Alt Left: In the 19th Century, Was the Assimilation of the Jews Was Part of the Progressive Project

Polar Bear: Roman anti-Semitism sought assimilation.

Then it’s not anti-Semitism, except according to crazy Jews, but crazy Jews think every other thing in the world is anti-Semitism, so who cares what they think!

Actually, when the Jews came out of the ghettos after Napoleon after the Great Liberation in 1815, they were seriously damaged from centuries of totalitarian rule by mystical, obscurantist, and frankly idiotic rabbis. They’d been living in a stupid obscurantist dictatorship for centuries, and they were all screwed up from it.

When they first emerged, most Gentiles were appalled by what they saw. The Jews were not in good shape at all, and they didn’t act very good either. I suppose conservatives just hated them, but progressives took it upon themselves to help these Jews to be cured of the damage from the ghettos.

Hence the progressive cause in Europe during the first half of the 19th Century was the assimilation of the Jews. That was the liberal, Left, and later on socialist project. It wouldn’t be seen that way now, but that’s too bad.

Part of the problem with Israel is that those Jews are too Jewish, as my Judeophilic mother would say. “They’re really really Jewish,” as she put it. Super Jews would call my Mom an antisemite for saying that, but she’s a Judeophile all the way. I’ve heard of American Jews who went to Israel to live and they left soon afterwards. “Too many damn Jews!…That place is just too damned Jewish!” were the complaints.

I think Jews are kind of like spices in a stew. A few of them can have a lot of great qualities and be of immense benefit to society, particularly in terms of the intellectual disciplines and the arts. But too many Jews in one place just doesn’t seem to work. You ever wonder why New Yorkers have the reputation of being rude, belligerent assholes? Because the place is full of Jews, that’s why! Too much spice spoils the stew, as it overwhelms all the other flavors, but a bit of spice can really make a dish into something special. And so it is with the Jews.

In general, the less assimilated the Jews, the worse they act. The more assimilated they are, the better they behave. That’s probably true of a lot of groups, not just them. A lot of “pure” cultures aren’t really that great.

The melting pot is a great idea. It tones down a lot of the nasty elements of the pure cultures which are its ingredients, while at the same time, it allows the good aspects of these cultures to flower. And there is a sort of hybrid vigor that ends up as the main culture – not too extreme, with a cultivation of all the good things and a condemnation of all the bad things and not too much of any one particular element to “spoil the stew.”

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: In the 19th Century, Was the Assimilation of the Jews Was Part of the Progressive Project”

  1. Jews need to be put on special watch because they’re smart and will exhaust all avenues. Jews didn’t take God at his word. They questioned, twisted, added, reversed, etc. God’s word, as they do with the Gentile cultures they inhabit. A strong spice indeed.

  2. I don’t think Jews are better artists than any other ethnic groups. What I have noticed is that people from the minority communities tend to succeed in the arts more. You see it in India too with the Muslim domination in Bollywood. A person who is a minority is more likely to develop a very different temperament and perhaps a more emotionally sensitive personality which is a good recipe for creating great art.

    And of course, once these people manage to succeed in these fields then they will always look out for their own kind through nepotism and favouritism because that’s their way of ensuring survival.

    People from these communities like the Jews in the West and the Muslims in India are not likely to succeed in business and are unlikely to get good jobs so art is where they find their comfort zone.

    1. I believe Jews do well in business, medicine, etc. The ones that can’t hack it end up in entertainment, arts, etc. Jews pop-up everywhere.

      Jews as rats is fitting; they are tough survivors. The Roman eagle fell but the Jewish rat is stronger than ever. There’s something to be said for that. I’m an animal lover, so rat isn’t demeaning IMO. Farrakhan calls them cockroaches. I feel Jews are more complex.

      The most expensive painting on Earth is owned by Arab but done by a European.

  3. White Europeans take the edge off. I like spices, they can mask lower quality meat, make things more interesting, etc. They are also not essential and you can have too much. Europeans are the best steak in Montana. Adding spices to it would be seen as sacrilege. You don’t want to overpower perfection. Maybe a little spice for variety’s sake wouldn’t hurt.

  4. American Jews saying “Israel is too damned Jewish!” is pretty funny. By the crazy Jew definition of anti-Semite, even these Jews are anti-Semites. Maybe everyone is a little but Jews have hair trigger sensitivity about their people. I remember getting in trouble as a kid for saying the 3 stooges were Jewish, which is a fact.

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