Alt Left: More Lies of the West about Ukraine and Russia, April 29, Part 2

This is the fake lie that the biggest liar in the universe, Zelensky, has put out: Russians are stealing washing machines. False. As you can see, there are memes about it below. This is from a video of “Russian soldiers stealing washing machines.” However, the soldiers in the video are Ukrainians.

Russian soldiers leave their dead in the field. Generally false. That’s the Ukrainians who do that. But maybe they don’t have time or cover enough to gather them up. But we have heard that even when the Russians give them time to gather their dead, they still don’t collect them.

Russia has left behind thousands of dead soldiers. They are being stored in refrigerators in Ukraine and Russia has refused to come take back their dead. Dubious. Nothing about this story seems right.

Ukraine has lost a lot of men, but Russia has lost more. False. Ukraine has lost ~25,000 men, and Russia may have lost ~5,000. Russia has lost one man for every five Ukrainians. Around Izyum lately, the casaulties are one Russian for every seven Ukrainians. Ukrainians are losing ~250 men a day in this theater, and Russia is losing ~40.

“Russian” soldiers’ families only get a pittance when their men are killed in war. Partly false. Below we see wives of Donbass men killed in the war posing with their $140 checks they got as compensation. Perhaps the new republics are only paying out that much money, but they are both broke. Russia does not pay these women because the men killed were not Russians. They were citizens of separate countries. Also the separatists are not very well-equipped. The Ukrainians are often better equipped.

But this is because Russia does not equip the separatist soldiers. It has given them some weapons, but not as much as they need. However, it has donated most confiscated weapons to the separatists. These countries are not part of Russia, so Russia does not equip their soldiers or does not equip them with much. So much for the “proxies of Russia” crap! Families of Russian soldiers killed in war get large compensation packages.

The whole world is against Russia. False. Most of Africa, or at least the citizens, are strongly for Russia. Africans hate the West because the West colonized them. On the other hand, the USSR was very good to Africa and helped them develop. Indians and Pakistanis are for Russia. Indians hate the West, especially the British, for colonizing them. Pakistanis have always been pro-Russia. Also they think the West is attacking them.

Many in Latin  America are for Russia. At any rate, the Left in Latin America is very pro-Russia because Russia has helped them a lot. The West has just treated them like neocolonies and supported fascists who killed people, ruined their economies, impoverished their populations, while only enriching a few at the top.

In short, Latin America has been ruined by Western, principally US, imperialism. In contrast, Russia has been quite benevolent to the Left regimes in the region. All of the Latin American media is colonized by the West and they all support US imperialism and fascism at home. But with the people, it’s another story.

Most Bulgarians support Russia. But the government is split and is supporting Ukraine. Another case of a government going against its people. Serbia has voted for Ukraine in the UN, but most Serbs are with Russia. Serbia was threatened with sanctions if they did not go along. Moldavia has recently gone over to the side of Ukraine, perhaps to keep from getting attacked. But most Moldovans are absolutely pro-Russia. Another country going against its people.

The Vietnamese people are pro-Russia. So are the Iranians,  Syrians, and Algerians. Most Omanis are for Russia for some reason. Most other Arab countries are split or are sitting it out. Only a few Arab countries are anti-Russia. Israel is anti-Russia, but many of its Russian citizens are pro-Russia. The Chinese people support Russia by 75% as does the state. 84% of the world with 88% of the population is refusing to sanction Russia. It’s only a few countries with a small population that is trying to cancel Russia.

It is true that the European states and the Anglosphere all support Ukraine and majorities of their people do too. However, 65% of the French do not wish to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Russia wants to expand the war to Transdniestria and has engineered a number of false flag attacks to blame Ukraine to do that. False. The attack on the airport used NATO ammunition. The attacks coincided with a top Ukrainian leader saying that they were going to seize the ammo stockpile there, the largest in Europe. After that, they moved a large troop force to the border.

At the same time, Romania moved a large troop force to its border. You would think that if Russia was behind this, someone would talk, but no one has. Besides, the attack on the airport used NATO ammunition. The attackers of the administration building were caught – they were Ukrainians. Other attackers had their path into and out of the region mapped – they came from Ukraine.

The war expanding to this part of Moldova would be a disaster for Russia. It would open up a whole new front. Also, Romania and Ukraine has moved large forces to their borders to menace the region. And from what I can tell, Russia simply doesn’t do false flags. That’s what NATO, their headchopper and  Nazi buddies, Ukraine, and especially the US and the UK do.

It’s possible Russia may have done false flags some time ago, but that was 22 years ago. If you play by the rules, you don’t need to do dirty stuff like this. And false flags are usually done by losing sides and always to get the West to intervene military  or call a cease fire. Russia’s never on the losing end and they never want to convince the West, or anyone for that matter, to intervene. Most countries in the world don’t do this dirty crap. It’s only dirty countries like the Globohomo Woketard Headchopper Nazi West that does stuff like this.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: More Lies of the West about Ukraine and Russia, April 29, Part 2”

  1. The only thing Iranians are wrong about is ketchup on pizza. They seem like such a model nation, like good’s radiating from their Aryan core.

    Some Africans and Indians love the West, especially families and African countries that benefited from Western colonialism. The Anglosphere is the worst of the West. The Jews now own their soul.

    France isn’t as bad. Western Europe is a cigar and the Anglosphere is the lit end. East Europe is likely the future of Europe.

  2. Whatever you think about George Washington one way or another, his number one piece of advice, above everything else was STAY OUT OF FOREIGN WARS, U.S. America has failed to heed his advice.

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