Alt Left: Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian Prisoners in the Legs

Warning! NSFW!

First of all, there are attempts to discredit this video by saying it was staged by Russian propagandists. This is the line of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and it’s demonstrably false because we have already identified the Ukrainian forces involved in this crime (see below) and we have also identified at least one of the victims, an Azerbaijani who is absolutely a member of the Russian army.

A new fake has come up in the form of a forgery of a document from the Russian Defense Ministry saying it is necessary to produce videos of Ukrainians torturing and killing Russian POW’s as part of an information war.

A few problems.

Everything about this document is wrong from the letterhead to the signatures, all the way down. The grammar and phrasing is wrong and there are misspellings of Russian words in this official document! Also this document first appeared a year ago!

It was probably produced by Ukrainian intelligence SBU. They’re always making fakes and forgeries like this.

Pretty bad stuff. They abuse the prisoners and then they shoot them in the legs and genitals. Some of the Russians appear to be in shock and near death. Others are lying on the ground bleeding from their legs. Suffice to say that if these men don’t get medical care, and they won’t, they’re all going to die.

Azov Battalion combined with the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army captured a group of Russian soldiers in Malaya Rogan, 3 miles south of Kharkiv March 25. They claim to have killed taken 30 prisoner in this attack in which they retook the village. The killing of the POW’s took place at a dairy on the western outskirts of this on either March 25 or 26. Members of the Kharkiv territorial defense may have also been present.

That footage is combined with footage of the Azov Battalion raiding Olkovka with the Kraken Battalion of the Ukrainian military. It was said that this took place in Olkovka, but that could not be located on a map. Apparently that is the Russian name for the village. The Ukrainian name is Vil’kivka. It is just a bit to the east of Kharkiv.

In this footage, Russian soldiers are stripped and badly beaten from behind. A number of them are bleeding. They are then made to kneel over a freshly dug trench and say pro-Ukrainian phrases. The implication is that they will be killed. This footage was found on the Telegram site of an Azov Battalion member. It combines the footage at the dairy farm with the footage of the stripped and beaten captives readied for execution which takes place in Vil’kivka.

Some are in shock. At the end a new group of three is brought in and all three are shot in the back of the legs. I thought those guys were “terrordefense!” This makes sense because the killers are from Kharkiv and are angry about their city getting shelled. They think they have found some of the Russians who have been shelling their city, so it’s payback time.

This video is genuine as one of the POW’s shot in the legs who is interrogated says he is Azerbaijani has been identified. Further, two of the perpetrators of this attack have apparently been identified.

One of the killers has been identified as a 28 year old man from Kharkov named Sergey Velichko, call sign, “Chill.” He is a member of Azov Battalion and appears to be one of the leaders of the Kharkov branch of Azov. At the time the war started, he was in prison for racketeering, robbery, extortion, and kidnapping, but he was released from custody when Zelensky let most of the incarcerated criminals out of jail and prison to join the “terrordefense.”

The second man is named Konstantin Nemichev, also a resident of Kharkov. He is a battalion commander of the local Kharkov “terrordefense.”

Battalion commander of the Kharkov territorial defense cell Konstantin Nemichev. One of the killers in the Russian POW abuse video.


Another photo of Nemichev, top officer in the local Kharkov terrordefense.

I would like to point out that POW abuse is nothing new to the separatists who have been dealing with this for eight years now. POW’s often return missing a finger, or at other times they are asked to choose between getting their throat slit and having a limb chopped off. If they choose limb, they are asked which one they want to part with.

Even in this war, some Russian POW’s have been returned castrated or missing limbs. The limb removal did not seem to happen in combat. Instead it seemed to occur in custody. So abuse of POW’s is simply systemic in the various Ukrainian forces from military to nationalist battalions to terrordefense.

Here is a video of the battle for the Vil’kivka. You can see how they are already beating and abusing the prisoners. You can see that a lot of Ukrainian army soldiers are now operating from civilian vehicles to make themselves safe from surveillance and attacks from the air.

I can’t believe these guys filmed this and put it on the Net. But then we had the head of Ukrainian Medicine on TV the other day that Russian POW’s should be castrated! And this is how the Ukrainian liberals talk!

Separatist fighters have been saying for years that this is what was being done to their prisoners, but no one believed them. A pregnant woman was beheaded, a soldier was nailed to a cross and then set on fire, newborn babies were shot, and infants were raped. The rape of the infant was so bad that the perpetrator was actually convicted by a Ukrainian court.

42% of the commenters on the original Twitter thread, mostly Americans, are cheering this on in the thread. How depraved are we getting as a society, or have we always been this way?

Five minute version of the vehicle.

There is a lot of talk that these torturers are speaking Russian. This is true, but they are speaking Russian with a Ukrainian accent. So the killers are absolutely Ukrainians. Further, a Ukrainian poster has affirmed that the killers are speaking Ukrainian. Here is his translation of the video, from here:

Most of the video the cameraman is trying to figure out how they are injured. One guy is asked if his leg is broken. He says yes.

One guy in the background is heard yelling, “You are an officer, why the fuck are you shelling Kharkiv? Killing civilians?”

Then another guy is yelling “Are there officers? Are there officers?”

Then they shoot the officers (presumably) in the legs. Presumably as revenge for giving orders for those under their commands to “shell civilians,” which the Russians are not doing.

Second guy he talks to he asks him his nationality. He says he is Azerbajani and says that he has documents. Ukrainian soldier asks him why the fuck he came there. He says it was an order.

EDIT: Since this is a pretty important video from crimes perspective. I’ll translate word for word… in a sec in this post below here.

Cameraman: Where are (he says “Razvidosi bitch”, I am not sure what this means, could be Razvedka, which would be recon unit that wasn’t with these guys when they got captured. He is asking about their location).

POW: On the left side.

Cameraman: Where?

POW: As you enter the village on the left side

Cameraman: Left side. Where exactly? Speak up, bitch! Speak up.

Cameraman: Where are you from? Tell me.

Cameraman: He lost consciousness.

Cameraman: Turn him over.

Cameraman: Legs are shot huh?

Cameraman: I think he is fucked.

Cameraman: Fucking bitch. Whats your ethnicity?

POW: Azerbaijani. I have documents.

Cameraman: Why the fuck did you come here?

POW: Those were the orders

Cameraman: Fucking orders, huh?

Cameraman: You had a recon regiment here, how many people?

POW: On 6th of March when we entered we had 50 people.

Voice asks again “Who are officers?”

It made me think a little deeper. As someone who understands Russian culture/language, I think that perhaps when he is asking, “Who is an officer?” He is not actually trying to find out who is an officer. Instead, he is asking a rhetorical question, sort of, “Who is a man among you dogs that shot at civilians.”

In Russian culture a soldier is someone who gave an oath to serve and protect, to follow laws and rules of war, etc. Someone who has honor above all. So asking “Who is an officer?” is sort of like asking who of you are actually a soldier and not a war criminal. This would also explain the man in the background saying “You are an officer. How could you shell Kharkiv?” As in, “It’s a war crime. You know its a war crime. How as a person who gave a soldier’s oath and who knows the rules of war could you do this?”

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22 thoughts on “Alt Left: Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian Prisoners in the Legs”

  1. Look like alot of blood around the crotch. I’ve seen interrogations where they put a gun to a pregnant womans belly, like George Floyd did apparently. While just fake for TV, it always struck a nerve. Infant rape is the worst crime imaginable. Pure evil, makes me suspect something satanic is at play.

  2. “They abuse the prisoners and then they shoot them in the legs. It’s said they are shooting them in the knees, but it looks more like the legs in general.”

    The video clip presented shows NONE OF THAT: No abuse, no shooting them.

    Clickbait headline, pure and simple: Put up a verified, authentic video clip of those actions actually taking place and I’ll recant my comment.

    1. I watched some of it on Alex Jones today. They shot them in the nuts. Not just the legs. It’s the same video as above, only longer, and more gruesome.

    2. This is unacceptable they are shown kicking them and covering and uncovering their beaten faces! The Geneva convention should be all over this NOW. You want to see more gruesome details go watch Netflix they just covered it! Prayers to the soldiers and all civilian casualties 🙏

    3. Banned. The video shows men bleeding from the legs. The soldiers are indeed abusing them verbally in Russian. And they are kicking them. In the last 15 seconds, three prisoners are thrown out of a van and quickly shot in the rear legs.

  3. War’s a bitch. Civility and humanity go right out the window. Both sides are doing unbelievably horrendous acts to one another and to innocent civilians. Just awestruck horror. However, Ukraine didn’t invade Russia and start up shit. Keep that in mind at all times.

    TL;DR Payback’s a bitch!

    1. Russians are not committing any war crimes against civilians in this war. Not even one. If you want to argue that the way they are killing Ukrainian soldiers is not kosher, fine, but the methods are within the laws of war.

      1. Thank you Robert, for your in-depth intelligent appraisal of this whole dirty business. I have shared your article and video on every platform I visit. Something has to give sooner or later. I watched his “Address to the Nation” explaining why and what was going to happen, and I know in my heart that Mr P and his team would never do anything to harm an innocent citizen of ANY country.

        They still have vivid memories of the 27 MILLION souls they lost supporting Europe against the Nazis in WW2 and are not about to let it happen again, and all they got for their sacrifice was a slap in the face from the Vampire Parasite States of Amerika who returned their loyal friendship by creating NATO in 1949 to push Russia off the face of the Earth.

        I am a woman but it’s clear as daylight that Russia does not want to harm civilians or they would have carpet bombed the whole place just as the Vampire Parasites do to every country they want to regime change and suck their resources dry.

        Patrick Lancaster has done some magnificent reports from Ukraine…totally honest, leaving all the exposes to the actual people to tell their stories.

        I’m afraid it will be up to people like you and him to overturn the disgusting manipulated propaganda being spewed by corrupt Government and their Presstitute lackeys.

        Thank You…

  4. The Russians invaded Ukraine and destroyed numerous non military targets and used cluster munitions on civilians. I don’t agree with abusing POWs , but if my country was invaded, my house destroyed, and my family members killed or forced to flee. I would be pissed off to the max

    1. They didn’t attack any civilian targets. I have looked into the cluster bomb charges and I can’t validate them. Perhaps they used them, perhaps they did it. But Ukrainians are using cluster munitions in the Tochka missiles.

      1. My God…what is wrong with you? I mean, there’s Holocaust deniers…but they spoke their delusions long after the war was over.

        It’s 2022, Ivan Killcivilians. What Russia is doing is live, in high definition…Russians war crimes are everywhere!

        Mariupol is completely flattened (Again…2022…satellite images.)

        Irpin…residential neighborhood, destroyed, dead civilians laying in the street, hanging out of cars.

        Russians shelled a Red Cross warehouse with a giant red cross.

        Russians shelled a theater with “children” written in huge letters, twice. Killed 300+ civilians.

        Cluster bombs??????? You’re are a damn fool.

        You even realize why they’re banned, Ivan Killsalot? Because one nation uses them on another…in their territory…not their own! Why in God’s name would they put their own people in danger for years with UXB’s laying around? You get so caught up in lying you get sloppy. And medical attention…humanity??

        Russians shoot and shell civilians evacuating- the rare moments its”allowed”. The scattered cars and blood tell the story. Russians refuse to allow humanitarian aid to Mariupol and Kharkiv. Civilians huddling in basements of their destroyed homes in freezing weather dying of dehydration, starvation, exposure.

        After residents quickly dug (another) ditch to at least dump their dead neighbors and body parts in a hole, Russians shelled the freaking ditch!

        Russian sniper shot a man in the thigh, shattered his femur, a couple Russian soldiers “helped” applying a bandage, but refused painkillers or antibiotics.

        A father had to prepare the body of his 2 year old and bury him in his yard.

        Apartment buildings blasted in half, smoke pouring out…Russians fired a missile at a bread line 2 weeks ago, killing civilians.

        Russians had so much fun doing this they repeated it just a couple days ago. Bodies everywhere, huge pool of blood and some brain tissue by one, not covered by the tarp.

        How about the Russian tank that turns left, facing a car with an elderly couple who had stopped, and the Russian sadist fired a shell at it, burning them alive?

        An interview with a very old woman in Eastern Ukraine who lived through the Nazi invasion and reported the Nazi’s were far, far better. They didn’t indiscriminately destroy homes or shoot civilians in the streets. They took her town. Occupied it. But they…NAZIS!…didn’t wipe them out. Why would they? A real military knows it’s counterproductive to indiscriminately kill people as they will be far more inclined to want to you. It’s just an unnecessary problem to deal with.

        Were the Nazi’s so controlled elsewhere? Hell no.

        But Russian “army” (terrorist organization) is a damn mess…total amateur hour. Your radio chatter is on unsecured lines, Ivan! The world can listen to your inept “army”…crying for help, getting lost, running out of food and water, and the newest intercepted chatter has tankers talking about their orders to shell civilians in the area they took.

        The Ukraine military isn’t anywhere large enough to warrant 24/7 shelling, by tanks and long range heavy artillery, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, rockets, air assault.

        Last weekend Russians hit a large oil facility in Lyiv, not far from where President Biden was in Poland. I mention this because it’s a Tier 1 strategic target…yet it was still standing, despite all the ammunition being dumped on Ukraine.

        About 10 days ago Russians destroyed an air force administration “base”…why are missiles taking out bread lines but a military target is still standing 4 weeks into the illegal invasion? Why was the military training base in western Ukraine in week 3 of the illegal invasion?

        If these genuine targets are standing WEEKS after your illegal invasion, “Robert”, just where oh where is all the ordnance being used? I could go for hours.

        It must be exhausting lying so much, but it’s in the Russian DNA, so I suppose it comes naturally. It’s an extension of the never ending crying victim of Russia. Wake up. Your leadership is a corrupt kleptocracy. How did Putin become one of the richest men in the world as a “public servant”? Why do your stormtroopers haul protestors away?

        Why is information from the rest of the world locked out? How do you get your info? Are you in Russia and have a VPN to access the worldwide internet? Are you outside Russia with this access?

        You’re either inside the Russian bullshit bubble and spouting the 101% biased crap the government feeds you or you’re outside Russia, or inside with access, and all this information you report (make up) is everywhere…the truth of Peace Loving Mother Russia…then why on Earth does your genocidal freak Putin block access to all this “truth”?

        Russians and Russian apologists are a pathetic joke. The only reason we have to deal with your crap is because General George Patton’s advice to keep going east after the Nazis were defeated and wipe out the USSR military and leadership…your beloved Stalin…was denied.

        Right now, your pathetic but nonetheless murderous paper tiger military is exposed. Putin has to hire torturers from Wagner Group to further rape the nation? Why is the vaunted Russian “military” asking for help from criminals from Syria and Chechnya? A superpower? Asking for help from terrorists, because they can’t defeat a country on their doorstep with a military a fraction the size.

        I think utter humiliation is leading to your baby rape fantasies, and your beloved soldiers are being slaughtered…what is it now…15,000? Oh stupid me! I’m asking Ivan Liesalot! I’m sure you’ll tell me it’s 57-60. This humiliation is why the slaughter of Ukrainians is happening. You don’t know how to occupy a country. Your “military” poops it’s pants at the idea of urban warfare, so flatten all the buildings, and a city is no longer an “urban area.”

        Or do your “soldiers” poop their pants over Molotov Cocktails? Actually I get that…I’ve seen charred Russian heroes hanging out of their tanks. Ah the tanks…Russians are very confused…when a weapon is “deadly” it’s not to mean deadly for the operators.

        How does your vaunted Air Force with your Wonder Planes keep getting beaten by a handful of MiG-19’s and Su-27’s? Ouch. Embarrassing.

        Russian Generals around in Afghanistan must be throwing tantrums now that those damn Stinger missiles are again ripping your air assault copters from the sky, just like 1984 all over again. PTSD setting in? Where’s the vaunted Spetsnaz? I’m guessing all dead, hence the Wagner Group terrorists coming in. The bearded Chechens came in with fanfare, but have been silent since…guessing all dead, too.

        Hey, where did your “soldiers” get the banned antipersonnel mines they’ve been leaving behind in Irpin as they were driven out after murdering residents? Are they gifts for children to find a couple years from now? Baby rape = upsets you (it should..if it happened) but Ukrainian child blown to 1,000 pieces by an illegal mine = puts big smile on your face, huh, Ivan the Sadistic?

        The world has seen the tripwire explosives Russians leave in neighborhoods and backyard. Sweet work. I’ve heard old ladies going to their garden are especially wild shows when they’re blasted all over the side of their home. Getting excited? Before you climax, your Russia murderers have also been wiring dead bodies with explosives. Nice! I mean one murdered Ukrainian is good – but two murdered Ukrainians is great.

        You, sir, are on a one way ride to hell. While I don’t condone what the video shows…I’m not even going to argue it’s not genuine…you know damn well if my friends and I blew your town up, leveled your home, made sure your parents spent the last days of their life sitting in their freezing urine, put a bullet in your wife’s head and used a fragmentation device to shred your children, you’d be a wee bit angry…maybe not quite yourself…you might demand why I’m there.

        You might not believe what I say, may not feel I deserve any mercy…and before you know it, you’re shooting me in my legs. Shit, I wouldn’t blame you!! I’m incapable of destroying your town, your home, and murdering your family. But if I was ordered to do it? Would I do it? I’m not an amoral Russian. I’m not an inhuman congenital liar apologist. If I was told to do this, I’d refuse. If I was threatened into doing it, I’d shoot myself before I’d hurt your family.

        And there’s the difference between you and a decent human being – a liberal American who happens to be sick of a lifetime of Soviet and Russian threats, nuclear threats, watching Grozny – twice, Chechnya, Syria, Putin murdering people he doesn’t like, the shooting down of two civilian air liners…and the WORST thing: the relentless lying.)

        I wish like Hell every day that NATO would declare some kind of action…not a war…hmm….what to call it. OH! A special military operation! The beauty of an all-out assault by (genuine, functional) deadly aircraft…jam your radars…that won’t even pick up the stealth aircraft…and take them all out with AMRAAMS…while A-10 Yankee Can-openers shred what’s left of your armor…while F-35’s, F-22’s, Tornadoes and Rafaels sweep the skies clean with of your inept air force.

        I’m inclined to call it a demilitarization of Russia…and de-Russianization of Ukraine. Your economy is in the toilet (your own damn fault) but at least the Russian body bag industry would be booming.

        See ya in hell, Ivan!

  5. Z means “for victory” according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Ass and West were interesting theories for the meaning of Z.

    Every article I read about this said the leader of Ukraine is Jewish.

    At least one said Z is the new swastika. BS but both are banned symbols. The wolfsangel is essentially a Z with a line the middle. I like swastikas and wolfsangels but so did the Nazis. In elementary school I was shown the difference between Nazi swastika and regular fylot. Nazi symbols are specific. Azov are Nazis in symbolism and ideology. The (((media))) is trying to hide this fact like Anne Frank. Orange and black Z is for Russians that died in WWII.

    1. An Azov member is a rabbi! I’ve seen a photo of him. And there are other Jews in that army too. “Slava Ukraina” is pretty much a Nazi or fascist slogan. It was the slogan of the Nazi ONU led by Nazi Stepan Bandera. So every time you say that, it’s like saying, “Seig Heil!” See Nancy Pelosi saying “Slava Ukraina?” Why doesn’t she say “Seig Heil” instead? (((Zelensky))) says, “Slava Ukraina” all the time.

      (((Poroshenko))) did too. Poroshenko took part in a parade of cars with posters of Bandera the Nazi collaborator on them. His own car had a huge poster of Bandera. A Nazi collaborator. Zelensky has said, “Bandera was one of the great leaders of our country.” (((Yatsenik))), the Ukrainian Nazi Jew put in by the US coup, has been photographed giving the right arm outstretched Hitler salute.

      Ukraine is one Hell of a weird country. As soon as Ukraine went independent in 1921, they started murdering Jews. They killed 30,000 in the first go-round. One of the leaders of that pogrom was supposedly a hidden Jew himself.

      Zhirinovsky, the Russian fascist and antisemite, was later revealed to be half-Jewish on his father’s side. He took it in stride and said that’s ok, but I still think Jews suck. Putin himself is rumored to be part Jewish and supposedly he’s even eligible for aliyah to Israel.

      The Jewish Question is an odd one indeed in Ukraine and Russia!

    2. The Nazi muscle keeps the Jews in power and lets them keep all their money and stuff (all they care about anyway). And then the Jews help keep the Nazi battalions in power. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. They have a deal going.

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