Russian Soldiers Treating POW’s in a Proper and Dignified Manner

I might add, characteristic of the great country it is, Russia.

First of all, by way of contrast, look at how Ukrainians treat POW’s. This meme is being passed all around the Ukrainian Internet to raves and cheers everywhere. Ukrainians are proud of the fact that they murder POW’s! There’s something terribly wrong with Ukrainians. It’s like a whole country turned into a bunch of animals. Denazification now!

Here is the video of Chechens interrogating a Ukrainian fighter they have captured. You would think that of anyone, Chechens would torture POW’s, but he appears to be being treated very well and is good spirits. Chechens are heroes. They fight for Mother Russia!

Here is an interesting video of the interrogation of a Ukrainian POW. Look at how calm, relaxed, and even happy he is that he is in the hands of civilized men, Russians, who will not beat, torture or kill him for being a POW. This is how interrogations of POW’s are supposed to go. This sort of interrogation is indicative of the great civilized country called Russia. Even when they fight wars they are gentlemen and they play by the rules. Nazis, not so much!

Here Russian soldiers captured 50 Ukrainian soldiers, half of them officers, in fighting northwest of Kiev. As they have been ordered to do by their defense minister, you can see that these Ukrainian POW’s are being given proper, legal, dignified treatment as per the Geneva Convention. The Russian government says they abide by the Geneva Convention when it comes to POW’s, and I believe them. On the other hand, in wars, the strong side can always afford to act good and play fair. The weaker side, not so much.

Here Russian soldiers are protecting a Azov Battalion prisoner from an enraged mob of Mariupol residents who were probably going to lynch him. Who are the bad guys in Mariupol again? Why do 99% of Mariupol residents support Russia?

This video shows Chechens rescuing children in Mariupol. Look how tender and kind they are to these tiny children. Chechens are the best!

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5 thoughts on “Russian Soldiers Treating POW’s in a Proper and Dignified Manner”

  1. I believe German soldiers during WWII treated captured soldiers with respect. They viewed them as lions fighting for lambs but had great respect for them as fellow soldiers. Ukrainian Nazis are much more savage. Hell, even their liberals want to castrate the enemy.

    1. They treated the US and the British soldiers well because they respected them, possibly because they thought they were Aryans.

      But they treated the Russian POW’s horrendously. And they killed a lot of Polish POW’s too. Both of those were Slavs.

      I’m not sure how they treated POW’s from other places they conquered.

      1. My accounts are from westerners. Though I’ve heard old German soldiers say they had to follow a strict code of honor or they’d be shot on site. Turning on western slavs was a later developement. Though there was a dream of Germanizing Slavic lands. Places like Novgorod would already be quite Nordic. In Ukraine , I’m for protecting the Slav against the Nazis. Their brand of Nazism feels more twisted. They are treating their own blood brothers as subhumans.

        1. 83% of Russian POW’s captured by Germany died.

          13% of German POW’s captured by the USSR died.

          Which one do you think was cruel to POW’s?

          Nope, they were anti-Slav from the very start. Look how they acted in Poland and that was the very start of the war. Yeah Germanizing them like this!:

          25% of Soviets (or Slavs?) were to be killed outright.
          25% of Soviets (or Slavs?) were thought to be Aryan enough to be “Germanized.”
          50% of Soviets (or Slavs?) were to be slowly worked to death.

          All of the Soviets (or Slavic?) lands were to be given to the Germans for lebensraum.

          This whole plan was called Generalplan Ost. Go look it up. Germany was the enemy of the Soviet and Russian people. Nazism was anti-Soviet and -Russian from the start. The whole Judeo-Bolshevik idea was based on the idea that Jews were Communists who were behind the Russian Revolution that they were determined to spread to Europe.

          In Ukraine , I鈥檓 for protecting the Slav against the Nazis. Their brand of Nazism feels more twisted. They are treating their own blood brothers as subhumans.

          They were following Nazi theory, twisted around a bit to let them off the hook for not being real Slavs and being Nordics instead. Nazism was as anti-Russian as it was anti-Jewish.

          1. I read they were cool with Western Slavs in the beginning. I believe some Polish families were even assimilated into German culture. I agree, they were against East Slavs and wrong for that. Russians were the greatest victims of Nazism.

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