Alt Left: Putin Quoting Jesus at Pro-Russian Rally

The problem with this thing is that everybody seems to want to use Christianity for their own cause. Of course, anti-Putin people will mock this because they will just point to all the dead children or something.

Anyway, though, as I was saying, this thing is massively subjective. One man’s bully is another’s hero.  Is there anything new here? You can even easily find people on any hate site that would glorify Hitler and claim he was persecuted by Communists and Jewish bankers. Well, that was Hitler’s explanation for why the Soviet Union and the west came after him as allies. Oh, poor old Hitler.

Anyway, though, as a side note, though, anyone championing traditional values is hated, though. If any leader came out there and championed traditional Bible values – not one’s watered down, mind you, they’re going to be hated. In that case, a Pat Robertson presidency would be little different than Putin in many aspects.

Well, is Putin a white supremacist, even though white nationalists root for him? No, not in the real sense. He just seems like some macho type with Ronald Reagan values. However, those guys are on the chopping block – because it doesn’t go along with the hyper-sensitive PC agenda these days.

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