Alt Left: Good Footage out of Mariupol

Russian Navy and DNR forces fighting in Mariupol, may be very recent. DNR forces are definitely lacking good equipment. The Russian Army is much better equipped. Problems include lack of bulletproof vests and boots. Also their comms are not as good as their opponents. The Nazis have the best top of the line US comms that can hear all of the DNR’s comms and can jam them to boot. The DNR is outgunned in a sense in Mariupol.

The joke of this is that Ukrainian and NATO lies have said forever that there is no DNR force. It’s all just the Russian Army. Then we hear that there is indeed a DNR, but they are the same thing as the Russian Army, a unit of the army. Ok then how come the DNR is so poorly-equipped and the Russian Army so well-equipped? Nothing NATO and Ukraine says about this war makes sense. It’s just this neverending stretch of lies, half-lies, half-truths, and distortion using every logical fallacy known to man.

On the other hand, the Russian side seems pretty straight up. I don’t use Russian state media for my stories. I use independent Russian bloggers and pro-Russian sites. However, the independent bloggers are pretty fairminded. When there’s fake news coming out of Russia, at least some of them jump on it pretty quick. On the other hand, Russia is winning, so they don’t have to lie. The side that lies like crazy in wars is usually the side that is losing. The independent bloggers don’t have much tolerance for BS.

The worst you can say about the Russian state is that when Ukraine claims to have blown up equipment, killed troops, or taken towns, the government is simply silent.

They don’t say anything. Don’t say it’s true. Don’t say it’s not true. And the Russian military is quite modest. Average daily gains for separatists and the Russian Army in the separatist areas is 3-4 miles, and that’s when they gain any territory at all. Most fronts have been pretty frozen for a while now without a lot of changes.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Good Footage out of Mariupol”

  1. Stop calling them nazis. dont you understand that was just an excuse for Putin to invade to placate hids own people who would not normally approve?

    He invaded becaue he wants to shut down NATO coming to his border and to reconnet the USSR. Look at what he said befor the invasion.

    ‘The nazi drug addict’ shit is just a myth. You oly look at russian propaganda and for some reason have decided that is truth

    1. Stop calling them Nazis.

      They are Nazis. The whole country is either Nazi or pro-Nazi and has been since 2014. Antifascists are the minority, even in Kharkiv, and they are widely hated.

      He invaded because he wants to shut down NATO coming to his border


      and to reconnect the USSR.

      Nope, this is the biggest lie of them all.

      You only look at Russian propaganda and for some reason have decided that is truth

      Nope. I look at everything coming out of the West and I mean everything! Almost none of it is true. It’s almost all made-up lie. The people I read are not Russian state people but independent reporters, and they do sometimes publish negative things about Russia. I also fact check everything I write in detail. I’ve studied every single theory the US and the West put out there in detail and I’ve concluded that there’s nothing to any of it. It’s all lies. As Putin called it, “The Empire of Lies.”

      400 people have joined a partisan unit in Kharkiv and now fight alongside the Russians. They call themselves the Ukrainian Liberation Army. They don’t like people like you at all and they say you will have no future in the new Ukraine.

      Also, you’re banned. Nazi.


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