Alt Left: What the West Represents to the World

It’s not just using Nazis, Al Qaeda, and ISIS as imperial shock troops, it’s that these shock troops are married to complete  cultural degeneration via Woke Culture and Globohomo.

It’s the Globohomo Woketard Headchopper Nazi West! Here to spread fascist coups, massacre the workers, impose austerity and turn your kid gay and tranny! This is what Globohomo is really all about. It’s a two pronged project – one involves the militaries of degenerate NATO, where transvestites win Eurovision contests, to spread fascism and rightwing governments, attack the left everywhere while spreading the worst cultural degeneration and cancer. It’s a two-pronged, Right and Left, attack at the socially conservative Third World.

The Empire of Chaos, as Saint Lavrov noted, creates failed states everywhere it goes. Look at Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Everywhere the West, the Empire of Chaos with its NATO army, intervenes, nothing is left but piles of bodies, complete destruction, a failed state, and severe regression to the worst savagery.

The Empire of Chaos is also the Empire of Lies, as Saint V. V. Putin pointed out so precisely.

Here’s the agenda, which is now the agenda of both political parties in the US:

  • Nazis and pride parades!
  • ISIS and bisexual chic!
  • Al Qaeda and 135 genders!
  • Imperialism and hormones!
  • Death squads and male castration!
  • Toxic masculinity and fascist coups!
  • Radical feminism and Zionist colonialism!
  • Executing POW’s and transsexual bathhouses for all ages!
  • CRT and Western imperialism!
  • NATO and grooming kindergartners to be gays and trannies!
  • Sanctions and White Privilege!
  • BLM and Nazi war collaborators!
  • Watch your privilege and Holocaust denial!
  • Gay and trans superiority and US hegemony!
  • Low wages and gay bars!
  • Bicycles and homosexuals!
  • Seizing foreign exchange and pregnant men!
  • Overseas military bases and vagina havers!
  • Militarism and men in girls’ bathrooms!
  • Cancel culture and Black slave markets!
  • George Floyd and Lockheed Martin!
  • Wars of choice and “Whites are evil!”
  • Geopolitical imperial threats and Trayvon Martin!
  • Overseas piracy and menstruating men!

If you ask me what the Alt Left is against, it’s this. The US and the depraved, degenerate West takes the worst of the Left (Cultural Left) and marries it with the worst of the Right (neoliberalism and neoconservatism)

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