Alt Left: Eastern Europe Versus Western Europe

I believe Finns did good in battle during WWII. Maybe they don’t want to let go of that repute.

Well, Stalin invaded their country and I’m not sure if he did it for a good reason, either. The Winter War against the USSR, which they lost, is a huge part of modern Finnish historiography.

The East of Europe seems more like “fuck your neighbor” instead of “love your neighbor.”

They’re less civilized, right. I’m not sure why as they were Communists for decades but Communism just seems like window dressing over racism, sexism, bigotry, ethnic nationalism, etc. Communism just puts a lid on the boiling pot of all of these tempests. One you take the lid off the pot, what happens? The steam shoots high in the air and the pot will burn if you don’t reduce the heat quickly.

On the other hand, a lot of them inherited the Soviet system of mother tongue education, so many minorities get to have education in their own languages. This is uncontroversial in most of Eastern Europe except the most Russophobic states.

Maybe more romantic about themselves and no romance towards the nearest countries. We are Aryan Gods but our neighbors are Mongols, Turks, Gypsies, etc.

Yes, and also their nationalism is of recent provenance, so for many of them, their history only goes back to World War 2 and their heroes are guys with names like “Vayaschlev the Jewslayer.”

Yes, the Serbs say the Bosnians are “Turks.” There were many ethnic massacres a century ago involving state formation of these nation states. It was extremely brutal in Northern Greece and Northeastern Bulgaria. Remember the Balkan Wars? They were so brutal.

And Ukrainians say that Russians are “Mongols.” They are an “Asiatic horde from the East.” The idea is that they are an impure race. That was Hitler’s argument against Russians – that they were a mongrel race because they were mixed with Asians. The thing is a lot of Ukrainians also have hints of those Asiatic eyes that a lot of Russians have, and so do some Czechs. Not to mention Hungarians.

Gypsies are hated all across Eastern Europe, sadly for pretty good reasons. But I don’t think any nationality accuses another of being Gypsies. The only group you might say that about are Romanians, but Romanians really hate Gypsies themselves.

A comedian has noted this about Africa.

It’s just tribalism.

It may be more complex in the West, a French or English may be romantic about a neighbor.

They are more sophisticated.

German philosophers believe they are one with Persians.

That might not be so great. That might be some sort of Aryanism.

I really like Leftist Arab women, really attractive without the bullshit brainwashing Western cunts have, nor hiding under the hijab.

I like them a lot too. Those women are badass though, sort of like Jewish chicks. A lot of Jewish chicks can be seriously hot in a similar way to Arab women, but they’re really badass too, and you don’t mess with them. They can really bitch you out and they have a tendency to try to dom their men. They’re regular women deep down inside though. Jewish women are women first and Jews second, and that’s something I really like about them. Many of the unpleasant aspects of the negative Jewish stereotype are not present in Jewish women. They’re seen more in the men, who must be competitive and succeed at all costs.

Pretty women justify everything: look at all the pretty Israeli soldier girls threads. That’s where we’ve seen this before.

I’ve seen some hot Israeli women, including some left-wingers. I talked to some when I was on Twitter. They were pretty nice but they all started calling me antisemite pretty quickly for some real dubious reasons. It’s like they just immediately assumed I was an antisemite and then started searching around with a fine toothcomb for evidence to prove their preconceived notion. They started with a conclusion and then looked for the evidence to prove what they’d already decided. That’s backwards. Scientific thinking doesn’t work that way.

“I know you’re an antisemite. Know let’s go about finding some evidence for my foregone conclusion” isn’t scientific or logical thinking, as all logical thinking is necessarily scientific. It’s the old law of, “If you go looking for something, you tend to find it.” People tend to find whatever they are looking for. That’s why you need to be careful with your intellectual Eastern egg hunts. It’s the old chestnut of “Because of what you go looking for, you might just find it.”

I just noticed that Russian had a saying just like this! I also noticed Russian had a saying along the lines of, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” It was almost a word for word translation too. This is what I mean when I talk about “universal culture.” It’s our natural heritage and we are as tied to it as a ship is to its anchor, and it holds us in place and limits us in the same way.

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