Alt Left: Pregnant Woman “Star” in Mariupol Maternity Hospital False Flag Spills All

The woman who “starred” in the Mariupol maternity hospital false flag production, beauty blogger Marianne, revealed in an interview that there was no bombing raid and that the whole thing was staged.

You wrote about the pregnant woman being taken out of the hospital.

Here is the true story.

I saw that, yes. I told you the whole thing was faked! She said that they heard no aircraft overhead at the time. She also asked around to everyone else there at the time to see if concurred, and they all said that there was no aircraft overhead. Therefore, there was no bombing. We still don’t know exactly what hit the hospital. A physician who works there said it was a Ukrainian Army tank shell.

There’s also an interview with the head of Obstetrics in the hospital who said that Azov came in on February 25 and cleared out all the patients and turned the place into a military base. However, the Azov base was abandoned at the time of the fake attack.

I also have a video with a doctor who worked at the hospital who said the same thing – that Azov had cleared out the hospital on the 25th and turned it into a base, that the patients and staff were down in the basement working under a generator, that the building was attacked by a Ukrainian Army tank, and that the entire “maternity hospital bombing” film had been completely staged. The doctor said that six babies had been delivered down there since the 25th.

The pregnant woman points out that an AP photographer was right there on the scene almost as soon as the building was attacked. The blood on her face was from some shattered glass in the basement after the explosion. Apparently there was minor damage even in the basement.

She was not a crisis actor or an actress. She asked them to stop filming her but they did it anyway. She’s a Donbass resident and separatist supporter who moved with her boyfriend to Mariupol last year. She said she was in the maternity hospital for six days. The Ukrainian Army came in and abused them and stole their food. Locals came and gave them food and supplies, and that was the only way they got by.

As soon as the building was hit, it was also soon swarming with Ukrainian military. The filming started almost immediately. Some say that photographers, possibly including this glowie below, actually arrived at the hospital shortly before the attack.

This AP photographer and his despicable colleague were also deeply involved in many of the major chemical weapons White Helmets hoaxes out of Syria.

The photographer was first on the scene in a number of these hoaxes. I think this guy is basically a glownigger “journalist” who has been deeply involved in setting up and filming many of these hoaxes himself. I guess they call him up when they’re going to do a hoax and he’s right there to play along. He has a glownigger “journalist” colleague who writes up all these stories. Together they’re a glowie journalist team. They’re basically CIA, bottom line.

Operation Mockingbird investigation found that most of America’s most famous journalists from 1945-1975 were glowniggers. They were all on the CIA payroll. America’s media is basically a Glowie Media.

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