Alt Left: The 100% Straight Up Truth about America

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One problem is that the Americans have confused the words ‘negotiate’ and ‘surrender’. In a society that is largely functionally illiterate as the oligarchs both controlled and de-funded the schools, this is not surprising. After all, they are both multi-syllable words. This is a country that writes in emojis.

But the Americans obviously believe both that if they ‘negotiate’ that is the equivalent of ‘surrender’, and that if anyone else is negotiating with them, then that is just a formality preceding their surrender. Again, this is not surprising in a society where the peak of culture is a comic book movie and a Super Bowl halftime show.

America is a blizzard of propaganda. And at times, its efforts at mind-control are quite impressive. Insane, but impressive Al Qaeda jihadis become pro-democracy rebels fighting the tyrant Assad. Now we fight along side the brave blonde Nazis of Ukraine to win democracy.

Our politics is split between believing that Joe Biden is a liberal and the champion of black people who vote for the Senator from MasterCard because of the Myth of Obama and an opposing cult of personality that says that a movement that wants to “lock them up” is really a movement of Freedom. The oligarchs of America wag the people around like a dog.

Americans can only find reality when it understands that the whole spectrum, from Newsmax to Fox News to CNN to MSNBC to Jacobin, are all a bunch of liars. Different flavors of lies, designed to appeal to different audiences, but every one of them a liar at the core.

Reality is what you see when you turn off all of the screens. What you are going to eat? Where are you going to sleep? How are you going to stay warm in the winter? How are you going to avoid heat death in the heat waves? Are any of these morons blowing stuff up near you? Can you make them stop?

“The enemy is anyone who is trying to get you killed. No matter what uniform they are wearing.”

-Yossarian, “Catch-22,” Joseph Heller.


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