Alt Left: Sit Rep Russo-Ukraine War March 18, 2022

Mariupol: Russia feels it will be able to take the city in 4-7 days. The DNR militia took the airport. There is now very heavy fighting going on in the steelworks on the east side. The Ukrainians are surrounded in four blocks. Russia took Novosyolovka.

The “bombing of the theater” was yet another false flag. People in the theater said that the Azov Battalion had forced them in there days ago. There are reports from March 13 that the Azov Battalion had put many refugees into the theater and was planning to blow it up as a false flag. Russia also reported this plots. the Azov Battalion was using the top floors of the theater to fire on Russian troops. CHILDREN was written in the ground outside the theater and was visible by air but the Azov Battalion had written similar things in front of most every large structure in the city.

The Azov Battalion may have had their base in the theater, but we are not sure. At any rate, Russia knew about the many refugees sheltering in there and it was taken off the target list due to the possibility of harming civilians. Furthermore, no Russian artillery or aircraft were active in that part of Mariupol on that day and no aircraft were working in Mariupol at all on that day. There was heavy street fighting in the area around the theater and you can’t use artillery and air power in such an environment without seriously risking harming your own men.

Refugees in the theater reported that the Azov Battalion had mined the theater on the roof and on the ceiling. As they were retreating, they ordered everyone out of the building. Then they  blew it up and said the Russians bombed it as a false flag. However, no one was harmed in the explosion. Many refugees continued to shelter in the basement and they were not harmed. The ridiculous story about “searching for bodies” in the theater is absurd as no one was hurt in the explosion. I can’t believe how fake this war is.


When Ukraine had it under control, almost no one was leaving. Ukraine blamed Russia and said Russia was shooting at people leaving. In reality it was the Ukrainians doing that. Logically, which makes sense. Notice that when Russia takes over the city, people start streaming out. When the Ukrainians have the city, no one leaves. Who do you think is really holding up the refugees leaving. Obviously it was the Ukrainians.

We are hearing stories like this all over the Donbass. As the Ukrainians leave a city or town, they shoot artillery at it in order to level it. They also go around destroying people’s property, as in tearing their doors off. If anyone dares to go outside, they get shot. As refugees try to leave, the Ukrainians shoot them in the back. We are hearing stories like this all over the Donbass.

Donetsk: Russia took control of Slavnoye, Slavdoke, Novomayorskoye, and Prechistovka in the DNR. There is still fighting going on in Ugledar. They advanced eight miles. They are advancing on Bogoyavlenka and Kurakhovo.

The DNR forces are advancing towards Adiivka and took Mikhaylovka, Stavka, Botmanka, and Vasilyevka. There is a battle for Verkhnetoretske. There are differing reports on Maryinka. Some say Russia took it; others say they did not. The Ukrainians are very deeply dug in at Maryinka and Adiivka, and it is proving very difficult to dislodge them from their bunkers. They have had eight years to dig themselves in there.

In the Gorlovka area, a Ukrainian counterattack to retake  Novotoretsk failed.

Luhansk: Russian forces took Rubizhne, though there are still Ukrainian forces in the south of the city. Ukrainians retreated to Severodonetsk, where there is now heavy fighting in the northwest, northeast, and east of the city. It is surrounded on three sides. Fighting continues in Poposnya in the western part of the city.

Kharkiv: There is heavy fighting in the eastern part of the city. A report that Russia took Chuguev is in error. However, Russian forces are now inside the city. Fighting continues in Izyum where the Ukrainians have put up quite a fight for days now. Ukrainians are still in the southern part of the city and their artillery is working very well. There is now fighting in Kamenska on the Izyum-Slavyansk Highway. The fighting is shifting towards Slavyansk where Ukrainians are heavily dug in. The Russians recaptured Derhachi in the northwest outskirts of the city.

Kiev: A Ukrainian counterattack in Bucha-Gostomel in the northeast suburbs failed with heavy losses. Russian forces in the west continue to push south in the direction of Vasilkov. In the east, Russian forces are now in some of the outskirts of Bovary.

Sumy and Chernhiv: No major changes. Both cities are surrounded by Russia.

Mykolaiv: There is fighting to the north of the city. The city is surrounded on three sides. There has been fighting here for a while, but Russia has not been able to take the city. Russian forces took Mala Shestirnya. Ukraine captured the city of Posad-Pokrovske in a counterattack.

Odessa: Russian naval forces are bombarding targets on the coast.

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