Mariupol Woman Describes How Ukrainian Forces Mined the Mariupol Theater and Blew It up As They Retreated

We also have testimony from people who were right there in the theater. They said they had all been freed before Azov blew up the theater. Russian sources warned that Azov had mined the theater and filled it with civilians three days before.

The Russian command knew that it was full of civilians and mined by Azov and also that Azov was using the top floors to fire on Russian forces. The theater was removed from the target list due to the extreme potential of endangering civilians. There are no witness reports of Russian aircraft over Mariupol that day and anyway that in that area, the street fighting was so intense that you cannot use air power in such tight quarters because there’s too much risk of hitting your own men.

Also, keep in mind that 9

Tell me now, why on Earth does Russia deliberately bomb a theater that they knew full well for days beforehand was full of civilians, 9

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