Alt Left: Geography Trumps Ideology Every Time, Or Perhaps Geography Is Ideology

Polar Bear: The SA were more blue collar but the elitist SS replaced them, right?

Correct, but I’m not sure about the SS. The SA was absolutely working class and more leftwing.

Polar Bear: LOL, you nailed the Western Left.

Sad but true.

Polar Bear: Most Ukraine nationalists here seem to be Normie Leftists.

If you mean the Nazi-loving clowns with the stupid Ukrainian flags in their bios, well, actually maybe they are more liberal Democrat Trump-haters, part of the “Resistance.” Yeah, the “Nazi Resistance.” Actually, this group is a mixture. Quite a few Normie conservatives, lot of Centrists, lot of Libertardians, a large number of liberal Democrats (often the worst ones of all), and a shocking number of Hard Left types. Most scandalous of all is that most of the Western antifa supports the Nazis all the way. Western Jews are strongly pro-Nazi.

All of this is because these groups are part of the West. Western Jews are pro-Nazi not because they are mentally retarded or depraved but because they are part of the West. If you are part of the West, then you hate Russia and root for the Nazis. Period. Western liberals and Leftists are not pro-Ukraine because they love Nazis (although one starts to wonder) but because they are part of the West. Geography trumps or better yet shapes ideology all the time.

Even a lot of the Hard Western Left has been horrible on this subject. Vaush, a Marxist-Leninist, had a major NATO figure on his radio show. Vaush is pretty much a CIA glownigger at this point. He’s not the only one. A lot of others have taken the neutral stance of “both sides are terrible,” while condemning the “criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

There is a lot of Trotskyite retardation along the lines of “They are both capitalists, so we hate them both.” Recall the idiot Trotsky refused to support the West or the USSR against Nazi Germany because he hated Stalin, and he said the war between the West and Nazis was “a war between two groups of capitalists.” This is terrible politics, the law of ideology over reason, which is a syllogism anyway.

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