The WWII German Economic Model

Yeah, Adolf Hitler, as the Peru Prime Minster noted, did put Germany on steroids. Basically, he was pumping up the economy just like Roosevelt was doing in the US, probably with way more power considering Hitler was a dictator, not just someone who needed Congressional approval.

There’s more to it than it seems. Germany is massively lacking in the natural resources needed for empire. It’s no wonder they’re having a rough time now with sanctions on Putin. I think that’s why Hitler really wanted Russia, not just for insane racial reasons. The racism was just an excuse.

There’s even more to the story. World War II could have possibly been won by the Allies in two years, not four, if it weren’t for Japan. Germany knew two-front wars were tough, so they set one up for the Allies too. But it wasn’t enough to stop American economic power overall, which finally caved in the Axis.

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