Alt Left: Pregnant Woman in Maternity Hospital Bombing Video in Mariupol Confirms That It was a Hoax


Read further down to see how the glownigger media outlet Associated Press deliberately wrote the article in a deceptive way, editing the comments of witnesses creatively and leaving out the most important information. AP is run by an extremely rich ruling class family in Texas who are incredibly rightwing, like Koch Brothers rightwing. They’ve probably been CIA forever too.

The Ukrainian AP glownigger photographer who mysteriously always seemed to appear right on the scene of many false flags and hoaxes in Syria and Ukraine is named Evgeny Maloletka.

Maloletka, in fact, has managed to place himself in the vicinity of many dramatic events instantly portrayed as titanic Russian war crimes.

Here is the glowie criminal’s Instagram site. Although this lying snake claims to be indifferent to the situation in his country, he is long been known to have been a supporter of the Maidan CIA coup in 2014. He has conspicuously failed to point out how that revolution was riddled with Nazis.


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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Pregnant Woman in Maternity Hospital Bombing Video in Mariupol Confirms That It was a Hoax”

  1. The really pathetic thing about your ridiculous ‘research’ and stance, is that you won’t even be paid for the utter nonsense you write. You just spew your shit for attention.

    1. Whatever, Nazi. Don’t you have a torch rally to attend to with your Ukrainian pals?


    1. Look at this clown below. The star of this video comes right out and says the whole thing was a gigantic hoax, and she should know as she was there, and this guy trashes me for being rational and believing her because he still believes the false flag bullshit.

      The West is shit, I’m serious, Greg. I always knew we sucked but I had not idea we were this evil. And we’re stupid too. Supposedly we are these super smart people but we’re the most gullible idiots on Earth. We fall for every hoax and false flag scam the media and the state conjure up. Nothing is too ridiculous for Western asshats to fall for it.

      It’s interesting that in this respect, “dumb 3rd Worlders” are far smarter than Western Whites.


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