Alt Left: Two French Intelligence Officers Advising Mariupol Nazis Killed!

I’ve already studied this. Ukraine sent six or seven helicopters over to Mariupol to rescue top Azov Battalion Nazis. Four of them got away but three others got shot down. There were 20 Nazis on each copter. So 80 Nazis escaped but 60 others took a dirt nap. A few survived and they are now talking. One of the survivors said two of the men who died were French intelligence agents.

Check this out.

  • Macron frantically demands a French-led evacuation of Mariupol.
  • Russian antifascists tell the Nazi-lover to get lost.
  • Frantic effort to rescue top Nazis and who knows who else from Mariupol. One helicopter downed had two French intelligence agents deeply embedded with the top Nazis in Azov. Two French glowniggers take a well-deserved dirt map.
  • The very next day, the head of French intelligence is fired, supposedly for not predicting the Russian anti-Nazi invasion correctly. That smells like BS. Instead he was probably fired for getting two top French glowies killed.

There are rumors that other glowniggers were embedded with the Nazis, including US and UK glowies, but this has not been confirmed.

These French glowies sure get around. By the way, in an interview with an Al Qaeda leader with a leftwing German publication conducted in a Syrian cave, the leader said French intelligence was advising Al Qaeda. He also said that CIA, MI6, and Turkish, Qatari, Emirati, Saudi, and Jewish* glowies were also embedded with Al Qaeda.

*Jewish = Israeli.

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