Alt Left: Why They Do the False Flags

False flags nowadays are almost always to raise outrage against a party in a conflict. They are always done by the side that is losing the conflict, and they are particularly likely during periods in which they have suffered serious setbacks. All false flags I have seen lately were done in Syria and Ukraine in order to try to force the US, the West, or NATO to intervene in the conflict on the side of the losing party.

At worst, they can result in a ceasefire, saving the losing side from annihilation. This is what the M17 false flag airliner shootdown by Ukraine did in 2014. It happened just as they were seriously getting their asses beat by the Russian Army. In particular, they were caught in a cauldron in the South and were soon to be wiped out there.

MSNBC (the most liberal news station on the dial!) here is openly calling for World War 3 solely on the basis of this Bucha fake.

See why people do these things? See how they work? And now that the US media will never question a single false flag done by us or our buddies and the gullible US and Western public has shown that they will fall for any fake attack, no matter how ridiculous or unlikely, the door is left wide open to do false flags and fake attacks to our heart’s content.

As Ukraine falls deeper and deeper into the abyss in recent days, I expect more false flags and I expect Ukraine to even dial up the game all the way to a chemical weapons fake attack along the lines of Syria (perhaps they could recruit the White Helmets) or even an attack on a 3rd party not part of the war either inside Ukraine, possibly at an embassy, or outside the country. Desperation makes a man do many a crazy thing in a Hail Mary attempt to save his drowning ass.

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