Peru’s Prime Minister Cites Hitler as a Model


Now, when did these Latin Americans start becoming so brutally and comically honest?

“I’ll give you an example,” Torres said. “Italy, Germany were just like us, but on one occasion, Adolf Hitler visits Northern Italy, and Mussolini shows him a highway built from Milan to Brescia. Hitler saw that, he went to his country and filled it with highways, with airports. He made Germany the leading economic power in the world.”

The prime minister’s comments, following a series of political scandals in Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s ever-changing cabinet, led to swift condemnations from the German and Israeli Embassies in Peru.

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2 thoughts on “Peru’s Prime Minister Cites Hitler as a Model”

  1. Yes, Germany became such an economic powerhouse that German industry massively outproduced American industry in WWII, thereby bringing the US to its knees. Historical ignorance is not a crime, but one prefers not to see in politicians.

    1. No, I mean the comedy they’ve come out as Nazi sympathizers. This got to be the joke of the year in political science, lol.

      Anyway, Germany as a powerhouse was overrated. They just got more way more time on the clock due to Japan bogging the Allies down in the Pacific.

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