Alt Left: Happy April 30th

On April 30, we celebrate the Vietnamese people’s victory over US imperialism when the capital of the puppet regime in Saigon, South Vietnam, fell. This was considered a strategic defeat for US imperialism and a victory to the Vietnamese people. Since that time, a people’s government has been in power in Vietnam. It has very wide support.

Alt Left: What the West Represents to the World

It’s not just using Nazis, Al Qaeda, and ISIS as imperial shock troops, it’s that these shock troops are married to complete  cultural degeneration via Woke Culture and Globohomo.

It’s the Globohomo Woketard Headchopper Nazi West! Here to spread fascist coups, massacre the workers, impose austerity and turn your kid gay and tranny! This is what Globohomo is really all about. It’s a two pronged project – one involves the militaries of degenerate NATO, where transvestites win Eurovision contests, to spread fascism and rightwing governments, attack the left everywhere while spreading the worst cultural degeneration and cancer. It’s a two-pronged, Right and Left, attack at the socially conservative Third World.

The Empire of Chaos, as Saint Lavrov noted, creates failed states everywhere it goes. Look at Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Everywhere the West, the Empire of Chaos with its NATO army, intervenes, nothing is left but piles of bodies, complete destruction, a failed state, and severe regression to the worst savagery.

The Empire of Chaos is also the Empire of Lies, as Saint V. V. Putin pointed out so precisely.

Here’s the agenda, which is now the agenda of both political parties in the US:

  • Nazis and pride parades!
  • ISIS and bisexual chic!
  • Al Qaeda and 135 genders!
  • Imperialism and hormones!
  • Death squads and male castration!
  • Toxic masculinity and fascist coups!
  • Radical feminism and Zionist colonialism!
  • Executing POW’s and transsexual bathhouses for all ages!
  • CRT and Western imperialism!
  • NATO and grooming kindergartners to be gays and trannies!
  • Sanctions and White Privilege!
  • BLM and Nazi war collaborators!
  • Watch your privilege and Holocaust denial!
  • Gay and trans superiority and US hegemony!
  • Low wages and gay bars!
  • Bicycles and homosexuals!
  • Seizing foreign exchange and pregnant men!
  • Overseas military bases and vagina havers!
  • Militarism and men in girls’ bathrooms!
  • Cancel culture and Black slave markets!
  • George Floyd and Lockheed Martin!
  • Wars of choice and “Whites are evil!”
  • Geopolitical imperial threats and Trayvon Martin!
  • Overseas piracy and menstruating men!

If you ask me what the Alt Left is against, it’s this. The US and the depraved, degenerate West takes the worst of the Left (Cultural Left) and marries it with the worst of the Right (neoliberalism and neoconservatism)

Alt Left: More Lies of the West about Ukraine and Russia, April 29, Part 2

This is the fake lie that the biggest liar in the universe, Zelensky, has put out: Russians are stealing washing machines. False. As you can see, there are memes about it below. This is from a video of “Russian soldiers stealing washing machines.” However, the soldiers in the video are Ukrainians.

Russian soldiers leave their dead in the field. Generally false. That’s the Ukrainians who do that. But maybe they don’t have time or cover enough to gather them up. But we have heard that even when the Russians give them time to gather their dead, they still don’t collect them.

Russia has left behind thousands of dead soldiers. They are being stored in refrigerators in Ukraine and Russia has refused to come take back their dead. Dubious. Nothing about this story seems right.

Ukraine has lost a lot of men, but Russia has lost more. False. Ukraine has lost ~25,000 men, and Russia may have lost ~5,000. Russia has lost one man for every five Ukrainians. Around Izyum lately, the casaulties are one Russian for every seven Ukrainians. Ukrainians are losing ~250 men a day in this theater, and Russia is losing ~40.

“Russian” soldiers’ families only get a pittance when their men are killed in war. Partly false. Below we see wives of Donbass men killed in the war posing with their $140 checks they got as compensation. Perhaps the new republics are only paying out that much money, but they are both broke. Russia does not pay these women because the men killed were not Russians. They were citizens of separate countries. Also the separatists are not very well-equipped. The Ukrainians are often better equipped.

But this is because Russia does not equip the separatist soldiers. It has given them some weapons, but not as much as they need. However, it has donated most confiscated weapons to the separatists. These countries are not part of Russia, so Russia does not equip their soldiers or does not equip them with much. So much for the “proxies of Russia” crap! Families of Russian soldiers killed in war get large compensation packages.

The whole world is against Russia. False. Most of Africa, or at least the citizens, are strongly for Russia. Africans hate the West because the West colonized them. On the other hand, the USSR was very good to Africa and helped them develop. Indians and Pakistanis are for Russia. Indians hate the West, especially the British, for colonizing them. Pakistanis have always been pro-Russia. Also they think the West is attacking them.

Many in Latin  America are for Russia. At any rate, the Left in Latin America is very pro-Russia because Russia has helped them a lot. The West has just treated them like neocolonies and supported fascists who killed people, ruined their economies, impoverished their populations, while only enriching a few at the top.

In short, Latin America has been ruined by Western, principally US, imperialism. In contrast, Russia has been quite benevolent to the Left regimes in the region. All of the Latin American media is colonized by the West and they all support US imperialism and fascism at home. But with the people, it’s another story.

Most Bulgarians support Russia. But the government is split and is supporting Ukraine. Another case of a government going against its people. Serbia has voted for Ukraine in the UN, but most Serbs are with Russia. Serbia was threatened with sanctions if they did not go along. Moldavia has recently gone over to the side of Ukraine, perhaps to keep from getting attacked. But most Moldovans are absolutely pro-Russia. Another country going against its people.

The Vietnamese people are pro-Russia. So are the Iranians,  Syrians, and Algerians. Most Omanis are for Russia for some reason. Most other Arab countries are split or are sitting it out. Only a few Arab countries are anti-Russia. Israel is anti-Russia, but many of its Russian citizens are pro-Russia. The Chinese people support Russia by 75% as does the state. 84% of the world with 88% of the population is refusing to sanction Russia. It’s only a few countries with a small population that is trying to cancel Russia.

It is true that the European states and the Anglosphere all support Ukraine and majorities of their people do too. However, 65% of the French do not wish to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Russia wants to expand the war to Transdniestria and has engineered a number of false flag attacks to blame Ukraine to do that. False. The attack on the airport used NATO ammunition. The attacks coincided with a top Ukrainian leader saying that they were going to seize the ammo stockpile there, the largest in Europe. After that, they moved a large troop force to the border.

At the same time, Romania moved a large troop force to its border. You would think that if Russia was behind this, someone would talk, but no one has. Besides, the attack on the airport used NATO ammunition. The attackers of the administration building were caught – they were Ukrainians. Other attackers had their path into and out of the region mapped – they came from Ukraine.

The war expanding to this part of Moldova would be a disaster for Russia. It would open up a whole new front. Also, Romania and Ukraine has moved large forces to their borders to menace the region. And from what I can tell, Russia simply doesn’t do false flags. That’s what NATO, their headchopper and  Nazi buddies, Ukraine, and especially the US and the UK do.

It’s possible Russia may have done false flags some time ago, but that was 22 years ago. If you play by the rules, you don’t need to do dirty stuff like this. And false flags are usually done by losing sides and always to get the West to intervene military  or call a cease fire. Russia’s never on the losing end and they never want to convince the West, or anyone for that matter, to intervene. Most countries in the world don’t do this dirty crap. It’s only dirty countries like the Globohomo Woketard Headchopper Nazi West that does stuff like this.

Alt Left: The Latest Endless Ukraine/US/NATO Lies about the War in Ukraine

Warning: Long, 35 pages.

I have never seen so much lying in my life! This is ridiculous. Vietnam was never anything like this. This is a propaganda blitz on the level of Nazi Germany.

Where to start?

War crimes cases against the Russian Army. Lie. I am very dubious about any of these cases because Putin intervened in the decision to go to war and gave specific instructions to the military not to harm Ukrainian civilians in any way, shape, or form. And for a few weeks there, they were even trying to avoid killing too many Ukrainian troops. I’ve never seen a modern war fought in such a clean way. The bottom line is that all modern armies fight very dirty, including the US military. A few of the Western armies fight cleaner but even they have problems. Massive war crimes are absolutely typical in 90% of modern wars on both sides.

I have never even heard of a commander in chief even giving such a strange order as to not harm enemy civilians in any way! It’s unheard of. But it shows where they are coming from. Putin sees Ukrainians as fellow Russians and says that Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. He also says we can’t treat them badly because “after this war, we will live with the Ukrainians.” That’s unheard of too. Orders to not harm enemy civilians? Huh? No one fights modern wars like this.

Russia is deliberately targeting civilians. Lie. The Pentagon itself said in Newsweek that Russia is not deliberately targeting civilians in this war,  so everything you hear about deliberately harming civilians is a straight up lie. That said, accidents happen in wartime and there are such things as rogue soldiers and commanders.

In Mariupol, by all accounts, it is the Ukrainians who have committed massive human rights violations and in fact, they have done this all over the Donbass for eight years now.

Even all the way up in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian government has arrested, beaten, tortured and killed many people. Hundreds have been killed in that city alone in an SBU base in a basement of a building that was used as a torture chamber.

Torture chambers have also been uncovered at the airport in Mariupol. Many civilians were tortured and murdered there. There is also a rumored “pit” in the steel mill where the Nazis are holed up right now.

In a town to the north, another torture chamber has been uncovered and there were reports that many people were killed there too. These were all civilians suspected of supporting the separatists, but ~85-90% of the people in that region support the separatists, so you have to kill a lot of people.

This is the Ukrainian government and especially the Nazi battalions arresting, beating, harassing, stealing from, vandalizing the property of, torturing and murdering the enemy civilian base of the separatists. Also they have been just bombarding cities and towns with shelling. They don’t even aim for military targets. They just shoot at the cities. Thousands have died from these wanton attacks. Sometimes they just shoot people in their cars and on bikes for fun.

During this seige of Mariupol, we have endless reports about Ukrainian snipers shooting at civilians who dared to go out into the streets. There is video of a street strewn with bodies killed by Ukrainian snipers.

The Ukrainians shelled the maternity hospital to blame the Russians and there were casualties. They mined the theater and blew it up to blame the Russians. There were a many casualties. There is no way the Russians were involved in either of these acts.

Further, all the locals say that the Ukrainians did these to blame the Russians. People have been shot in the street for not being able to pronounce a Ukrainian word that Russian speakers find hard to pronounce and for speaking Russian on the streets of Mariupol. The media blames Russia for the destruction, but the locals blame the Ukrainians and say Russia is their savoir.

Mass graves in Mariupol. Lie. The media says there are three mass graves in Mariupol. A reporter went to a “mass grave” and found that it is just an ordinary graveyard where ordinary workers have been burying the dead from the war.

20,000 dead in Mariupol. Lie. The fake local mayor says 20,000 people were killed in the city. The real mayor says that 5,000 people were killed there, but note that locals say 85% of the destruction was by the Ukrainians. Every time the Ukrainians retreated from an area, they bombarded the buildings in the area. This makes sense if they see these as hostile civilians.

Locals were ordered at gunpoint to bury bodies in Mariupol, otherwise they would get no food. Lie. The locals deny this charge. They have no complaints about the Russians at all.

Russian soldiers shoot at convoys of civilians leaving Mariupol. Lie. On the contrary, locals all say that Ukrainians have been firing on these convoys because they are enemy civilians and because they want to use the civilians as human shields.

Russia would not let people leave Mariupol and would not let humanitarian convoys come in. Lie. On the contrary, the Russians have been allowing everyone to leave and they have brought in vast amounts of humanitarian aid. 99% of the people in Mariupol support Russia! Why would Russia and especially the separatists (the civilians are literally their own people) attack their own civilian loyalists? It makes no sense!

Right now, 120,000 people are “trapped” in Mariupol with no food, water, shelter, or medical care. Lie. They will all die if they cannot evacuate. Anyone who wants to can evacuate anytime they want to. The people staying want to be there. There is food, water, and medical care for everyone. Shelter is an issue but they are working on it. No one is trapped in Mariupol!

Russia is hindering the evacuation of these 120,000 along with 1,000 civilians in the steel mill. Lie. First of all, there are ~200 civilians in the steel mill and they can leave anytime they want to. Russia opens humanitarian corridors every day but no one uses them. The people may not want to leave as they may be the wives and children of the fighters or the fighters may be forcing them to stay to use them as shields.

There are 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the mill. 500 are wounded. They will die soon if they are not let out. Lie. They can leave anytime they want to. Problem is that they will have to surrender and they will be taken as POW’s by the Russians. I guess they don’t want to do that.

The Mariupol humanitarian crisis is horrendous and something must be done so the UN and NATO is getting involved! Lie. Supposedly they just want to get the civilians out but (((Zelensky))) the (((biggest liar in the universe))), actually has other plans that he is involving the UN and NATO in. He doesn’t just want those civilians out. He wants those wounded to be given an escape corridor too! Sorry! Russia says all the wounded have to surrender and be taken POW. This is all a big lying scam to get his wounded soldiers out!

Every time (((Zelensky))) opens his (((mouth))), he’s (((lying))). He’s a lying, despicable, little fascist turd and he is a Nazi in a sense.

Understand that Banderist Nazism is mostly anti-Russians. Remember how Hitler felt about Jews? Well, that’s how Banderists feel about Russians. It’s “exterminate the Russians.” This is the political philosophy of Ukrainian society including its ruling elite. There are a number of Jews in the Nazi battalions with swastika tattoos. There is a photo of a Jewish Ukrainian battalion fighter with a yarmulke on preying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. On his upper back you can see a swastika tattoo. Welcome to Ukraine! Where Jews and Nazis work hand in hand!s

Russia keeps foiling the humanitarian corridors in Mariupol. Lie. The Ukrainians will set one up and say, “Everyone go to this place and a bus will come take you to Ukrainian territory.” The Russians say ok. The people come to the spot at the time and the Ukrainians shell the spot where the people are gathered! After they do this, they blame the Russians and say the Russians attacked a gathering place for evacuees. It is in Russia’s advantage to have as few civilians as possible in any of these cities. It is in the Ukrainians to keep the civilians there to use them as shields to hide behind.

In Volnovakha, Ukrainians shelled the whole village when they retreated. Some stayed behind as snipers and shot civilians walking the streets. For a long time they were killing civilians  who tried to leave the city by humanitarian corridors. Everyone in Volnovakha says the Russian soldiers were very kind to them. All of the women in Mariupol are shocked of the allegations of Russian soldiers raping women in places they occupied. Why didn’t Russia commit any war crimes like rape, murder, execution, torture, looting, etc. in the Donbass cities it occupied? Huh?

And old lady and a 14 year old girl were raped by Russian soldiers in a village near Nikolaev. Lie. Reporters went to this city and they said they loved the Russians. They laughed when told about the rapes and said they never happened.

The people in Kerson and surrounding areas hate the Russians and live under the terror of Russian occupation. Lie. Yes, there are some people holding demonstrations sometimes telling the Russians to leave. There are pro-Ukrainians in the south. We went into the reasons for this earlier.

Yes, there is an armed underground in Kerson and surrounding area. Neither has a lot of support. Incidentally, a blogger who murdered by these guerrillas simply for reporting fairly on life under occupation. Russians provided food, water, medical care, you name it, in this area. All of the public works are working again and they are setting up local police forces and militias. They have appointed mayors and city officials in a lot of places and fired the people who won’t go along. The Russians don’t do much about these demonstrations. A few injuries here or there.

The main thing is that most people in the Kerson region are absolutely with Russia. For a long time, the main thing you heard on the street was, “Please don’t leave.” People say this because they think if the Russians leave, the Ukrainians will come back in  and kill everyone who cooperated with the Russians by labeling them collaborators and saboteurs. This is what they did in Bucha and other places.

A mayor was murdered in Lugansk for being pro-Russian. The Ukrainians murdered their very own top government official on the negotiating team with Russia for being open to peace with Russia. The SBU shot him in the head in broad daylight. These are the people we are supporting! They’re a bunch of Nazis!

Anyway, the tone of the people in region has now changed and instead of “please don’t leave,” it is now, “How do I get a Russian passport?” As you can see, the vast majority here are pro-Russian.

Russia bombed Nikolaev and killed some kids. Lie. Russia fired some cruise missiles outside of town. The Ukrainians tried to intercept one with anti-aircraft fire and one of the shells hit a building, causing casualties.

Russia shelled a railway station at Kramatorsk where civilians were lining up to leave. Lie. 85-90% of the people in that town support Russia. Why would Russia kill their own supporters? Russia wants them to leave. It is the Ukrainians who want them to stay to use them as shields. Everyone in that town says that the Ukrainians fired that rocket at the train station in order to blame the Russians.

The missile was a Toschka missile, but only Ukraine uses those. Russia phased them out two years ago and destroyed their stock. They don’t have or use this weapon. Further, the serial number on the missile proved that it was part of a stock of missiles that were in Ukrainian hands. We can tell this by matching it up with other Toschka missiles they have fired from the same batch.

Also the trajectory of the missile shows that it could only have been fired from the southwest, which was Ukrainian territory. Kramatorsk authorities hate the locals for supporting the separatists. They often stop cars at gunpoint and steal them from locals just because they can. Ukraine regards these civilians as hostile, so it makes sense that they would target them.

Some Ukrainian soldiers tried to surrender in Donetsk and instead were shot by Russian soldiers. Unknown. That’s the first we have heard of this. In fact, all of the Ukrainian POW’s say they are being treated very well. In fact, they are shocked at how well they are being treated. They were told that Russians were killing everyone who surrendered so a lot are crying and pissing their pants when they surrender, begging not to be killed. They are completely stunned when they are not killed or even tortured or beaten but instead are treated very well.

If the Russians killed soldiers trying to surrender, that would be very bad, but it would be the first case like this. We have endless reports of Ukrainians killing, beating, torturing, and mutilating Russian POW’s. Many Ukrainian units say that they never take any POW’s. They simply shoot all of them.

A Ukrainian soldier testified that his unit rarely took prisoners and simply shot most of them. A Ukrainian soldier said his unit was ordered to shoot civilians that had been captured and had their hands tied behind their backs. They refused to and were thrown in a pit. They escaped and managed to surrender. There are videos of Ukrainian forces murdering Russian POW’s. The head of the Ukrainian medical service said he issued an order to castrate all Russian POW’s.

This guy is a physician! He’s on video saying that too. We have photographs of Russian POW’s who have had a finger cut off. POW’s returned to the separatists were often missing fingers and sometimes limbs and at times were castrated. This has been going on for eight years now. That doesn’t count the many separatists who were simply executed outright.

We now have reports from hospitals right over the border in Russia that POW’s are coming back missing fingers and castrated. However, they are under strict orders not to report this for some weird reason. There are photos of these POW’s after they have been mutilated being passed around by wives and family of these men. I have not seen one yet. Actually there were reports like this from the start of the war about POW’s being returned missing limbs or castrated.

The Zelensky administration has openly stated that they refuse to follow the Geneva Conventions for treatment of POW’s, and they refuse to follow any of the Geneva Conventions about the laws of war. They stated this in communications to the British government. I’m not surprised.

A missile was fired at Kherson overnight. It is not known who shot the missile. Lie. The missile was shot by Ukraine. They were aiming at the administration building.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been kidnapped and taken to Russia. They were taken against their will. Lie. These people are refugees and they either fled to or asked to be taken to Russia. There they have been put it filtration camps which are like concentration camps. Lie. Some have been taken far east all the way to Siberia. Lie. People have been taken all over Russia, some all the way to Siberia. That is because they are staying with relatives!

Many orphans have been kidnapped and taken to separatist areas or Russia. Lie. Their parents were killed in the war. What to do with the kids? They’re all from separatist areas, so they were placed in separatist zones or in Russia. Where else are they going to put them? Russian families are caring for them.

A child was kidnapped and taken to Russia. He asked to go back to Ukraine to be reunited with his father. True. This was a mix-up. When he asked to go back to Ukraine, this request was granted.

Russians in Kherson are now preventing Ukrainians from fleeing north to Ukrainian held territory. True. But this might not be unusual in an active war zone.

A fake referendum is being planned for Kherson to vote to see if they want to be independent. Lie. The vote will apparently be free and fair. Most people in the region want to go independent. The pro-Ukrainians are a minority.

Russian artillery hit Kharkiv, causing casualties. Afterwards there was a double tap strike to hit the first responders. Probable lie. From our sources in Kharkiv, people in the city say that most if not all of the strikes in the city (at least 90%) are Ukrainian forces shelling their own city!

No one quite knows why they are doing this. Apparently it is mostly being done to blame the Russians. A lot of this is being done by the nationalist battalions. This has been going on in Kharkiv for some time now. Many people in Kharkiv support Russia, so presumably the Ukrainians feel that they are shooting at hostile civilians. Also, Russia doesn’t do double tap strikes.

Russian soldiers are engaging in mass looting in the areas they occupy. Probable lie. We are not getting any reports of this out of the Donbass. Reports are coming from north of Kiev. Uncertain. Looting is a violation of Russian military law and the punishment is pretty serious. No commander would give his troops a command that allowed them to loot an area. For one, he would be defying Putin himself. Also no officer would give his soldiers a command that allowed them to rape and murder Ukrainian civilians.

If he gave any of these orders, Russian soldiers have stated that he would be arrested by his own troops! That’s how professional the army is. Also rape and especially deliberate murder of civilians is against Russian law and I understand that the penalties for this are serious, especially in this war where Putin himself has given an order not to harm civilians.

Instead, the best analysis of looting reports is coming from Ukrainian civilians who say that gangs of ordinary citizens and in particular the terror battalions are engaging in mass looting. And elements of the Ukrainian army are also doing a lot of looting. No one quite knows why they are doing this.

Russian soldiers were photographed carrying washing machines out of a civilian house as they looted it. Lie. Those are Ukrainian soldiers. Why they are looting, I have no idea.

Russian soldiers are engaging in mass looting, and they are sending the stuff in packages to Belarus and Russia where their relatives pick them up. Lie. Apparently there is no way to do this if you are in the Russian army. It’s simply not possible.

An investigation found that most (~85%?) of the people killed in Bucha were killed by Russian artillery. Lie. Small darts called flechettes were found in their bodies. While this nasty weapon is not illegal, its use in populated areas is prohibited, as with phosphorus. The problem here is that Russians don’t use shells with flechettes.

They consider it to be a nasty weapon that should be illegal and they don’t want to use it for that reason. Bucha was occupied by Russians the whole time. All of the artillery that fell on the city was Ukrainian. Russians would not shoot artillery at their own city that they themselves control! Why would they do that? So most of those killed in Bucha were killed by Ukrainian artillery.

Mass graves were found in Bucha containing up to 400 bodies. Lie. No one knows how many bodies are in those graves. The best analysis is that there may be 90 bodies there. 76 of those bodies can be seen being buried in a video from Bucha dated March 12. In the video, the people burying the bodies say that they were local terror battalion forces. Apparently they put up a fight at first but were quickly overwhelmed by the Russians. There is no good evidence that any of those people were killed by Russia!

People in Bucha are terrified of Russia coming back and welcome the Ukrainians. Lie. In fact, we are now in possession of a letter from a Bucha native who fled to Kiev early in the war. He had been in touch with people in town the whole time. The people in town told him that when the Russians left, the Ukrainian army came in and cleaned out whole apartment buildings. The next day, several men were found murdered. They were locksmiths, etc. that the army had hired to break into the apartments and steal stuff. They were murdered to cover up witnesses.

Also Ukrainian forces raided a small village and looted about everything that could not be tied down. A local came out and told them to stop and the Ukrainians shot him dead and left him in his yard! This comes straight from people in Bucha!

There are now 4-5,000 people in Bucha and they are all terrified of the Ukrainian soldiers. They are very deferential in a “don’t kill me, please” way. This man says that the remaining people in Bucha all think that the Ukrainian armed forces killed those people who were murdered in that town.

The argument is that the Ukrainians killed people who were “saboteurs” and “collaborators.” That ended up meaning everyone who wore a white armband to show that they were friendly to the Russians. They also shot people who took food supplies from Russians. And in particular, they killed people who helped organize the relief efforts in the cities.

The remaining residents of Bucha are all terrified of the Ukrainian armed groups, and the letter writer said at the moment, everyone in the city wants Russia to come back and control the town again because things were much safer in Bucha when the Russians were there and at least the Russians did not murder people or steal stuff when they controlled the town.

In addition, a large number of people in Kharkiv aged 25-50 who were soft supporters of the government have now gone over to the side of Russia. After Bucha, most of this group thinks that it was the Ukrainians who executed those people, not the Russians. These people now support Russia and they think it would be better to be ruled by Russia than to be ruled by Ukrainian murderers.

A very large number of women report being raped in the towns north of Kiev. Lie. First of all, the Kiev police say that they can only verify one rape in the Kiev region since the start of the war. That’s out of 100 reported rapes. The rapes are coming from Ukrainian organizations that are themselves suspect. The argument is that 100 women got raped but only one reported it because the rape victims “are afraid to talk to the cops.” Get out of her. That doesn’t pass the smell test.

As we noted above, for a Russian soldier to rape a Ukrainian woman, especially in this war where Putin has ordered civilians to be treated decently, carries some very serious penalties. Any commander allowing his forces to do that would probably be arrested by his own troops.

Given the fact that from Putin to the commanders, no one is sanctioning raping Ukrainian women and all are disallowing it, one wonders how so much of this is going around. Are these rogue soldiers doing all this raping? A Russian journalist spent the first month of the war in the towns around Kiev.

A Ukrainian journalist who is not pro-Russia also spent that period in  those towns. Both reported that they never saw or heard of any civilians being deliberately and seriously harmed by Russian soldiers in any of these towns. Somehow these stories only start up after the Russians leave.

While they are there, we never hear a peep. After they leave there is a flood of allegations. This doesn’t pass the smell test. If this had been happening while the Russians were there, stories would have been leaking out. The fact that the stories only show up after they leave implies that they are concocted after the Russians depart.

None of these rape cases has been corroborated. We do not have names, dates, or details of any raped women. We do not have any names, dates, and details of the alleged Russian rapists. Sure there could have been rogue Russian soldiers, but we would have heard about it while they were occupying the towns. People talk. Basically none of these war crime stories of Kiev can be confirmed at the moment.

A photo of several teenage girl minors who were raped by Russian soldiers has been presented to the media. A few of the girls became pregnant. After a single rape? Wait a minute. Lie. The photo is here. The six women have all been captured by the Russians.

It turns out that they are all Ukrainian spies for the Psychological Operations Unit of the Ukrainian military. As you can see, they are hardly teenagers anymore, and they’re so unattractive they’re hardly worth raping anyway, in my humble opinion. And furthermore, none of them show signs of pregnancy. So we can see that the rapes story is starting to fall apart already with good explanations for what is really going on.

Russia is “stealing Ukrainian grain” by shipping wheat grown in Kherson to Russia. Lie. Actually this is not true at all. This is from an article that appeared on a Russian website. However, the article had been placed there by Ukrainian hackers.

Ukraine has recaptured many towns in the South and near Kharkiv. Lie. In general, those towns were never occupied by Russia in the first place. They were in the twilight zone and not occupied by either force.

Russia has suffered from 10,000 (US) to 15,000 (UK) to God knows how many (Ukraine) deaths in the war. Lie. I would estimate losses at 5,000 men but that could be high.

Putin and his aides are threatening nuclear war. Lie. This is not true. They are just warning that this war could get out of control real fast, which is true.

There is a danger of Russia using nuclear weapons or tactical nuclear weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t use tactical nuclear weapons. One two countries, the most evil on Earth, use those monstrous weapons: the US and Israel.

There is a danger of Russia using chemical weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t have any chemical weapons. They destroyed all of their stores in 2017. On the contrary, I believe the US still retains them.

There is a danger of Russia using biological weapons. Lie. Russia doesn’t have any biological weapons and they don’t use them. It’s the US that makes bioweapons at its 330 bioweapons labs around the world, including 28 in Ukraine.

Russia and China are making up a conspiracy theory about the US researching and making bioweapons. Lie. I studied this a long time and it does appear that the US indeed studies and makes bioweapons in these labs. Whether they have deployed any recently is another matter and this to me in uncertain.

Lyme disease was created from a US bioweapon. True. This appears to be the case. The previous versions were not very virulent. The US was studying Lyme at one of its bioweapons labs on the East Coast and one of them got loose and went wild on an island. They thought they could contain it on an island but it somehow made it off the island.

The US has never used bioweapons in wartime. Lie. The US indeed used bioweapons in the first year of the Korean War. There were some casualties, including up to 800 US soldiers killed by one that got away somehow. They were dropped in cages with birds, rodents, and insects.

Areas where they were dropped soon experienced mini-epidemics, but the casualties were not severe. The next year the program was cancelled but the US kept flying missions and dropping these items over North Korea, but now these creatures had no bioweapons in them. It was all a fake-out to scare the North Koreans after they had dropped real bioweapons the year before.

The US has never used bioweapons in peacetime. Lie. The US caused a swine flu epidemic in Cuba’s pig herd in the 1970’s, wiping it out. This is documented.

Russia is running out of weapons and men and will run out in days/weeks/a month. Lie. They’ve been saying this for some time and all of the deadlines have passed. it’s not true.

Russian forces suffer from poor command and control, poor battlefield tactics, and low morale. Lie. Apparently none of these are true.

Russian troops are bombing hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. Lie. All of these facilities are vacant and the Ukrainian army has made a happen of using these empty facilities to house weapons and troops.

Russia fired cluster bomb artillery at Kharkiv. Lie. Only Ukraine uses cluster bombs.

Russia uses cluster bombs on Ukrainian civilians. Lie. Russia doesn’t use these weapons. They think they are nasty and evil and they don’t wish to use them as a result. On the other hand, Ukraine has used cluster bombs many times in this war.

Russia is using white phosphorus in this war, a banned weapon. Lie. It’s only banned in populated areas. Russia doesn’t use it at all, as they think it’s an evil weapon that they want no part of. All of the white phosphorus claims have been Russian illumination flares.

The town of Borodianka near Kiev was destroyed by Russian artillery and in particular, a huge apartment building had the middle of it blown out by Russian shelling. Lie. This town was occupied by Russia the whole time, hence all of the artillery deaths were due to Ukrainian artillery. All of the massive destruction in the town is due to the same thing. The apartment building with the middle of it blown down was hit by Ukrainian MLRS artillery. Few if any deaths in this town can be attributed to Russia; in fact, I would say none.

Russia has supply line problems. Lie. Apparently not true.

Russia is making slow, uneven, and incremental progress in Donbass and has gained very little ground. Lie. On the contrary in the last couple of weeks, Russian troops have gained quite a bit of territory, especially around Izyum. And they just took control of all of Kherson state.

The entire world is against Russia and is sanctioning them. Russia is being cancelled from the world. Lie. 12% of the world’s population is sanctioning or cancelling Russia. That includes the Anglosphere, most of Europe, and occupied Japan and South Korea. 88% of the world is not sanctioning or cancelling Russia. That’s almost the entire world.

Russia has conducted a number of false flag operations in Transdniestria in order to expand the conflict to a new country, Moldavia. Lie. The last thing Russia needs is an expanded conflict. That’s what Ukraine and NATO want. The bigger the conflict the more resources Russia has to expend to stop it. Also there is a huge supply depot of 20,000 tons of ammunition in this area.

It is guarded by 1,500 Russian peacekeepers and another 5,000 soldiers of the Transdniestrian Army. I’m not sure if that ammo is any good anymore, but top Ukrainians have been saying that they want to seize that ammo dump and if that ammo is any good, they could fight for years with it.

In fact, all of the attacks with RPG’s, automatic weapons, drones, and mortars have been done by Ukraine in an effort to expand the conflict. Every time Ukraine does one of these attacks, they and NATO say “Russia just did another false flag.” Also one of the drone attacks on an airport used NATO ammunition.

Ukraine, NATO and the US all insist that Ukraine is winning the war. Lie. They also say that Ukraine can win this war. That’s quite dubious if not an actual falsehood. There’s no way Ukraine can win this war. In the first place, they are getting destroyed on the battlefield and they are running out of bodies.

Russia is making slow progress because of fierce Ukrainian resistance and because Russia is losing the war. Lie. Russia is going very slowly in part because they are trying to save civilian lives, especially in the Donbass and also because they are trying to take as few casualties as possible. When you use a lot of men and try to move very fast, you can take a lot of casualties. In the early part of the war, Russia used long convoys of forces but these were vulnerable to attack. They don’t do that anymore and now they use slow, nimble convoys.

According to Canada, Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine. Lie. That’s just flat out false. They’ve killed a lot of soldiers but only a few civilians. There is no effort to wipe out the Ukrainians and in fact, a lot of infrastructure has been preserved because as Putin says, “After the war, we will live with the Ukrainians.” No one says that when they are in the midst of genociding another people. Forget it.

Russia is isolated in the world and alone due to condemnation, sanctions, and cancelling. Lie. How is it that when 12% of the world is against you and 88% of the world is not, that country is
“isolated in the world” and in danger of being all alone with no friends. That’s absurd.

Poland is no longer buying Russian oil because the idiots refused to pay for it in rubles. Lie. In fact, Poland is continuing to buy Russian oil but they are buying it from Germany! LOL, idiots.

Bulgaria hates Russia and has refused to buys Russian oil and gas with rubles, so Russia cut them off. Partly false. Bulgaria is completely divided. The population is very pro-Russian due to links via the languages, the history of the Slavs, and the Orthodox religion. Half of the government, the Socialists, are pro-Russia and the other half is anti-Russia. But the government doesn’t represent the people anyway.

Europeans support their countries flooding Ukraine with weapons in a doomed war. Lie, in part. In France for instance, 65% of the population opposes giving weapons to Ukraine. Of course, the (((Rothschild’s man))), (((Macron))), is sending a lot of weapons to Ukraine. But he’s going against his people.

Russia is making nuclear threats if Finland and Sweden join NATO. Lie. The Baltic Sea is a nuclear weapons-free zone, which means no submarines with nuclear weapons. Russia says it will end that policy and begin putting nuclear armed submarines in the Sea if they join NATO. This is nothing as there are nuclear-armed submarines,  many of them American, cruising the world’s seas all the time.

Russia committed the Holodomor, when they stole all of Ukraine’s food, deliberately murdering 10-15 million Ukrainians, or 8 million, or however many million. Lie. First of all, this was the Soviet Union and a country run by Communists. That country no longer exists. In its place we have Russia and many new countries, including Ukraine. Russia is a capitalist country and it is not run by Communists, certainly not the same Communists who ran the USSR.

Saying Russia = the USSR is ridiculous and absurd, but that’s what everyone in the West is doing. Also there was no terror famine. There was a harvest collapse for a variety of reasons, but it was not intentional. Most people died in Eastern Ukraine, which was pro-USSR. There were also many deaths in the pro-Stalin Volga region. Hundreds of thousands died in Poland. Did Stalin steal their food and kill them too? Many died in Kazakhstan. Was Stalin trying to murder them? 1 million died in Siberia. Did Stalin hate Siberians. The Holodomor myth is nothing but garbage.

Russia is taking massive losses in the East while making only tiny progress. Lie. Losses have been acceptable, maybe 1/4 of Ukrainian losses. It is Ukraine that is getting massacred by the latest Russian offensive. They have probably lost ~25,000 men.

Russia is sending huge numbers of conscripts to the war zone as it is running out of soldiers. Lie. There were some conscripts present in the early stage of the war, but they were quickly withdrawn when the Russian media got hold of the information.

There is mass opposition in Belarus to the war in Ukraine. Lie. On the contrary, the people strongly support it. Lukashenko won with 80% last election. He usually gets 75-80% in most elections. The figure was corroborated by independent exit polls. The Ukrainian opposition is unpopular.

They only get 20% of the vote and the only support they have is among the young “rich kids” in the capital who want to be “rich like Europeans.” The older people and the rural areas are all with Lukashenko. The opposition’s threats to shut down most state industry is not going over well either because half the country will be out of a job. In addition, as in Ukraine, the opposition is extremely pro-Nazi. All of the heroes of Belarussian nationalism are Nazis from World War 2, once again mirroring Ukraine.

There are only a tiny number of Nazis in Ukraine. Lie. The far right parties only get 1-2% in elections. Yes, but they got 35% in West Ukraine in a recent election when they got 12%, and in Lviv, they got 50%. However, the Ukrainian military consists of 40% members of the national battalions. The nationalist battalions are all Nazis or fascists, 100% of them. So 40% of the Ukrainian military are Nazis or fascists.

And a certain number of the rank and file soldiers are too. However, I think a lot of the more recent converts can be denazified, and maybe even some of the hardcores can be terrorized into giving up the ideology. To be honest though? How long do I think it would take to denazify Ukraine? I would estimate 40-60 years. Believe it or not, that’s about how long it took Germany. I’m not kidding.

We have already discussed how Ukrainian nationalism is pretty much fascism or Nazism anyway, and there doesn’t seem to be any possibility of a sane or non-fascist, non-Nazi Ukrainian nationalism. However, there was such a thing in the USSR, especially under Lenin in the first ten years of the USSR. Later Stalin came in and it was not so good after that.

The USSR and later Russia, via the legacy of the former, destroyed the Ukrainian language in Ukraine. It will take a long time to build it back up. Lie. First of all, Ukrainian is not much spoken in the East. There they speak Russian. They speak an excellent and very pure, if maybe archaic, form of Russian from 200 years ago under Catherine the Great in Crimea, Odessa, and the rest of the south. These were the malarial swamps that were drained and settled with Russian settlers and shipyard workers starting in 1812 with the conquest of the Tatars and the acquisition of Crimea.

I’m not sure what is spoken in the far West, but the people in the Donbass say it is hard to understand them. It’s for all intents and purposes a separate language. It’s probably a heavily Polonized form of Ukrainian.

The purest real Ukrainian is spoken in the center of Ukraine from Dnepropetrovsk north to Kiev. The Russian spoken in the Donbass and north to Kharkiv may be somewhat Ukrainized. However, many Ukrainians can at least understand Russian and most but not all can speak it, even if they prefer Ukrainian.

Since 2014, there has been a purist linguistic project aimed at removing Russianisms from the Ukrainian language and replacing them with “pure” Ukrainian forms, mostly Polish words. I’m not sure how well it is working. However, Ukrainian is now widely spoken across the whole country other than the east and the south. And Ukrainian reigns in printed literature. A Russian speaker who lived in Kiev said that she found it hard to buy Russian-language books there, especially novels, as most such were in Ukrainian.

Russians are mass conscripting military aged men in Melitopol. Uncertain. Probable lie. This makes no sense. Russia is only using half of its contract army and none of its reserves. And that’s not counting the vast army of conscripts it recruits every year. So they have to dragoon people off the streets of Melitopol. Not buying it!

Russians have no support from the locals in Kherson, so they cannot hold their referendum. Lie. I’m not sure what the actual figures are, but I think a good 75-80% of the population in this region is for Russia. The rest are for Ukraine, but as you can see, they are a minority.

New video shows Russian soldiers standing next to dead bodies in Bucha on March 12, proving that Russians killed those people. Lie. First of all, those people were probably killed by Ukrainian artillery. Also many terror battalion forces were killed around this time. This proves nothing. Also the implication is that those are the same bodies lying there on April 2 when the media came back to Bucha. But for that to be true those bodies would have had to have lain there for almost three weeks. Looking at those b bodies, it’s obvious that none have been dead more than a day or so.

A video shows a civilian vehicle proceeding up a road outside Kiev when he sees military vehicles, possibly a Russian column. Probable lie. He turns around and then stops his car when he sees men in black in the road. He gets out of his car to show them he is a civilian, and the men come out of the woods and shoot him dead. I understand that this is a local terrorbat or terrorbatallion. I don’t know why they shot him. Russian troops don’t dress in all black.

Russia deliberately attacked a field hospital at Avostal. Lie. That hospital must have been a ways underground and I don’t think the Russians can see what’s going on down in those catacombs. I doubt if they knew they were hitting a hospital.

Russia stole 2,000 artworks from Mariupol. Doubtful. They probably took them in for safekeeping during the fighting. 99% of the population supports Russia, so why steal their art? In fact, they were simply moved to Donetsk for safekeeping. Also the museum director handed them over herself! However, most of the museum’s collection was destroyed by Ukrainian nationalist battalions. Also the Ukrainian army set up a command post at the museum. Return fire ended up destroying most of the collection.

Russia bombed a theater in Mariupol, burying 1,000 people under the rubble. Lie. We have already posted information showing that this is a fake and instead the Ukrainian Nazis mined the building’s lower floors and detonated the mines when they retreated. Here is an in depth analysis that shows that the damage comes from a blast in the very depths of the building. In contrast, there is little damage to the roof where a bomb obviously would have hit. This proves that there was no Russian bombing of that theater.

The war aims of NATO are changing now that Ukraine has been doing better on the battlefield. NATO now feels that Ukraine can win. Liz Truss says that the UK thinks it can throw Russia out of all of Ukraine. Lithuania says the goal is to remove Russia from Ukraine. Dubious. Ukraine has not been doing better on the battlefield and Russia has not been doing worse. The chances of Russia being thrown out of Ukraine now look quite dim.

There is a substantial threat that Russia may escalate to nuclear war. Lie. This is just not true. There’s no real threat but a NATO-Russia war, which this already is now, would not be a good thing.

Ukraine defeated Russia in the north of the country. Probably not true. Instead, that seemed to be more of a holding action to tie down troops up north while Russia fought in the south and east. On the other hand, there was an insurgency in some parts of the north, and it’s sort of a pain in the ass to hold land where you are being attacked by insurgents.

NATO is not arming Ukraine. Individual NATO governments are arming it, not NATO. Lie. It’s basically a coordinated NATO maneuver.

Ukraine is not being manipulated into fighting Russia. Lie. NATO has decided to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Ukraine captured an intercepted Russian military audio talking about killing all Ukrainians. Uncertain. In the past, these have been shown to have been manipulated. But soldiers sometimes talk like this in wartime. On the other hand, this is not official government policy nor should it be.

Russia attacked a residential building on purpose in Kiev, killing one and wounding 10. Dubious. They were certainly not aiming at a residential building. It appears that the headquarters of a missile manufacturer is located in that building. But the building next to it could have been hit too.

A teenage girl athlete died in Mariupol due to Russian shelling, the city council reported. Uncertain. That city council is not a legal body now that Mariupol has been incorporated into the DNR, which is a new country. The old city council is pro-Nazi and has no power, and nothing they say is true. We do not know whose shells killed those girls. But residents blame Ukraine for 85% of the destruction in the city, regard Ukrainian troops as their enemies and Russian troops as their rescuers, so you do the math.

Russians are attacking green corridors for civilians to leave Mariupol. Lie. People can leave Mariupol anytime they want to for weeks now. However, this man decided to walk from Mariupol to Zaporozhye. Yes, there are land mines along the way and he was also walking through a war zone. Russia has not guaranteed any green corridor for those walking to Zaporozhye.

Russia is colonizing Ukraine. Lie. It’s not colonization unless you are populating it with your own people or exploiting its resources. It’s also not colonization if the people want to be added to the new country. Consent of the occupied proves there is no colonization. Colonization cannot happen with assent. Territories occupied in wartime by a foreign force are not being colonized. They are being occupied. But if you settle them with your own people, now you are colonizing it.

Russians deliberately destroyed the water supply in Nikolaev. Lie. We don’t know what happened here, but Russia doesn’t shut down electricity, water, power, etc. in the towns it occupies or even attacks. The people who have been shutting off all of these essential services in these cities under attack have been the Ukrainians! No one knows why they are doing it but people think it is to create a crisis humanitarian situation that they can blame Russia on.

I know that in Kharkiv the local government was shutting off all the basic services and refusing to provide people with food or water. They were also evicting people from shelters so the army could take over. Actually I believe in this case, it was the mayor of Nikolaev himself who shut the water off and told people to get water from rivers.

Russians are deliberately attacking ambulances in Kharkiv. Lie. The local residents say 90% of the shelling of the city is being done by the Ukrainian government themselves so they can blame the Russians. Also the population is considered rather pro-Russian, so they may be seen as hostile. Ukrainian forces attack civilian populations they think of as hostile.

Security guarantees are not the same thing as NATO membership. Lie. They might as well be and Russia will never agree to this nonsense.

Russians are forcing schools in Kherson to switch to a Russian curriculum. True. But most of the population probably wants to join the republics or Russia anyway, and most people support Russia, so who cares?

Russia bombed a hospital in Makariv near Kiev. Probably not. The town was occupied by Russia the whole time, so all of the artillery damage was due to Ukrainian shelling. No doubt this hospital was hit with Ukrainian shells.

Ukraine has been a Russian colony for 350 years. During that time it has tried to erase Ukrainian nationhood, the Ukrainian language, etc. Not completely true. I am not here to defend Russia’s efforts to deny Ukrainian nationhood and language, which are severely exacerbating this conflict. However, the true historic Ukraine is only in the very center of the country. All of the rest was always just Russia. The south got added to Russia by Catherine the Great in 1812. The west was always just Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was only added by Stalin in 1939. The entire east was always just Russia and it was added by Lenin in 1917. Crimea was always Russia and it was added by Khrushchev in 1953 because he was a Ukrainian. The Ukrainian language was not attacked to my knowledge during the USSR. It may have been proscribed before that time. And it has not been attacked since Ukraine went independent. There have been no attacks on the Ukrainian language for a century. Anyway the true historical Ukraine only covers an area in the center, maybe 20-25% of the country. The rest was always just Poland and Russia. Russia refers to Ukraine as Little Russia or Malorussia as an insult. Lie. The word actually carries more the meaning of Central Russia in Russian. But even Little Russia is not meant to be insulting. It only implies that Ukraine is a smaller country that is really just a part of Russia like Belarus.

Ukraine is not a hotbed of woke culture and Globohomo. Lie. As you can see below in the nonsense that could have been written by BLM and CRT idiots, woke culture has taken off in Ukraine, so it’s now a “woke Nazi” country. Most woke SJW types are now strongly pro-Ukraine, so they are actually woke Nazis or SJW Nazis. I know that sounds weird because they call everyone else Nazis, but they are Nazis themselves! As many have been noting, they are quite authoritarian or totalitarian. As you can see, Ukraine went full woketard. As soon as the Nazi revolution happened in 2014, a gay pride parade happened in Kiev very quickly afterwards. So this is a sort of gay Nazism or LGBTQ Nazism or Globohomo Nazism. So we can now see the connections between woke and SJW culture, Globohomo, Western imperialism, ISIS and Al Qaeda headchoppers and out and out Nazism. None of it makes any sense at all, but imperial projects rarely do. They’re all just a means to an end.

Russia has been stealing farmers and ag companies of their equipment and crops, blowing up storage facilities, and trying to starve Ukrainians and halt Ukrainian crop exports. Uncertain. This is certainly a bizarre charge all right, and we do not know enough about whether there is anything to it. This entire area is pro-Russia, so it boggles the mind why Russians would attack the very farmers who support them.

We haven’t been able to verify any reports of theft of crops or equipment. One photo of stolen Ukrainian equipment in Chechnya was a fake. It was just a photo of some equipment in Chechnya. Why would Russia try to starve its own supporters? Why steal from your own supporters? Why try to Ukraine from exporting crops? None of this makes much sense.

Russia blew up an apartment building in Borodyanka. Lie. It was in front of this building that the head of the UN, the Ukrainian agent Antonio Guterres, gave his speech implicitly blaming Russia for the destruction of the building. However, Russia occupied this city the whole time, so all of the artillery damage here is caused by the Ukrainians. This specific damage has been proven to have been caused by Ukrainian MLRS launchers. However, it has been blamed on Russia by the West ever since photos of it emerged.

Alt Left: Happy Birthday, Vladimir Illych


KPRF, Moscow. General Secretary Zyuganov in three of the photos. Wearing a red tie, natch.

Melitopol, Novorussia

Genichesk, Kherson Region, Novorussia. They even put a red flag on city hall!

Minsk, Belarus

Kolkata, India

Hanoi, Vietnam

Alt Left: Why Were the Russians in Bucha?

Anonymous: Any idea why they were in Bucha?

You mean what was with the Kievan thrust, so to speak?

There are two minds about this. One says they tried to conquer Kiev, but there was too much resistance and they failed, so they withdrew.

The other theory was that this feint to the north was just a maneuver to pin down a lot of the Ukrainian Army while the Russians worked on Donbass, Mariupol, south of Kharkiv and the Kerson/Nikolaev region.

Actually, no one is quite sure what they are doing down in the south either. Obviously they want to hold the areas that they currently occupy, but do they want to occupy more land? We don’t really know.

I’m of the second opinion that it was just a maneuver.

Alt Left: In the 19th Century, Was the Assimilation of the Jews Was Part of the Progressive Project

Polar Bear: Roman anti-Semitism sought assimilation.

Then it’s not anti-Semitism, except according to crazy Jews, but crazy Jews think every other thing in the world is anti-Semitism, so who cares what they think!

Actually, when the Jews came out of the ghettos after Napoleon after the Great Liberation in 1815, they were seriously damaged from centuries of totalitarian rule by mystical, obscurantist, and frankly idiotic rabbis. They’d been living in a stupid obscurantist dictatorship for centuries, and they were all screwed up from it.

When they first emerged, most Gentiles were appalled by what they saw. The Jews were not in good shape at all, and they didn’t act very good either. I suppose conservatives just hated them, but progressives took it upon themselves to help these Jews to be cured of the damage from the ghettos.

Hence the progressive cause in Europe during the first half of the 19th Century was the assimilation of the Jews. That was the liberal, Left, and later on socialist project. It wouldn’t be seen that way now, but that’s too bad.

Part of the problem with Israel is that those Jews are too Jewish, as my Judeophilic mother would say. “They’re really really Jewish,” as she put it. Super Jews would call my Mom an antisemite for saying that, but she’s a Judeophile all the way. I’ve heard of American Jews who went to Israel to live and they left soon afterwards. “Too many damn Jews!…That place is just too damned Jewish!” were the complaints.

I think Jews are kind of like spices in a stew. A few of them can have a lot of great qualities and be of immense benefit to society, particularly in terms of the intellectual disciplines and the arts. But too many Jews in one place just doesn’t seem to work. You ever wonder why New Yorkers have the reputation of being rude, belligerent assholes? Because the place is full of Jews, that’s why! Too much spice spoils the stew, as it overwhelms all the other flavors, but a bit of spice can really make a dish into something special. And so it is with the Jews.

In general, the less assimilated the Jews, the worse they act. The more assimilated they are, the better they behave. That’s probably true of a lot of groups, not just them. A lot of “pure” cultures aren’t really that great.

The melting pot is a great idea. It tones down a lot of the nasty elements of the pure cultures which are its ingredients, while at the same time, it allows the good aspects of these cultures to flower. And there is a sort of hybrid vigor that ends up as the main culture – not too extreme, with a cultivation of all the good things and a condemnation of all the bad things and not too much of any one particular element to “spoil the stew.”

Quiet Riot, “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

I just recently got into this song, but damn, it sure is good! From 1983!

Well, I’m an axegrinder
Mother says that I never never mind her

Got no brains
I’m insane
Teacher says that I’m one big pain

I’m like a laser
6-streamin’ razor
I got a mouth like an alligator

I want it louder
More power
I’m gonna rock ya till it strikes the hour

Bang your head! Metal health’ll drive you mad
Band your head! Metal health’ll drive you mad

Well I’m frustrated
I really want to be over-rated

I’m a finder
And I’m a keeper
I’m not a loser and I ain’t no weeper

I got the boys
To make the noise
Won’t ever let up – hope it annoys you

Join the pack
Fill the crack
Well, now you’re here, there’s no way back

Alt Left: Azmi Bishara, “Ways of Denial”

Repost from the old site. Azmi Bishara, an Israeli Arab Parliamentarian and university professor, published an excellent article in the Egyptian paper Al Ahram Weekly in 2007. It’s dated, but it’s very much worth a read. It’s about Holocaust Denial and Zionism and the way that they intertwine.

If I am not mistaken, Bishara was charged with treason for visiting Syria on some sort of a peace mission during or around the time of the Lebanon War. The charges appear to be trumped up. He fled Israel in order not to be prosecuted, and I think he lives in Syria now.

It deals with some issues that continue to confuse many people to this day. What was the cause of the Holocaust?

Why did the Nazis and other Europeans kill the Jews – what made them so angry? What were the essential components of Nazism, and to a lesser extent fascism? What was the response of the Arab Left to the Holocaust? Why has Holocaust Denial taken such a baffling and disturbing root in the Arab and Muslim World?

This work by Bishara is a bit of a tough read in spots, but if you slow down and think about it as you read it, I think most will be able to glean the gist of it. My comments appear in bold. They deal with ultranationalism, ethnic nationalism and its German expression in Nazism, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Zionism and the ways in which these things tangle together.

Ways of Denial

By Azmi Bishara

The Nazi Holocaust aimed to rid Europe of its “Jewish taint”. By this was meant banking capital as opposed to industrial capital and the moral degeneracy, lack of patriotism, scorn for national values, heritage and other such ills caused by the “worm” that ate away at all that was noble and pure in the Germanic people.

That worm was the racial strain that never belonged, that was intrinsically alien and that nevertheless insisted on remaining in order to wreak its pollution; it was European Jewry and its various manifestations including capitalism, communism and liberalism, and its mere presence, according to this diabolical system of thought, that were a scourge to racial purity.

[RL: These lines here are very important. The nationalism that arose in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 1800’s and married itself to emerging racial science was unique. Previously, nationalism had generally not been racial.
Often, anyone could marry into a tribe and become a full-fledged member – in fact, this has been a well-known norm of tribal societies.

The only nations were either tribes or empires, and empires were not racial. A Roman was anyone who lived in the Roman Empire. If you wanted to cross the Mediterranean and move to Rome and speak Latin, you could become a full-fledged Roman. It had nothing to do with any notion of an Italian race of people.

The Persian Empires were made up of individuals of a variety of ethnic groups, only one of which was Persian.
The new nationalism changed all of that. The nation was seen as being only made up of one ethnic group, organically linked to the land through blood, soil and religion, and, tragically, all other groups on the land, including those who had lived there for centuries, were said to be aliens, as they were not part of this organic whole.

The nation was now an area with lines on a map – a territory with borders. Within this area – the nation – a vision formed of the nation as being akin to a human body. Its rivers and lakes were akin to the blood and water in our bodies, and its solid parts were akin to our flesh. The nation had a mind, a soul and emotions, as a human body does.

As we alone – our pure selves – have lived in our human bodies our whole lives, a notion was created that only one ethnic group, a pure ethnic group without outside admixtures, had lived in the national territory for all of recorded history. This people was an organic part of the land, the same as the rivers, rocks and trees.

Indeed, this organic national race was seen, mystically, as almost as much a part of the geological features of the land as the features were likewise seen as a part of the people. A religion and a set of cultural values, always glorious and perfect, was married to this pure people. Their religion and culture was obviously superior to those of their neighbors, if not of everyone else.

The pure people had died and fertilized the soil with their blood, flesh and bones, often in defense of the sacred land. Hence the dirt itself was impregnated with the glorious ancestors of the people.

From this blood-drenched soil sprang the plants and the animals that fed on them. And the soil sprouted crops, and the crops provided food for the animals, and the crops and animals sustained the life of this pure people.

As we prefer our bodies not to be contaminated by poisons, viruses and other unnatural interlopers, so the pure people tended to see the other ethnic groups on the land as akin to viruses coursing through the bloodstream of our bodies.

As we take medicine to rid our bodies of harmful contaminants, so the nation-race suggested “medicine” to rid the “body politic” of those “contaminating” peoples resident on the land who were not part of the pure people.
I have striven to paint a rather elaborate picture here, but if you will try to picture this word-painting in your mind, you will begin to understand the essence of Nazism, and indeed all ultranationalism.

In this way, Jews who had lived in German lands for centuries were still defined as aliens.

The notion of the Jew as representative of banking capital – or “parasitic” capitalism was an old one, but it was married to new organic notions of nationhood that defined industrial capital with “national” capitalists. That is, industrial capital was of the land and the soil; i.e., it was “organic” and “natural” (see above) and was run by true Germans (the pure people).

Industrial capital could not migrate at a whim to other lands, and hence was rooted in the land as a plant is rooted in the soil (this was before outsourcing and offshoring). The Jew was seen as a “rootless cosmopolitan”, having no real (“organic”) ties to the land, and hence, a sort of a suspect traitor by default.

The connection of Jews with lack of patriotism, moral degeneracy, scorn for national values, etc. is another long-standing charge. Diaspora Jews tended to be rebels and were often hostile to their host nations, regarding such nations, often rightly so, as hostile to Jews.
Furthermore, Jews regarded societies with strong national values, especially religious values, as bad for the Jews, again often rightly so.

The connection with Nazism refers to 1920’s Germany, when many liberal Germans were questioning the nation’s values, which they felt had led them into a disastrous war that had ruined the land. Amongst this group were a number of prominent Jewish comedians, actors, filmmakers, play directors, authors, etc.

As Jews were only 1% of the population, Jews could not have dominated this group, but they were prominent enough that the mindset elaborated above, shared by many liberal German Gentiles, became associated with Jewry.

Many German Jews had actually fought bravely for Germany in World War 1, and even in the US, US Jewry largely supported the Germans until the US got into the war, because so many US Jews had German roots, and because Germany was regarded as the cultural center of World Jewry.

Those questioning German values were de facto defined as being unpatriotic. Actually, they were the finest of their generation, and their questioning spirit was right and proper.

Moral degeneracy refers mostly to 1920’s Berlin, teeming with artists, writers, actors, playwrights, directors, drug users, drinkers, prostitutes, and especially homosexuals and bisexuals. Christopher Isherwood comes to mind.
Surely most of these folks were Gentiles, but once again, Jews being prominent in the arts, they were overrepresented among this group, and it came to be associated with Jews. Most Germans were still quite conservative, and the antics of the Berlin crowd outraged a traditional population.

The association of Jews with both capitalism and Communism is one of the mysteries of Nazism. Yet Nazism promised to transcend both capitalism and Communism. The newly emerging capitalism was vicious and brutal and seemed to lack all morals, and traditional people regarded it with alarm.

Communism was regarded by the German middle class as a direct threat. In particular, Communism, being explicitly opposed to ethnic nationalism, was regarded as Enemy Number One by nationalists of every stripe – and still is to this day.

Jews were prominent in both German capitalism and Communism, and in the early development of both systems in general. The rational explanation for this is that “Jews lead movements.”

But the Nazis looked at the Jewish factory owner locked in savage conflict with the radicalized Leftist union currently striking his plant and concluded that the owner and his workers must be in cahoots, part of a conspiracy to tear the land apart in order to seize power for the Jews.]

Late capitalism, as forcefully imposed by the centralized bureaucratic state, converged with a fanatical and rabidly xenophobic and very ideological late nationalism of the “Vesrspaeteten Nationen” with a history of religious anti-Semitism dating back to the Middle Ages and the crusader expeditions that attacked Jewish villages in central Europe en route to Palestine, a religious exclusionism that targeted both Muslims and Jews in Andalusian Spain and that shaped part of European identity in terms of both an external determinant — the Muslims — and an internal determinant — the Jews.

But the Nazis’ obsession with the annihilation of the Jews was also fired by an ideology that incorporated totalitarian social engineering, founded upon social Darwinism and assorted recent biological discoveries that were applied to human beings, together with a populist romantic socialism that was hostile to communism, democratic socialism and liberalism, all regarded as alien to the “Volksgeist”, “the spirit of the people”.

[RL: This explains how Nazism could have espoused a strange fake socialism “rooted in the land” while opposing everything on the Left as being de facto unpatriotic. The fact that the Nazis targeted the entire Left shows how bizarre the notion that Nazism is a leftwing movement really is.]

This form of pseudo-scientifically justified and coldly carried out mass extermination would not have been possible without a strong ability to compartmentalize between the bureaucratic functionary and the duty to obey orders, on the one hand, and the individual and his private moral sphere on the other, a phenomenon that is one of the characteristics of the modern state apparatus.

Nor would it have been possible without all the business of documentation, recording and archiving, which is also a characteristic of the modern state.

The irony of all this pseudo-scientific human taxonomy and the obsessive documentation of the names, addresses, confiscated possessions and physical details of the people who were rounded up and freighted to the concentration camps and from there to the gas chambers is that this paperwork has become the most important primary historical source for the Holocaust and the most important instrument with which to refute the claims of those who deny it occurred or belittle its magnitude.

[RL: Yes, the Nazis, in their bureaucratic zeal and German thoroughness and work ethic, pretty much wrote everything down, even if only in code. Thus making Holocaust Denial an even more trying task and ultimately an exercise in absurdity in the face of the mountain of contrary documentation.]

It is not so much the sheer numbers of victims that distinguishes the Holocaust. As unique as it was in the 20th century, millions of native inhabitants were exterminated en masse in the Americas over the course of previous centuries.

Nor is it just a question of scale: many more millions died in the course of World War II, alone, than in the Nazi gas chambers and these included Russians, Germans, Poles, French, Italians and many other nationalities.

The true horror of the Holocaust resides not only in the deliberate singling out of entire peoples — Jews and Gypsies — for extermination and in the scale of this crime, but also in the totality of the target and the “rational” way in which it was carried out.

[RL: This is apparently accurate, but I am very wary of the typically-Jewish efforts to make the Holocaust into the ultimate massacre of all time, such that we cannot even use words like Holocaust for other genocides. To do so, according to perverse tribal-nationalistic Jews, is somehow…get this – anti-Semitism! Ridiculous.]

Jews were snatched from their homes amid the general silence of their neighbors, a silence interspersed by hatemongering by anti-Semitic groups and by the active complicity of informers. Most of the Jews who died in the concentration camps were not Zionists; in fact, many may not have even heard of Zionism.

[RL: This is an important point, and seeing as it is the case, how is it now that the super-racist Zionist state has appointed itself Ultimate Spokesman for these largely anti-Zionist Jews, anyway?]

Moreover, the role of the Zionist movement in saving Jews, or in conspiring with the Nazis, was very marginal, regardless of the number of studies that have been produced on both cases and regardless of the fact that most of their findings have been corroborated.

[RL: This is a good point. Zionism did collaborate with the Nazis in various ways. For the most part, they were only interested in saving those Jews who were Zionists and all the rest could just die. Zionists actively worked to keep Jews from fleeing to places other than Palestine.

Zionists believed that Jews should be cut off from all escape routes except for Palestine, thereby forcing the European Jewish refugees into Palestine, where they were surely not wanted. This history is almost unknown to the vast majority of Americans. Lenni Brenner’s books are a good place to start your digging into this sordid history.

Such was, and is, the insanity of the doctrine that undergirds the Jewish state. On the other hand, the anti-Israel crowd has made much too much of this collaboration. This group, many of whom are out and out Holocaust Deniers and sadly even Nazi sympathizers, make much of the fact that “evil Zionists worked with the Nazis.”

Worked with the Nazis to do what? Apparently to help kill Jews. Except the Nazi “good guys” never killed any Jews because the “Holohoax” is a gigantic fraud! The wildly ironic discrepancies of these mutually contradictory lines is embarrassingly clear.]

Zionism did, indeed, have two faces; it was the perspectives and aims of the researchers that were and remain at odds.
The Zionist movement began, and had set its sights on Palestine, long before the Holocaust.

[RL: Precisely! Let us chant this over and over, every time some misguided US liberal tells us that “Israel was created due to the Holocaust.” How many times have you heard that line?]

Zionists only used the Holocaust to justify their national project in hindsight, even if that justification is what drove some Arabs to deny the existence of the Holocaust.

Yet, while there are people who have felt that by minimizing or even refuting the Holocaust they undermine Jewish claims to a state in Palestine, the majority of educated and informed Arab opinion has never denied the Holocaust or the existence of anti-Semitism in Europe.

[RL: This would be news to me, but I am not an Arab. Most of the Arabs that I have known were Holocaust Deniers, including, I am ashamed to say, Arab Communists.]

In the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist movement, Holocaust Denial and Revisionism in its various insipid formations is spread out like ivy on an overgrown lawn. As a believer in the traditional Holocaust story, I have often felt like I was odd man out.

Rather, they have argued – correctly – that since this horror took place in Europe the Palestinians should not have to pay the price.

Although it vaguely existed as a blend between the residue of a religious culture and extremist nationalist ideas imported from Europe even in early stages,anti-Semitism in the sense of hostility towards the Jews only began to spread significantly in the Arab world in the form of cultural and intellectual output after 1967.

[RL: I don’t agree that anti-Semitism was a marginal factor in the Arab World before 1967, but I agree that it exploded after 1967. After 1967, also, many previously rather apathetic US Jews finally came around and starting supporting Israel full bore, and it was after that war that the Israeli Lobby in the US really exploded, as it was not really that powerful before.]

Clearly, the rise of this phenomenon coincided with the rise of a metaphysical attitude that sought to explain the overwhelming Arab defeat of that year in terms of the confrontation with an absolute evil bent on a global conspiracy of the nature of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which has been proven to be an invention of the Russian secret service at the end of the 19th century but which nevertheless found many gullible ears in the Arab world in the wake of the 1967 defeat.

[RL: How tiresome is it to hear the line that The Protocols may indeed be a forgery but they still accurately describe the agenda of the Jews? The curious are urged to read the Protocols. Don’t worry, you won’t catch a disease from reading it. It’s a pretty short document and you can read it quickly online in a number of places.]

Reading it, one is struck by how silly and paranoid this document really is. Nor does it have much relation to reality, except that I agree that various wealthy Jews have indeed conspired to control the media in various Western countries in the 1900’s, more to create an environment that is safe for the Jews in that country than for any nefarious means.

Holocaust denial similarly emerged during this period and in the same spirit of a fantastic conspiracy theory that ascribed to an international Jewish cabal the power to invent and dupe the entire world into believing a stupendous set of lies.

I would like to suggest that there are two types of Holocaust denial. One, espoused by elements of the European traditional right and neo-ultra-right, is to deny it happened. This form has not acquired sufficient roots to become a determinant of the behavior of nations and societies.

The other form of denial is to ignore that the Holocaust occurred within a particular historic context and, hence, to deal with it as some fiendish aberration that somehow occurred outside the bounds of time and place.

[RL: I think this is very important. Jews and their allies have worked very hard at the mystification of the Holocaust, along with the mystification of anti-Semitism. In practice, the two are simply tied together. Why did the Holocaust happen?

According to the Jewish line, it was an outbreak of sheer evil that occurred for no reason at all, other than “pure hatred”. Why were these folks seized by such “pure hatred” anyway? Because they were simply evil.
How do we know they were evil? Because they were anti-Semites. How do we know anti-Semites are evil? Well, because Jews say they are. Starting to get the feel for the inane circularity of this approach?

Did Jews do anything to make any of these anti-Semitic nasties mad? Nope. Well then, why did the ugly little anti-Semite devils hate Jews, other than the fact that the were just lil’ balls of evil in human form and all that? A very typical Jewish response is…get this – no reason! Ok, now please, try to stop laughing. Jews actually believe that millions of folks hate Jews for absolutely no reason whatsoever . Does it make sense? Nope. Does it serve Jewish ego-defensive needs? Sure.

Or, sometimes, the truly ludicrous Jewish chauvinist argument is offered that because Jews represented good (with a capital G), this infuriated the anti-Semitic beasties so much that they tried to wipe out the Jews. This profoundly disturbed way of thinking is actually very common, especially amongst more militant Jews.

Well, other than being evil, why were these folks anti-Semites anyway? The answer given is…they were always that way. Or, is is said about the Poles, “The Poles learn anti-Semitism at their mothers’ breasts.”

This seriously depressing analysis offers us neither hope nor understanding and merely serves Jewish needs for ego-defensive theories about their history.

The truth is that the only fraud about the Holocaust is the Jewish mystification of it. The sad fact is that the Holocaust was rooted in normal human tendencies that lie within all of us, and if we do not work hard to nip these tendencies in the bud, Holocaust-like phenomena can occur over and over again.]

Some regular, ordinary Nazis, people just like you and me, except that they had fallen into the trap of ultranationalist genocidal racism, play with a kitten they found. As you can see, these folks are not the pure evil people Jews make them out to be. Evil people don’t play with kittens – that’s what folks like you and me do. These are just regular folks who took a really, really wrong turn.
Yet they could be you and me, and you and me could be them. If you don’t believe that, toss it around in your head and see if it starts to make sense for a while.
Photo via Robert John, a colleague. John is one of the pre-eminent scholars on the Middle East, especially Palestine.

One major consequence of this approach is that it inhibits the study of the Holocaust as a historical phenomenon and as a sobering primer on the dangers of racism, extremist nationalist chauvinism, and totalitarian social engineering in modern mass societies.

[RL: Exactly. See my comments directly above.]

But Holocaust denial can assume another face, which is to reduce it to an instrument for realizing political ends. The Zionist movement has excelled in this, its rituals and rhetoric in commemoration of Holocaust victims far outstripping its concern for the victims and its activities to combat the phenomenon when it occurred.

[RL: See Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” for more on the nauseating “Shoah Business” aspect of Jewish politics.]

In fact, the subject was not even on the agenda of the Jewish organized community, the “Yeshov”, in mandate Palestine during the war years, and many Zionists at the time found it embarrassing to hear of Jews being dragged off to be slaughtered without putting up a resistance; it conflicted with the nationalist fighting spirit and the image of the new man they were trying to inculcate.

[RL: Exactly. And Holocaust survivors arriving in Israel were often regarded with open contempt and hostility by the abrasive “Jews with an attitude” Sabras.

To some extent, this line continues to this day, as bad-ass Sabras attack Diaspora Jews, especially those in the US, as some species of traitorous wimps. The friction between Israeli and non-Israeli Jews is little known outside of Jewish circles.]

It was not until the Eichmann trial that the embarrassed silence was broken and emotions suddenly gushed out

In the course of Zionism’s attempts to portray the history of the entire Jewish people as one uninterrupted stream of oppression and persecution that culminated inevitably in the Holocaust, Holocaust history has been transformed into an exclusively Israeli property.

[RL: I refer to this as the “false pogrom and persecution view of Jewish history”. It is extremely deeply rooted, even amongst liberal, secular, assimilated US Jews.
Actually, it is mostly associated with Ashkenazi Jews and was traditionally not part of the worldview of Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews, although many non-Ashkenazim inside Israel have sadly taken this up. Students of ultranationalism will note that there is nothing unique about the Jewish craving to be a victim. It is simply a component of ultranationalism.

There is even a perverse human need to be a victim, which can be observed as a psychopathological symptom in many people, including those you know. On the individual level, ultranationalism is represented as egocentrism, and ultranationalism is simply egocentrism writ large across the face of the nation, with the tribe standing in for the ego.

Students of psychology are aware that egocentrism is associated with feelings of persecution, and grandiosity (manifested as ultranationalism on the tribal level) is associated with paranoia. Hence we can see that psychological processes that work on the ego level also manifest in aggregations of humans, including entire tribes and nations.]

Victims of the Nazi gas chambers have been nationalised and converted in spite of themselves either into an episode in the Zionist struggle to create a state, an instrument for blackmailing others into supporting Zionist aims, or for justifying the crimes the Zionist state perpetrates against others.

It is as though the magnitude of the crime entitles Israel to play the victim par excellence or the victims’ sole proxy, placing it beyond accusations of wrongdoing because it is the victim by definition.

The Zionist casting of all Jews as victims of Nazi atrocities has given rise to two curious phenomena. The first is that any Israeli can speak and act as the victim even if he has more in common ideologically and psychologically with the offender or the “Capo” — the Jews who cooperated with the Nazis in the concentration camps.

In other words, the mere fact of being born to a Jewish mother somehow gives license to represent all victims, including in front of those who actually are more victims than he is and those who are more hostile to Nazism, racism, and its offshoots.

The second phenomenon is the monopoly claimed by the Israeli ruling establishment to speak on behalf of Jews and Jewish history in general, which largely translates into soliciting and pressuring for political and financial support for Israel.

[RL: Feeling bad about the Holocaust? Sure you are. So fork over that donation to the Israeli Lobby today!]

In the first instance, the challenge of truly understanding and learning lessons from the Nazi phenomenon is reduced to something akin to a therapy session in which those in the role of victim help those in the role of perpetrator purge their guilt by satisfying the psychological and material demands of the former.

There is something morally repugnant in this passing of the sins or innocence of the fathers to the sons as opposed to engaging in an objective process of historical investigation with the aim of combating racism in all forms and in all societies. After all, the main victims of European racism today are not Jews, and in Palestine Zionism is not the victim but the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, the Israeli-German therapy sessions ignore such stark realities, and in so doing, offer both the Israelis and the Germans carte blanche to vent their racism on others as though the Holocaust were a purely German-Israeli concern and the greater phenomenon of racism something else entirely.

It is as if through their mutual catharsis with regard to the former they exonerate themselves from responsibility for the latter.
Meanwhile, Zionism’s unwarranted, illogical, and historically unsubstantiated monopoly on the role of Holocaust victims’ spokesperson sits well with Europe. Most of Zionism’s aims and demands do not require Europe to engage in a serious process of introspection in order to uproot the deeper causes that gave rise to the Holocaust.

Contrary to what one may logically expect, this suits Zionism’s purposes because it keeps the monolithic discreteness of the Holocaust intact and diminishes in comparison the significance of Europe’s other crimes. The upshot is to toss the entire Jewish question outside Europe and dump it in the Middle East.
It may come as a relief to European officials to be able to exonerate themselves for the Holocaust by placating Israel with anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and even anti-Muslim sympathies.

[RL: Have you ever wondered what is behind the Europeans’ curious support for Israel? This is it – Holocaust guilt, and Jewish Zionists never dare let them forget it.]

If anything, this form of behavior confirms the continuation of the underlying syndrome, a syndrome that is nevertheless glossed over with a fresh bill of moral health, authorized and stamped by Israel after every visit of atonement a European leader makes to the “Yad Vashem” Museum in Jerusalem.

[RL: Surely it is a legitimate question to ask when radical, racist, nationalist and militant Jews will finally cease their never-ending demands for apologies from Europeans for this crime, even though those asked to apologize are typically now not those present at the scene of the crime, but their offspring.]

It is for this reason that all victims of racism across the world should campaign to break the Zionist hold over the role of spokesman for victims of the Holocaust. Conversely, the Arabs and Palestinians who deny the Holocaust offer European and Zionist racism no greater gift than this denial of the occurrence of the Holocaust.

[RL: I have always said that anti-Semites are the greatest gift that Zionists ever received.]

What possible Arab or Islamic interest can it serve to even offer to exonerate Europe of one of the blackest pages in its history?
To do so is not only to absolve Europe of a crime that was in fact committed but also to earn its contempt and to wake up one day to find Europe and Israel joining forces against Arab or Muslim Holocaust deniers with such venom that one might imagine that the Holocaust had occurred in Egypt or Iran and that Holocaust denial is a far graver crime than the perpetration of the Holocaust itself.

Also, Holocaust denial is just plain stupid as a political argument. But Israel will be no less expedient in turning the provocation against its regional adversaries who had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

On the other hand, the Holocaust is a phenomenon that merits proper scholastic study, the purpose of which is to sort fact from fiction and myth form reality. No incident in history lies beyond the realm of historical research.

[RL: Here Bishara delves into the all-too-typical, and silly, line we hear so often these days – that the research into the Holocaust is somehow banned! The many diligent Holocaust scholars toiling for years and decades would be very interested to learn that their studies are forbidden.

In fact, the entire corpus of the Holocaust story is up for grabs, including the incident itself. The fact that Revisionists are reviled is because they are historically illiterate or deliberate historical forgers, not because inquiry is somehow banned.]

This said, Tehran can hardly be said to have a tradition of Holocaust studies; the subject does not rate very high in Iranian academic priorities.

And a conference in Tehran that was proceeded by a political speech denying the Holocaust cannot be said to be an academic conference; it was a political demonstration, one that harms the Arabs and Muslims and serves only the ultra-right and neo-Nazi forces in Europe and the Zionist movement.

During World War II, when some Arabs and other Third World peoples were rooting for Germany because it was fighting the colonial powers France and Britain, the Arab and Third World Left, which had allied with the Soviet Union, argued that it was wrong for the victims of racism to side with the racist Nazi regime. Their position was correct.

Today there is not even a pragmatic immoral justification whatsoever for siding with European racism. Holocaust denial does not undermine the moral justifications for the existence of the state of Israel as some imagine.

What it does however is hand the European Right and Israel a convenient enemy upon which to unload their problems. This enemy comprises Palestinians and Arabs, specifically fundamentalist Muslims, those Bush is fond of calling “Islamic fascists”.

The initial Arab reaction to the Holocaust was simple and straightforward and much more rational. The Holocaust occurred, but it was a tragedy for which the Europeans, not the Arabs, should assume responsibility. This is the opinion that prevailed throughout the 1940s and 1950s, and the sense of normalcy that survived in all of us continues to hold it today.

Poison, “Cry Tough”

From 1986. That’s some fine music! This band was very good. They were probably one of the best metal bands of the 1980’s.

Sounds like 1970’s glam metal. Almost like the New York Dolls. Or Mott the Hoople. Or David Bowie.

I like their outfits, too. And their hair! And the makeup! It sure was cool when you could be that damned androgynous, dress like that, have hair like that, and even wear makeup, and not have anyone think you were anything but straight. I don’t think that would happen anymore. In that sense, gay rights has really taken us backwards.

Alt Left: Why Are Political Agendas in the US Pushed Too Far?

Back in the day, segregation was so severe Blacks and Whites had to use separate water fountains and separate bibles at court.

However, that injustice is a far cry from today, where “letting kids go trans,” a liberal injustice, is celebrated. It seems like political movements have to push things to the extreme when the voting base is more moderate.

For instance, now I heard some of the GOP, hopefully a minority, want to give states the rights to decide on the mater of interracial marriage, but why? That stuff is so out of touch with modern life, and plus who qualifies as what race? Obviously this is some rightwing fringe extreme thing to lower Democrat birth rates, but that’s a lost battle already anyway.

Now going back to the liberal side, you surely can’t criticize Blacks for crimes or hold them totally accountable in the media, like the situation where the Uber driver was murdered in PA. On top of that, Blacks have to be pushed in everything beyond the point where it’s cute like it used to be, to where it seems like an agenda is being forced.

What role does rubbing it in play in the trend toward political extremism? How much is practical? Are the concerns of trans kids reasonable? Is it reasonable to make the USA seem like a totally 100 percent mixed and/or Black nation when it isn’t?

Alt Left: Alabama Passes Strong Anti-Trans Legislation


And this is wrong? Well, Alabama and the South does get a well-earned reputation for being anti-progressive, but in this case, liberals have pushed things too far.

We shouldn’t take what youth say seriously anyway. They don’t really know what they’re talking about when they dabble in trans or whatever trend du jour. Surely, the law shouldn’t allow doctors to butcher them up, especially considering that it’s quite  obvious that transsexualism is a mental illness.

Wait, that’s not a modern thing to say!

The WWII German Economic Model

Yeah, Adolf Hitler, as the Peru Prime Minster noted, did put Germany on steroids. Basically, he was pumping up the economy just like Roosevelt was doing in the US, probably with way more power considering Hitler was a dictator, not just someone who needed Congressional approval.

There’s more to it than it seems. Germany is massively lacking in the natural resources needed for empire. It’s no wonder they’re having a rough time now with sanctions on Putin. I think that’s why Hitler really wanted Russia, not just for insane racial reasons. The racism was just an excuse.

There’s even more to the story. World War II could have possibly been won by the Allies in two years, not four, if it weren’t for Japan. Germany knew two-front wars were tough, so they set one up for the Allies too. But it wasn’t enough to stop American economic power overall, which finally caved in the Axis.

Peru’s Prime Minister Cites Hitler as a Model


Now, when did these Latin Americans start becoming so brutally and comically honest?

“I’ll give you an example,” Torres said. “Italy, Germany were just like us, but on one occasion, Adolf Hitler visits Northern Italy, and Mussolini shows him a highway built from Milan to Brescia. Hitler saw that, he went to his country and filled it with highways, with airports. He made Germany the leading economic power in the world.”

The prime minister’s comments, following a series of political scandals in Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s ever-changing cabinet, led to swift condemnations from the German and Israeli Embassies in Peru.

Alt Left: Video of Doctor at Mariupol Maternity Hospital Proves the Attack Was a False Flag

“The truth about the Hospital attack, where 6 babies were born. You can believe the curated stories from the MS-Western Media or THOSE who were there. At the very least PEOPLE need to tame their outrage before the FACTS.”

Excellent! An interview with a physician, an obstetrician who worked in the maternity hospital where the Ukrainians and NATO did their false flag. He says everyone was thrown out on February 25 and they all went down to the basement where supplies were very short. Azov turned it into a base. At the time of the false flag, the base was abandoned. He says there was no plane or bombing; instead, a Ukrainian tank fired a shell at the hospital, apparently deliberately as part of the false flag. Any casualties such as the pregnant woman and her unborn baby who died, were caused by Ukraine deliberately firing on the hospital as a hoax to blame Russia. The doctor also points out how the Ukrainians looted the hospital and stole just about everything that wasn’t tied down. They also interview other people who were hiding in the basement at the time.

Now there should be no doubt at all that this was a false flag.

At the beginning of the video, a woman shouts that the whole city has been waiting for the Russians to come rescue them. “Thank God you are here!” In other videos, everyone in Mariupol says exactly the same thing and curses the Ukrainians. In fact, a number of them ask, “What took you so long?”

Any urban warfare results in massive damage to the city. Typically, 85% of a city is destroyed in any urban warfare. Interviews with Mariupol survivors blamed the destruction on the Ukrainians. They said 85% of the damage in the city was caused by the Ukrainians. They also said that they set up their artillery next to homes, schools, hospitals, etc. They would fire and then the counterfire would shoot at wherever the fire came from, so a lot of civilian objects got hit that way.

Anyone complaining about what the US did to Rafah in Syria where they fired more artillery than in any engagement in the Vietnam War? They killed 3,500 civilians. They were mostly killed by Trump. Obama had put in strict rules of engagement to protect civilians, but Trump took them off and civilian casualties jumped by 10X. So Trump killed over 3,000 civilians in Rafah.

In Mosul, the US and the Iraqi Army (mostly the Iraqi Army) simply leveled the entire city with artillery. An incredible 40,000 civilians were killed. The US justified it. Liberal Democrats I talked to said it was just fine because “everyone in the city was an ISIS supporter.” Ok, so it’s all right to kill enemy civilians, then, is it? Nice to know! So why so upset about a few civilian deaths in Ukraine? That shows you right there the depravity at the heart of your average US liberal Democrat, who’s basically a monster.

Alt Left: The West Is Hopeless – It Falls for Every False Flag the US Does

Please respond to this Highbrow. It’ll be fun to see.

Look at this clown in the comments. The star of this video comes right out and says the whole thing was a gigantic hoax, and she should know as she was there, and this guy trashes me for being rational and believing her because he still believes the false flag bullshit. For God’s sake, what more do you need? People who were there, including the star of the video, all say it was a big false flag hoax, and that’s not good enough? If it’s not good enough, then what is?

Also there is an obstetrician at the hospital who says the hospital was cleared out on February 25. Everyone was in the basement. Still I guess some folks got hurt.

And I have an interview with a doctor who worked there who said that Azov took the hospital over, turned it into a base and kicked out all the patients and staff, who moved down to the basement. Down there they worked off of a generator with no food or water. Locals came by and helped keep the generator going and brought them food and water and supplies. Six babies were born down there. This doctor said the Ukrainians shot at the hospital with a tank.

A pregnant woman and her baby were said to have died in that attack. I’m not sure how that happened. Everyone in the hospital is emphatic that there was no airstrike as no one heard a plane. All they heard was some shelling. Marianne was injured by flying glass even though she was in the basement. If this woman and her baby died, it was because of the Ukrainian tank that fired at the building.

Alt Left: Why They Do the False Flags

False flags nowadays are almost always to raise outrage against a party in a conflict. They are always done by the side that is losing the conflict, and they are particularly likely during periods in which they have suffered serious setbacks. All false flags I have seen lately were done in Syria and Ukraine in order to try to force the US, the West, or NATO to intervene in the conflict on the side of the losing party.

At worst, they can result in a ceasefire, saving the losing side from annihilation. This is what the M17 false flag airliner shootdown by Ukraine did in 2014. It happened just as they were seriously getting their asses beat by the Russian Army. In particular, they were caught in a cauldron in the South and were soon to be wiped out there.

MSNBC (the most liberal news station on the dial!) here is openly calling for World War 3 solely on the basis of this Bucha fake.

See why people do these things? See how they work? And now that the US media will never question a single false flag done by us or our buddies and the gullible US and Western public has shown that they will fall for any fake attack, no matter how ridiculous or unlikely, the door is left wide open to do false flags and fake attacks to our heart’s content.

As Ukraine falls deeper and deeper into the abyss in recent days, I expect more false flags and I expect Ukraine to even dial up the game all the way to a chemical weapons fake attack along the lines of Syria (perhaps they could recruit the White Helmets) or even an attack on a 3rd party not part of the war either inside Ukraine, possibly at an embassy, or outside the country. Desperation makes a man do many a crazy thing in a Hail Mary attempt to save his drowning ass.

Alt Left: Pregnant Woman in Maternity Hospital Bombing Video in Mariupol Confirms That It was a Hoax


Read further down to see how the glownigger media outlet Associated Press deliberately wrote the article in a deceptive way, editing the comments of witnesses creatively and leaving out the most important information. AP is run by an extremely rich ruling class family in Texas who are incredibly rightwing, like Koch Brothers rightwing. They’ve probably been CIA forever too.

The Ukrainian AP glownigger photographer who mysteriously always seemed to appear right on the scene of many false flags and hoaxes in Syria and Ukraine is named Evgeny Maloletka.

Maloletka, in fact, has managed to place himself in the vicinity of many dramatic events instantly portrayed as titanic Russian war crimes.

Here is the glowie criminal’s Instagram site. Although this lying snake claims to be indifferent to the situation in his country, he is long been known to have been a supporter of the Maidan CIA coup in 2014. He has conspicuously failed to point out how that revolution was riddled with Nazis.


Alt Left: The Bucha Massacre Hoax

The Bucha Massacre False Flag


Exactly. Watch the video.

The Russian Army left on March 30. The mayor of the city says the city was liberated on May 31. There is no mention of bodies on the streets at that time. I have seen videos from this period, and while there is a lot of destruction, there are no bodies on the streets except for one which has clearly been there for some time.

On April 1 and 2, Azov Nazis enter Bucha along with SBU Nazi troops in blue armbands. They spend a day or two cleaning up the city of saboteurs and collaborators.

When the Russian Army was there, they requested that all friendly civilians wear a white armband to show the Russian forces that they were friendly and did not have a gun, so they would not get shot. As you can see in this video, Nazi Azov went through the town shooting everyone who had a white armband on as a collaborator.

You can see at the start of the video Nazi Azov advancing through the streets on April 1 and 2, asking, “They don’t have blue armbands. Is it ok to shoot them?” Notice how the bodies are laid out perfectly along the road as if they were placed there? Notice that the bodies, photographed on April 2, do not display any of the characteristics one would expect bodies to have after being dead for four days. Instead they all appear to have been dead less than 24 hours.

I also think they were killed by the Ukraine troops when they arrived as the bodies are still relatively fresh. If they had been dead for five plus days, I think their condition would be more pronounced.

Further I think the bodies were positioned for the video production which is why a lot of the positioning of the bodies seems off and is why the roadway was clear for the truck to pass in the video.

Early criticisms of these videos claimed that some of the bodies were fakes with live people and they were moving around. This analysis is in error. All of those people are freshly dead.

Russian troops who spent a month stationed in that town affirmed that not a single Ukrainian civilian was harmed the whole time they were there.

Regarding what happened in Bucha, I can insert my five kopecks after Alexander Kotz. From the 2nd to the 31st I was part of the battalion in this direction. In all the settlements occupied by our military, the movement of civilians along the street was carried out with a white bandage on their left arm.

I saw it in Ivankiv, Krasny Rog, Marianovka and other localities where we went on combat missions, ” said the former People’s Governor of the Donetsk region.Pavel Gubarev.

He speculated on what might have happened in Bucha.

After the withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces from this theater of operations as a result of negotiations in Turkey, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to enter cities and villages and unintentionally (and I do not exclude that they did it purpose) opened fire on men with white armbands.

This happened en masse. And when they realized that they were killing civilians en masse, it was decided to present this crime as the work of the Russian Armed Forces,” Gubarev said.

He once again pointed out that the Russian military treated civilians well.

I bear witness and I wrote about it above, that we, Russian soldiers, treated civilians well, one might even say with love. We gave part of the dry rations to small (sometimes infant) children: applesauce, jam.

After a trip to the hospital in Gomel, my commander bought diapers and baby food specially for infants with his own money. Parents of children cried tears of joy in response to the kindness of our military. I am convinced that this provocation will be refuted, and its organizers will be punished as they deserve, ” Gubarev concluded.

Keep in mind that Russian troops are under the strictest orders not to harm any Ukrainian civilians or captured Ukrainian troops. Russians have even arrested and captured many members of Nazi battalions. Even these have been treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

If any Russian troops violate these directives, I assume that they are in deep trouble. The Russian military must investigate every one of these charges to see if there is anything to them. If there is, then the soldiers guilty must be seriously punished with prison to discourage this sort of thing. It is mandatory that Russia fight this war as clean as possible.

Any war crimes by Russian troops, always a possibility in wartime, will be shouted from the highest peaks all across the globes. So Russians must fight as cleanly as possible for that very reason. Further, all Russian troops must be informed that if they mistreat Ukrainian civilians or POW’s, they will be seriously punished.

Notice the video of the people with white armbands lined up crouched against the wall? Notice that they have white armbands? Notice that this torture of prisoners video shows up only after Nazi Azov has occupied the village. All of those people lined up against that wall are going to be killed as collaborators.s

Now look at the bodies in the streets? See how they all have white armbands on them.

March 30: Russian troops leave the city. Russian soldiers in units in the city say that no civilians were harmed while they were there.

March 31: Mayor of Bucha returns and says the city is liberated. No mention of dead bodies and 7 minute videos of people walking through the streets show no dead bodies.

April 1-2: The Nazi Azov Battalion and the Nazi SBU appear in town as part of a mission to clear the town of saboteurs and collaborators. A video appears on a Nazi Azov website showing Nazi Azov troops asking if it is ok to kill people who don’t have blue armbands on them. Video also appears on Nazi Azov Telegram sites of people with white armbands crouched against a wall in torture chambers, apparently being prepared for execution.

April 2: Suddenly, three days after Russia leaves, a lot of dead bodies appear on the street. They appear to be freshly killed. According to the narrative, they would have had to have been dead for four days, yet they show no characteristics of being dead that long. People wander around the corpses as if nothing is wrong.

If those bodies were dead for four days, ordinary people would not walk around them as if nothing was wrong. The stench alone would cause them to react. The bodies do not appear to have been killed by artillery, nor do they look like they have been killed on the spot. Instead they look like they were killed elsewhere and moved to the streets, where they were placed in a rather perfect manner as if they had been placed there and not fallen naturally.

Many of the dead in the streets have white armbands, suggesting that they were murdered by Azov Nazis for being collaborators. The incident has great propaganda value: If you cooperate with Russian forces in any way either by taking relief supplies or wearing the armbands they request you wear, you may be killed at any time. Message: Don’t cooperate with Russian troops in any way.

The message: “Collaborators will be shot!”

I have had a quick look at the Bucha massacre. This does not look like a hoax, people were really killed.

There is a simple and obvious explanation to the events. Ukrainians considered all civilians that had stayed behind to be collaborators. The first Ukrainians that entered the area searched every house for “​​saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops.” If they spoke Russian or did not immediately shout Slava Ukraini! in Ukrainian, they were shot on the spot. This would explain the somewhat even distribution of bodies on the road.

In some cases people were simply shot for being on the road. There are two cases of cyclist dying on bicycles. A fast moving Ukrainian patrol shot at incoming traffic. This would be similar to the Rozsypne Road of Death massacre in Donbass in 2014.

Russia claims they left Bucha on March 30th. Ukrainians officially only entered on April 2nd. This would give the CIA death squads 72 hours or at least two whole days to operate.

The massacre is a serious step in the escalation towards World War 3. The Western public believes the Ukrainian narrative that “Russians did it.” The real audience of the massacre may however be Ukrainians. The message could not be clearer: “All collaborators will be shot!”

Some bodies have their hands tied behind their back. A number of executed Russian POW’s also had their hands tied behind their backs. No cases of Russians executing prisoners with their hands behind their backs have emerged. In fact there is footage of Russian soldiers recognizing notorious Azov Nazi leaders from imminent lynching by crowds in Mariupol. There’s no evidence of torture or mistreatment even of the most notorious prisoners. Ukrainian prisoners on tape have remarked at how well they have been treated in custody. Upon release, many are smiling and happy.

The Mass Grave

The bodies were buried by Bucha civilians on March 13, 20 days before the video surfaced. They had apparently all been killed by artillery strikes on the city. The city had been occupied by Russian forces for the entire month of March. Russian forces are not going to shoot at their own occupied city. The Ukrainians were outside of Bucha shelling the city, and they shelled the Hell out of that place. So it stands to reason that most if not all of those bodies in the mass grave were killed by Ukrainian artillery attacks on the village.


Who has the motivation to do this? What motivation does the Russian Army have to commit such a horrible crime? None whatsoever. What motivation do the Ukrainian Nazis have? Lots. Keep in mind that false flags during wars are usually done by armies that are losing the war. In the modern era they are usually done to create outrage against the winning side. They tend to come at times when the losing side in particularly in danger of being defeated.

The purpose is usually to force a ceasefire or to outrage public opinion in the West so much that it interferes with the losing side. The Ukrainian troops in the East are surrounded with no air cover, little chance of being reinforced, and not much of a way out. Nevertheless, they are deeply dug in and are expected to fight until the end.

So the Ukrainian Nazi government is already losing the war, but now they are forced with what looks like a catastrophic loss of their best troops. They are trying to force NATO to intervene. The purpose of false flags like this is to create so much moral outrage in the West that the West or NATO is forced to intervene on the side of the Nazis.

The US and NATO have a long history of false flags dating back some time. And the Ukrainians have been monsters forever.

For my part i have no doubt a massacre was carried out by the Ukrainians. I think we all remember what they (NATO/US) were willing to try in Syria when their Takfiri cannibals staged massacre after massacre with the collusion (before and or after) of CIA and Turkish and European intelligence agencies. And lets not limit this to just the dirty war schemes..What the US did openly with its regular forces in Iraq occupation was nothing less than an unbroken chain of serial war crimes. Anyone remember Fallujah?

As for the Ukrainians the record of their willing vileness goes back generations and continues to this day.

Its not mistaken to say that Russia and China and their allies – not just governments but all of those who stand up to tell the truth – are in a struggle against fascism. The fascists in power are not in bunkers in Mariupol or Nikolaev – those are the stooges and hired executioners of the fascists.

The fascists are in power in New York, London, Brussels, and Tokyo, and in Austria and Switzerland.The fascists are Kolomoisky and Soros and the rest of that ilk, all the finance sector degenerates. They will become even more vicious as they become more desperate. I believe that Russia’s present leadership (the loyal ones) have finally accepted the fact of this.

It’s correct that China and Russia and other torchbearers of the truth are in a war against World Fascism. And, yes, the fascists are in the West, correct. The West has been fascist for some time now. Well, they’ve been supporting fascism in the 3rd world. If you support fascism, you’re a fascist in a sense. Now real fascism is lifting its head as all across Europe Russian channels are being banned. I understand that enemy TV can be banned in wartime. But NATO isn’t even at war with Russia? Or are they?

I don’t agree that the enemy is the (((finance sector))) epitomized by (((Kolomoisky))), a true monster of a man, a Jew who funds all of the Nazi nationalist battalions in Ukraine while his TV station spouts shouts for the genocide of Russians, and the degenerate schemer Soros, a Jew who was a Nazi collaborator himself and now has adopted the Nazi government in Ukraine as his number one pet project.

Kolomoisky’s just a monster and a fascist and a Nazi of a certain type, but Soros has an ideological motivation and that is the Cold War. Soros grew up in Communist Hungary. He also barely survived in Nazi Hungary, but somehow he never talks about the latter and won’t shut up about the former. Like most victims of Western Cold War ideology, Soros has a hatred of the USSR (now directed towards its modern incarnation, Russia) rooted so deep in his limbic system that it is as impossible to control as a knee after a doctor’s hammer strike.

This is antisemitism and an example of the socialism of fools.

Sure, Soros and Kolomoisky are lousy people, as most billionaires are, Gentile or Jewish. But the enemy is not the Jews of the World. The enemy is the West itself, and it’s not just the finance sector, which isn’t even run by Jews anymore anyway, but the entire corporate system, the ruling class, the entire political spectrum from Right to Left, the media, the state, and even the entertainment industry. They’re all just small sections of the same Western serpent. The real enemy it seems is Western capitalist imperialism and NATO, the army of this grouping.

In fact, I have seen commentators asserting that “we are now in the era of the false flag.”

The Ukrainian Government Itself Is Nazi

The Ukrainian Nazi government has openly stated that it will refuse to abide by the Geneva Conventions of treatment of POW’s. Its top medical officer appeared on TV issuing an order to castrate all Russian POW’s. Other genocidal and cruel speeches have been made on Ukrainian TV, including a call by a Ukrainian Nazi to kill all Russians, including children (as nits become lice), call to exterminate 1.5 million Russians in the Donbass on a CIA-sponsored TV station, on and on.

On national TV the other day, a prominent Ukrainian Nazi said the only good Russian is a dead Russian. As far as all the rest of the live ones, they are bad Russians, and if death is good enough for the good ones, clearly the bad must not be spared either. He also notes that bad Russians are born bad, hence they have an inherent inimical nature towards Ukrainians literally bred in the bone and nurtured at their mothers’ breasts.

(((Zelensky))) himself is the leader of the (((Nazis))). He has praised Azov and the rest of the Nazi militias, defending them and noting that all of the Nazi battalions have now been deeply integrated into the Ukrainian Army. We might as well call them (((Zelensky’s Nazis))) at this point. I never thought I would see Jewish-controlled out and out Nazis, but here they are. I always wondered why anti-Zionists talked about Jew-Nazis and Zionazis, and I always disliked such talk as the real Nazis were orders of magnitude worse, and the comparison itself is grotesque. But now I’m starting to wonder if they were onto something.

After what they’ve been through, you would think that the people on this Earth who hate Nazis and genocide the most of all would be Jews. Instead, we see pro-genocidal Jews (as long as they are genociding Russians) and Jews falling all over themselves to support Nazis.

What can I say? Some people never learn.

Alt Left: Eastern Europe Versus Western Europe

I believe Finns did good in battle during WWII. Maybe they don’t want to let go of that repute.

Well, Stalin invaded their country and I’m not sure if he did it for a good reason, either. The Winter War against the USSR, which they lost, is a huge part of modern Finnish historiography.

The East of Europe seems more like “fuck your neighbor” instead of “love your neighbor.”

They’re less civilized, right. I’m not sure why as they were Communists for decades but Communism just seems like window dressing over racism, sexism, bigotry, ethnic nationalism, etc. Communism just puts a lid on the boiling pot of all of these tempests. One you take the lid off the pot, what happens? The steam shoots high in the air and the pot will burn if you don’t reduce the heat quickly.

On the other hand, a lot of them inherited the Soviet system of mother tongue education, so many minorities get to have education in their own languages. This is uncontroversial in most of Eastern Europe except the most Russophobic states.

Maybe more romantic about themselves and no romance towards the nearest countries. We are Aryan Gods but our neighbors are Mongols, Turks, Gypsies, etc.

Yes, and also their nationalism is of recent provenance, so for many of them, their history only goes back to World War 2 and their heroes are guys with names like “Vayaschlev the Jewslayer.”

Yes, the Serbs say the Bosnians are “Turks.” There were many ethnic massacres a century ago involving state formation of these nation states. It was extremely brutal in Northern Greece and Northeastern Bulgaria. Remember the Balkan Wars? They were so brutal.

And Ukrainians say that Russians are “Mongols.” They are an “Asiatic horde from the East.” The idea is that they are an impure race. That was Hitler’s argument against Russians – that they were a mongrel race because they were mixed with Asians. The thing is a lot of Ukrainians also have hints of those Asiatic eyes that a lot of Russians have, and so do some Czechs. Not to mention Hungarians.

Gypsies are hated all across Eastern Europe, sadly for pretty good reasons. But I don’t think any nationality accuses another of being Gypsies. The only group you might say that about are Romanians, but Romanians really hate Gypsies themselves.

A comedian has noted this about Africa.

It’s just tribalism.

It may be more complex in the West, a French or English may be romantic about a neighbor.

They are more sophisticated.

German philosophers believe they are one with Persians.

That might not be so great. That might be some sort of Aryanism.

I really like Leftist Arab women, really attractive without the bullshit brainwashing Western cunts have, nor hiding under the hijab.

I like them a lot too. Those women are badass though, sort of like Jewish chicks. A lot of Jewish chicks can be seriously hot in a similar way to Arab women, but they’re really badass too, and you don’t mess with them. They can really bitch you out and they have a tendency to try to dom their men. They’re regular women deep down inside though. Jewish women are women first and Jews second, and that’s something I really like about them. Many of the unpleasant aspects of the negative Jewish stereotype are not present in Jewish women. They’re seen more in the men, who must be competitive and succeed at all costs.

Pretty women justify everything: look at all the pretty Israeli soldier girls threads. That’s where we’ve seen this before.

I’ve seen some hot Israeli women, including some left-wingers. I talked to some when I was on Twitter. They were pretty nice but they all started calling me antisemite pretty quickly for some real dubious reasons. It’s like they just immediately assumed I was an antisemite and then started searching around with a fine toothcomb for evidence to prove their preconceived notion. They started with a conclusion and then looked for the evidence to prove what they’d already decided. That’s backwards. Scientific thinking doesn’t work that way.

“I know you’re an antisemite. Know let’s go about finding some evidence for my foregone conclusion” isn’t scientific or logical thinking, as all logical thinking is necessarily scientific. It’s the old law of, “If you go looking for something, you tend to find it.” People tend to find whatever they are looking for. That’s why you need to be careful with your intellectual Eastern egg hunts. It’s the old chestnut of “Because of what you go looking for, you might just find it.”

I just noticed that Russian had a saying just like this! I also noticed Russian had a saying along the lines of, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” It was almost a word for word translation too. This is what I mean when I talk about “universal culture.” It’s our natural heritage and we are as tied to it as a ship is to its anchor, and it holds us in place and limits us in the same way.

Alt Left: Geography Trumps Ideology Every Time, Or Perhaps Geography Is Ideology

Polar Bear: The SA were more blue collar but the elitist SS replaced them, right?

Correct, but I’m not sure about the SS. The SA was absolutely working class and more leftwing.

Polar Bear: LOL, you nailed the Western Left.

Sad but true.

Polar Bear: Most Ukraine nationalists here seem to be Normie Leftists.

If you mean the Nazi-loving clowns with the stupid Ukrainian flags in their bios, well, actually maybe they are more liberal Democrat Trump-haters, part of the “Resistance.” Yeah, the “Nazi Resistance.” Actually, this group is a mixture. Quite a few Normie conservatives, lot of Centrists, lot of Libertardians, a large number of liberal Democrats (often the worst ones of all), and a shocking number of Hard Left types. Most scandalous of all is that most of the Western antifa supports the Nazis all the way. Western Jews are strongly pro-Nazi.

All of this is because these groups are part of the West. Western Jews are pro-Nazi not because they are mentally retarded or depraved but because they are part of the West. If you are part of the West, then you hate Russia and root for the Nazis. Period. Western liberals and Leftists are not pro-Ukraine because they love Nazis (although one starts to wonder) but because they are part of the West. Geography trumps or better yet shapes ideology all the time.

Even a lot of the Hard Western Left has been horrible on this subject. Vaush, a Marxist-Leninist, had a major NATO figure on his radio show. Vaush is pretty much a CIA glownigger at this point. He’s not the only one. A lot of others have taken the neutral stance of “both sides are terrible,” while condemning the “criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

There is a lot of Trotskyite retardation along the lines of “They are both capitalists, so we hate them both.” Recall the idiot Trotsky refused to support the West or the USSR against Nazi Germany because he hated Stalin, and he said the war between the West and Nazis was “a war between two groups of capitalists.” This is terrible politics, the law of ideology over reason, which is a syllogism anyway.

Alt Left: It’s Not Culture Versus Biology, It’s Culture Is Biology

Polar Bear: I think the devil even took the form of a woman at times.

It’s a very common view with ancient roots. In fact, it may be part of some Jungian “universal culture.” That’s all the Jungian collective unconscious is anyway. It’s just “universal culture,” natural to most if not all human groups. It’s part of our ancestral heritage in a psychological sense anyway.

And it may well have  biological roots as most things do anyway. If you haven’t noticed, life consists of conglomerations of single cells merged together into this or that whole object. In other words, biology. If it lives, it’s biological. So much for “culture is everything” BS. Anyway, as an addendum, it’s not culture versus biology. More like culture is biology.

The female is a temptress all right, if you are lucky that is. If not, you’re in Incel Hell.  I don’t even deal with temptresses anymore. I wish I had the opportunity look in the candy store and have some of those candies call me name, even if they wouldn’t give a bite. The tease would be plenty enough at my sorry age.

Alt Left: Pregnant Woman “Star” in Mariupol Maternity Hospital False Flag Spills All

The woman who “starred” in the Mariupol maternity hospital false flag production, beauty blogger Marianne, revealed in an interview that there was no bombing raid and that the whole thing was staged.

You wrote about the pregnant woman being taken out of the hospital.

Here is the true story.

I saw that, yes. I told you the whole thing was faked! She said that they heard no aircraft overhead at the time. She also asked around to everyone else there at the time to see if concurred, and they all said that there was no aircraft overhead. Therefore, there was no bombing. We still don’t know exactly what hit the hospital. A physician who works there said it was a Ukrainian Army tank shell.

There’s also an interview with the head of Obstetrics in the hospital who said that Azov came in on February 25 and cleared out all the patients and turned the place into a military base. However, the Azov base was abandoned at the time of the fake attack.

I also have a video with a doctor who worked at the hospital who said the same thing – that Azov had cleared out the hospital on the 25th and turned it into a base, that the patients and staff were down in the basement working under a generator, that the building was attacked by a Ukrainian Army tank, and that the entire “maternity hospital bombing” film had been completely staged. The doctor said that six babies had been delivered down there since the 25th.

The pregnant woman points out that an AP photographer was right there on the scene almost as soon as the building was attacked. The blood on her face was from some shattered glass in the basement after the explosion. Apparently there was minor damage even in the basement.

She was not a crisis actor or an actress. She asked them to stop filming her but they did it anyway. She’s a Donbass resident and separatist supporter who moved with her boyfriend to Mariupol last year. She said she was in the maternity hospital for six days. The Ukrainian Army came in and abused them and stole their food. Locals came and gave them food and supplies, and that was the only way they got by.

As soon as the building was hit, it was also soon swarming with Ukrainian military. The filming started almost immediately. Some say that photographers, possibly including this glowie below, actually arrived at the hospital shortly before the attack.

This AP photographer and his despicable colleague were also deeply involved in many of the major chemical weapons White Helmets hoaxes out of Syria.

The photographer was first on the scene in a number of these hoaxes. I think this guy is basically a glownigger “journalist” who has been deeply involved in setting up and filming many of these hoaxes himself. I guess they call him up when they’re going to do a hoax and he’s right there to play along. He has a glownigger “journalist” colleague who writes up all these stories. Together they’re a glowie journalist team. They’re basically CIA, bottom line.

Operation Mockingbird investigation found that most of America’s most famous journalists from 1945-1975 were glowniggers. They were all on the CIA payroll. America’s media is basically a Glowie Media.

Alt Left: Ain’t No Way on Earth That’s a Woman: A Transsexualism Primer

That ain’t no woman, sorry. That’s a man who thinks he’s a woman, in other words, a tranny. And not the biological kind either, who I have some sympathy for. This is an autogynephile, in other words, a kinkster, sex pervert, etc. I suppose I have some sympathy for them too in that they deserve equal rights, but one thing’s for sure, they sure ain’t women. I understand that they suffer from some pretty serious gender dysphoria.

All these guys start out as transvestites and they become autogynephiles pretty early in life. 5% of all men are autogynephiles, though most of them probably do not transition as transsexuals. They get off sexually by dressing up as women. It gives them a hard-on. They start dressing up in women’s clothes and masturbating early in life, typically around puberty.

Like most paraphilias, it is not possible to develop this condition as an adult. They continue to be transvestites in secret or possibly even in public and they typically used to go on decades this way. However, the gender dysphoria gradually worsens as they age, so the transvestism doesn’t cure anything.

If anything, it might make the condition worse. Often by age ~40, the gender dysphoria has gotten so severe and the transsvestism so ineffective that they think they need to transition. The desire for transition is so strong that they often threaten suicide if they are not allowed to transition.


  • Onset of autogynephilia with puberty ->
  • Gender dysphoria ->
  • Years or decades of transvestism to treat the dysphoria or get off, which increasingly fails over time ->
  • Up to ~25-30 years later, the transvestism fails to deal with the dysphoria. I assume it still gets them off but the dysphoria is so strong they feel the need to transition ->
  • Transsexual transition to a transwoman, a man who thinks he’s a woman.

The problem here is that the only thing that seems to treat the dysphoria in these men is transition. Hence, I’m ok with them transitioning because mental anguish deserves any reasonable treatment available to it the same as an ill body deserves any reasonable treatment for it too.

  • Transman = A woman who thinks she’s a man (in 99% of cases). Mental disorder in almost all cases.
  • Transwoman = A man who thinks he’s a woman (in 89% of cases). Biological condition in 11% of cases associated with extreme homosexuality, fetish, kink, perversion, or paraphilia in the rest.
  • Transsexual, tranny, etc. = A person who thinks they are the opposite sex (in 94% of cases). 94% of all cases are either mental illness or kink, fetish, perversion, or paraphilia.

Alt Left: NATO/Ukraine Lie: Russian Soldiers Got Radiated by Being Posted Near Chernobyl

Right. This is apparently not true at all. It’s also not true that Russia kicked up a huge cloud of radioactive dust when they left the “Red Forest” around Chernobyl. There’s also a claim that fires have hit the area and Ukraine has not been able to send firefighters, so the claim is that radiation will pour out due to burning the irradiated trees.

Problems with this story:

The old trees were all cut down and buried. The whole forest in there is new trees. Probably little to no radiation in them.

The old dirt was all removed and buried and new dirt was trucked in. The new dirt probably has little to no radiation in it.

So they cut down all the trees and then they removed all the dirt and replace both.

The story about the Russian soldiers getting radiated is apparently not true. Apparently they are being checked for radiation exposure, but that’s routine due to where they were posted.

Alt Left: British Intelligence Officers Trapped in Mariupol

I think he might be right on this. Even after the helicopter evacuations, there are still a dozen British glowniggers in Mariupol? Would not be surprised one bit. No wonder NATO is falling all over itself to evacuate a lot of people from Mariupol. However, a lot of people are staying put if fighting in their area has subsided. One of the top Mariupol police officers has resigned and gone over to the Russians. Turkey is apparently organizing a massive boatlift in the Azov Sea. Turkey’s NATO. It seems pretty clear that all this frantic NATO maneuvering to evacuate Mariupol (though corridors have been open to leave by the Russians for some time now) must be because there are still NATO (probably US and UK) glowies trapped in there somewhere. Nothing else makes sense.

Alt Left: Two French Intelligence Officers Advising Mariupol Nazis Killed!

I’ve already studied this. Ukraine sent six or seven helicopters over to Mariupol to rescue top Azov Battalion Nazis. Four of them got away but three others got shot down. There were 20 Nazis on each copter. So 80 Nazis escaped but 60 others took a dirt nap. A few survived and they are now talking. One of the survivors said two of the men who died were French intelligence agents.

Check this out.

  • Macron frantically demands a French-led evacuation of Mariupol.
  • Russian antifascists tell the Nazi-lover to get lost.
  • Frantic effort to rescue top Nazis and who knows who else from Mariupol. One helicopter downed had two French intelligence agents deeply embedded with the top Nazis in Azov. Two French glowniggers take a well-deserved dirt map.
  • The very next day, the head of French intelligence is fired, supposedly for not predicting the Russian anti-Nazi invasion correctly. That smells like BS. Instead he was probably fired for getting two top French glowies killed.

There are rumors that other glowniggers were embedded with the Nazis, including US and UK glowies, but this has not been confirmed.

These French glowies sure get around. By the way, in an interview with an Al Qaeda leader with a leftwing German publication conducted in a Syrian cave, the leader said French intelligence was advising Al Qaeda. He also said that CIA, MI6, and Turkish, Qatari, Emirati, Saudi, and Jewish* glowies were also embedded with Al Qaeda.

*Jewish = Israeli.

Alt Left: Nazi Girl, Hero of the Nazi-Loving West

In the midst of what I believe is a fake battle scene, a hot young woman, fashionably dressed, walks onto the scene with a Kalashnikov. People all over the West, including countless liberals and Leftists, are falling all over themselves praising this brave woman to the skies. No doubt the Nazi-supporting Western feminist movement will make a hero of her, a feminist hero.

Problem? She’s a Nazi!

Above, the West’s hero, the Nazi girl.

America’s Nazi heroine!

Nothing like a badass Nazi chick do get Americans drooling!

Note the Nazi patch on her shoulder.

This is her. I told you she’s a Nazi. Keep cheering for your Nazi girl hero, Americans!

This woman is named Vita Zaveruha “The Nazi Pussy Riot Girl”, a Nazi who murdered two policemen during a robbery, attacked LGBT people, and participated in burning alive 46 Communists and the injury of 200 others in the Trade Union building in Odessa in 2014. She’s a real piece of work.

The Nazi-loving Westerners are falling all over themselves saying that the photos are not of the same woman. However, if you check Vita’s Instragram, she’s been posting photos for weeks now of her serving in the exact same battalion featured in that video.

Check out how many Western liberals and Leftists can’t get enough of their LGBT pets, non-Whites, and women who are so superior to us boring hets, evil men, and born-evil Whites. And here these clowns are, cheering for literal Nazis!

Cultural Left Freakshow + open borders and unlimited immigration + hatred for Whites, men, straights, and cis people + worship of non-Whites, women, gays and lesbians and trannies + support for Nazis + US imperialism + ravenous warmongering + attacks on all Left countries in the Third World = support for Third World fascists + killing antifascists. That’s the modern Western Left in a nutshell. The Green Party in the West is like this almost everywhere.

Here’s the typical liberal Democrat (and also an increasing portion of the actual Western Left:

  • Low wages and gay pride parades!
  • Fascists death squads and transsexual bathhouses for all ages!
  • Deregulation and critical race theory!
  • Bicycles and homosexuals!
  • Open borders and $800 billion defense budgets!
  • Treehugging and theft of countries foreign reserves!
  • NATO and non-binary people!
  • Sanctions and gay and tranny sex ed for third graders!
  • Third world fascism and drag queen story hour!
  • Unaffordable rents and transvestite singers!
  • Nazis and mandatory homosexuality!
  • Union-busting and radical feminism!

Western liberalism and the Western “Left” literally combines the worst of the Left combine with the worst of the Right. Hell, Republicans are better than these idiots. Republicans only offer up the worst of the Right! That’s only half the shit sandwich.

Also, the video appears to be staged. I’m aware of the circumstances around the shooting of this video. This is from a couple of videos put out by Nazi-supporting American volunteers who enlisted in the Ukrainian Army to fight the Russian Antifascist Army. The RFA invaded Ukraine to try to wipe out the Nazi investigation that had infected the land. The entire West united against the antifascists in wild, ecstatic support of the Nazis.

Keep in mind that the King of the UK was a Nazi. He was forced to resign in 1936 due to his Nazi leanings. Churchill himself supported the Nazis until they attacked the UK. Many US corporations supported the Nazi regime in Germany. (((Time Magazine))) put Hitler on the cover in 1939 as Man of the Year. The (((New York Times))) lauded Hitler all through the 1930’s. The Zionist movement supported Hitler all through the 1930’s and even worked with him sometimes. They liked the fact that he was persecuting and even killing Jews in Germany because to them that would make more Jews flee Europe for Palestine. The more persecution of Jews in Europe the better according to the Zionists, as more persecution just meant more Jews heading to Palestine.

The Zionists support for Hitler is obviously the usual amoral Machiavellianism characteristic of these people. All that matters to them is getting what they want. How you get what you want doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get it; the means are not important. They’ll do anything or ally with anyone, even genocidal antisemites like Nazis and ISIS/Al Qaeda if it helps them get what they want. No morals, no values, no rules, all lying, cheating and stealing allowed when it comes to getting what they want.

I would add that Jewish Machiavellianism is generally limited to matters of the Jews themselves or possibly to power and money. Most sleazy Jewish Machiavellianism comes down to Jewish paranoia and attempts to protect the Jews. Basically whatever it takes, lying, cheating, stealing, no rules fighting, no limits warfare, when it comes to “protecting the Jews.” Problem is they are paranoid and see enemies everywhere, including under their bed and in their closet, so this protective behavior becomes rather all-encompassing.

Whether Jews as a people are Machiavellian in general outside protecting the group, I’m not sure. Obviously quite a few are. But a lot aren’t. I’ve known a lot of Jews who were the most honest people you’d ever meet. I used to say that I could take $100,000 and drive over to their house and ask them to hold it for me and I would come back in three months and pay them $10,000 for the privilege as long as I assured you that they were not doing anything illegal. Not only would they do it but they wouldn’t ask me where I got it as most nosy goody-good Gentiles would. I could come back in three months, and they would give me back the whole thing, not missing $1, or even a dime, a nickel, or a penny. Actually there were a number of Jews who I would say that about.

Anyway it wasn’t just Jews who supported Hitler, and when he started killing them, very if any of them kept supporting him. Generally support for Nazism was common across the West, particularly among the rich and upper middle class. This was the case in the UK and Sweden, I know that for sure.

I keep leaving out the Finns because I suspected they were Nazis but I was never sure. And sure enough, there was extreme support for Nazism in Finland during WW2, just as much as in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. I believe their Nazis are still heroes to this day. I never thought much of the Finns anyway. Their name sounds like a fish, and they always seemed like they were Finnish before they even started.

Apparently Finnish Nazis are still very prevalent. They’re all over the Ukrainian War threads cheering on their Nazi brethren.

By the way, the Ukrainian Rada passed a law giving amnesty to all of the murderers who participated in that attack. It was never reported correctly in the US press, who reported it as some sort of Right versus Left battle. Of course, as always, the US media was supporting the Right, not the Left.

The UK and the US both strongly supported the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union at least at the start. Their secret hope was that Hitler would wipe out Stalin’s USSR from the map.

The reason the West supported Hitler for so long was not because the West was evil but because the West has always supported every fascist government that came into existence. Fascists and rightwing dicatorships are loved by capitalists because they are great for business and keep the Left down. Fascists and Nazis are also loved by the West because nobody hated Communists more than they did. And they were the greatest Communist-fighters and Communist-killers the world had ever seen.

So it was more of a covergence of interests than an actual ideological connection. The world of geopolitics is full of all sorts of sleazy marriages of convenience like this.

I saw this and another video that seems to go together with it. The man who walks into the frame is, I believe, one of the US volunteers. He and another American man are seen in another video in what looks like this same area standing in front of a burning armored weapon saying they just killed a Russian tank. Problem is that’s not a tank, and it’s not even Russian. The burning vehicle is Ukrainian. If that burning vehicle is Ukrainian, I am thinking all the rest of these videos are too.

Here’s the American volunteer who claims they took out five Russian tanks, but in a video in the same area, he is standing in front of a burned Ukrainian vehicle.

Keep supporting your Nazi girls, Americans!


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