Is It Prejudiced to Assume Right-wingers in Latin America Are Nazis?

Is that like saying all male beauticians are gay?

Anyway, the Peru prime minister came out openly that he admired Hitler.

Is this a trend, lol?

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2 thoughts on “Is It Prejudiced to Assume Right-wingers in Latin America Are Nazis?”

  1. They’re not all Nazis at all, no way. There are real Nazis in Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. Almost all of it is related to people of a German background in those countries. The real Nazism is in Argentina. There’s quite a bit of it in the Right there. Many of Hitler’s supporters went to Latin America after the war.

    Nazism is a bit too racist for Latin America. Down there if you are 75-85% White, you’re considered White. That won’t fly with any Nazi. And they’re all Nordicists. Most Latin American Whites are Meds.

    However, they are absolutely fascists. ALL Latin American rightwingers are fascists, no exceptions, zero, none, zip. There’s no such thing as a Latin American rightwinger who’s not a fascist. If you’re on the Right down there, you’re a fascist automatically. The ones in Mexico may be a bit different, but there’s a fascist element on the Right there too.

    By the way, most of the opposition in Cuba is social democratic. In other words, they’re socialists. The fascist gusanos (worms) are all in Miami. The gusano fascists are absolutely hated in Cuba. Let me give you an example. Those gusanos say that when they come back, they are going to take over all of their properties that they say Cuba stole from them. Really they just abandoned them, and they were traitors anyway, so their stuff got appropriated and given to the people.

    The large enterprises were confiscated too, but Cuba offered to pay them for their face value via some sort of 30 year bonds. Everyone who got their property seized has refused this offer, probably on US orders. Now they want the face value of their property plus inflation. It ain’t happening.

    In those huge mansions of the gusanos in Cuba there are now many Black people living there. They don’t have a lot of money and live modestly. They have subdivided those mansions into many apartments, as in one per room. However, they are quite happy to be living in an apartment sectioned off of a gusano mansion.

    Now, if those gusanos come back, they are going to evict all of those Black people so some super racist rich gusanos in Miami can get their mansion back. You think those Black people are going to put up with that for one second? And by the way, most Cubans are with those Blacks. Cubans complain about the situation a lot, but the government does their best to make everything work as best they can, and no one wants to overthrow the system. Most of the people who really hate it probably take off.

    The Venezuelan Right in Miami and Houston are gusanos (worms) too. So are the Nicaraguans in Miami. So are a lot of the Haitian elite. Worms, all of them! Weird thing is that the fascist Right down there sometimes calls themselves socialists. The main thing is that they absolutely oppose democracy 100%. The Left is simply not allowed to rule.

    See, here in the West, we hate Republicans, but if they win, they win. We grin and bear it or leave the country or try to beat them next time. Republicans absolutely have a right to rule this country if they win fair. They haven’t won fairly in 20 years, but if they ever do win fairly, they have a right to rule. Sure, we will hate it, but you have to support democracy, even if your worst enemies win.

    The Latin American Right, with few exceptions (maybe in Mexico) believe that the Left has no right to rule their country. So whenever the Left gets in, there are endless undemocratic coup attempts to try to get them thrown out of power. These can take the form of military, legislative, judicial, lockouts, economic wars, guarimbas, assassinations, anything really.

    The Right in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Brazil are absolutely fascist.

    The Uruguayan and Argentine Right are a bit more civilized, but there is absolutely a fascist element in Argentina associated with the large landowners. They are fascist to the core. When Fernandez was in, the Right destroyed the economy, electing Macri. Macri was in on the destruction of the economy. That’s pretty fascist right there; ruining the economy is the equivalent of a coup.

  2. About one third of male haircutters are gay. Most are straight. And a lot of them are wild womanizers for some reason. Not sure why that is. They usually like women. They are working with women all day, so they have to.

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