Alt Left: Why Were the Russians in Bucha?

Anonymous: Any idea why they were in Bucha?

You mean what was with the Kievan thrust, so to speak?

There are two minds about this. One says they tried to conquer Kiev, but there was too much resistance and they failed, so they withdrew.

The other theory was that this feint to the north was just a maneuver to pin down a lot of the Ukrainian Army while the Russians worked on Donbass, Mariupol, south of Kharkiv and the Kerson/Nikolaev region.

Actually, no one is quite sure what they are doing down in the south either. Obviously they want to hold the areas that they currently occupy, but do they want to occupy more land? We don’t really know.

I’m of the second opinion that it was just a maneuver.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Were the Russians in Bucha?”

  1. That’s the thing Rob. The last thing the Russians need is more territory. They can’t administrate all the land they have, given their low population numbers as they are. Since Ukraine is the original Russia, (since the time of history even before the time of the Tsars), Russia feels as if the walls of the west are closing in upon them.

    1. Actually, they have always said that they didn’t want to Donbass republics as part of Russia for all sorts of reasons, one being the one you just gave. But I guess NATO just pushed them too far. The DPR and the LPR just voted to become part of Russia, and Russia now says it is willing to take them in. And a rayon in Dnepropetrovsk state just voted to become part of the DPR. Russia says it is going to organize a referendum in Kherson too where they can vote if they want to go independent as the Kherson People’s Republic. Most there are with Russia.

      Also South Ossetia has been saying all along that it wanted to join Russia, but Russia kept telling them no. Now Russia says it is willing to take South Ossetia into Russia.

      Abkhazia doesn’t want to join Russia anymore. They wanted to for a while.

      Transdniestria probably wants to go independent or join Russia too. I’m not sure what is going to happen there.

      The problem is that although all of these people are dying to join Russia, the Russophobes are all going to scream “Russian imperialism,” “Russia is trying to conquer more land,” “Russia is trying to reconstitute the USSR” if it adds new land to its country.

  2. Russia wanted a thunder roll into Kiev. Afghanistan style. It didn’t work so they are refocusing to their core goal

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