Alt Left: Good Pro-Russian Websites

Vinyard of the Saker. I comment here.

Reminiscence of the Future. I comment here too.

Unz has some good stuff. Rarely comment here. The site is ridiculous.

Captain Cassad on Livejournal (needs translation).

Colonel Cassad on Telegram (needs translation).

War on Fakes on Telegram (needs translation).

War on Fakes website.

Moon of Alabama. Rarely comment here.

Some on Twitter:

Russians with Attitude

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13 thoughts on “Alt Left: Good Pro-Russian Websites”

  1. A site I often end up on is, Russia Beyond.

    Though more of Russian cultural site, Vinyard of the Saker is also a good looking site. In terms of Russian culture, I enjoyed the Russian women singing on one of the other sites.

  2. Two other good sites are Sonar21 and The Reading Junkie. The latter is more philosophical.

    1. Manuel, if you have noticed, I edit your comments. Your English is quite good for a native speaker. Most of the problems are not even a case of incorrect English but more a matter of “We just don’t say it that way” or even better, things that could be better said in a “fancier” way.

      That’s all that is going on. But if you look at your comments before and after you post them, you can see what I changed or maybe you can even look at the changed text and get some insight there. I am doing this in part to “pretty up” your prose, but if you wish to use my edits to “fancy up” your English, I would not be against this.

        1. That’s wrong. Indians are so diverse, I wouldn’t be surprised if one looked like me. I look like the Viking stereotype basically. Born and raised in MN.

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