NSFW! Ukrainians Torturing People and War Crimes Videos

NSFW! NSFW! Warning, these videos contain highly disturbing footage. If you are sensitive, don’t watch! I don’t want people coming back to me complaining about some video I put up.

Description of Ukrainian tortures and murders starts here:

This is another video associated with the raid at Malaya Rogan in Kharkiv where the Russian POW’s were shot in their legs. This Russian POW was captured by the Nazis in the same raid. He had his index finger cut off by them. The Nazis did this all the time for eight years to Donbass POW’s they captured. It’s SOP.

This video says it is Ukrainians torturing Russian soldiers, but instead these people look like Ukrainian civilians. It’s not known what they’ve done wrong. The people doing the torturing are probably part of one of the Nazi militias roaming this wasted and depraved land. You can tell by the bags over the heads.

This video was found on the phone of Nazi Pavel Kishniev, recruited by Ukrainian intelligence in 2010, leader of the Nazi “Rights of Youth” group in Zaporozhye, and drug dealer under the protection of the SBU Ukrainian intelligence. This man being hit is Cherny Maxim, a resident of the southern city of Melitopol. He has not been seen since this video. The Nazis come every day to the place he is held and beat him for two hours. They beat him in his kidneys. They want him to tell them about pro-Russian activists in the city.

The video was found on one of the captured Nazis. He used to watch it in his spare time for kicks. You can hear someone say, “Bring a bag.” The people with bags over their heads are being given the “strangulation torture.” It’s not known if this is fatal or not. The others with bags over their heads are probably other Ukrainians suspected of being pro-Russian.

This video is a very famous video supposedly of a Russian soldier but probably instead of a separatist soldier or possibly he may just be an anti-Ukrainian government Russian speaking civilian from the area who was accused of aiding the separatists. He was captured by the Azov Battalion, probably in 2015. They nail him to a cross (crucifixion), and then set the cross in the ground. He’s creaming a lot of the time when they are nailing him to the cross.

Then one of them hits him in the genitals with a huge hammer, more like a sledgehammer really. Then they set the cross on fire. The video ends as the fire moves up the cross and you can hear the man scream. It’s bad stuff. It looks like it is from April 2014 in the Donbass. There were no Russian troops there at the time. Disturbing!

In the video below, journalist Patrick Lancaster, who is embedded with the DNR separatist forces, goes with a DNR soldier to look at an abandoned Ukrainian National Guard and Azov Battalion base in the basement of a school in Mariupol.

There they find the body of a woman who was tortured to death by either or both of these groups. Her arm had been chopped off and her face was bloody, possibly from being beaten. A swastika has been drawn on her chest and stomach in her own blood. The Ukrainian National Guard was in on this! Carving a swastika in blood on a civilian you just tortured to death? I’m sure glad there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine!

The man below is name is Petr Vasilyevich, a Russian soldier. He has just been stabbed in the eye by Ukrainian forces. Now they are asking what he wants to keep more, his testicles or his life.  The Ukrainian soldier who did it is named Ruslan Grigorievich Oleinik from Vinnitsa. Vinnitsa is in West Ukraine, Nazi Central Headquarters. Petr apparently survived this attack but he was later tortured to death. He may be the man below who has a knife shoved down his throat, killing him.

In the video below, the killer has been identified as Ruslan Mironyuk from Vinnytsia. That’s West Ukraine, otherwise known as Nazi Central.

This is a very, very bad video that just came out. Shows a Ukrainian fighter, unknown if he is with a nationalist battalion or if he is just with the army. Accounts differ as to who the person being killed was. Some say he was a Ukrainian soldier accused of spying; others say he was a Russian POW. An account of a Russian soldier says it is one of their POW’s. The Ukrainian shoves a knife down his throat and then pulls it out and stabs him in the face and maybe the eyes.

Here is another video. This is Azov Battalion and they are part of the same group that killed the POW’s on video. Azov took these soldiers prisoner and beat them nearly to death on the rear of their bodies. A number of them were stripped naked. In this video, they are forcing them to kneel in front of a freshly dug trench. They are either being threatened with execution or they are getting ready to be executed. I assume the latter.

Yet another video from the same scene. Looks like they are forcing them to say, “Glory to Ukraine” before they execute them. In the video before it is fascist collaborator Boris Johnson of NATO UK reciting a fascist slogan, Slava Ukraini. This was the slogan of the Nazi collaborator Ukrainian nationalist UNO in World War 2.

This is a video of the same scene. This is Azov Battalion and Ukrainian troops who have captured Russian soldiers, stripped them, beaten them, and packed them in a truck like sardines. This is the same group they seem to be getting ready to execute above.

Below, photographs of an Azov Battalion base in Mariupol. Inside they found a woman who had been tortured to death. A bag was over her head and her arm had been cut off. A swastika was drawn on her chest with her own blood. How many times did I tell you these Ukrainians were Nazis?

In the video below, Azov Battalion soldiers are in a high rise building in Mariupol with civilians they have taken hostage. They are playing the intro song from a horror movie on the piano. The camera pans over the hostages, who are on their stomachs on the floor with their hands over their heads. All you clowns with Ukrainian flags in your accounts, this is who you are supporting!

In the photo below, a kind, civilized Russian soldier comforts a cat terrorized by the war. His behavior typifies the civilized land called Russia. On the right, a typical Ukrainian Nazi soldier pokes a cat’s eyes out with a stick! Looks like we’ve created a new ISIS with these Ukrainian Nazis! Figures. US supports ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Ukrainian Nazis. All you have to do to get US government support is be a reactionary bloodthirsty maniac!

Members of a Nazi terrordefense battalion in Western Ukraine arrest a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, carting him away in the middle of service to the cries and protests of the worshipers! Look at the believers fighting with the Nazis who took their priest away. What did this priest do? Have these Nazis no respect for religion?

There are many videos like these below. These are Ukrainian civilians tying other Ukrainians to poles where they beat them, whip them, paint their faces blue, etc. They say these people were “marauders.” Apparently in most cases that means looters.

A new video. In this case, a Ukrainian civilian, a young woman, has been stripped naked by other Ukrainians. She was accused of shoplifting. They stripped her naked, beat her badly, singed her hair with fire, and painted her face blue. Apparently she was a “marauder.”

The man below tried to steal food. He is being taped to a pole by two cops and a bystander. Other bystanders try to intervene to tear the tape off. Ukrainian society is sick!

In this video, ordinary Ukrainian citizens tied a a “marauder” to a pole in freezing weather. His fate is not known.

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