Alt Left: Taking Apart Many US Media and Government Lies about the Russo-Ukraine War

Below is a comment from a typical American. Last time I checked, 8

The loudest, most deranged voices on this matter are mostly coming from Democrats, many of them liberal Democrats! They are truly the worst of both worlds. Insane neoconservatives on foreign policy and supporters of woke Globohomo Cultural Left Freakshow SJW insanity on domestic policy. The worst of the left combined with the worst of the right.

I always wondered why Leftists hated liberals so much. I thought they were just insane Communist fanatics. Now I’m starting to get it. Even social democrats are the worst nowadays. I always hated it when the German Communist Party called social democrats “social fascists.” But guess what? They were right! Both liberals and social democrats are completely worthless in the imperial core (the West), that’s for damn sure.

Below I take apart every fake argument that he brings up and he sure brings up a lot of them. I’ve studied this war deeply so I can answer most of these questions well. And I’ve come to notice that just about everything Western governments and media are saying about this war is a Goddamned lie. I lived through the Vietnam War and the propaganda was never anywhere near this level. This is worse by an order of magnitude!

Mariupol is completely flattened (Again…2022…satellite images.)

Well, explain to me why 9

Irpin…residential neighborhood, destroyed, dead civilians laying in the street, hanging out of cars.

No one knows who killed those people. The ones hanging out of cars were probably killed by the terrordefense when they stopped the cars. I’ve seen that footage. They’re the only people who are pulling civilians out of cars and shooting them.

I don’t think you understand urban warfare. Any way you do it, 8

Russians shelled a Red Cross warehouse with a giant red cross.

This probably didn’t happen, but I’ve never heard of it.

Russians shelled a theater with “children” written in huge letters, twice. Killed 300+ civilians.

This not only didn’t happen twice, it didn’t even happen once. The Nazis mined the theater beforehand and blew it up as they retreated with 300 people inside. Gullible fools like you fell for it.

LOL! We have locals on record saying Azov mined the place and detonated as they retreated.

In fact, we had warnings that they were going to do this three days before.

There were no Russian planes in the area. Russia knew it was full of civilians a few days before and complained to the UN about Azov using it. They also said before the attack that it was taken off the target list because of risk to civilians. There were no Russian aircraft in the city that day.

Why is there no footage of people being dragged out of the wreckage? I’ve seen videos of the theater after Azov blew it up. It’s not even very badly damaged.

It’s 2022, Ivan Killcivilians.

Maybe take your complaint to the Pentagon. They say Russia is only attacking military targets.

Cluster bombs??????? You’re are a damn fool.

Russia hasn’t used any cluster bombs. But Ukraine has.

You even realize why they’re banned, Ivan Killsalot?

They’re not banned.

Because one nation uses them on another…in their territory…not their own! Why in God’s name would they put their own people in danger for years with UXB’s laying around?

Well the Ukrainians are using them in the Donbass, and they don’t care about those people, as they are Russians. The Ukrainians already said they’re going to kill 1.5 million of them.

Russians shoot and shell civilians evacuating- the rare moments its ”allowed”.

Everyone they interview says it’s Ukrainians who won’t let them leave and shoot at them when they try to leave. Like…everyone. It’s to Ukraine’s advantage to use those civilians as shields. Russia tries to open those corridors all the time. It’s the Ukrainians who keep stopping it.

Russians refuse to allow humanitarian aid to Mariupol and Kharkiv.

That’s not true. Russians are distributing lots of aid in Mariupol, and people are very grateful. They are also distributing lots of aid in Kharkiv. You know who is distributing no aid? Ukraine!

Civilians huddling in basements of their destroyed homes in freezing weather dying of dehydration, starvation, exposure.

If you are talking about Mariupol, why do 9

After residents quickly dug (another) ditch to at least dump their dead neighbors and body parts in a hoke, Russians shelled the freaking ditch!

Never heard of this. Where was it?

Russian sniper shot a man in the thigh, shattered his femur, a couple Russian soldiers “helped” applying a bandage, but refused painkillers or antibiotics.

Never heard of this. Plus, Russians are not really using snipers.

A father had to prepare the body of his 2 year old and bury him in his yard. Apartment buildings blasted in half, smoke pouring out…

You refer to Mariupol? Why are they overjoyed to see Russians?

Russians fired a missile at a bread line 2 weeks ago, killing civilians.

I’ve heard of this. Russian forces were not in the city at the time, and locals say the nationalist battalions fired at them to blame Russia.

Russians had so much fun doing this they repeated it just a couple days ago.

Never heard of this. It’s odd because Russia is distributing humanitarian aid everywhere, so why shell a bread line?

Bodies everywhere, huge pool of blood and some brain tissue by one, not covered by the tarp.

War is Hell.

How about the Russian tank that turns left, facing a car with an elderly couple who had stopped, and the Russian sadist fired a shell at it, burning them alive?

Never heard of this.

An interview with a very old woman in Eastern Ukraine who lived through the Nazi invasion and reported the Nazi’s were far, far better. They didn’t indiscriminately destroy homes or shoot civilians in the streets. They took her town. Occupied it. But they..NAZI’S!…didn’t wipe them out. Why would they? A real military knows it’s counterproductive to indiscriminately kill people as they will be far more inclined to want to you. It’s just an unnecessary problem to deal with.

She’s not in the east. That’s not what happened. The ancestors of the people in the Ukrainian government now collaborated with the Nazis. End result was Nazis with their Ukrainian pals killed 2

Your radio chatter is on unsecured lines, Ivan!

Not true. However, in some places, Ukrainians are jamming Russian comms. Ukrainians are often better armed than Russians, especially in urban warfare.

The world can listen to your inept “army”…crying for help, getting lost, running out of food and water, and newest intercepted chatter has tankers talking about their orders to shell civilians in the area they took station.

This is not the info we are getting from the front lines, and we don’t even know if these comms are even real. I doubt the last sentence. Putin gave strict orders to preserve civilian life at all cost.

The Ukraine military isn’t anywhere large enough to warrant 24/7 shelling, by tanks and long range heavy artillery, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, rockets, air assault.

Sure it is. And it’s still hard to beat them. They have the 3rd largest army in Europe and are trained and armed to NATO standards.

Last weekend Russians hit a large oil facility in Lyiv, not far from where President Biden was in Poland. I mention this because it’s a Tier 1 strategic target…yet it was still standing, despite all the ammunition being dumped on Ukraine. About 10 days ago Russians destroyed an air force administration “base”…why are missiles taking out bread lines but a military target is still standing 4 weeks into the illegal invasion? Why was the military training base in western Ukraine in week 3 of the illegal invasion?

This is ridiculous. They are slowly going down the list of big targets. The invasion is perfectly legal because Ukraine attacked Russia first.

…then why on Earth does your genocidal freak Putin block access to all this “truth”?

He doesn’t. Russians have access to all of that biased crap. They just don’t believe it.

Your leadership is a corrupt kleptocracy. How did Putin become one of the richest men in the world as a “public servant”?

No one knows how much money he has. His known assets are modest. The other claims have not been proven. 7

Right now, your pathetic but nonetheless murderous paper tiger military is exposed.

They’ve conquered an area the size of the UK in a month. I’d say that’s very good.

Putin has to hire torturors from Wagner Group to further rape the nation?

Extra troops are always good.

Why is the vaunted Russian “military” asking for help from criminals from Syria and Chechnya? A superpower? Asking for help from terrorists, because they can’t defeat a country on their doorstep with a military a fraction the size.

The Syrians and Chechens volunteered because they love Russia so much. And a lot more Chechens want to go in.

Russia went in with 200,000 troops to Ukraine’s 600,000. You should have 3-1 advantage to defeat an army. Ukraine’s army is excellent. It’s the 3rd largest in Europe, and it’s been armed and trained to NATO standards with the latest equipment.

and your beloved soldiers are being slaughtered…what is it now…15,000?

Probably false. The best information is Russia has lost 2,000 men.

This humiliation is why the slaughter of Ukrainians is happening.

There is no humiliation. They are fighting against an excellent, well-armed and deeply dug in opponent. It’s a hard fight.

Your “military” poops it’s pants at the idea of urban warfare, so flatten all the buildings, and a city is no longer an “urban area.”

I don’t think so. Russians are engaging in a lot of urban warfare in places like Mariupol and they are doing very well. Ask the Pentagon. The Pentagon says Russia is only attacking military targets.

How does your vaunted Air Force with your Wonder Planes keep getting beaten by a handful of MiG-19’s and Su-27’s? Ouch. Embarrassing.

They’re not getting beaten. The Ukrainian Air Force is mostly destroyed.

Russian Generals around in Afghanistan must be throwing tantrums now that those damn Stinger missiles are again ripping your air assault copters from the sky, just like 1984 all over again.

Russians are flying at night and those Stingers work poorly at night. They’re not taking down many aircraft.

Where’s the vaunted Spetsnaz?

There are plenty of them all over Ukraine east of the Dnieper and in the south.

The bearded Chechans came in with fanfare, but have been silent since…guessing all dead, too.

Nope. They release videos all the time. Their spirits are extremely high. They are having a blast and loving it in Mariupol. They are not taking excessive casualties.

Hey, where did your “soldiers” get the banned anti-personnel mines they’ve been leaving behind in Irpin as they were driven out after murdering residents?

LOL they weren’t driven out. Russians occupy half the city. Both Russia and Ukraine use landmines, and they’re not banned weapons.

but Ukrainian child blown to 1000 pieces by an illegal mine = puts big smile on your face, huh,

Civilian casualties seem to be remarkably low for such a large operation. Even the Pentagon noted this.

The World has seen the trip wires explosives Russians leave in neighborhoods and backyard. Sweet work. I’ve heard old ladies going to their garden are especially wild shows when they’re blasted all over the side of their home.

I’ve never heard about this, and I don’t know why they would boobytrap a garden. Ukrainians are boobytrapping their bases too.

Before you climax, your Russia murderers have also been wiring dead bodies with explosives.

Never heard this one before.

And there’s the difference between you and a decent human being (a liberal American who happens to be sick of a lifetime of Soviet and Russian threats, nuclear threats, watching Grozny, twice, Chechnya, Syria, and the WORST thing: the relentless lying.)

You’re a liberal Democrat? Jesus! No wonder the Hard Left hates you. You’re worse than Republicans!

Putin murdering people he doesn’t like…

Putin hasn’t really killed anyone other than some of his own spies, who I suspect were double agents.

the shooting down of two civilian air liners…

I only know about M17. All the locals in the area say it was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, and half of the CIA believes Ukraine did it with a fighter jet to blame Russia. I’m not aware of a second jet.

I wish like hell everyday NATO would declare some kind of action…not a war…hmm….what to call it. OH! A special military operation!

Liberal Democrats want WW3!

that won’t even pick up the stealth aircraft…

Nope, Russia can see them all LOL.

while F-35’s, F-22’s, Tornadoes and Rafaels sweeping the skies clean with of your inept air force.

I doubt if the US is any match for the Russian air force and air defense. Neither plane has defenses against Russian anti-aircraft.

Your economy is in the toilet (your own damn fault)

Wait, I thought you said you ruined the economy with your nuclear sanctions? So you admit the sanctions don’t work?

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Taking Apart Many US Media and Government Lies about the Russo-Ukraine War”

  1. Robert, about the 3-in-1 part, I remember reading recently an interesting article about military strategy analysis that explained well why that didn’t apply in this context. It had something to do with the fact that since the main stage began near their own borders, they had the support and second line units helping the front.

    It seems that the Ukraine military was trained by USA and friends to actually be an attacking force and not so much as an insurgency as I expected. They were meant to do attacks in Donbass and then on Russia itself, at least before Russia did its own preventive war. It explained why this is not like Afghanistan. I can give you the link of the article

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, Putin didn’t authorize yet sending Syrian volunteers. I guess that something like that would require an extensive veto process.

    1. It seems that the Ukraine military was trained by USA and friends to actually be an attacking force and not so much as an insurgency as I expected. They were meant to do attacks in Donbass and then on Russia itself, at least before Russia did its own preventive war.

      Exactly they were being armed and trained as an army to attack Russia, of course. And that’s why Russia attacked. I’m told that if Russia would have waited until 2024, the Ukrainians would have been a lot harder to beat. People use phrases like “on a par with Russia” which is probably not exactly true, but it’s obviously why they invaded when they did. Ukraine was a total menace getting more and more dangerous by the month.

      Anyway, they attacked Russia first, so there’s your casus belli right there. Russia had a 100% right to invade Ukraine just based on Ukraine attacking Russia a few times first.

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