Alt Left: War on Ukraine: The Fakes Never End

Chernhiv: Russians fired on a line of civilians waiting in line for food in Chernhiv. Later on, the story changed to artillery being fired on them. Russia says that there were no Russian soldiers in the city at the time. We still don’t know who fired at those civilians, though it looks like they were hit by artillery.

Mariupol: Russians are preventing humanitarian convoys from entering the city. False. Anyway, all of the humanitarian aid anywhere in Ukraine is coming from Russia. Ukraine is apparently not running any humanitarian convoys anywhere in Ukraine for whatever reason.

Mariupol: Russians fired on refugees fleeing Mariupol, hence they were not able to leave. Yeah, that’s why when Russia took it over, everyone started leaving! Makes no sense. Many interviews with locals say that the Azov Battalion fired on people leaving the city, in one case firing on a busload of people. People were killed in these attacks.

Mariupol: The proof that Ukraine offered that a maternity hospital got hit was in a video released by Ukraine. Reporters are following a tour of the destroyed building. That you cannot see any gynecological chairs as one would see in a typical maternity hospital is jarring. It now turns out that the hospital used in this video is a children’s ophthalmic hospital. It’s not known why it appears to have been hit by heavy weapons, but no one was hurt or wounded in the attack.

A beauty blogger and model, Marianna, stars in this “maternity hospital” fake. She plays two different pregnant women in the video. The model herself has given birth to a baby and both the baby and mother are fine. The “other pregnant woman” who is actually just Marianna in another role, has died along with her child. We have no evidence of these deaths, not even their names. Since this second pregnant woman is no other than Marianna herself, the pregnant woman with her baby who died does not even exist.

The “maternity hospital” fake was photographed by professional photographer Yevgeny Maloletka. He has been working on propaganda projects for Ukraine for eight years now.

Earlier, workers said that all workers and patients were cleared out of this hospital by the Azov Battalion, who turned it into a base. This quote is from an article dated two days before the hospital was hit. The article quotes Mariupol refugees talking about how they were cleared out of the hospital. Two days before the  hospital was hit, Russia published a statement about how Azov took over the hospital and turned it into a base. They also complained to the UN about it.

A video of the maternity hospital in question has now been released. In it a worker said that after Azov took it over, all staff and patients in the hospital moved to the basement. Six babies have been delivered down there so far. He said that a Ukrainian tank fired on the hospital. This was the attack that was blamed on a Russian bomb, but there was no Russian bombing of the hospital.

He said there were no casualties in the hospital because everyone was in the basement. He also said that Azov had vacated its base at that time. It looks like a Ukrainian tank fired on this hospital, which was unoccupied at the time. Hence there were no casualties. Russia never bombed any maternity hospital. It’s just another NATO lie.

From here:

Now new details have emerged and they make experts doubt that the maternity hospital strike was carried out by bombing and particularly by a Russian bomb. Video and photo materials show the results of two explosions – one large crater and another smaller one near the building.

Apparently, the large crater was formed by detonating a charge weighing up to 100 kg in TNT equivalent which had been buried 5 feet deep in the ground. If it had been an aerial bomb, the damage to the building and cars would have been different: most of the fragments should have been in the ground, and a small part of the fragments should have been directed, but not towards all sides.

The second explosion at the building could have been made by a directional type of mine or a charge of explosives prepared for a directional explosion.

Local and directed (damage expanding from the bottom to the top of the building cladding) is not typical for damage caused by an aerial bomb. There is no penetrating damage (roughly speaking – holes in the walls) of the building which is formed during bombing from aircraft or in case of a hit by  multiple launch rocket systems.

The second explosion was supposed to mimic damage to the building and cars typical of an aerial bombardment, but the wrong location was chosen.

Another argument against a Russian bombing is the fact that the maternity hospital is not on fire; only parked cars were burned. Inside, there is no sign of fire which would almost inevitably have appeared if an aerial bomb exploded. The window frames were still intact, though the glass was broken – if it had been an air strike they would have been blown out too.

It can be assumed that the “maternity hospital” was blown up by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to create a provocation and an excuse for “closing the airspace” in Ukraine by NATO forces. The nationalists from the Azov regiment were previously evacuated, so we don’t see their dead bodies either.

Mariupol: Ukraine says that Russia dropped a bomb on a theater in Mariupol, destroying it. Three days prior, there are statements on the Internet quoting Mariupol residents that Azov had mined the theater and forced residents inside and was going to blow it up as a provocation. People inside the theater at the time have testified that Azov mined the roof and the ceiling of the theater. They then retreated away from the theater where they were firing from the top floors.

Russia knew that Azov was in the top floors, but the theater was removed from the target risk due to the risk of harming civilians. Azov retreated and told all of the residents inside to leave the building. Everyone left. Azov then blew up the theater. People inside the theater said it was empty when it was blown up. However, there were many people sheltering in the basement who appear to have been unharmed. These 180 people “pulled from the wreckage” do not make sense as no one was hurt or killed in the explosion. So the whole thing is a charade.

Mariupol: Russians are targeting civilians in the city. Evidence of this is a tank firing on a large apartment building. The building was empty of residents at the time and Azov was firing from the upper floors.

Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev, etc.: People have not been able to evacuate because Russia shoots at them every time they try to leave. False. It is Ukrainians that fire on the people leaving, not Russians. Why would Russia fire on people leaving? They want people to leave. The Ukrainians would have a need to keep people in the cities so they can use them as human shields and use the resulting civilian casualties to scream for a ceasefire or to call for NATO or US to join the war.

Russia fired artillery at Belarus. False. Ukraine fired two Tochka missiles into Belarus. Apparently they are trying to provoke Belarus into joining the war so the West can use that as a pretext to destroy their economy. Also Ukraine will use the addition of another state attacking their country as more reason to call for international intervention. Ukraine is trying to bait and provoke Belarus into joining the war.

Croatia: A drone flew into NATO airspace and crashed in Croatia, forcing NATO to discuss if they should intervene when drones fly into their lands. The problem here is that that was a Ukrainian drone that flew into NATO lands, not a Russian one.

Mykolaiv: Russia attacked an elementary school here, destroying it. Problem is that it was empty at the time and Ukrainian forces were using it as a base.

Mykolaiv: Russia attacked a barracks of a Ukrainian battalion, killing 40 soldiers. It looks more like the attack killed ~200 soldiers. There is footage of soldiers pulling comrades out of the wreckage. There is also footage of a little girl being pulled out of the wreckage of the barracks. No one understands what a little girl was doing in those barracks. Well, she wasn’t in the barracks! The video of the girl being pulled out wreckage is from Kharkiv a few days ago.

Kiev: Russian artillery attacked an apartment building, killing one and wounding four more. Problem here is that Ukraine shot at a Russian missile and hit it, causing it to crash into the apartments. No one knows where the missile was going to land. So it crashed due to Ukrainian antiaircraft fire, not a Russian missile.

Kharkiv: Russians destroyed the municipal buildings of the city. It is true that one large municipal building was hit by a missile, but this building had been evacuated and was being used by a nationalist battalion as a base.

General: Russia is bogged down, suffering from poor morale and serious supply and manpower problems. There is no evidence that any of these arguments made by Western military analysts is true. These analysts are just reciting war propaganda. The war is going slowly because Putin has ordered the army to proceed with care to minimize the deaths of civilians. This is one reason that the battle for Mariupol is taking so long.

That’s about all I can come up with for now. It’s getting exhausting debunking these lies all day long. I think that is part of the strategy.

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