Alt Left: Lies and Truths about the Russo-Ukrainian War, March 31, 2022

First, a fact for once and one that detracts from the Russian side just to show you I am fairminded: a negative report out of Mariupol. Reports from inside Mariupol say that the DNR soldiers are poorly equipped, often lacking boots and bulletproof vests. Also the Azov Battalion is better armed than they are. They have been able to crack the DNR’s comm lines due to better equipment and they also jam it. The DNR can do nothing about this.

The scene in the Avostal Steel Works is still very bad. There could be up to 3,500 Azov Battalion forces in there. They are dug in there very, very well and it is almost impossible to get them out. In many cases, they are underground in tunnels. Attempting to retake it in the standard manner would result in “catastrophic” losses. No one knows what to do about this.

Russian forces are low in morale. No information, but it doesn’t appear to be true. If it were true we would have heard about it by now. Honestly, neither side seems to be low in morale at the moment.

Russian soldiers killed one of their own officers to get out of fighting. False.

Eight Russian generals have been killed since the start of the war, all by snipers. Unknown, but false in one case. There’s been no verification of this one way or the other by Russia. However, one of the dead generals just turned up in Mariupol and was photographed meeting with DNR leaders. It’s unknown if his first name is Jesus.

The Ukraine war is going terribly for Russia, and the generals are keeping this information from Putin out of fear. No information. Fear of what? Putin’s not a dictator. He has to follow the laws and this constrains a lot of his behavior.

Russia blew up a Red Cross building apparently harboring civilians. It had a huge red cross on its roof. No information. Also, where did this take place?

Russia killed civilians in Irpin, where there are cars by the side of the road with civilians dead in them, shot by bullets. False. Every time you see something like that, it’s the terrordefense battalions. Those are terrordefense checkpoints and sometimes they just shoot their own people in their cars for whatever reason.

Ukrainian troops retake Izyum. False. Russia took the whole city and is now fighting south of the city in Kamenka.

Ukraine recaptured 25-35 miles of territory near Kiev. False.

Ukraine successfully launched successful counterattacks near Kherson. False. They all failed with heavy losses.

Russians shelled a theater with “children” written in huge letters, twice. Killed 300+ civilians. False. How many times have we been through that. The damage here looks pretty severe, however, people in the building said that Azov had mined the roof and the ceiling, cleared everyone out, and then blew the place up as they were retreating. We now have this from multiple sources. We are still not sure if everyone got out or if there were any killed or wounded.

Keep in mind that Russian sources said that Azov had put 1,000 people in this theater and then mined it and were hoping to blow it up to cause a false flag to blame Russia. Russia complained to the UN about this. Azov was also using the top floors as firing positions, but Russia said the building was taken off the target list due to likelihood or harming civilians. All of this was said three days before the theater blew up. Russia says Azov is going to do a false flag in the theater, three days later the theater blows up, and Russia did it?

Get out of here! Three days before, Russia knew full well that that place was chock full of civilians, mined by Azov, and prepped for a false flag…so…Russia bombs it anyway? Just to kill 200-300 civilians? Why on Earth would they do that? Keep in mind that 99% of those civilians support Russia even after Mariupol has been leveled. Why would Russia deliberately kill 200-300 of their own civilian supporters? Makes no sense at all.

However, the Ukrainians have released this video of refugees trying to escape after the building was bombed. I’m sorry but that does not look like a building that has been hit by a bomb at all. There’s almost no damage! This makes no sense at all. Compare the stairway in this video with the stairway in the aftermath of the explosion. The explosion hasn’t even gone off! See how those civilians are acting? Are they acting like they just got hit by a bomb? Hell no!

They’re a bit feisty and active and on the move, but the mood fits better with a group leaving the theater because Azov ordered them out than with a building that just got bombed. That could not be post-bomb footage anyway because the building is completely intact and post-bomb footage of that same area shows massive devastation.

Russia is using cluster bombs. False. But Ukraine has used them a couple of times.

Cluster bombs are banned weapons. False. I believe they are legal.

Russians refuse to allow humanitarian aid to Kharkiv. False. Russia is delivering humanitarian aid to this city all the time.

After residents dug a ditch to bury their dead neighbors, Russia  shelled the ditch. No information. Also we don’t know where this happened.

Russian sniper shot a man in the thigh, shattered his femur, and Russian soldiers “helped” applying a bandage, but refused painkillers or antibiotics. No information. Also, where did this happen? They’re under strict orders not to behave that way though.

Russians fired a missile at a bread line again, killing civilians. No information, but the last incident was a nationalist battalion shooting at their own people to blame Russia, according to residents at the scene. Also we don’t know where this happened.

A Russian tank turned left, pointed at an elderly couple in a car that had stopped, and fired a tank shell at the car. No information. Also, we don’t know where this happened.

The Nazis were better behaved when they occupied Ukraine than the Russians are. False. Yeah, that’s why they killed 25% of the population!

Russian forces use unsecured comms. False. But they are having issues with Ukrainians jamming their transmissions in some places such as Mariupol.

An intercepted conversation has Russian tankers discussing orders to civilian areas in a town they took. No information. Also, we don’t know where this took place.

Putin is the richest man on Earth. Unproven. His known wealth is rather modest for a man of his stature. The rest are unproven accusations of vast hidden wealth. You would think if this were true he would not have an 83% approval rating.

The Russian military is pathetic, inept, and terrible but at the same time vicious, apocalyptic, and murderous to the point of being genocidal and leveling whole cities. False. These are standard US/Jewish lies. The US tells these lies about all of its enemies. All American enemies are at the same time laughable inept and can be defeated in two days with no US losses and then at the same time are on the verge of wiping out the US with nuclear bombs or WMD’s.

The Jewish government says the same thing about their enemies. The Palestinians are comically, laughably inept and can barely hit a bird with a slingshot yet at the same time are always just this far from exterminating every Jew in Israel.

You would think anyone with common sense would not fall for this crap, but the US and Jewish public fall for it all the time. And keep in mind that these countries are some of the highest IQ nations on Earth. So IQ doesn’t have much to do with your ability to be conned or fooled by propaganda. Given intense enough propaganda, even intelligent people can be swept away and lose all critical thinking skills. The purpose of propaganda is to destroy critical thinking skills.

Russia is so desperate they had to beg for help from Syria and Chechnya. False. Those are all volunteers who wanted to come help Russia.

The Ukrainian air force is defeating the Russian Air Force, downing aircraft all the time. False. The Ukrainian Air Force is nearly defeated, though they still have some aircraft in the air. They downed some aircraft early in the war but not so much since. Russian aircraft is flying at night, as Ukraine’s Stingers don’t work well at night.

All of the Spetsnaz or Special Forces have been killed. False. They are still all over the war zone.

The Chechens have all been killed. False. They have taken some losses but not catastrophic ones.

Russians are leaving antipersonnel mines in Irpin. No information, but both sides are using land mines a lot in this war.

Russians set tripwire booby-traps all over the towns they take, even in peoples’ backyards. No information. But it sounds dubious. Also, we don’t know where this took place.

Russians have been booby-trapping dead Ukrainian soldiers. No information. It sounds a bit dubious because I have reports from DNR teams from Marinka picking up the Ukrainian dead, bagging them and trying to ID them to let their families know, so that’s the opposite of boobytrapping bodies. In Mariupol, Chechens are gathering up the bodies of dead Ukrainians in piles and putting them in bags. Doesn’t sound like booby-trapping. Also, where did this take place?

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