Alt Left: Why Are Political Agendas in the US Pushed Too Far?

Back in the day, segregation was so severe Blacks and Whites had to use separate water fountains and separate bibles at court.

However, that injustice is a far cry from today, where “letting kids go trans,” a liberal injustice, is celebrated. It seems like political movements have to push things to the extreme when the voting base is more moderate.

For instance, now I heard some of the GOP, hopefully a minority, want to give states the rights to decide on the mater of interracial marriage, but why? That stuff is so out of touch with modern life, and plus who qualifies as what race? Obviously this is some rightwing fringe extreme thing to lower Democrat birth rates, but that’s a lost battle already anyway.

Now going back to the liberal side, you surely can’t criticize Blacks for crimes or hold them totally accountable in the media, like the situation where the Uber driver was murdered in PA. On top of that, Blacks have to be pushed in everything beyond the point where it’s cute like it used to be, to where it seems like an agenda is being forced.

What role does rubbing it in play in the trend toward political extremism? How much is practical? Are the concerns of trans kids reasonable? Is it reasonable to make the USA seem like a totally 100 percent mixed and/or Black nation when it isn’t?

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Are Political Agendas in the US Pushed Too Far?”

  1. I rejected a friendly White girl, likely underage, that takes the bus with me. I see her around with a Black guy. Then later the magic Negro disappears, and next you see the White girl with an unhappy grandma pushing a mulatto baby. Mixing has an ugly side here. I’m not a purist but the dysfunction is apparent to any honest man on the street. I prefer the mixed culture of Reunion. Islands that chose to stay with France are 1,000 times better off.

    1. The kid is better off mixed than being born to Magic Man and his Ghetto Ratchet girlfriend, who are likely to produce some spawn as lousy as they are. Also on average, the kid will gain 6.5 IQ points over the kid with Magic and Ratchet, and that’s a good thing. I’d much rather deal with a 93.5 IQ Black America than an 87 IQ Black America. They’ll probably act a Hell of a lot better in so many ways, it should close a lot of the equity gap right there.

  2. There are men out there that complain about being too short for reasons that are quite legitimate. I will post a short anecdote of mine along those lines.

    Today we commemorate 20 years of the massacre of the Llaguno bridge. I was just a small child at home back then.

    My father was at the protests (in favor of Chavez). One the snipers’ bullets struck a taller young man that was standing directly behind my father in the head, killing him instantly. My dad is just 1,64 m. Had he been just a little taller, I would have grown up without him.


    I remember reading an article last year. I’m not sure if all the actions of China takes on its citizens are “justified” even on a cultural context, but said article unintentionally legitimized China’s actions since it was about the CIA complaining about the government’s policies that made their work and presence very difficult. Things like strict monitoring of income made it hard to bribe public workers, for example.


    I want to understand what was happening in Ethiopia. My understanding is that we are seeing an ethnic uprising because the government did a centralization decision so that said ethnicity wouldn’t have more power than the rest. It seems like the USA and Israel have been giving discrete support to Tigray and making economic aggression on the government.

    So is this some sort of regime change logic? It seems to me that the current government doesn’t really make them happy due to its foreign policy, so they would rather have had them replaced.


    It’s hard to believe that what’s going on is really happening. It just feels so surreal. It’s poetic justice or laser-guided karma.

    What we are seeing is that in many countries (mostly in Europe) are facing alarmingly high inflation, shortages of fuels, scarcity of food products in the shelves, and high prices for them. The funny thing is that all those things that were done to us Venezuelans (and other countries that didn’t make it like Allende’s Chile) by these countries, they are now experiencing themselves.

    The double irony is that it wasn’t due to external aggression or even a Russia economic counterattack.

    They attempted to detonate an economic nuke to completely destroy Russia and make their people suffer, like Macron expressed, “Make their economy scream.”

    The boomerang effect made them be the ones going through what they wanted to happen to Russia. In the last month, there has been a high inflation rate in various Latin American countries.

    Venezuela has one of the lowest inflation rates. Our economy is recovering.

  3. Look at Australia, multiculturalism can work in a settler/colonial nation. The problem comes with believing there is a fundamental difference between people of different races. Your use of the word ‘Blacks’ (with a capital!) highlights that you do see people of different races as fundamentally different.

    Please open your mind, travel the world! Australia has its problems but overall multiculturalism has led to a flourishing of the country and an expansion of everyone’s horizon. We are all one human race and the sooner we start acting like it the sooner people of all classes and races will be able to live up to their full potential.

    1. They certainly behave in a fundamentally different way, and yes, I believe the major races of Amerindians, Asians, Blacks, and Caucasians do differ in some pretty important and I believe genetic ways.

      Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Assimilation is the answer. It’s multiculturalism versus assimilation and I vote for assimilation every time.

      1. Multiculturalism is letting the worm eat the apple. You have to eat the worm with the apple or remove the worm. Yes, evil White man is capitalizing Blacks out of respect. Assimilation is likely the most humane. Robert wants everyone to have a path, not a grave. I believe Australian colonizers thought Aborigines were sub-humans and killed lots of’em.

        1. Yes, evil White man is capitalizing Blacks out of respect.

          What does that mean?

          Assimilation is likely the most humane.

          I’m not sure if it’s the most humane, but it’s the only thing that works.

          I believe Australian colonizers thought Aborigines were sub-humans and killed lots of’em.

          Well, not really, but the colonizers ran sheep, and the Aborigines killed the sheep. They just didn’t get this concept of “those sheep belong to that man, so you can’t kill them and eat them.” They had no tradition of animal husbandry, in part because there weren’t really any domesticable animals there. I think the Whites kept trying to bang it into the Aborigines’ heads that you can’t just kill those sheep because they belong to someone else, but they just couldn’t seem to comprehend it.

          Yes, the Aborigines would kill the sheep and then the Whites would hunt down the Aborigine sheep-killers and kill them, correct.

          1. It means Wokies will never be satisfied, you’ll always be an evil White man triggering them. Even if it’s out of respect that you capitalize.

            Seems more humane than removal, which should be the last resort.

            Maybe I just heard the anti-colonial side. I believe Aborigines were seen more as “super other” racially. Pretty sure Whites weren’t as eager to fuck them. I guess some were impressed with Aborigine visual memory. I know a big study on their differences was done. Many Australians seem cool with Abos today, even the so called “racists” I’ve talked to. They’re their natives, basically.

          2. Aborigines are not really relevant. They are only 1% of the population and they often live on reserves far away from everyone else. They’re not much a problem. They don’t make up a lot of the jail population, but that tends to be loitering, public drunkenness, drug use, etc. They have horrendous drug and alcohol problems, and many are more or less homeless.

          3. I’ve seen vids of their dark side. They were huffing and fighting.

            Actresses, models, etc. with some Aborigine blood.

            I’ve respect for their weapons. The spear going through a man in a movie looked impressive.

            They have a celebrity chef who incorporates some Aborigine culture in his dishes somehow.

            I consider some pretty cultured but not advanced. Not everyone has to be.

            Aborigines are a more of a recessive race. More than Whites I think, which is rare.

          4. Most Aborigines are half-White anyhow nowadays, so their average IQ’s are now 85. The pure ones are said to have IQ’s as low as ~64. Some of the half-Aborigine women are really beautiful. One is a famous model!

    2. We always capitalize Blacks, Whites, etc. here. These are two of the great human races, and their greatness demands that they be capitalized.

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