Alt Left: The Bucha Massacre Hoax

The Bucha Massacre False Flag


Exactly. Watch the video.

The Russian Army left on March 30. The mayor of the city says the city was liberated on May 31. There is no mention of bodies on the streets at that time. I have seen videos from this period, and while there is a lot of destruction, there are no bodies on the streets except for one which has clearly been there for some time.

On April 1 and 2, Azov Nazis enter Bucha along with SBU Nazi troops in blue armbands. They spend a day or two cleaning up the city of saboteurs and collaborators.

When the Russian Army was there, they requested that all friendly civilians wear a white armband to show the Russian forces that they were friendly and did not have a gun, so they would not get shot. As you can see in this video, Nazi Azov went through the town shooting everyone who had a white armband on as a collaborator.

You can see at the start of the video Nazi Azov advancing through the streets on April 1 and 2, asking, “They don’t have blue armbands. Is it ok to shoot them?” Notice how the bodies are laid out perfectly along the road as if they were placed there? Notice that the bodies, photographed on April 2, do not display any of the characteristics one would expect bodies to have after being dead for four days. Instead they all appear to have been dead less than 24 hours.

I also think they were killed by the Ukraine troops when they arrived as the bodies are still relatively fresh. If they had been dead for five plus days, I think their condition would be more pronounced.

Further I think the bodies were positioned for the video production which is why a lot of the positioning of the bodies seems off and is why the roadway was clear for the truck to pass in the video.

Early criticisms of these videos claimed that some of the bodies were fakes with live people and they were moving around. This analysis is in error. All of those people are freshly dead.

Russian troops who spent a month stationed in that town affirmed that not a single Ukrainian civilian was harmed the whole time they were there.

Regarding what happened in Bucha, I can insert my five kopecks after Alexander Kotz. From the 2nd to the 31st I was part of the battalion in this direction. In all the settlements occupied by our military, the movement of civilians along the street was carried out with a white bandage on their left arm.

I saw it in Ivankiv, Krasny Rog, Marianovka and other localities where we went on combat missions, ” said the former People’s Governor of the Donetsk region.Pavel Gubarev.

He speculated on what might have happened in Bucha.

After the withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces from this theater of operations as a result of negotiations in Turkey, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to enter cities and villages and unintentionally (and I do not exclude that they did it purpose) opened fire on men with white armbands.

This happened en masse. And when they realized that they were killing civilians en masse, it was decided to present this crime as the work of the Russian Armed Forces,” Gubarev said.

He once again pointed out that the Russian military treated civilians well.

I bear witness and I wrote about it above, that we, Russian soldiers, treated civilians well, one might even say with love. We gave part of the dry rations to small (sometimes infant) children: applesauce, jam.

After a trip to the hospital in Gomel, my commander bought diapers and baby food specially for infants with his own money. Parents of children cried tears of joy in response to the kindness of our military. I am convinced that this provocation will be refuted, and its organizers will be punished as they deserve, ” Gubarev concluded.

Keep in mind that Russian troops are under the strictest orders not to harm any Ukrainian civilians or captured Ukrainian troops. Russians have even arrested and captured many members of Nazi battalions. Even these have been treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

If any Russian troops violate these directives, I assume that they are in deep trouble. The Russian military must investigate every one of these charges to see if there is anything to them. If there is, then the soldiers guilty must be seriously punished with prison to discourage this sort of thing. It is mandatory that Russia fight this war as clean as possible.

Any war crimes by Russian troops, always a possibility in wartime, will be shouted from the highest peaks all across the globes. So Russians must fight as cleanly as possible for that very reason. Further, all Russian troops must be informed that if they mistreat Ukrainian civilians or POW’s, they will be seriously punished.

Notice the video of the people with white armbands lined up crouched against the wall? Notice that they have white armbands? Notice that this torture of prisoners video shows up only after Nazi Azov has occupied the village. All of those people lined up against that wall are going to be killed as collaborators.s

Now look at the bodies in the streets? See how they all have white armbands on them.

March 30: Russian troops leave the city. Russian soldiers in units in the city say that no civilians were harmed while they were there.

March 31: Mayor of Bucha returns and says the city is liberated. No mention of dead bodies and 7 minute videos of people walking through the streets show no dead bodies.

April 1-2: The Nazi Azov Battalion and the Nazi SBU appear in town as part of a mission to clear the town of saboteurs and collaborators. A video appears on a Nazi Azov website showing Nazi Azov troops asking if it is ok to kill people who don’t have blue armbands on them. Video also appears on Nazi Azov Telegram sites of people with white armbands crouched against a wall in torture chambers, apparently being prepared for execution.

April 2: Suddenly, three days after Russia leaves, a lot of dead bodies appear on the street. They appear to be freshly killed. According to the narrative, they would have had to have been dead for four days, yet they show no characteristics of being dead that long. People wander around the corpses as if nothing is wrong.

If those bodies were dead for four days, ordinary people would not walk around them as if nothing was wrong. The stench alone would cause them to react. The bodies do not appear to have been killed by artillery, nor do they look like they have been killed on the spot. Instead they look like they were killed elsewhere and moved to the streets, where they were placed in a rather perfect manner as if they had been placed there and not fallen naturally.

Many of the dead in the streets have white armbands, suggesting that they were murdered by Azov Nazis for being collaborators. The incident has great propaganda value: If you cooperate with Russian forces in any way either by taking relief supplies or wearing the armbands they request you wear, you may be killed at any time. Message: Don’t cooperate with Russian troops in any way.

The message: “Collaborators will be shot!”

I have had a quick look at the Bucha massacre. This does not look like a hoax, people were really killed.

There is a simple and obvious explanation to the events. Ukrainians considered all civilians that had stayed behind to be collaborators. The first Ukrainians that entered the area searched every house for “​​saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops.” If they spoke Russian or did not immediately shout Slava Ukraini! in Ukrainian, they were shot on the spot. This would explain the somewhat even distribution of bodies on the road.

In some cases people were simply shot for being on the road. There are two cases of cyclist dying on bicycles. A fast moving Ukrainian patrol shot at incoming traffic. This would be similar to the Rozsypne Road of Death massacre in Donbass in 2014.

Russia claims they left Bucha on March 30th. Ukrainians officially only entered on April 2nd. This would give the CIA death squads 72 hours or at least two whole days to operate.

The massacre is a serious step in the escalation towards World War 3. The Western public believes the Ukrainian narrative that “Russians did it.” The real audience of the massacre may however be Ukrainians. The message could not be clearer: “All collaborators will be shot!”

Some bodies have their hands tied behind their back. A number of executed Russian POW’s also had their hands tied behind their backs. No cases of Russians executing prisoners with their hands behind their backs have emerged. In fact there is footage of Russian soldiers recognizing notorious Azov Nazi leaders from imminent lynching by crowds in Mariupol. There’s no evidence of torture or mistreatment even of the most notorious prisoners. Ukrainian prisoners on tape have remarked at how well they have been treated in custody. Upon release, many are smiling and happy.

The Mass Grave

The bodies were buried by Bucha civilians on March 13, 20 days before the video surfaced. They had apparently all been killed by artillery strikes on the city. The city had been occupied by Russian forces for the entire month of March. Russian forces are not going to shoot at their own occupied city. The Ukrainians were outside of Bucha shelling the city, and they shelled the Hell out of that place. So it stands to reason that most if not all of those bodies in the mass grave were killed by Ukrainian artillery attacks on the village.


Who has the motivation to do this? What motivation does the Russian Army have to commit such a horrible crime? None whatsoever. What motivation do the Ukrainian Nazis have? Lots. Keep in mind that false flags during wars are usually done by armies that are losing the war. In the modern era they are usually done to create outrage against the winning side. They tend to come at times when the losing side in particularly in danger of being defeated.

The purpose is usually to force a ceasefire or to outrage public opinion in the West so much that it interferes with the losing side. The Ukrainian troops in the East are surrounded with no air cover, little chance of being reinforced, and not much of a way out. Nevertheless, they are deeply dug in and are expected to fight until the end.

So the Ukrainian Nazi government is already losing the war, but now they are forced with what looks like a catastrophic loss of their best troops. They are trying to force NATO to intervene. The purpose of false flags like this is to create so much moral outrage in the West that the West or NATO is forced to intervene on the side of the Nazis.

The US and NATO have a long history of false flags dating back some time. And the Ukrainians have been monsters forever.

For my part i have no doubt a massacre was carried out by the Ukrainians. I think we all remember what they (NATO/US) were willing to try in Syria when their Takfiri cannibals staged massacre after massacre with the collusion (before and or after) of CIA and Turkish and European intelligence agencies. And lets not limit this to just the dirty war schemes..What the US did openly with its regular forces in Iraq occupation was nothing less than an unbroken chain of serial war crimes. Anyone remember Fallujah?

As for the Ukrainians the record of their willing vileness goes back generations and continues to this day.

Its not mistaken to say that Russia and China and their allies – not just governments but all of those who stand up to tell the truth – are in a struggle against fascism. The fascists in power are not in bunkers in Mariupol or Nikolaev – those are the stooges and hired executioners of the fascists.

The fascists are in power in New York, London, Brussels, and Tokyo, and in Austria and Switzerland.The fascists are Kolomoisky and Soros and the rest of that ilk, all the finance sector degenerates. They will become even more vicious as they become more desperate. I believe that Russia’s present leadership (the loyal ones) have finally accepted the fact of this.

It’s correct that China and Russia and other torchbearers of the truth are in a war against World Fascism. And, yes, the fascists are in the West, correct. The West has been fascist for some time now. Well, they’ve been supporting fascism in the 3rd world. If you support fascism, you’re a fascist in a sense. Now real fascism is lifting its head as all across Europe Russian channels are being banned. I understand that enemy TV can be banned in wartime. But NATO isn’t even at war with Russia? Or are they?

I don’t agree that the enemy is the (((finance sector))) epitomized by (((Kolomoisky))), a true monster of a man, a Jew who funds all of the Nazi nationalist battalions in Ukraine while his TV station spouts shouts for the genocide of Russians, and the degenerate schemer Soros, a Jew who was a Nazi collaborator himself and now has adopted the Nazi government in Ukraine as his number one pet project.

Kolomoisky’s just a monster and a fascist and a Nazi of a certain type, but Soros has an ideological motivation and that is the Cold War. Soros grew up in Communist Hungary. He also barely survived in Nazi Hungary, but somehow he never talks about the latter and won’t shut up about the former. Like most victims of Western Cold War ideology, Soros has a hatred of the USSR (now directed towards its modern incarnation, Russia) rooted so deep in his limbic system that it is as impossible to control as a knee after a doctor’s hammer strike.

This is antisemitism and an example of the socialism of fools.

Sure, Soros and Kolomoisky are lousy people, as most billionaires are, Gentile or Jewish. But the enemy is not the Jews of the World. The enemy is the West itself, and it’s not just the finance sector, which isn’t even run by Jews anymore anyway, but the entire corporate system, the ruling class, the entire political spectrum from Right to Left, the media, the state, and even the entertainment industry. They’re all just small sections of the same Western serpent. The real enemy it seems is Western capitalist imperialism and NATO, the army of this grouping.

In fact, I have seen commentators asserting that “we are now in the era of the false flag.”

The Ukrainian Government Itself Is Nazi

The Ukrainian Nazi government has openly stated that it will refuse to abide by the Geneva Conventions of treatment of POW’s. Its top medical officer appeared on TV issuing an order to castrate all Russian POW’s. Other genocidal and cruel speeches have been made on Ukrainian TV, including a call by a Ukrainian Nazi to kill all Russians, including children (as nits become lice), call to exterminate 1.5 million Russians in the Donbass on a CIA-sponsored TV station, on and on.

On national TV the other day, a prominent Ukrainian Nazi said the only good Russian is a dead Russian. As far as all the rest of the live ones, they are bad Russians, and if death is good enough for the good ones, clearly the bad must not be spared either. He also notes that bad Russians are born bad, hence they have an inherent inimical nature towards Ukrainians literally bred in the bone and nurtured at their mothers’ breasts.

(((Zelensky))) himself is the leader of the (((Nazis))). He has praised Azov and the rest of the Nazi militias, defending them and noting that all of the Nazi battalions have now been deeply integrated into the Ukrainian Army. We might as well call them (((Zelensky’s Nazis))) at this point. I never thought I would see Jewish-controlled out and out Nazis, but here they are. I always wondered why anti-Zionists talked about Jew-Nazis and Zionazis, and I always disliked such talk as the real Nazis were orders of magnitude worse, and the comparison itself is grotesque. But now I’m starting to wonder if they were onto something.

After what they’ve been through, you would think that the people on this Earth who hate Nazis and genocide the most of all would be Jews. Instead, we see pro-genocidal Jews (as long as they are genociding Russians) and Jews falling all over themselves to support Nazis.

What can I say? Some people never learn.

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21 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Bucha Massacre Hoax”

      1. The two overlap so much that an alliance was inevitable. The West has a Jewish brain with Aryan bitch muscle. America, the epitome of the West, has long been Aryan bitch muscle.

        Anything in the West is possible like in Hollywood. All-American Coach Hisler is a nod to Hitler. Reality is whatever (((they))) want it to be. Reverse the races, genders, etc. Russia is a faberge egg (full of tradition, logic, and independence) and the West is Woody Allen dressed in full SS uniform trying to creep up and stab the egg-headed baby with his bayonette while it is admiring his train set.

        1. Hmm, maybe this Jew-Nazi alliance makes a bit more sense than it seems to.

          This Zelensky guy is a little Nazi monster, a fascist. Granted he’s not an antisemitic Nazi, but he’s a Russophobic Nazi.

          There are different kinds of Nazis. Nazism in Ukraine takes a more Russophobic than antisemitic form. I read an article about a town in Ukraine with some Jews and there was a Nazi battalion there and the Jews said the Nazis got on great with the Jews and were very nice to them. Also the head of one of the worst Nazi battalions says he admires Israel and considers it is a model for the kind of state he wants to establish. This diabolical fascist rat Zelensky says his model is Israel.

          Israel’s pretty much a fascist country, a Jewish fascist country if you will. Fascism can unfold in any group and fascists need not be antisemites. Indian Hindu fascists are Judeophiles, and the Ukrainians seem to like Israel too. Hungary and Poland have warm relations with Israel and they’re both fascist countries. Fascists tend to get along with other fascists. It makes sense that Jewish fascists would form alliances with other types of ethnic fascists.

  1. How do you explain the bodies being photographed on satellite images 3 weeks before the town was recaptured by Ukrainians? Or eye witness testimony about Russian soldiers shooting civilians on 27 February when they went up to their gate just to look at the arriving soldiers? Or when people in the town complained about the stench of the bodies, which would take weeks to build up in such temperatures?

    Seems like you want to use only pictures and eye witness testimony that suit your preconceived view. The Russians have no reason to massacre civilians? Please! They’re occupying a foreign country where the civilians see them as occupiers. The Russians want to terrorise the Ukrainians into submission. Once you realise that, the horrifying truth about the situation actually becomes clear.

    1. if the date on that satellite photo is right, things are even dodgier than this article says. those bodies would have been more of a mess and what about the time frame when they were gone then back again?

  2. This is an ethnic conflict. The bodies in the streets will either turn out to be ethnic Russians or people who are thought to have cooperated with the Russians. This is EXACTLY why the Russians invaded in the first place!

    1. Exactly. Thank you very much. I have an open mind. If Russians did it, for God’s sake, arrest and detain all of those possible and don’t let it happen again!

      I often support sides that wage vicious wars. I support the Palestinians, and they are often out and out terrorists.

      I support Assad, and he has committed unspeakable crimes against his people.

      I support North Korea critically but I am aware of the horrendous crimes they have committed against dissidents.

      I support China, but I am aware that they have done some pretty bad things to minorities like the Uighurs.

      Hell, if you support the West, honestly, you have to be ok with a lot of really evil stuff. It usually comes down a choice: Who do you want, this side or the alternative.

      In the cases of Assad, China, Palestinians, and even North Korea, I prefer critical support to siding with imperialism. We can also quote Comrade Stalin’s dictum about supporting anti-imperialists without equivocation, even if they are reactionary. Because anti-imperialists need all the allies we can. We can with the reaction later, if at all if they don’t wish to change.

      I really want Russia to take the high road in this war, but I am constantly on the lookout for bad behavior by Russian troops, and I will call them out on it every chance I get. I think they need to fight as cleanly as possible because somebody’s got to do it. And they need to be as truthful as possible because if you are on the side of Good, there’s no need to lie.

      I examined this Bucha case with a completely open mind, and this was my conclusion. I constantly read the other side and reality test their charges against my own views. This is a rather painful process.

  3. Looks like you nailed it, good job. 100% False Flag. I’m not Russian or really “pro-Russian” generally. But in this case, the Ukrainians are horrible. They’ve always been horrible going back to Stepan Bandera who they worship on Jan 1 with their Kiev Torchlight March. He ethnically cleansed Poland w/tacit approval from Hitler for the Danzig massacres the Poles committed (causing him to invade). Volhynia – over 100k killed – that was a real “holocaust” of WWII.

    Look up Decalogue of a Ukrainian Nationalist (it’s short you can find it on Wiki).

    Here is a pic about the Azov saying they were cleaning up saboteurs in Bucha I translated:

    1. They invaded the country because it was a fascist-infested menace massacring Russians in the east of the country and posed an absolute menace to Russia. This is a war for the very existence of Russia. Those Ukrainian Nazis threaten the very existence of Russia.

      Russia is going in there to demilitarize the Nazi army and then to do a denazification of the Nazi-infested land which needs to be disinfected. Just like in Germany after World War 2, when that country had to be denazified. This is one of the great wars against fascism like the Spanish Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. The West always supports fascism, but it’s always down to Russia to rise up and take out fascist threats in Europe.

      No pasaran!

      1. Sure, I get Russia’s goals in Ukraine broadly speaking. But I’m not sure why the Russians were in Bucha specifically.

  4. To me it is self-evident that it is a canard and false flag staged half-way between the Silicon Valley and Hollywood. This time it is just too gross. Whenever I hear of a maternity hospital being bombed on purpose, I conclude that must be US tax dollars at work under Israeli guidance.

    I am just trying to wake up people to the fact that Zelensky is an absolute political danger (even though I am very far from lionizing Putin) that should ideally be shot down so as to avoid a global catastrophe, but it is a lost cause.

    I have no pity for the Ukrainian cause whatsoever, even though the devolution of Russia since late Soviet times makes me cry. Ukraine is an evil entity that should be dismembered and partitioned like Poland once was. And absolutely everything they tell us about Ukraine or pretexting Ukraine is 100% mendacious. It is a Nazi country, period. And the prescription for ex-Nazi countries is partition. Ukraine is not a country.

    Ukrainian as a language is spoken by less than 30% of the population. Most speak various Russian (not Ukrainian) dialects not more distant from the standard than any other in Great Russia, and 35%, especially all along the sea shore, speak shiny standard Russian, as the region was made fertile by Great Russian navvies imported to that purpose from Catherine the Great on.

    Ukraine is not exactly a Nazi country: it is a Satanic Nazi country. By this it is based on the occult forces that underlay Nazism in its initial stage. Their bludgeon argument is that they cannot be Nazis since their leader is an arch-corrupt, sexually-deviant Jew. That makes me guffaw. Absolutely any ethnic group can be like this, including Haiti’s Duvalier’s fledgling Black Tonton Macoutes whose infamies would be known only later on at world level, was invited to be part of the Axis during the 1930’s and after.

    The Jews were no exception. In the grand war against humanism and humanity, all identities that might shatter these things into as many pieces as possible are welcome. Ukraine is an ideological Chernobyl that was never contained and sarcophaged as it should have been. Maybe it is the well-deserved lethal cancer the Western Imperial culture now needs to acquire to be discredited for ever.

    During the 1920’s, the USSR did not really control the whole of its territory and was to poor to specify minimal requirements to foreign renters of its soils it needed in exchange of strong currencies, and was making a short lived experiment in privatization. During this period, Ukraine was already a training ground where the first fascistic German troops could try their tanks and combat methods so as to dodge the clauses of the treaty of Versailles. At the time, many Germans lived in that region).

    There was NEVER such thing as a Holodomor (a planned genocide through famine). The proof it didn’t take place is that the Beast that was supposed to be killed in the name of Marxism-Leninism is more alive and well than ever.

    As Solzhenitsyn (this guy has had an especially pernicious influence on late Soviet culture, as his figures all nearly all pure fantasy) and Robert Conquest tell the story of the Holodomor, even though millions did starve in Ukraine, millions also starved in the rest of Russia due to a bad harvest that touched the whole of the Eastern European plains. There was no official plan by Stalin to starve the Ukrainian population.

    On the other hand, there was a clear intention on the rich landowners’ class to starve the mass of landless peasants, and Stalin came as sadistic but well-served avenger. Despite his cruelty he did his best in general to save a maximum of landless peasant lives in a militaristic way, though one may argue their pittance was less than ideal, but this absolutely implied shooting down those who thought the peasants didn’t deserve to eat.

    This was class war and class war is real. And the richer class already identified with Nazism before it was well-known in Germany itself as a contending party at the general elections. The original Nazi doctrine actually emerged first in Ukraine in the 1920’s. This was the case in particular regarding its stupidest aspects about the great unwashed and non-White Mongol-Slavic race Hitler would later tout as a fundamental tenet of his exterminationist doctrine regarding Slavs (and would cost him any chance of victory on the Eastern Front).

    This doctrine had actually first been formulated in Ukraine in the 1920’s and was then transmitted back to Germany through fascist Ukraine-trained German storm-troopers. According to this line of thinking, Ukrainian-speaking landowners in Western Ukraine were true Aryans, but the Russian navvies imported from Great Russia that dug out so many beautiful cities from the Black Sea coast were not.

    If the Westerners fall for that false flag and accept such authentic Nazis as their own heroes under that pretext and they then consent to obey a Jew of the worst type and to side with Israel against all peoples on earth it wants to attack, the net result (karma if you will) will be that Nazism will be rehabilitated everywhere in the Western world as a respectable school of political thought, aided by transhumanism, sociobiology, Gaia-worship ecology, and neo-Hinduism.

    To me it is like an ideological Maginot Line – one of antifa Political Correctness – being broken through by real Nazi storm troopers from an unexpected horizon, that of supposedly neutral Belgium (Flanders was so densely Jewish that they couldn’t side with the Nazi invaders, though it is what happened) or Ukraine. Once it is broken through it is impossible to plug it again. You will get wokes and Nazi storm troopers united by a kind of non-aggression pact on university campuses so as to destroy what remains of classical culture.

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