Alt Left: More on Ukrainian Ultranationalism/Fascism/Nazism

This whole war is about Ukrainian nationalism. Ukrainian nationalism is a form of fascism, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. And even those Jewish presidents are in on it. Over there, Nazism means “kill the Russians,” not so much “kill the Jews.”

20-33% of Ukrainians are full blown ultranationalist fascists and most of the rest put up with them.

There are a few Ukie antis and pacifists, mostly in the south and east, but not too many. Even Ukie “antifa” is fascist and Nazi. The Russian antifascists are all antifa. Most of the Ukrainian antifascists, including those who are not pro-Russian, have had to flee Ukraine in the last eight years as many of them have been arrested and some of them have been killed. Where did they flee to? Russia, of course! Which country are the antifascists fleeing from due to persecution? Ukraine. Which country is taking in all these persecuted antifascists? Russia! Tell me again about how Russia is a fascist country.

I would not say most Ukies are Nazis. The figure for true Nazis is ~27% in my estimation. But I would say that most Ukrainians are not antifascist at the moment. Most Ukrainians are pro-fascist.

Why did this Zelensky just give a medal to the Nazi Azov Battalion? Why did he say that Stepan Bandera was one of the great heroes of Ukraine? Why did former president Poroshenko drive around in cars the other day with Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera’s portrait on it? His picture is everywhere in Ukraine. There are statues to him and his pals in most every city.

Why did an openly Nazi party, Svoboda, get 35% of the vote in the Western Ukraine in the last election? Why did it get 50% in Lviv?

Bandera was a Nazi collaborator. ALL of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalism were Nazi collaborators. Before them, the earliest Ukrainian nationalists in 1917-1923 were full-blown fascists too. They led pogroms that killed 30,000 Jews. That’s the root of Ukrainian nationalism. It’s not just Russians they hate. These Jewish presidents have deputized these Nazis to patrol cities as citizen cops. They tormented the Greeks in Mariupol for eight years and the Hungarians in the west for just as long. You know why? They’re ethnic nationalists. They hate everyone who’s not a pure Ukrainian.

Ukrainian nationalism has been about ethnic purity since 1917. Before that, the earliest strains of Ukie nationalism were formed from a base of Ukrainian village culture in the southwest which engaged in repeated anti-Jewish pogroms in the early 1800’s until most of the Jews in the region were crowded into Odessa. This is the root base of Ukrainian nationalism.

Let’s listen to Ukrainian liberals: A Ukrainian liberal head of military medicine just gave the order to castrate all Russian POW’s.

A Ukrainian liberal on state TV just said we don’t just need to kill all the Russian adults. We need to kill their kids too. Because nits make lice.

A Ukrainian liberal on a top TV channel said the Donbass was overpopulated with 4 million people. Its population needed to be reduced by the extermination of 1.5 million people. They’ve been trying to do just that in the Donbass for eight years now, firing shells at cities and towns.

The Ukrainian liberals all cheered when 40 Communists were burned alive by Nazis in Odessa.

The Ukrainian liberal vice president’s favorite band was a Nazi hard rock band.

If this is how the liberals act for God’s sake, just think of how the out and out Nazis act!

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One thought on “Alt Left: More on Ukrainian Ultranationalism/Fascism/Nazism”

  1. The birthplace of modern Ukrainian nationalism is Galicia, and their enemies were the Poles, who were the majority in Galicia and suppressed the Ukrainian language. Austria, but not Hungary, was a federation, and the members of the federation, such as Galicia and Bukovina, had considerable autonomy. Of the 4 million Ukrainians in Austria-Hungary, 3 million were in Galicia. Most Canadians and Americans with Ukrainian ancestry descend from immigrants that came from Austria-Hungary, not Russia.

    Bandera hated Jews, Poles, and Russians. He was not a big believer in the politically correct mantra that diversity is strength. The Ukrainian ultranationalists can be compared to the Croatian Ustaša. The problem with these people is not so much they are nationalists but that they are murderous fanatics. Moderate nationalism is commendable, fanatical nationalism is reprehensible.

    The Soviet Union extended the Soviet borders eastward to include all the Ukrainians in Galicia, Hungary, and Bukovina, that is, in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. The Poles in Galicia were removed to populate the ethnically cleansed German lands seized from Germany. That’s why the Ukrainian ultranationalists don’t worry about Poles anymore.

    Like most secessionists, Ukrainian secessionists are hypocrites who practice a double standard. They can separate from the Russians, but the Russians can’t separate from them. The territorial integrity of the Soviet Union was not sacrosanct, but the territorial integrity of Ukraine has to be sacrosanct.

    Stupid nationalists go by the rule that bigger is better. Intelligent nationalists go by the rule that more homogeneous is better. Without Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, Ukraine would be more homogeneous and therefore more cohesive. Stupid nationalists want to forcibly assimilate their minorities. Intelligent nationalists treat their minorities well so that they can become loyal citizens of the country. Since 2014, Ukraine has been run by stupid nationalists.

    You are a voice in the wilderness. North America and Western Europe are now in the grip of anti-Russian hysteria. One would think that Russia had declared war on the whole world. Such hysteria contains the potential of escalation. Russia had far, far more reasons to invade Ukraine than the US had reasons to invade Iraq in 2003. Unfortunately for the Russians, it still is illegal.

    The Russians are in a predicament. To defend a reasonable position, they had to commit what is legally aggression, and now the war is going to be much longer and costlier than planned. They are in a no-win situation. The longer the war lasts, the more death and destruction there will be in Ukraine, and the more the hawks in North America and Western Europe will demand that we do something.

    My sympathies are with the Russians, but this whole thing depresses me. Moderation and realism are the two most important political virtues, and they are in short supply among the Ukrainian nationalists.

    Eventually, the Russians will have a military victory, but a durable settlement which will turn Ukraine into a friendly neighbor that has no desire to become part of NATO is now beyond their reach.

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