Sleazy Debating Tactic: Force Your Opponent to Wear Himself Out Disproving Your Lies or Proving His Facts

I used to be on Jewish and Israeli newsgroups that were full of Super Jews. Well, Super Jews and hardcore antisemites, who in my opinion fully deserve each other, as they have a lot in common. I can’t figure out which group was worse! I think they were both equally bad!

The Super Jews lied constantly, all day and all night, especially about Israel, and challenged every fact we threw out there, even those they knew were correct. They forced us to go track down everything we said, which took up all of our time. This was dirty because they knew full well that we were right but they were making us track down stuff just to wear us out.

They themselves put out lies all day long of course as is their wont. The lies were often about relatively obscure things that most people don’t know about, so these supposed facts were a bit shocking for us, as they added good weight to Israel’s arguments. But when we tried to track down the Jews’ “facts,” in almost every single case, they were lying.

But they were forcing us to spend all our time proving that they were lying and once again they were tiring us out. I think “tire them out so they quit” was just one of the many very dirty tactics they used on those groups, and they used every dirty trick in the book, trust me.

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8 thoughts on “Sleazy Debating Tactic: Force Your Opponent to Wear Himself Out Disproving Your Lies or Proving His Facts”

    1. Dirty. Don’t they realize this is dirty, or do they just not care? Jews are basically fanatics. In those groups, they saw all of us antisemites, even though some of us were not. For the record there were quite a few antisemites on there. Some were very smart, very Jew-wise, and very funny. On the other hand, they were basically Nazis. I would not begrudge any Jew who saw them as a mortal enemy.

      In the wars against the antisemites or the enemies of the Jews, it’s basically an existential war for the Jews. Their very survival depends on this conflict because the antisemites are always two inches and two weeks away from massacring every Jew on Earth.

      When you talk to Israelis and Super Jews, a few things strike you. First is that even liberal and Left Israelis are very quick to call you an antisemite. You don’t even get very far in the debate before they do that. It’s like they are examining you with a fine toothcomb looking for any sign that you might be an antisemite. Of course when you go looking for things, you tend to find them. And usually right around the time they do that, they talk about how the Arabs are going to kill every single Jew in Israel. Total massacre. After that, I guess they will go after the rest of them around the world.

      This idea that total annihilation is always right around the corner is a basic feature of the Jewish tribal mind and it’s one reason they’re so fanatical and also why they’re rather mentally unhealthy and nutty. Paranoia never does a mind good, sorry.

      It follows then in an existential war against a hateful and genocidal enemy, there’s no time for niceties, rules or moral values. Being moral is no good if it gets you killed. If I have to be amoral or even immoral to save my ass, I may do just that, depending on the transgression. This is why Jews always seem to lie, fight dirty, fight without rules or morals, etc. Everything’s an existential war.

      1. Some influential Jew had a close White Gentile friend but he never trusted him. Such parania of even close friends must be absolutely crippling

        1. Yep. Their litmus test is: “Would you hide me from the Nazis?” It’s a good test. I keep saying I would hide one, but I’m not sure if I would.

          They like being paranoid. Why? They enjoy being victims. All IP groups are like that. They all get off on being victims.

          1. One of the best Jew posts I’ve read was on this site. Jews are like medieval Italian city-states. Divided, untrustworthy, and at war with anyone not them. When everyone acts like a Jew, it’s a zero-trust society. That Jew you rescue could easily turn you into the SS for full immunity or much less. Who knows what side the human dreidel will end up on?

            Dysgenic societies are worse than eugenic ones. Russians got a bad rap but most undesirables are undesirable for a reason. No one wants to be on a life raft with Stabby Pop watching beautiful Bambi drown.

            My job is getting bottom of the barrel hires, many from the same family. So I’m going to have to move on.

            Countries are like that too. It’s not so bad until it’s real bad. The most dysgenic societies are the most unlivable, you don’t want to be on the very bottom of the barrel.

          2. Hey, I like that comment!

            Countries are like that too. It’s not so bad until it’s real bad.

            IOW, Countries are like that. They’re all not so bad until they are. Life’s like that too. Life’s not so bad until it is, and they boy is it!

          3. My job is getting bottom of the barrel hires, many from the same family. So I’m going to have to move on.

            Is this your work job? You work in HR?

          4. Yes. No. It’s a humble blue collar job but was nice for a time. I know the drill from my last job. Coworkers are like a chain, the less weak links the better.

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