the whole case. We don’t having sex makes these girls bad people because lots of young teenage girls do this.

Teenage girls have sexual drives (very strong ones) and sexual lives, and it’s not uncommon for  girls to listen to their bodies and act on nature’s prerogative. It may be stupid, but it’s not wrong, and it’s quite normal biologically. Teenage girls are not bad people for having sex with men or with anyone for that matter!

Our police sources told us that the bizarro crime scene was set up before the crime in order to lure the girl out there and terrorize her into getting an abortion. Three young men set up the weird crime scene. All of them are suspects, but their line is they were just trying to scare the girl, not kill her. It is possible that they played only a peripheral role in the crime, possibly a noncriminal one. Keep in mind that when I say suspects, police don’t know if they played a role in the actual crime or not. That’s up in the air. Possibly there were two events, both verified by the police:

  1. The setting up of a weird scary scene in the woods to scare a girl, involving three young men.
  2. The homicide of two girls utilizing in part this scary crime scene, involving at the moment only a single suspect, a middle aged man.

It’s perfectly possible that the three young men in the first event knew nothing about and had nothing to do with the second event. Hence the notion of “Too many people involved; one would have talked by now” is not true. Police only think that one person killed the girls at the moment, hence according to them, there was one person in on the murder plot, not four. You follow?

I assume it’s not against the law to scare someone but the police state fans and cop-lovers are getting around to it, don’t worry. We have a retired police homicide detective in our group, and he agreed that this attempt to scare a girl was probably not against the law.

The police told us that Mr. X then got involved and took it to a completely different level and murdered the girls. But we still don’t know whether these young men were in on the murder plot. Maybe they were, maybe they were not.

A Facebook conversation between two young men along the lines of:

“She was only 14. I only nutted in her once.”

is said to be the key to the whole crime. Perhaps you remember that conversation that took place at 11:30 AM on the day of the crime.

Anyway, if you want the key to the whole crime in one sentence it is this:

A girl was pregnant.

A Family Member of One of the Girls Is a Suspect, Though Not the Main Suspect, in the Murders

I can now reveal that the police have told us that a family member of one of the girls is absolutely a suspect in this crime. We will call him Mr. C. He is not the main suspect, Mr. X, who is definitely thought to have played a role in the murders.

Instead, it is known that he helped set up the creepy crime scene, but it is not known that he had any involvement in the murders. He is only a suspect because police do not know if his involvement was peripheral and non-criminal or if he was involved in the homicide plot. As we have stated a number of times, police only have one suspect, a middle aged male, Mr. X, who they think committed the murders. The involvement of the other three men is completely up in the air.

He was close to one of the victims, so it’s hard to see how he was in on killing her. There are also rumors that he had “an inappropriate relationship” with his relative, one of the victims. You are free to determine for yourself what that might mean.

I can’t tell you their name, but I will say that it is a male and a member of the extended family of one of the girls. I can also say that he is not an older man over 40. So that ought to rule out some people. So rumors of family involvement on some level were not completely off.

The Mysterious Role of Young BG

According to our police sources, one of the young men who set up the weird crime scene is also very close to Mr. X. It is not known if he just set up the weird scene or if he went beyond that and participated in the murders. This man is also said to be “the catfish boy.” I’m not sure how this makes sense because it seems Anthony Shots is the catfish boy.

Young BG is a composite of the catfish boy. Young BG may have been seen at the south side of the bridge at 12:30 PM by a woman who said he had dark and evil eyes.

The murderer or the main suspect is absolutely not Young BG, nor is he 18-40 years old. As noted, he is a middle aged man. Old BG is not a good sketch of the killer either. All people could see was the top of his face, and the artist filled in the rest.

Police Are Lying When They Say the Main Suspect is Young BG, a Male 18-40 Years Old

So neither composite represents the main suspect. I have no idea why police are lying and saying the main suspect is a young man aged 18-40. We think they might be trying to play a trick on the killer.

The Girls May Have Been Returned to the Site Early on the 14th, at 2-3 AM

The killer is said to be very strong because one girl, who was quite heavy, was dragged quite some distance. If the girls were brought back later, perhaps they were brought back after 2 AM on the 14th because Libby’s phone mysteriously turned on and pinged the bridge at that time. Also, shortly after that, people heard terrible screams. The story is “those were kids bouncing on a trampoline,” but that doesn’t pass the smell test for all sorts of reasons.

Two Police Sources Have Now Fingered Mr. X as the Main Suspect

We now have another police source who verified to us that Mr. X is the main suspect in the murders themselves. A team member befriended a retired Delphi police officer. The team member said, “I think Mr. X is the suspect.” The retired officer said, “I’d say that’s a pretty good guess.”

We Believe That Leaker’s Information Is Good

So now we have two officers fingering him in addition to Leaker, who we regard as quite accurate.

By the way, I have spoken to Leaker, and I can vouch for his credibility. His statements came from case documents run off by his wife who worked at a courthouse. She allowed him to release the information shortly before her death. He’s a fundamentalist preacher, very straight-laced and moralistic, and hardly has been known to tell a lie or even do much of anything bad. We don’t think he’s lying. He’s not the type. Further, all of his info that we have been able to test has checked out.

A Large Bladed Weapon Was Used to Kill One Girl

The retired officer also told us that one girl was killed with a “large sharp object,” which he described as either a sword or a machete. We thought it might have been a hatchet because local police chased a couple of hatchet criminals all across the country. Why else chase hatchet criminals?

One girl received a grievous wound to her neck with this object. I can affirm that because I spoke to the girl’s guardian who saw the wound. Also, I have a photo from the funeral of the girl in a casket with a large scarf around her neck, which we will not be releasing for obvious reasons. The guardian told me they put that scarf on the girl.

Serious Problems with Our Police Sources: They Are Afraid to Talk to Us Anymore

We have having a lot of problems getting new information out of our main police sources because they are getting paranoid of talking to us. They have told us that there is an investigation going on into who is leaking to us. They mostly talk to us in riddles now. They only speak in terms of hypotheticals, questions, and theories. They don’t come out and state anything as a fact. Everything is very vague and a bit mysterious.

It is up to us to put this jumbled up mess together and try to make some sort of sense of it. We think we did it right, but for sure they are not being straightforward. In this way perhaps they insulate themselves from leaking charges.

I would like to point something out. If there is an investigation going on into who is leaking to us, two things must be true:

  1. Police read this website and regard at least some of the information here as accurate.
  2. Our police sources are giving us good information because if they were telling us nonsense, LE would not care who was talking to us. They’d only investigate who was leaking to us if our information was good. Think about it.
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38 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update May 4, 2022: A Family Member of a Victim Is a Suspect in the Murders”

  1. Why Mr X? Jake Johns was the friend of the German family who found Libby’s shoe and spotted the girls on his mobile phone, not Mr X. Jake Johns’ wife has many ties to the case. She was the one her husband called to let her know they found the girls.

    She’s the one who TOLD Becky Patty. His daughter played softball with Libby. He’s a coach. He has the poster behind him in an employee photo on his employer’s website. He drives a propane/service truck like the one captured by CCTV parked on the side of the road near the Indiana Packers Plant constructed by the Tippmann Group from 1:30pm to 3:30pm on 02/13/2017.

    His wife’s family leased her father’s office to the present DA of Carroll County when he first started his private practice. He resembles BG. Why PB and no suspicion on this dude? PB was first with another to run to the bodies. David Erskin and Jake Johns were with the group on the actual bank that found them, not PB. Please explain why you have not included this information.

    1. We have never discussed anyone named PB on this site, so I don’t know who you are referring to. All we know about is someone named Mr. X, and we will not tell you who that is.

      Two different police sources have told us that Mr. X is the main suspect. That’s why we talk about him as being the main suspect.

      I have no idea who Jake Johns is. We know nothing about him and as we’ve heard nothing about him, we don’t consider him a viable suspect in this case.

      The police told us there are four men who are possible suspects in this case, and his name was not mentioned.

  2. Robert and Team,

    Thanks so much for the update to this ongoing saga. I always enjoy your insight.

    What are your thoughts on the following rumors?:

    1). After abduction, the girls were taken under the bridge, tortured and murdered there with likely filming of still photos and video. ** There are videos on YouTube that show alleged photos of this activity taken from the bridge vantage point. **

    2). The girls were taken after their murder or torture continued in the Mears barn. You had posted pics of this location a few years ago that showed where memorial flowers had been left. I’ve wondered from the start if this structure played a significant role.

    3). Bounty hunter and podcaster AG was involved somehow and is currently in custody at the Carroll County Jail.

    4). Other family members have knowledge of what exactly occurred, up to and including, playing a role in the crime.

    Very interested to hear your thoughts on these…. Keep up the great work!


    1. 1. I don’t believe that those photos show what the video maker says they showed.

      2. We still don’t know what role the barn played, if any, in this case. The general idea is that it played no role, however, it was searched with cadaver dogs! Why was that barn searched with cadaver dogs!? And yes, we did find those flowers there. They were clearly placed there, not blown in by the wind like the idiots say. And yes, they do look like a memorial.

      We had an investigator go there and that’s how we got our photos. Also the investigator saw the Mears as he was leaving the barn and asked them if the barn played a role in the murders. He said that they both went white as a sheet and they developed severe death-struck or morbid looks on their faces. And they did not answer the question.

      That said, there’s still no evidence that the barn played a role in the crime, although anything is possible especially since it seems that the girls were secreted to another location after the abduction and that other location is some sort of an outbuilding, a category that includes barns.

      3. We do not think the fraudster and con artist Greeno is involved in this crime in any way.

      4. That question sounds odd but take note that the latest post shows that police told us that a family member is involved in the crime.

  3. Interesting read. Many may disagree with most of the things that you do, but none can disagree with this: you very well might be the most polarizing figure in the case.

    For what it’s worth:

    I don’t doubt that you had sources; and I don’t doubt that they fed you information — both bad and good. Along those lines, some questions:

    1.) Isn’t the weapon in question a kukri?
    2.) Per your sources, where does LE now believe KG to have been between the hours of approximately 1:30 and 5:00 pm?
    3.) With whom did KG arrive at the trails to search for the girls?
    4.) What do you believe to be the significance of the sweatshirts?
    5.) Care to comment on the schism between state and federal law enforcement agencies?

    No one should draw any inference from questions number two through four.

    1. Interesting read. Many may disagree with most of the things that you do, but none can disagree with this: you very well might be the most polarizing figure in the case.

      Oh that’s for damn sure. But it’s been that way my whole life. I arouse strong emotions in people. They either love me or hate me or sometimes both! I like to live dangerously and I love controversy! In fact, I deliberately seek it out!

      I don’t doubt that you had sources; and I don’t doubt that they fed you information — both bad and good.

      We believe that all of the information we got from police, official case documents, Leaker, and the search party ladies is good or at least it is correct to the best of their knowledge. I have a degree in Journalism. We are trained to develop good sources and part of that is cultivating them properly. We are also trained to try to figure out if we are being lied to, which does happen, unfortunately. But I don’t believe anyone has deliberately fed me bad information in this case.

      1.) Isn’t the weapon in question a kukri?

      It may well be. Or a gut knife. Detectives were going around to local hardware stores a week or two later asking if anyone had bought a gut knife lately. But a kukuri is a gut knife. And if a gut knife was used in the crime, the disembowelment rumor becomes more likely. Why else use a gut knife?

      2.) Per your sources, where does LE now believe KG to have been between the hours of approximately 1:30 and 5:00 pm?

      I’m going to get murdered for saying this, but Kelli was with her boyfriend engaged in, um, “activities.” I think that might be why she feels so guilty. While she was getting fucked (which is just fine, of course), her poor sister was getting fucked over in the worst possible way. That’s my theory anyway. She’s furious at Libby now, so it sort of fits with the displaced anger.

      3.) With whom did KG arrive at the trails to search for the girls?

      I don’t know.

      4.) What do you believe to be the significance of the sweatshirts?

      What sweatshirts?

      5.) Care to comment on the schism between state and federal law enforcement agencies?

      We are not aware of this.

      For the record, I believe that Kelsi German is innocent. She seems sketchy because her story changes all the time, but I think that has more to do with the nature of her personality than anything else. I have no relationship with her nor with any family members, nor do I wish to for that matter. They haven’t been real pleasant and that goes back at them. Karma, folks.

  4. When you first started looking into this Rob, could you have ever imagined here we would be five years later? Amazing.

    1. Yes they are catching up with guys who committed horrible rape-murders, often with torture, from ages 18-25. These guys often never committed another crime again and quite a few went on to marry, have children, become well-known and well-liked in their communities. Often “the nicest guy you ever met.” It’s weird how someone could do one horrendously evil thing like that with almost no prior history and then not only never do it again but never commit any crimes again, or even more bizarrely, never ever do much wrong ever again!

      Even some serial killers quit. Then went on kill sprees of 15-20 years and then quit for 20-25 years until they were caught. Some have probably gone clean even longer than that.

      People are weird!

  5. Thanks for the update, Robert. I don’t get on here nearly as much as I used to so I’m just catching up. Always impressed with your writing skills. You should write a novel, if you haven’t already.

    1. I should, I know. I’ve published fiction though. I’ve published fiction in literary magazines. The pieces were part of a novel that I never finished. My Creative Writing teacher at university was absolutely floored at my stuff. It was like he’d never had a student this good before. He said, “This must have been what Thomas Pynchon’s early stuff looked like.”

      I now write purposely in a literary style in my posts and even a tiny bit in my academic writing where it’s probably frowned upon. I basically see myself as an artist. I used to have artist friends and they acted like I was one of them.

      For the time being, I guess I will stick with “literary journalism.”

      And I’m not sure if this is the proper place to discuss this, but my writing skills actually get me laid. Women like to fall in love with writers. Writers are romantic and it turns on the romantic aspect women crave. I’ve had them basically fall in love with my prose. And it is still happening to this day. There are actually writer groupies. The biggest and best bloggers actually have blogger groupies. There are groupies for everything. Women go after the top men in literally anything, even a hobby.

      “Women always want the best.”

      – Oscar Wilde

  6. So glad to see your update. What I’m seeing in mainstream media the past few days bolsters and validates a lot of your insider information from a couple of years ago.

    I lost my link and log in data for your private blog about Delphi that I used to frequent, but it’s great to see your posts again here.

  7. Also, what do you think about these parts regarding Ron Logan?

    “The affidavit indicates that Logan, who died in January 2020, lied to investigators.

    It also indicated that Logan asked his cousin the morning of Feb. 14, 2017, to tell police — if asked — that he picked up Logan at his house between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 13, 2017, and drove to an aquarium store in Lafayette.

    Based on investigators experience it is reasonable to believe that the creation of an alibi prior to the discovery of a crime indicates culpability or knowledge of the crime,” the affidavit states.

    The affidavit also noted that Logan’s voice could be the man on the audio recording released by police in which the killer orders the girls to “go down the hill.””

    1. They write those search warrants in such a way as to imply that this is the guy who really committed the murders. They’re sort of fake in that sense. And they often stretch the truth quite a bit. The police stated repeatedly that Logan was not a suspect in the murders. We also heard via our sources that he had been cleared of involvement. And our police sources told us there is a main suspect, but it’s not Logan. In fact, they never mentioned his name one time.

      The morons on the Net and in the media are going nuts over this BS trying to make it seem like this very old news means that Ron killed those girls. They’re idiots. Whenever the POI du jour comes out, they always go nuts saying, “He did it!”

      Remember Daniel Nations? He had never been within 50 miles of Delphi in his life. But of course he did it.

      What about Chadwell? No one ever proved that he had set foot one time in Delphi, so obviously he was guilty. Our police sources never mentioned the guy.

      Now it’s Kegan and Tony Kline. Kegan had been to Delphi once in five years. We don’t even know if the father had been there even one time. Besides, he’s never even been questioned by the police. Obviously he’s the killer! Our police sources never told us anything about either of these guys.

      Now it’s Logan. They never mentioned him either.

      These people falling all over the POI du jour are gullible. Please don’t be like that. Keep your cool. That’s the better way.

      1. Yes, you’re absolutely correct. I can see that the Ron Logan thing that’s all over the news is much ado about nothing, from an old FBI affidavit from 2017.

        Thank you so much for your response, and for your writing, and for all the good you do.

  8. See if I have this right. Three younger guys set up the bizarre doll infested crime scene but are possibly not involved in the murders. The murders were committed by a middle-aged man. A few questions.

    1. Were the three young guys involved with anything on the 13th? Did they participate in the abduction or movement of the girls? Did they ever take the girl to the crime scene?

    2. Is the middle-aged man BG, is he the father of the baby the girl was carrying and is he the only one involved on the 13th?

    3. In an earlier post you mentioned two sets of adult footprints coming down the hill from the cemetery to the CS. This would lead us to believe the girls were either moved and brought back or were not taken directly to the CS and killed on the 13th as has been stated by LEO, i.e., “It was all over by 3:15 when DG arrived to pick the girls up”. It also lf course points to at least two perps. Do you believe that the girls were taken off site alive and then later brought back to the CS either dead or alive, or that they were killed on the afternoon of the 13th at the CS and that the bodies were moved for some reason and brought back?

    4. If the CS was pre-prepared, i.e, before the girls were taken there why does no one remember seeing it. People searched Logan’s farm on the 13th. You’d think they would have searched the area leading towards the park since that was the girls last known location. I realize it was dark, but with 4-5 people with flashlights it seems odd to me that no one noticed a hollow with numerous dolls hanging from trees and of course the bodies themselves if LEO’s accounts of the day are accurate.

    5. Lastly, if one of the girls was pregnant would there have been fetal tissue found during the autopsy and wouldn’t that provide LEO with pretty damning DNA evidence of at least someone with motive.

    I just recently found your site and like it a lot. Not sure I believe everything on here, but you do have some interesting views and if your sources are legit some information not found other places. I have been interested in this case since the beginning and have actually become more so as it has drug on. I’d love to join your Delphi group, but so far, my attempts have been unsuccessful. I’ve tried to register twice and made a donation to the cause, but still haven’t received any notice of acceptance nor can I log on. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep checking here at least.

  9. First let me say I don’t have a prime suspect in this case. I’ve been following it since the beginning and haven’t really seen enough to make that type of a decision.

    I’ve looked at all the poi’s as they have been introduced and watched on numerous Reddit/subs as each new revelation produced a storm of ‘oh yeah, I knew it was him’ responses. I haven’t seen any evidence yet that leads me to that conclusion. But I have had a couple theories on the why though.

    I thought from the start that the girls were lured to the bridge by a catfishing expedition. I was soundly denounced by follow Redditters as besmirching the girl’s reputations because of those comments. To many on Reddit these girls have been canonized.

    I may be a cold, heartless person, but to me they were just a couple of nice young girls who got caught up in stuff that all girls of that age are susceptible to.

    I have two sisters, two nieces and taught 7th and 8th grade for a couple of years. I know that age girl. They are emotional, confused, and dealing with hormone rushes for the first time. Guys who catfish take advantage of that. They aren’t the first girls of their age to get played, and they won’t be the last. In their case, though, sadly it turned real ugly.

    My first theory was a revenge killing based on DG turning on his drug buddies. They went to jail, and one woman lost custody of her child. Figuring these weren’t nice people I thought it was their way of getting back at him. I’m not so sure about that now.

    Most of them are locked up, though I imagine they could still make arrangements with friends to take care of things for them. But it doesn’t seem like that is where is LE is focused.

    So, I went back to the catfishing. Most men who do that are looking for sex. Not sure how many have murder on their minds, though I’m sure some do.

    I considered the fact that a guy expecting one and finding two might have freaked out and went psycho on the girls in a rage. Would seem like an overreaction when it would have been easier to just bail. But a middle aged guy looking to hook up with a 13-14 year old girl is probably not wired to code and could be unstable enough that something this small could set him off.

    Then we find out about the signatures and settings at the CS. That does not sound like a typical catfishing expedient. That sounds premeditated. I never bought the Kline story line. KK isn’t the type. He’s a keyboard warrior. He like to look, fantasize, and get off on nude pictures. He probably couldn’t carry on a conversation face to face with a real girl.

    His dad seems like a slug but again not someone that jumps out at me as a mass murderer.

    So, where am I now? Well I’m still looking. The pregnancy angle is interesting, but I don’t see a road back to Mr. X if he is who I think he is. If the pregnancy is the crux of the whole case, then it would seem the most likely candidates would be people who would have a lot to lose if it came out they were the father. From what you’ve shared, that’s not Mr. X.

    If we are going to consider the father and damage angle, then I think we have to look at few types of people.

    First, someone in politics with aspiration of grander things. Knocking up a 14 year old girl is not a resume’ enhancer for most people in that line of work. While double homicide isn’t either, he may have made the calculation that he could hide his involvement with the murder, which so far he has, easier than a girl with a baby that has his DNA.

    Second, someone involved in a church, again with aspirations of higher position. Impregnating a child is again not a resume enhancer and would end your career pretty quick. Swagger and Baker got away with it, but they did it with consenting adults, not a middle school girl.

    And lastly, someone at their school. In Indiana that would be the end of you career. If you’re an administrator that could cost you some bucks down the line.

    There is also the family member angle. That could get ugly fast and cause real issues if it was found out that a member of the family did it. From what I’ve heard about the Pattys, they seem like the type of people who would not approve abortion and would not be forgiving of someone in the family committing that type of assault, consensual or not, on their granddaughter.

    I don’t have anyone in particular in mind in any of these scenarios because I don’t know enough about the varied and sundry players. But if one of the girls was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, I could see where that might drive someone in one of these situations to take matters into their own hands.

    What I don’t see is the Mr. X connection in any of this. If he or someone in his family is not the father of the baby, then why would he care? Where is the motive?

    This leaves me then with the following questions. If BG is the killer, then we are looking for someone who fits his description. 5’8″-5’10”, 180-190 lbs., reddish brown hair, local. The clothes are meaningless. Everyone in rural Indiana has that outfit in their closet and wears it in the winter.

    The voice is a solid lead, but only if you have suspects you can run it against. The short clip we all have heard is not enough to really make a definitive call on, even if you know the guy.

    It does lead me to believe he is between 45-55 years old. That is not a young man voice.

    The drawings are worthless. Neither look like BG and neither is from a witness that can say for sure they met BG.

    Then there is motive. If the pregnancy is the driving force behind the killings, then it is logical to presume the killer is the father of the baby and has a lot to lose or he is related to the father and is trying to protect that person. The brutality of the murder screams personal or serial.

    As they say, a baby changes everything. I don’t see how the girl being pregnant plays into a serial killer scenario, but a baby is definitely a factor if it’s personal.

    Finally, I don’t think the girls were killed at the CS. The ‘all over by 3:30’ timeline has never worked for me. Too many people in a 13-acre park. Somebody would have heard something. Girls don’t die without one of them screaming. You might have killed one fast enough, but one person couldn’t kill two instantly.

    They were taken somewhere. And after the ‘abortion’ was performed they were dumped at the CS. If your description of the CS is accurate, I lean towards someone with a religious connection. The dolls, the stuffed toy, the partial covering of the body, mixed with the sexual posing and possible penetration reeks of a conflicted mind.

    On the one hand they are just children, on the other they are wanton sirens. I was your Shepard, but you led me astray. You tempted me and I was weak. You have paid for your sins and regained your lost innocence.

    I know that sound beyond weird, but if you are a minister or church official and seduce a child and impregnate her and can’t persuade her to help you to coverup your sin, you could see psycho come out. We are probably not talking about a stable personality here. It also plays into the comments from DC about the ‘The Shack’.

    Very long and rambling, but my thought. Comment at your leisure. I’m big boy I can take criticism.

    1. There was a rumor that DG had cooked up a bad batch of dope which lead to a woman having a miscarriage. And this enraged the expected father who then retaliated by taking DG’s child LG away from him.

      1. Well, that would definitely be motive. I’m guessing most meth users are not live and let live, oh well everybody can have a bad day type. Not sure how that connects with the pregnancy though if that is an important piece of the puzzle.

        1. I would suspect meth maker vs meth user. At least a regular meth user. I have the “opportunity” to interact with many people who use meth at varying levels of intensity. Law enforcement is much less interested in the user than in the manufacturer or dealer. Now if somebody’s information got a dealer or maker busted then maybe. It isn’t that hard to make so probably a lot of users would either find another source or would make their own. I also think they would more likely go after the snitch directly.

          1. Thanks for coming back, Jimmy! Looking forward to your contributions. They are always quite good! A lot has gone down in your absence.

    2. I have very similar thoughts. Logic must be used to solve crimes. Your ideas are very valid. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Interesting lines of reasoning. I like your way of thinking. I would lean against someone in politics. It seems to me that they would just up the payment and arrange for a chemical abortion to make it look like a miscarriage.

      I don’t think the killer was recognized by either girl. I believe the name or a nick name would have been mentioned on the 43 sec recording.

  10. As I’m getting caught up on things again, it seems the following statements are inconsistent.

    “In addition, searchers swore they searched the dump site.”

    “Our police sources told us that the bizarro crime scene was set up before the crime in order to lure the girl out there and terrorize her into getting an abortion. Three young men set up the weird crime scene. All of them are suspects, but their line is they were just trying to scare the girl, not kill her.”

    Would they set up the scene, then take it down, only to put it back up again? Possible, but I would think unlikely. If that weird scene was there and searchers found it then they would probably have taken note of it.

    Still trying to digest all of the information.

    1. To us that means they didn’t actually search the area. They say they searched the area, but if they did, they must have seen the weird crime scene because it was not set up and taken down or set up after the girls disappeared.

      They swore they searched the crime scene, but they could not have possibly done so.

      This is just one more thing that simply doesn’t make about this crime. There are many inconsistencies like this. We just have to be ok with them. There’s obviously a truth out there, but only God knows what it is, and He ain’t talking.

  11. Robert, thanks for directing me to the July 4 update. I did not see any place for comments there. Please let me know if there is a location for them. Otherwise I shall continue here.

  12. I’ve never been on the Darkweb, but wouldn’t it make sense that if this film was out there, they would have some stills from the video to prove to the buyers that it’s legit?

    1. We are not even sure it is out there for sale on the Dark Web at all. One of my main investigators looking into this video thinks it is not on the Dark Web, but it was still somehow sold to people on a very underground basis.

  13. Very interesting points.

    I heard that Libby wanted to go live with her mother before this tragedy.


    I wonder why her father has not been seen or heard of for the last 6 years…

    Is that Derrick?

    Also, Mike and Becky give a lot of interviews but forbid anybody to ask about DG and C.

    That’s understandable. Perhaps one is a suspect in the murders. Perhaps another has snitched out so many people that he has a price on his head.

    I read that three guys were watching the Patty’s house for weeks so that would explain the planning

    Where did you hear this?

    I wonder how DG was going to pick the girls since he did not have a driver’s licence?

    Guess he was driving anyway.

    1. The kid I know just started college away from his home state, his dad drove his white truck to visit. The dad completely is capable, but if Libby’s friend could check it out from the college yearbook. I’ll give you the name privately email me.

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