Alt Left: Nazi Girl, Hero of the Nazi-Loving West

In the midst of what I believe is a fake battle scene, a hot young woman, fashionably dressed, walks onto the scene with a Kalashnikov. People all over the West, including countless liberals and Leftists, are falling all over themselves praising this brave woman to the skies. No doubt the Nazi-supporting Western feminist movement will make a hero of her, a feminist hero.

Problem? She’s a Nazi!

Above, the West’s hero, the Nazi girl.

12 thoughts on “Alt Left: Nazi Girl, Hero of the Nazi-Loving West”

  1. Dear Bob, I tend to agree with you on many things, including the war in the Ukraine.

    Just one little comment. You said “Fascists and Nazis are also loved by the West because nobody hated Communists more than they did. And they were the greatest Communist-fighters and Communist-killers the world had ever seen.”

    That’s exaggerated. The “greatest Communist-killers the world has ever seen” are the Communist themselves, undoubtedly, from Stalin to Pol Pot through Mao Zedong. Many of their dozens of millions of victims were Communists.

    1. LOL so did the US and the West hire Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao to kill Communists and wage war on and destroy World Communism? Get real, man. The West needed a force to fight Communists on their home turf and to keep it from spreading to other places. Fascists were the best Communist fighters and killers of all. They fought Communism everywhere on Earth for many decades. The Nazis were first and foremost anti-Communists. Their project was the “extermination of Bolshevism.”

      Did the enemies of the USSR hire Stalin to kill Communists, wage war on the USSR, and destroy the USSR?

      Did the enemies of Maoist China hire Mao to wage war on China and destroy Communism in China?

      Did the enemies of the Khmer Rogue hire the Khmer Rogue to exterminate Communism in Cambodia?

      I appreciate the compliment, but I think your politics might need a bit of work. We all got brainwashed to hate Communism by the Cold War. You’ve obviously been affected. I have tried to resist and my politics makes a lot more sense now.

      1. I was not saying that fascists love Communists, just that the biggest Communist-killers in history have been other Communists. But I did not count them myself, so they may only be *some of* the biggest Communist-killers if you prefer. A

        And Communists also have been among the biggest Fascist-killers, so perhaps one should discount a Communist killed for every two fascists killed, I dunno.

        Regarding my brainwashing, I know it will seem weird in the US, but it was precisely more Communist than not, which used to be a rather common story in post-WWII France because many Résistants betrayed by the Allies – 600 hundred dead in the Vercors only, all bonafide Gaullist FFIs (Forces Françaises de L’intérieur), abandoned without arms nor ammo to the Nazi assault troops, many of them Ukrainian, so the story goes ( – turned to Uncle Joe Stalin, and raised their children, including your servant, in more or less orthodox Marxism.

        It took me quite a few rinse-repeat cycles to get out this other machine, not without some damage done to the packaging.

        Again, this is not to deny the regular anti-Communist brainwashing, of course.

        1. I was not saying that Fascists love Communists, just that the biggest Communist-killers in history have been other Communists.

          Yeah but that doesn’t count and it doesn’t matter. It’s really irrelevant. The reason that fascists and Nazis were so favored by Western capitalists is that no one was better at fighting and killing Commmunists and fighting Communism than fascists and Nazis.

          What’s the point of pointing out your comment? I would say that the biggest killers of capitalists have been other capitalists. Most people are probably killed by their own state, not in some foreign war.

          Yes, Communists have been some of the biggest fighters of fascism ever, in fact, they’re pretty much the only group that has fought against fascism.

          Yeah ok, but you sound like a reactionary. We are talking about who were the best fighters against Communism. The West was interested in people waging war against Communist states and fighting, imprisoning, killing, etc. Communists in non-Communist countries. The West could care less how many Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot killed because that did nothing in the war against Communism.

          Also your case is dubious.

          Stalin killed 2.5 million in peacetime.
          Hitler killed 27 million Russians.

          Mao killed a few people but I’d gather that the Nationalists killed more.

          Don’t fall into petty anti-Communist silliness. It’s ridiculous. It’s simple to oppose Communism in all sorts of ways without falling into the trap of the anti-Communist fanatic.

          A famous Russian said, “The only thing worse than Communists are anti-Communists.”

          I’d add, “The only thing worse than Super Jews are hardcore conspiratorial antisemites.”

          I like DeGaulle by the way. A real French nationalist and a neutralist who refused to be controlled by anyone. The French have been poodles ever since. Chirac was the last independent neutralist French president. The last two have been horrible. I’d honestly rather have Marie Le Pen!

          What is public opinion like on the French street about this war? How many support Russia? I’m thinking only a few.

          1. “Mao killed a few people”

            Well, by Chinese demographic metrics perhaps, but the Great Leap Forward is variously estimated to have sent to their ancestors between 30 and 50 million people, mostly by starvation. True, none of them died “as a Communist” per se, only as a human being. Apparently it doesn’t count on the final bill?

          2. Well, there were some deaths during the Great Leap, maybe 15 million. But if you out into the countryside, you will find nothing but praise for Mao. And those are hardly deliberate murders, so it’s dubious that they should be called homicides. Famines happen. And in every year of the Great Leap but one, the death rate was lower than it was in 1949. So, yes, people were dying, but many more were dying before. That is, every year after 1949, Mao’s China was saving lives. Even when people were dying, he was saving lives. In fact, Mao saved more lives and lengthened life expectancy more than any other man before or since. He set a record by doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time.

            If the death rate is lower (fewer people are dying), it doesn’t particularly matter what deaths are happening. All that matters is that the state has lowered the death rate and fewer people are dying than before. That’s why if you go out into the countryside and meet older people who lived through that period, you find nothing but praise.

            India and China had the exact same statistics in 1949. By 1979, there had been 200 million excess deaths in India as compared to China. Every year 4 million excess people were dying in India who would not have died if they went the Chinese way. So you can argue that Mao saved 200 million lives and by lenghtening life expectancy

          1. My politics are rather shabby, if not bare-naked. Don’t even really know who I’m going to vote next Sunday. If I vote at all. Blank, perhaps. Or not.

            In the same vein as your Soviet saying, there’s that (also Soviet) one: “Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Communism is the exact reverse.”

            Or, two old friends meet on the Nevsky Prospekt.

            “Wow, that’s you, Ivan! How long didn’t we meet?

            — Twenty years, Nikolay.

            — Where have you been all this time?

            — In the Kolyma Gulag.

            — What had you done?

            — Well, nothing.

            — You liar! Those who haven’t done anything get only ten years!”

            Frankly, I’m desperate. The third chimp did wonderful things, but he’s spent his time I think. Will either disappear or transition to transchimpism. Might well miss the latter by a few seconds, not sure if it would be a pity.

          2. In the same vein as your Soviet saying, there’s that (also Soviet) one: “Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Communism is the exact reverse.”

            Yeah, I don’t agree with that at all. Communism isn’t the exploitation of one man by another at all. It’s the complete opposite of that. On the other hand, the problem seems to be that although it is morally correct, it just doesn’t work very well. So maybe we have to go with the more immoral system of interhuman exploitation.

            You turned into a rightwing anti-Communist. What the Hell happened?

  2. The SA were more blue collar but the elitist SS replaced them, right?

    LOL, you nailed the Western Left.

    Most Ukraine nationalists here seem to be Normie Leftists.

    I believe Finns did good in battle during WWII. Maybe they don’t want to let go of that repute.

    The East of Europe seems more like “fuck your neighbor” instead of “love your neighbor”. Maybe more romantic about themselves and no romance towards the nearest countries. We are Aryan Gods but our neighbors are Mongols, Turks, Gypsies, etc.

    A comedian has noted this about Africa.

    It may be more complex in the West, a French or English may be romantic about a neighbor. German philosophers believe they are one with Persians. I really like Leftist Arab women, really attractive without the bullshit brainwashing Western cunts have, nor hiding under the hijab. Pretty women justify everything: look at all the pretty Israeli soldier girls threads. That’s where we’ve seen this before. I think the devil even took the form of a woman at times.

    1. (reply to Rob Lindsay above, his last post lacks the “reply” button)

      “What the Hell happened?”

      History happened, simple as that. You nailed it yourself, even if rather euphemistically: “Although it is morally correct, it just doesn’t work very well.” If you don’t grab power by violence, they will crush you a thousand ways. If you grab it by violence, the most violent and evil elements on your side will take it for their own sake, and will crush you again. Think Stalin, (your beloved?!) Mao, Pol Pot, even the Castro Bros, though to a somewhat lesser degree it seems.

      Witness also Algeria, for instance, where the most corrupt and brutal elements of the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) seized power shortly after independence and are still clinging to it after nearly sixty years. In the meantime they did not even hesitate to wage a savage “civil” war in the 90’s against their own population, killing over 200,000 people often in the most barbarous fashion (look for Bentalha massacre), and today are still busy killing the Kabyle minority even though Kabyles were at the forefront of the Independence War and paid a heavy price for that.


      However, it is quite unrealistic to dub me “a rightwing anti-Communist.”

      I certainly turned conservative in the sense that I regret the time when children could play in the street without fearing to be kidnapped for their organs or worse or simply overrun by a stoned teen doing rear-wheeling with his motorbike, when cows grazed in the meadows watched by a boy or girl with the family shepherd dog, and when unions were meant to defend the right of hard-working people to live decently instead of having turned to corrupt bureaucracies defending the right of a minority to work as little as possible.

      Nothing more.

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