John Cleese’s Humorous Take on Repartations

Technically, he’s right. However, that doesn’t mean I would support Confederate monuments because those monuments are all about rubbing it in, putting salt on a wound.

Anyway, the Woke generation won’t tolerate the truth about repartitions because anything not cow-towing to “protected groups” isn’t allowed. But you can abort protected groups.  That’s totally fine and should go along with the Nazi SS ideology perfectly.

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One thought on “John Cleese’s Humorous Take on Repartations”

  1. No, Confederate monuments are not salt on the wound. Sane Blacks don’t want Confederate statues torn down. Bitch ass niggers and wussy woke Whites are free to sink in the stink of Confederate outhouses. You can’t reason with emotion or enlighten a full-retard. Reasonable human beings need to just close the lid and let them drown in their own tears and shit. One man painstakingly builds a beautiful sculpture, a dumb brainwashed animal tears it down with ease. The vandal should be hung and left to swing in the breeze.

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