Alt Left: The Latest Endless Ukraine/US/NATO Lies about the War in Ukraine

Warning: Long, 35 pages.

I have never seen so much lying in my life! This is ridiculous. Vietnam was never anything like this. This is a propaganda blitz on the level of Nazi Germany.

Where to start?

War crimes cases against the Russian Army. Lie. I am very dubious about any of these cases because Putin intervened in the decision to go to war and gave specific instructions to the military not to harm Ukrainian civilians in any way, shape, or form. And for a few weeks there, they were even trying to avoid killing too many Ukrainian troops. I’ve never seen a modern war fought in such a clean way. The bottom line is that all modern armies fight very dirty, including the US military. A few of the Western armies fight cleaner but even they have problems. Massive war crimes are absolutely typical in 9

I have never even heard of a commander in chief even giving such a strange order as to not harm enemy civilians in any way! It’s unheard of. But it shows where they are coming from. Putin sees Ukrainians as fellow Russians and says that Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. He also says we can’t treat them badly because “after this war, we will live with the Ukrainians.” That’s unheard of too. Orders to not harm enemy civilians? Huh? No one fights modern wars like this.

Russia is deliberately targeting civilians. Lie. The Pentagon itself said in Newsweek that Russia is not deliberately targeting civilians in this war,  so everything you hear about deliberately harming civilians is a straight up lie. That said, accidents happen in wartime and there are such things as rogue soldiers and commanders.

In Mariupol, by all accounts, it is the Ukrainians who have committed massive human rights violations and in fact, they have done this all over the Donbass for eight years now.

Even all the way up in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian government has arrested, beaten, tortured and killed many people. Hundreds have been killed in that city alone in an SBU base in a basement of a building that was used as a torture chamber.

Torture chambers have also been uncovered at the airport in Mariupol. Many civilians were tortured and murdered there. There is also a rumored “pit” in the steel mill where the Nazis are holed up right now.

In a town to the north, another torture chamber has been uncovered and there were reports that many people were killed there too. These were all civilians suspected of supporting the separatists, but ~85-9

This is the Ukrainian government and especially the Nazi battalions arresting, beating, harassing, stealing from, vandalizing the property of, torturing and murdering the enemy civilian base of the separatists. Also they have been just bombarding cities and towns with shelling. They don’t even aim for military targets. They just shoot at the cities. Thousands have died from these wanton attacks. Sometimes they just shoot people in their cars and on bikes for fun.

During this seige of Mariupol, we have endless reports about Ukrainian snipers shooting at civilians who dared to go out into the streets. There is video of a street strewn with bodies killed by Ukrainian snipers.

The Ukrainians shelled the maternity hospital to blame the Russians and there were casualties. They mined the theater and blew it up to blame the Russians. There were a many casualties. There is no way the Russians were involved in either of these acts.

Further, all the locals say that the Ukrainians did these to blame the Russians. People have been shot in the street for not being able to pronounce a Ukrainian word that Russian speakers find hard to pronounce and for speaking Russian on the streets of Mariupol. The media blames Russia for the destruction, but the locals blame the Ukrainians and say Russia is their savoir.

Mass graves in Mariupol. Lie. The media says there are three mass graves in Mariupol. A reporter went to a “mass grave” and found that it is just an ordinary graveyard where ordinary workers have been burying the dead from the war.

20,000 dead in Mariupol. Lie. The fake local mayor says 20,000 people were killed in the city. The real mayor says that 5,000 people were killed there, but note that locals say 8

Locals were ordered at gunpoint to bury bodies in Mariupol, otherwise they would get no food. Lie. The locals deny this charge. They have no complaints about the Russians at all.

Russian soldiers shoot at convoys of civilians leaving Mariupol. Lie. On the contrary, locals all say that Ukrainians have been firing on these convoys because they are enemy civilians and because they want to use the civilians as human shields.

Russia would not let people leave Mariupol and would not let humanitarian convoys come in. Lie. On the contrary, the Russians have been allowing everyone to leave and they have brought in vast amounts of humanitarian aid. 9

Right now, 120,000 people are “trapped” in Mariupol with no food, water, shelter, or medical care. Lie. They will all die if they cannot evacuate. Anyone who wants to can evacuate anytime they want to. The people staying want to be there. There is food, water, and medical care for everyone. Shelter is an issue but they are working on it. No one is trapped in Mariupol!

Russia is hindering the evacuation of these 120,000 along with 1,000 civilians in the steel mill. Lie. First of all, there are ~200 civilians in the steel mill and they can leave anytime they want to. Russia opens humanitarian corridors every day but no one uses them. The people may not want to leave as they may be the wives and children of the fighters or the fighters may be forcing them to stay to use them as shields.

There are 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the mill. 500 are wounded. They will die soon if they are not let out. Lie. They can leave anytime they want to. Problem is that they will have to surrender and they will be taken as POW’s by the Russians. I guess they don’t want to do that.

The Mariupol humanitarian crisis is horrendous and something must be done so the UN and NATO is getting involved! Lie. Supposedly they just want to get the civilians out but (((Zelensky))) the (((biggest liar in the universe))), actually has other plans that he is involving the UN and NATO in. He doesn’t just want those civilians out. He wants those wounded to be given an escape corridor too! Sorry! Russia says all the wounded have to surrender and be taken POW. This is all a big lying scam to get his wounded soldiers out!

Every time (((Zelensky))) opens his (((mouth))), he’s (((lying))). He’s a lying, despicable, little fascist turd and he is a Nazi in a sense.

Understand that Banderist Nazism is mostly anti-Russians. Remember how Hitler felt about Jews? Well, that’s how Banderists feel about Russians. It’s “exterminate the Russians.” This is the political philosophy of Ukrainian society including its ruling elite. There are a number of Jews in the Nazi battalions with swastika tattoos. There is a photo of a Jewish Ukrainian battalion fighter with a yarmulke on preying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. On his upper back you can see a swastika tattoo. Welcome to Ukraine! Where Jews and Nazis work hand in hand!s

Russia keeps foiling the humanitarian corridors in Mariupol. Lie. The Ukrainians will set one up and say, “Everyone go to this place and a bus will come take you to Ukrainian territory.” The Russians say ok. The people come to the spot at the time and the Ukrainians shell the spot where the people are gathered! After they do this, they blame the Russians and say the Russians attacked a gathering place for evacuees. It is in Russia’s advantage to have as few civilians as possible in any of these cities. It is in the Ukrainians to keep the civilians there to use them as shields to hide behind.

In Volnovakha, Ukrainians shelled the whole village when they retreated. Some stayed behind as snipers and shot civilians walking the streets. For a long time they were killing civilians  who tried to leave the city by humanitarian corridors. Everyone in Volnovakha says the Russian soldiers were very kind to them. All of the women in Mariupol are shocked of the allegations of Russian soldiers raping women in places they occupied. Why didn’t Russia commit any war crimes like rape, murder, execution, torture, looting, etc. in the Donbass cities it occupied? Huh?

And old lady and a 14 year old girl were raped by Russian soldiers in a village near Nikolaev. Lie. Reporters went to this city and they said they loved the Russians. They laughed when told about the rapes and said they never happened.

The people in Kerson and surrounding areas hate the Russians and live under the terror of Russian occupation. Lie. Yes, there are some people holding demonstrations sometimes telling the Russians to leave. There are pro-Ukrainians in the south. We went into the reasons for this earlier.

Yes, there is an armed underground in Kerson and surrounding area. Neither has a lot of support. Incidentally, a blogger who murdered by these guerrillas simply for reporting fairly on life under occupation. Russians provided food, water, medical care, you name it, in this area. All of the public works are working again and they are setting up local police forces and militias. They have appointed mayors and city officials in a lot of places and fired the people who won’t go along. The Russians don’t do much about these demonstrations. A few injuries here or there.

The main thing is that most people in the Kerson region are absolutely with Russia. For a long time, the main thing you heard on the street was, “Please don’t leave.” People say this because they think if the Russians leave, the Ukrainians will come back in  and kill everyone who cooperated with the Russians by labeling them collaborators and saboteurs. This is what they did in Bucha and other places.

A mayor was murdered in Lugansk for being pro-Russian. The Ukrainians murdered their very own top government official on the negotiating team with Russia for being open to peace with Russia. The SBU shot him in the head in broad daylight. These are the people we are supporting! They’re a bunch of Nazis!

Anyway, the tone of the people in region has now changed and instead of “please don’t leave,” it is now, “How do I get a Russian passport?” As you can see, the vast majority here are pro-Russian.

Russia bombed Nikolaev and killed some kids. Lie. Russia fired some cruise missiles outside of town. The Ukrainians tried to intercept one with anti-aircraft fire and one of the shells hit a building, causing casualties.

Russia shelled a railway station at Kramatorsk where civilians were lining up to leave. Lie. 85-9

The missile was a Toschka missile, but only Ukraine uses those. Russia phased them out two years ago and destroyed their stock. They don’t have or use this weapon. Further, the serial number on the missile proved that it was part of a stock of missiles that were in Ukrainian hands. We can tell this by matching it up with other Toschka missiles they have fired from the same batch.

Also the trajectory of the missile shows that it could only have been fired from the southwest, which was Ukrainian territory. Kramatorsk authorities hate the locals for supporting the separatists. They often stop cars at gunpoint and steal them from locals just because they can. Ukraine regards these civilians as hostile, so it makes sense that they would target them.

Some Ukrainian soldiers tried to surrender in Donetsk and instead were shot by Russian soldiers. Unknown. That’s the first we have heard of this. In fact, all of the Ukrainian POW’s say they are being treated very well. In fact, they are shocked at how well they are being treated. They were told that Russians were killing everyone who surrendered so a lot are crying and pissing their pants when they surrender, begging not to be killed. They are completely stunned when they are not killed or even tortured or beaten but instead are treated very well.

If the Russians killed soldiers trying to surrender, that would be very bad, but it would be the first case like this. We have endless reports of Ukrainians killing, beating, torturing, and mutilating Russian POW’s. Many Ukrainian units say that they never take any POW’s. They simply shoot all of them.

A Ukrainian soldier testified that his unit rarely took prisoners and simply shot most of them. A Ukrainian soldier said his unit was ordered to shoot civilians that had been captured and had their hands tied behind their backs. They refused to and were thrown in a pit. They escaped and managed to surrender. There are videos of Ukrainian forces murdering Russian POW’s. The head of the Ukrainian medical service said he issued an order to castrate all Russian POW’s.

This guy is a physician! He’s on video saying that too. We have photographs of Russian POW’s who have had a finger cut off. POW’s returned to the separatists were often missing fingers and sometimes limbs and at times were castrated. This has been going on for eight years now. That doesn’t count the many separatists who were simply executed outright.

We now have reports from hospitals right over the border in Russia that POW’s are coming back missing fingers and castrated. However, they are under strict orders not to report this for some weird reason. There are photos of these POW’s after they have been mutilated being passed around by wives and family of these men. I have not seen one yet. Actually there were reports like this from the start of the war about POW’s being returned missing limbs or castrated.

The Zelensky administration has openly stated that they refuse to follow the Geneva Conventions for treatment of POW’s, and they refuse to follow any of the Geneva Conventions about the laws of war. They stated this in communications to the British government. I’m not surprised.

A missile was fired at Kherson overnight. It is not known who shot the missile. Lie. The missile was shot by Ukraine. They were aiming at the administration building.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been kidnapped and taken to Russia. They were taken against their will. Lie. These people are refugees and they either fled to or asked to be taken to Russia. There they have been put it filtration camps which are like concentration camps. Lie. Some have been taken far east all the way to Siberia. Lie. People have been taken all over Russia, some all the way to Siberia. That is because they are staying with relatives!

Many orphans have been kidnapped and taken to separatist areas or Russia. Lie. Their parents were killed in the war. What to do with the kids? They’re all from separatist areas, so they were placed in separatist zones or in Russia. Where else are they going to put them? Russian families are caring for them.

A child was kidnapped and taken to Russia. He asked to go back to Ukraine to be reunited with his father. True. This was a mix-up. When he asked to go back to Ukraine, this request was granted.

Russians in Kherson are now preventing Ukrainians from fleeing north to Ukrainian held territory. True. But this might not be unusual in an active war zone.

A fake referendum is being planned for Kherson to vote to see if they want to be independent. Lie. The vote will apparently be free and fair. Most people in the region want to go independent. The pro-Ukrainians are a minority.

Russian artillery hit Kharkiv, causing casualties. Afterwards there was a double tap strike to hit the first responders. Probable lie. From our sources in Kharkiv, people in the city say that most if not all of the strikes in the city (at least 9

No one quite knows why they are doing this. Apparently it is mostly being done to blame the Russians. A lot of this is being done by the nationalist battalions. This has been going on in Kharkiv for some time now. Many people in Kharkiv support Russia, so presumably the Ukrainians feel that they are shooting at hostile civilians. Also, Russia doesn’t do double tap strikes.

Russian soldiers are engaging in mass looting in the areas they occupy. Probable lie. We are not getting any reports of this out of the Donbass. Reports are coming from north of Kiev. Uncertain. Looting is a violation of Russian military law and the punishment is pretty serious. No commander would give his troops a command that allowed them to loot an area. For one, he would be defying Putin himself. Also no officer would give his soldiers a command that allowed them to rape and murder Ukrainian civilians.

If he gave any of these orders, Russian soldiers have stated that he would be arrested by his own troops! That’s how professional the army is. Also rape and especially deliberate murder of civilians is against Russian law and I understand that the penalties for this are serious, especially in this war where Putin himself has given an order not to harm civilians.

Instead, the best analysis of looting reports is coming from Ukrainian civilians who say that gangs of ordinary citizens and in particular the terror battalions are engaging in mass looting. And elements of the Ukrainian army are also doing a lot of looting. No one quite knows why they are doing this.

Russian soldiers were photographed carrying washing machines out of a civilian house as they looted it. Lie. Those are Ukrainian soldiers. Why they are looting, I have no idea.

Russian soldiers are engaging in mass looting, and they are sending the stuff in packages to Belarus and Russia where their relatives pick them up. Lie. Apparently there is no way to do this if you are in the Russian army. It’s simply not possible.

An investigation found that most (~8

They consider it to be a nasty weapon that should be illegal and they don’t want to use it for that reason. Bucha was occupied by Russians the whole time. All of the artillery that fell on the city was Ukrainian. Russians would not shoot artillery at their own city that they themselves control! Why would they do that? So most of those killed in Bucha were killed by Ukrainian artillery.

Mass graves were found in Bucha containing up to 400 bodies. Lie. No one knows how many bodies are in those graves. The best analysis is that there may be 90 bodies there. 76 of those bodies can be seen being buried in a video from Bucha dated March 12. In the video, the people burying the bodies say that they were local terror battalion forces. Apparently they put up a fight at first but were quickly overwhelmed by the Russians. There is no good evidence that any of those people were killed by Russia!

People in Bucha are terrified of Russia coming back and welcome the Ukrainians. Lie. In fact, we are now in possession of a letter from a Bucha native who fled to Kiev early in the war. He had been in touch with people in town the whole time. The people in town told him that when the Russians left, the Ukrainian army came in and cleaned out whole apartment buildings. The next day, several men were found murdered. They were locksmiths, etc. that the army had hired to break into the apartments and steal stuff. They were murdered to cover up witnesses.

Also Ukrainian forces raided a small village and looted about everything that could not be tied down. A local came out and told them to stop and the Ukrainians shot him dead and left him in his yard! This comes straight from people in Bucha!

There are now 4-5,000 people in Bucha and they are all terrified of the Ukrainian soldiers. They are very deferential in a “don’t kill me, please” way. This man says that the remaining people in Bucha all think that the Ukrainian armed forces killed those people who were murdered in that town.

The argument is that the Ukrainians killed people who were “saboteurs” and “collaborators.” That ended up meaning everyone who wore a white armband to show that they were friendly to the Russians. They also shot people who took food supplies from Russians. And in particular, they killed people who helped organize the relief efforts in the cities.

The remaining residents of Bucha are all terrified of the Ukrainian armed groups, and the letter writer said at the moment, everyone in the city wants Russia to come back and control the town again because things were much safer in Bucha when the Russians were there and at least the Russians did not murder people or steal stuff when they controlled the town.

In addition, a large number of people in Kharkiv aged 25-50 who were soft supporters of the government have now gone over to the side of Russia. After Bucha, most of this group thinks that it was the Ukrainians who executed those people, not the Russians. These people now support Russia and they think it would be better to be ruled by Russia than to be ruled by Ukrainian murderers.

A very large number of women report being raped in the towns north of Kiev. Lie. First of all, the Kiev police say that they can only verify one rape in the Kiev region since the start of the war. That’s out of 100 reported rapes. The rapes are coming from Ukrainian organizations that are themselves suspect. The argument is that 100 women got raped but only one reported it because the rape victims “are afraid to talk to the cops.” Get out of her. That doesn’t pass the smell test.

As we noted above, for a Russian soldier to rape a Ukrainian woman, especially in this war where Putin has ordered civilians to be treated decently, carries some very serious penalties. Any commander allowing his forces to do that would probably be arrested by his own troops.

Given the fact that from Putin to the commanders, no one is sanctioning raping Ukrainian women and all are disallowing it, one wonders how so much of this is going around. Are these rogue soldiers doing all this raping? A Russian journalist spent the first month of the war in the towns around Kiev.

A Ukrainian journalist who is not pro-Russia also spent that period in  those towns. Both reported that they never saw or heard of any civilians being deliberately and seriously harmed by Russian soldiers in any of these towns. Somehow these stories only start up after the Russians leave.

While they are there, we never hear a peep. After they leave there is a flood of allegations. This doesn’t pass the smell test. If this had been happening while the Russians were there, stories would have been leaking out. The fact that the stories only show up after they leave implies that they are concocted after the Russians depart.

None of these rape cases has been corroborated. We do not have names, dates, or details of any raped women. We do not have any names, dates, and details of the alleged Russian rapists. Sure there could have been rogue Russian soldiers, but we would have heard about it while they were occupying the towns. People talk. Basically none of these war crime stories of Kiev can be confirmed at the moment.

A photo of several teenage girl minors who were raped by Russian soldiers has been presented to the media. A few of the girls became pregnant. After a single rape? Wait a minute. Lie. The photo is here. The six women have all been captured by the Russians.

It turns out that they are all Ukrainian spies for the Psychological Operations Unit of the Ukrainian military. As you can see, they are hardly teenagers anymore, and they’re so unattractive they’re hardly worth raping anyway, in my humble opinion. And furthermore, none of them show signs of pregnancy. So we can see that the rapes story is starting to fall apart already with good explanations for what is really going on.

Russia is “stealing Ukrainian grain” by shipping wheat grown in Kherson to Russia. Lie. Actually this is not true at all. This is from an article that appeared on a Russian website. However, the article had been placed there by Ukrainian hackers.

Ukraine has recaptured many towns in the South and near Kharkiv. Lie. In general, those towns were never occupied by Russia in the first place. They were in the twilight zone and not occupied by either force.

Russia has suffered from 10,000 (US) to 15,000 (UK) to God knows how many (Ukraine) deaths in the war. Lie. I would estimate losses at 5,000 men but that could be high.

Putin and his aides are threatening nuclear war. Lie. This is not true. They are just warning that this war could get out of control real fast, which is true.

There is a danger of Russia using nuclear weapons or tactical nuclear weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t use tactical nuclear weapons. One two countries, the most evil on Earth, use those monstrous weapons: the US and Israel.

There is a danger of Russia using chemical weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t have any chemical weapons. They destroyed all of their stores in 2017. On the contrary, I believe the US still retains them.

There is a danger of Russia using biological weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t have any biological weapons and they don’t use them. It’s the US that makes bioweapons at its 330 bioweapons labs around the world, including 28 in Ukraine.

Russia and China are making up a conspiracy theory about the US researching and making bioweapons. Lie. I studied this a long time and it does appear that the US indeed studies and makes bioweapons in these labs. Whether they have deployed any recently is another matter and this to me in uncertain.

Lyme disease was created from a US bioweapon. True. This appears to be the case. The previous versions were not very virulent. The US was studying Lyme at one of its bioweapons labs on the East Coast and one of them got loose and went wild on an island. They thought they could contain it on an island but it somehow made it off the island.

The US has never used bioweapons in wartime. Lie. The US indeed used bioweapons in the first year of the Korean War. There were some casualties, including up to 800 US soldiers killed by one that got away somehow. They were dropped in cages with birds, rodents, and insects.

Areas where they were dropped soon experienced mini-epidemics, but the casualties were not severe. The next year the program was cancelled but the US kept flying missions and dropping these items over North Korea, but now these creatures had no bioweapons in them. It was all a fake-out to scare the North Koreans after they had dropped real bioweapons the year before.

The US has never used bioweapons in peacetime. Lie. The US caused a swine flu epidemic in Cuba’s pig herd in the 1970’s, wiping it out. This is documented.

Russia is running out of weapons and men and will run out in days/weeks/a month. Lie. They’ve been saying this for some time and all of the deadlines have passed. it’s not true.

Russian forces suffer from poor command and control, poor battlefield tactics, and low morale. Lie. Apparently none of these are true.

Russian troops are bombing hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. Lie. All of these facilities are vacant and the Ukrainian army has made a happen of using these empty facilities to house weapons and troops.

Russia fired cluster bomb artillery at Kharkiv. Lie. Only Ukraine uses cluster bombs.

Russia uses cluster bombs on Ukrainian civilians. Lie. Russia doesn’t use these weapons. They think they are nasty and evil and they don’t wish to use them as a result. On the other hand, Ukraine has used cluster bombs many times in this war.

Russia is using white phosphorus in this war, a banned weapon. Lie. It’s only banned in populated areas. Russia doesn’t use it at all, as they think it’s an evil weapon that they want no part of. All of the white phosphorus claims have been Russian illumination flares.

The town of Borodianka near Kiev was destroyed by Russian artillery and in particular, a huge apartment building had the middle of it blown out by Russian shelling. Lie. This town was occupied by Russia the whole time, hence all of the artillery deaths were due to Ukrainian artillery. All of the massive destruction in the town is due to the same thing. The apartment building with the middle of it blown down was hit by Ukrainian MLRS artillery. Few if any deaths in this town can be attributed to Russia; in fact, I would say none.

Russia has supply line problems. Lie. Apparently not true.

10 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Latest Endless Ukraine/US/NATO Lies about the War in Ukraine”

  1. Putin’s absolutely right that Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. I’ve always grouped them together racially. I hear alot of mainstream lies from my dad, “Ukraine has a volunteer army, Russians are forced to serve.” I dwell more on the Western fringe and don’t waste my time with mainstream news. The Western Nazi/Jew view that Russians are slaves is totally wrong, it’s the modern Westerners who are slaves.

  2. This article is full of hearsay, shrugging shoulders and the word “apparently” when you have no evidence at all. There are plenty of open source or independently verified images that refute many of your arguments.

    1. No I use the word apparently when something seems to be the case but I can’t completely prove it. Go ahead and start refuting every single point on there. We are waiting.

  3. If we believe what you’re saying then Ukraine is firing thousands of shells of artillery (which they did not have a lot of at the beginning of the war) into their own civilians, within the cities that they are themselves in too defending them. All while not killing many Russians at all and sustaining heavy casualties. That sounds like the worst war strategy I’ve ever heard! If the Russians haven’t been able to put away such a pathetic army in over 2 months then maybe their army might be even more pathetic!

    If you really are someone who’s even notionally on the (alt)left I don’t know how you could support a unilateral invasion by a colonial power.

    1. LOTS of people on the Left are supporting Russia! LOTS! The entire Latin American Left is for instance. Especially when you get over to the more or less Communists. A lot of out and out Communists are supporting Russia. Ukraine is fascist and Nazi. No one on the Left should be for them.

      Russia never had colonies. It was not a colonial power in the past and it is not one now. Anyway, Ukraine attacked Russia first so that’s it’s legal as a casus belli. Also they were invited in by seperate countries, the separatist republics, to help as they were being attacked, so it’s legal in that way too.

      The most obvious thing on Earth is that NATO baited, tricked, and fooled Russia into invading as part of a plot to destroy Russia, the plot of which is unfolding now. Russia refused to take the bait for a long time but they couldn’t take it anymore.

      If part of some other country wants to be part of your country, it’s not colonialism or imperialism. It’s simply free association. You can’t have willing subjects in colonialism and imperialism. Consent negates those charges. If part of Mexico wanted to join the US, we would not be colonial, expansionist, or imperialist for annexing them. It was just be a free association.

      They have tons of artillery, so much you would not even believe it! They have artillery shells coming out of their asses!

      They are shooting artillery at Kharkiv, correct. I am on sites of Kharkiv residents, and this is what people in the city are saying! Also they shot at their own people all the time in Mariupol. And if those separatist republics are part of Ukraine, then they are firing on those people too. A LOT of people in Kharkiv are pro-Russia, so maybe they think they are shooting at enemy civilians. That’s why they blew up every buidling in Mariupol. Every time they retreated they fired on the civilian buidlings in the area to try to kill the local civilians. The civlians are all for Russia, so Ukraine thinks they are enemy civilians.

      Ukraine shot a lot of shells into Bucha and other cities in the north. I don’t know if they were trying to kill their own people or not but they were shooting willy nilly. When Russia occupies a city, Ukraine starts bombarding it. You tell me why.

      They are defending those cities from the Russians, yes, but they consider those civilians to be enemy civilians and traitors because they are for Russia, therefore they are expendable.

      I don’t have much evidence that Ukraine is firing artillery into cities full of loyal Ukrainian civilians. That doesn’t appear to be going on.

      The Ukrainian army has fought very well. They are the 3rd largest army in Europe and they are armed and trained to NATO standards. Russia is trying very hard to not kill Ukrainian civilians, so they are not levelling the place like the US does. Ukrainian soldiers fight very bravely and very well. They are often better equipped than Russian troops. Also, Russia is fighting against all of NATO because the US is running all of the command and control of Ukraine and NATO is flooding it with weapons. If you see it as Russia versus NATO it makes a lot more sense.

      Russia not pathetic for not defeating Ukraine. Check out how long it took Hitler to conquer Ukraine.

  4. For the above commenter, it’s imperative not only to take into account the historical timelines to know what has been built until now, but see the interests of every national actor from a global scale to make sense what is going on. View things from the local to the regional, from the regional to the international and from international to global

    Nothing happens in a bubble. One must see that the world context is that a world hegemon is trying to destroy a process where a single country doesn’t rule the world, so it’s attempting bring down and neutralize the two stronger countries that don’t abide by it’s rules.

    It seems that the plan of the United states has changed. The original plan was to force and bait Russia into a war for three goals:

    1) Making a remake of the Afghan “bear trap”, arming and equipping a proxy army that would cause extensive losses to Russia. This would both leave an incredibly weakened Russian army that would be vulnerable to a follow up NATO operation and drain the resources of the country, either leaving it in bankruptcy or at least being unable to be a powerful actor due to stunted economic capabilities.

    2) Leading an economic blitzkrieg without precedents that would destroy the Russian economy. The goal of this “make the economy scream” technique that is often used in other countries, would to completely destroy the livelihood of the Russian people with an economic crisis, creating a popular uprising.

    3) I don’t remember what this one was called, but it involved something like “Destroying the image of the Russians on a world scale.” The way that RAND put it sounded cooler. In practice, it’s just a nuclear version of Western cancel culture, which is extremely pathetic in my opinion.

    Things didn’t work out too well. Russia is not dumb and knew what sort of an economic attack they would receive, since the West already either threatened to or did it repeatedly in the past, so they already were prepared.

    While Russia made some costly tactical mistakes in the beginning, they have been corrected, and now are engaging in an approach that is slow but minimizes their manpower and material losses. This economy of war makes senses when you view this as NATO vs Russia, since NATO has 15x the amount of economic and military resources, not to mention a combined population of 1 billion.

    Russia doesn’t see itself constrained in terms of material and resources, and it’s losses are quite moderate if one takes into account the geography and the equipment/training done by foreign actors designed specifically to grind them down.

    Only the people of the West (and even then, not everyone) along some of their colonies hate Russia. The great majority of the world not only has a good awareness of the current context that led not only to this situation, but also what is at hand thanks to having accessibility to both alternative media and official state-sponsored media from the “evil countries.” That portion of humanity also has a good historical memory of all the colonization, murder, and looting that the West has done to them for centuries up until this day, so they see through the hypocrisy.

    This sudden siege made the Russian people feel united for a cause, believing they face a war that constitutes an existential fight against the West (which is not false). This made a good number of them (though not all) in favor of the war and boosted support for Vladimir. Maybe this is something that wasn’t intended by the USA.

    We hear the Ukrainians a few days ago saying that the only option is to make Russia surrender militarily and divide the country in various parts. This is another reason why the world has a deep grudge against the West. They are addicted for many centuries now to create fictional maps and fragment united territories to control and steal from them more easily.

    Mentioning all the planned and successful attempts would require a different topic on it’s own, but I can talk about the example of Venezuela. There have been plans to divide Venezuela into about three parts. USA would control most of the territory and resources, but Colombia and Brazil would get some of their share. Colombia would use the frontier parts for their drug trafficking.

    There have been attempts to foment Zulian separatism. The USA said that the only option is to defeat Russia in the battlefield to Russia, which is in contrast to previous statements that implied that this is a setup to weaken Russia and cause a regime change.

    I’m not sure if Russia will continue to fight or if they will withdraw to recharge after taking Donbass. Remember that previous conflicts with Eastern European countries had Russia withdraw after some combat in order to come back and finish the deed later.

    A lot of fanfare is being put into the equipment being brought to Ukraine, but one has to remember that wars are not only about equipment but also about manpower. Ukraine has sustained serious manpower damage that will not be easy to replace in a followup conflict done again in a few months or even a year or two. They would need to bring in a lot of mercenaries just to compensate in part.

    I don’t know if NATOstan will actually try to takeover Transnistria and if so in what form. I’m not sure if the ammo is still usable, but the territory has some strong geostrategic importance, not to mention that taking it would deal a blow against Russia’s reputation. I’ll have to wait to see how events unfold.


    Robert, I’m seriously thinking about putting you to talk with Mario Silva some day, you both have much in common. Both are Leftist, white journalists that have serious if slightly snarky communication styles that cover and analyze a wide variety of contexts. He is somewhat less foulmouthed, though.

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