Alt Left: Ain’t No Way on Earth That’s a Woman: A Transsexualism Primer

That ain’t no woman, sorry. That’s a man who thinks he’s a woman, in other words, a tranny. And not the biological kind either, who I have some sympathy for. This is an autogynephile, in other words, a kinkster, sex pervert, etc. I suppose I have some sympathy for them too in that they deserve equal rights, but one thing’s for sure, they sure ain’t women. I understand that they suffer from some pretty serious gender dysphoria.

All these guys start out as transvestites and they become autogynephiles pretty early in life. 5% of all men are autogynephiles, though most of them probably do not transition as transsexuals. They get off sexually by dressing up as women. It gives them a hard-on. They start dressing up in women’s clothes and masturbating early in life, typically around puberty.

Like most paraphilias, it is not possible to develop this condition as an adult. They continue to be transvestites in secret or possibly even in public and they typically used to go on decades this way. However, the gender dysphoria gradually worsens as they age, so the transvestism doesn’t cure anything.

If anything, it might make the condition worse. Often by age ~40, the gender dysphoria has gotten so severe and the transsvestism so ineffective that they think they need to transition. The desire for transition is so strong that they often threaten suicide if they are not allowed to transition.


  • Onset of autogynephilia with puberty ->
  • Gender dysphoria ->
  • Years or decades of transvestism to treat the dysphoria or get off, which increasingly fails over time ->
  • Up to ~25-30 years later, the transvestism fails to deal with the dysphoria. I assume it still gets them off but the dysphoria is so strong they feel the need to transition ->
  • Transsexual transition to a transwoman, a man who thinks he’s a woman.

The problem here is that the only thing that seems to treat the dysphoria in these men is transition. Hence, I’m ok with them transitioning because mental anguish deserves any reasonable treatment available to it the same as an ill body deserves any reasonable treatment for it too.

  • Transman = A woman who thinks she’s a man (in 99% of cases). Mental disorder in almost all cases.
  • Transwoman = A man who thinks he’s a woman (in 89% of cases). Biological condition in 11% of cases associated with extreme homosexuality, fetish, kink, perversion, or paraphilia in the rest.
  • Transsexual, tranny, etc. = A person who thinks they are the opposite sex (in 94% of cases). 94% of all cases are either mental illness or kink, fetish, perversion, or paraphilia.
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