Alt Left: It’s Not Culture Versus Biology, It’s Culture Is Biology

Polar Bear: I think the devil even took the form of a woman at times.

It’s a very common view with ancient roots. In fact, it may be part of some Jungian “universal culture.” That’s all the Jungian collective unconscious is anyway. It’s just “universal culture,” natural to most if not all human groups. It’s part of our ancestral heritage in a psychological sense anyway.

And it may well have  biological roots as most things do anyway. If you haven’t noticed, life consists of conglomerations of single cells merged together into this or that whole object. In other words, biology. If it lives, it’s biological. So much for “culture is everything” BS. Anyway, as an addendum, it’s not culture versus biology. More like culture is biology.

The female is a temptress all right, if you are lucky that is. If not, you’re in Incel Hell.  I don’t even deal with temptresses anymore. I wish I had the opportunity look in the candy store and have some of those candies call me name, even if they wouldn’t give a bite. The tease would be plenty enough at my sorry age.

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