Down with Antisemitic

Buttface: What’s wrong with the Unz site? I’ve been there a few times, and it didn’t look too bad.

Full of completely insane antisemites and full on Nazis, the real kind, that love Hitler and his government, all tolerated and even encouraged by the very Jewish Mr. Unz. This man is very foolish.

Jews won’t get anywhere sucking up to Nazis for whatever crazy reason they have. When push comes to shove, a Nazi’s a Nazi, and they’re pretty much out to get all the Jews. They will hardly save a one of them. Jews are evil in a racial sense to Nazis. It’s not something you can talk or convert your way out of.

There are antisemites and there are antisemites. A lot of people don’t like Jews as a group. They don’t make themselves easy to like – I get it. Claudius said he’s never met one person in his life who liked Jews, but they all made exceptions for individual Jews. They dislike the group, but they take each individual Jew as a unique person, and a lot of them are really cool in my opinion as long as you keep away from certain subjects. Of course, my longest relationship was with a Jewish woman who agreed with most everything I said about Jews. And I was actually going to convert to Judaism to please her too.

I don’t mind “watercooler antisemitism” – complaints that Jews are greedy, obnoxious, loud, rude, aggressive, somewhat unpleasant, slightly sociopathic and thuggish – a lot of them are, especially the men. But many also are not.

And any rate, there’s nothing wrong with not being wild about certain types of people. I’m not wild about Turks, the Latin American upper class, Gulf Arabs, Indian Hindus, and especially Gypsies. Not wild about Nigerians either. But I’ll probably be nice to them if I meet them, and I don’t advocate harming them in any way. Jews are in the same class, though they’re better than those other groups. I don’t want to harm them either.

Just because you’re not ecstatic about some race of people doesn’t mean you want to hurt them!

Obsessive, conspiratorial antisemitism or hardcore antisemitism is nasty stuff. It has and still does lead to active harm for Jewish people. To put it mildly, it’s not good the Jews at all. I don’t blame Jews for being very suspicious of and even harboring strong dislike for these people.

And it tends to go over towards Nazism at some point or another. It’s an odd hardcore antisemite who isn’t a Nazi in some way or another. Antisemitism is a different form of racism because it can and does turn homicidal. Despite the screams of antiracists, most racism against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. isn’t of the homicidal variety.

I’ve also noticed that hardcore antisemites, at some point or another, start advocating for mass murder of Jews. I’d say the mildest want to kill ~200,000 of them. I always thought this was a Jewish lie – antisemites want to kill them all. Sadly, I found out the Jews weren’t lying about this. I don’t know why it is, but this form of racism generally leads to advocacy of mass murder.

Anti-Zionist antisemitism, granted a variety of antisemitism though not all anti-Zionists are particularly antisemitic, doesn’t typically lead to exterminationist language. If all the Jews in Israel packed up and went to other countries or the moon tomorrow, this type of antisemite wouldn’t really care. It’s not like they would go hunt them down in their new homes! They just want them out of Palestine. Once they leave, most of these people don’t care where they go.

Islamist antisemitism can be exterminationist in its extreme forms like Al Qaeda or ISIS. I believe ISIS is committing to killing all the Jews on Earth. On the other hand, unlike racial antisemites, even ISIS will let you convert your way out of harm.

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7 thoughts on “Down with Antisemitic”

  1. Someone posted something to the effect of “The Jewish race isn’t the problem, it’s people acting Jewish.” here. Unz could change the lingo to Jerusalamite instead of Jew. My favorite Jews are ex-Jews and I don’t hate Jewish babies. Evil scale: Elite Jew > Normie Jew > Blood Jew. Elite Jews are an enemy. Normie Jews are just fanatical normies, I suppose they have less need to oppose the (((narrative))). Blood Jew means little beyond claiming you are a true Jew. Blood Jews can also be very attractive. Sort of like authentic food over Americanized, I prefer Jews to look Jewish.

  2. Latin American elite are wholly White-looking. Like the creme of Brazilian fashion models. If you’re the most successful in your elite field, you can get one, like Tom Brady got Giselle.

    Turks mostly ancient Anatolians, who are racially close to Greeks, with more East Asian as you go East. Jews are close to Italians. Turks from Turkey and Jews intertwine with Europe, our beautiful dirty aunts.

    India prizes its lighter women, but I’ve seen some black gems there. In fact, I believe an ugly white cow is better off there than a dark dime.

    Saudis are beautiful too, though the culture is more conducive to butterfaces. There’s a pure Semitic beauty with them. Who wouldn’t die for 72 Dina Shihabis?

    Nigerians, not sure I’ve seen an attractive one, but I like some offensive line Black African-American women. Not into defensive line Black women that look like Warren Sapp. There’s a warmth to Blacks, and they like me, I value them but not as a whole. Technically they’re anti-Asian. Whites can blend with Blacks or Asians!

  3. I read a quote by Ron Unz. Basically, Jews are the biggest mass-murderers in modern times, this century. They just cover their tracks with victim cards well.

    1. Like the readers of his site, Ron Unz is a genocidal Nazi maniac who has no legitimate place physically on this earth. Polar Bear once again reveals his own subhumanity by posting his agreement with him.

      1. I’m not even sure what mass-murder he’s referring to. Jews do lean heavy on the victim card though.

  4. I’m actually pro-Jew in many ways, read some of post above on Blood Jews. The Jewish race itself isn’t the problem.

    I’m actually agree more with Robert more than anti-Semites lately. Though I don’t think I’ve loved Jews as much as him, nearly marrying and becoming one.

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