Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 1 of a Four Part Series

NAZISM IN UKRAINE – AN OVERVIEW Part 1 of a Four Part Series

Yes, there are antecedents to Ukrainian Nazism, as Ukrainian nationalism was fascist and proto-Nazi as early as the first Ukrainian state in 1917-1923. They led many pogroms against Jews, killing at least 30,000 of them. A big one took place in Lviv. One of the leaders of some of the biggest pogroms was Jewish, perhaps a hidden one. Ukraine is a weird place. You had Jews leading pogroms against Jews, and Jews herding other Jews into holding camps.

This state was defeated by the Red Army, who saved the Jews. Yes, the Red Army committed a few pogroms too, but it was strictly forbidden. When the Whites in the Civil War would come into towns, they would take the Jews out of towns and loot their stores. When Trotsky’s Reds came to town, they would gather all the Jews in the town square, tell them they had come to save them, and urge them to join the Red Army. Jews joined the Red Army in droves. Pogroms ended in the USSR and antisemitism was made into a capital offense.

The Reds and Bolsheviks were not a bunch of Jews as Nazi propaganda insists. There were as many Latvians as Jews in the first administration. Yes, many Bolsheviks were Jewish, but in 1917, 7

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Nazism in Ukraine – An Overview, Part 1 of a Four Part Series”

  1. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky quietly and successfully lobbied Joe Biden to keep billionaire Russian-Israeli oligarch Roman Abramovich off Washington’s sanctions list, according to a bombshell new report from the Wall Street Journal.

    The WSJ broke the shocking news on Wednesday but spun what appears to be an astonishing act of corruption by claiming Zelensky wanted Abramovich to act as a “go-between” to “facilitate peace talks” — as if Putin gives a damn what he has to say.

  2. My understanding is Putin is his own man, much to the dismay of the (((oligarchs))). Azov is like an Aryan prison gang, many are criminals and the whole organization is run by a Jew. Many pro-White prison tattoos are beautiful. In the East it’s swaztikas, wolfsangels, black suns, ect.

    I see many on the Cultural Left in the West support the same nationalism, but it’s sugar-coated. Sunflowers placed in a Russian tanks’ cannons’. Hippies ready to adopt Ukrainian refugees. Me Too broads, BLM saviors, rainbow robbing faggots, ect. are all now donning the Ukrainian flag and colors.

    1. Yep, I call em the Nazi Left or the Azov Left. Here in the US we have Azov conservatives, Azov reactionaries, Azov centrists, Azov liberals, Azov progressives, Azov Leftists, Azov social democrats, and even Azov anarchists! Haven’t seen any Azov Communists yet.

      Partywise, we have Azov Democrats, Azov Republicans, and Azov Independents.

      Personally, I identify as Azov Leftist. I also have some Azov Social Democrat tendencies. Economically, I support “socialism with Nazi characteristics.”

      How bout you guys? How do you identify? The above are your only choices.

      1. Azov Independent.
        “socialism with Nazi characteristics.” I support this too. Some Nazi stuff is bullshit like the anti-Slav crap.

          1. I figured you were playing. As with other trends, a part of me wants to join all the beautiful looking normie women. The best looking woman I know always supports the latest trend. Some women I know are even talking about going to Ukraine to fight Russians.

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